Monday, December 31, 2007

Sad news

We are so sorry to share the news that our dear dog Lincoln died this morning. He was acting just fine, but yesterday, couldn't get up off his dog bed. This morning he again didn't move and so Duane and I carried him on his bed to the vet. They discovered liver/spleen cancer and bleeding in the abdomen. There was really no choice but to let him go with his dignity and without pain. Our entire family is very sad as he's been such a huge part off our lives.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Wonderland!

Ok, I must have time on my hands today! Was out this morning shoveling (Duane gone, remember?)and it is just so pretty out, so had to take some pictures. Rayna's first solo snowman! And Lincoln sitting there just watching the world go by... I am NOT a winter person. But if it is to be cold and dark, why not have snow? This year is for me for sure!

Wild for Webkinz

Thanks to some generous folks, we have some new members of our family. The kids have their first Webkinz and just love them. Rayna has Stripes (panda), Rainbow (pink pony), Trevor has Claws (bear) and Bucky (deer), and Mira has Snowball (bunny) and Vanilla (white dog). They have really enjoyed just playing with them as well as all the computer stuff you can do with your new 'friends'. Thought I'd post a picture.

It is snowing!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birthdays and bulging

The first pictures are from a week ago when we were at Anderson's celebrating Malory's #6 birthday and Ella's #1! Happy birthday to two very sweet little girls.

Yes, our house as well as our bellies were bulging on Christmas Day. We enjoyed having most of Duane's extended family as well as some others including my folks and other dear friends. We were 33 here and the walls felt close (cozy?). The food was Italian of course thanks to the ethnic background of most. It was just YUM. Spaghetti with all the meats, eggplant, shells, good garlic bread, salad, cheesecake and other desserts. We ate to our fill and the coffee flowed (thanks to Becky!). The kids all enjoyed being together and made it through the day with only one split lip (Trevor) and one bonk on the forehead (Mira). The pictures are of one table, Grandma teaching Trevor magic tricks with Gma, Aunt, cousins watching on. And one of the ten kids here (Jael and Seth L., Tasha and Toby L., Ayden, Brennan, and Gavin W., and our three).

Now we are enjoying the Christmas break. Today, Trevor and Mira spent some time at Gpa and Gma Debelak's and Rayna and I went shopping together. It is always just wonderful to have one child on their own. And T&M had a fun time sledding and spending time with Gpa and Gma too. Tomorrow is more snow! They say 3-6". Duane just left a bit ago for parts 'north'. He needed to do an inspection to get a job done. Hope he doesn't get stuck somewhere!

And then we have our spec. mtg. visit coming on NYs Eve. We are so lucky to have Bonita/Wendy coming! We'll tell them goodnight (probably quite late!) and then we'll leave early NYs Day for California. I doubt I post again until after we're home from that.

Happy New Year to all! May 2008 be prosperous in all the right ways.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Homesick for South Dakota

Most of you know I'm a walker. Not just a casual walker. A walker that doesn't miss. I tell people I go 'every day'. And I try to. Well tonight after special meeting it was warm and snug inside. And outside it was bitter. The temperature said 14 degrees and the wind was blowing about 35-40 mph. But I felt like I should go. Lincoln was looking at me with a look in his eyes, 'well, what are you waiting for?'. So I bundled up and went out and I was transported back in time. Most my growing up years were in South Dakota. Think open prairie. Think wind and lots of it. We rarely had a snow that didn't come sideways. Snow always drifted. I would see calendar pictures of a lovely snow that landed on fenceposts and it was tall and beautiful. In South Dakota, it swoops down in the wind and is so hard you can walk on top of it. I told the kids a story recently how in one storm, the drift went all the way up to the roof of a neighbor's garage and we had an awesome sledding hill for a long time! I think my folks have pictures to prove it. Well anyway, what I'm getting at is that tonight I was 11 again. Coming home from school (1/2 mile!) walking in the bitter wind and snow (nothing ever got cancelled out there... you just kept doing what you usually did). And it was a wonderful memory. And now I have a bit of windburn on my cheeks and a refreshed memory of long ago.

All this follows a very awesome special meeting day today. We were so lucky to have two meetings this year. And the help was so needed.

More after Christmas! I'm sure I'll have a story after 33 (mostly Italian folks) spend the day here!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Old age

Ok... I know I'm not old. But I must be getting there. I went for an eye appointment this week and got prescribed some reading glasses! I really don't need them all that much, but yet it helps. Last night before meeting, I just couldn't bring myself to wearing them. So... what do I do? Wear them only in the privacy of my home, or own up to the fact that I'm 42 and my eyes aren't what they used to be. I tried to find a 'fun' pair to make old age not so ugly.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kick in the seat

Someone in Minnesota is the motivator this time! I haven't updated. Days are full. Life seems mundane. But here's some pictures (again in mixed order)of the past week anyway. Cookie exchange at Dawn's. Cindy has pursed lips as she blows out the candles. Mira's holiday program. Our last time to build the kindergarten gingerbread house! Updates on Trevor's room. We got a new laptop, so have been trying to get files up and running on that. Now the holiday season is upon us. We have special meeting on Sunday which will be so welcome. An Italian feast here on Christmas Day with a lot of Duane's extended family and some others added in. Worker visit on NYs eve. We leave NYs Day for CA. Will be gone nearly a week. We'll be on a cruise with Keith and Jane's family and Trenton and Sarah Smith. Should be a blast provided no one gets sick!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

St. Nick's Day

Mira came home all excited about St. Nick's Day. I guess St. Nick comes on Dec. 5th and puts candy and a small toy in a stocking. Well before they went to bed last night, the kids taped up one sock each and went to bed with great hope. It was so cute. So I put in a quarter, a small sucker (leftover from Halloween!), and a tiny fun pad I planned to give to them for special meeting on the 23rd. They knew it was really me, but made them dance around in excitement on a cold morning. I just thought the socks looked so hilarious up on the mantle. Notice that the workers are looking at them too! :-)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I've posted a bunch of pictures and they are just in perfect reverse order of our day. I've got to figure out this blogging thing a bit better some day! Anyway, we are snowed/iced in today. Will post some pictures from today. Basketball for Trevor, gymnastics for the girls, snow forts and fresh bread. Cozy winter nights can be very nice. Stay warm!

Happy Birthday Dad and Grandpa

Dad is 77 years young. He had his birthday Nov. 27th, and they came in to celebrate last night. We had Mama Mias for supper and cake at home. Happy Birthday Dad!