Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Yes, that is me.  I need to be out edging my flower beds.  I need to be weeding.  I need to run another load of laundry.  It's just that it is more fun doing things I don't need to be doing.  Like blogging.  Or looking at cute clothes on the Athleta site that my 40something body wouldn't look nearly as good in as the models.

Speaking of blogging, the powers-that-be think I should be making money on this blog.  I got an e-mail to get going on advertising.  Making you peeps click on ads and then I make grandiose amounts of money and someone else does too.  No thank you.  This blog is only intended for encouragement or amusement.  Not for financial gain.  Even if it were only $1.27/year.

Ahhh this weather.  I was hearing the weatherman in the car yesterday telling how the dew points would be at an uncomfortable level that everyone doesn't like.  He wasn't talking about me.  I love high dew points.  I love humidity.  I love warmth thrown in the mix.  Something tells me I should have been born to a couple in Belize and not in Wisconsin.  But that wasn't up to me...

For some reason, the school-friends of the MYP like me.  I've been told as much.  When I walked up to a bunch of giggling girls in the track meet they were all yelling, HELLO MRS. D!!! in enthusiastic tones.  I was feeling all smug and satisfied with myself until one of our own got in the car.  She said, 'My friends like you and think you are fun.  Why are you only nice when they are around?'  Um.  Well.  I'm your mother and mothers like to assign chores and make you pick up your dirty socks...  

And yesterday, this was me:

Why are spiders so scary?  They aren't big.  They are only slightly different in shape than an ant or a beetle.  So as we were driving along yesterday, I see movement on the dash of our van.  Soon I see the top of the body lurking at me.  Soon I see legs.  Spider legs attached to the body of a good-sized black and brown spider.  The hairs of my neck stand up.  I'm driving.  I can't just pull over.  Mr. Spider is looking at me.  I'm distractedly looking at him.  At first chance I get I pull over.  Do you know how deep the dashes of vans are?  Do you know how sneaky spiders are?  We were quite the sight.  Me with my seat belt all but choking me with a tissue in hand trying to go for the kill.  Mr. Spider is scurrying as fast as his eight legs will take him.  But my adrenaline was faster.  If I hadn't caught him, I frankly think I would have just sold the van right then and there.  Lucky for the Chairman, that won't have to happen.  

Thought out...  and I'm almost feeling guilty for procrastinating.  Almost....

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Musings

Was just thinking of the blog just now in a moment of quiet and was looking forward to tomorrow since it would be Monday and I could blog!  Wait a minute!  Today is Monday!  Lucky you me!

This weekend we celebrated this sweet niece's birthday.  

They brought their dog, Clifford Mavrick.  Mavrick is ginormous and gets along famously with ours.  See?

The excitement this afternoon right before the company left was the ruckus in the corner of the garage.  At first it seemed like it might be a mouse or a gopher.  The hissing sounds made us suspicious.  After moving a few things out popped an enormous coon.  In typical female fashion, Lisi just stood there and barked at the male.  The male, Mavrick decided to take upon himself the challenge and get down to business.  The female continued to try to 'help' but mostly bark.
 After about 20 minutes the verdict was:  Big dog - 1  Raccoon - 0

I have typical girls that typically like to shop.  However, I'm not typical (don't snicker).  I mean... I'm not a typical like-to-shop female.  So out of duty devoted love to them, I took them shopping not once, but twice over this holiday weekend!  I partook of Starbucks twice to stave off headaches from the pounding sounds emitting from certain stores.  It wasn't completely successful.  But the shopping was!  We found just what someone was looking for.  I'm thrilled to have found this.  Hooray for small things.

Well I guess I don't have lots to offer up on this Memorial Day.  I remember my Grandma always referring to it as 'Decoration Day'.  No matter what you call it, it sure is a special reason to have a Monday off!  Mused out...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

Well that sure was a nice summer!  Back to 'patchy frost' again tonight!  I hope my pretty flowers can handle it.

I just called a toll-free number all fired up ready to read them the riot act.  There was a charge on our credit card statement that the Chairman nor I saw as credible.  I was armed with an attitude when the lady answered.  I explained my unhappiness in terse terms.  After about 20 seconds of listening she asked a question of me.  "Have you recently signed up for any sports events from "XYZ"?  Um.  Just a second while I rush to the kitchen and whip up some humble pie.  Yes.  Yes I did.  I tried laughing it off on the phone, 'betcha you get lots of these kinds of calls don't you?'.  She said all the day long.  I cheerfully thanked her and hoped she had a nice day.

Speaking of activities.  I'm done.  I'm burned out.  I'm ready for no more stuff to run for.  A few years back I saw a vanity license plate that said, "mom's bus".  I thought she was being silly.  Now I'm wishing I could have it.  For example here is today:

3:35 bus comes home with child #2.
4:10 go to school to pick up child #3.
5:00 go to school to pick up child #1
5:15 take child #2 to baseball game
6:00 take child #3 to school for choir concert
6:30 choir concert starts
7:30 choir concert ends (treats afterwards though!)
8:00 pick up child #2 from baseball game
10:15 collapse into bed.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Or something like that.

Then there's this guy.  I'm not sure who he is.  But he likes junk stuff.  Other people's stuff that is sitting out waiting to go in the garbage truck.  I was half-waiting for him yesterday and here he came!  Took all the metal that I had at the end of the driveway.  For all I know, maybe he's a millionaire from his finds.  The ultimate in recycling!

Then there's this guy:
See his shirt?  "Everyone loves an Italian Boy".  He was a fellow-soccer parent sitting directly beside me.  He's a chatter-box to the nth degree.  So after pretending to go look for the other two MYP I conspicuously took his picture.  He was none the wiser.  Yes, in my case, I love the "Italian Boy".  But this guy didn't look Italian.  And he didn't seem Italian.  So I finally had to ask the obvious, 'are you Italian'?  Yes!  Yes I am!  My grandmother is half-Italian!  I found it interesting that he wanted to really claim that heritage over all other.  Seems the Italians love their heritage almost moreso than the other nationalities (except for Norwegians... don't mess with them).  Then he beamed up at me and said, 'are you Italian?'.  No, but I married a guy that is half.  He looked completely envious of the Chairman's gene-pool.  Well Mr. Chatterbox Soccer-dad, keep wearing the shirt.  That'll help.  Maybe.

Thought out... (not thawed out).  However, I sure hope it doesn't freeze tonight!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Musings

Sure is pretty out there!  Did I mention before I like spring?  Oh I did?  Sorry.  I still do.

We were busy as buzzing bees getting soil ready.  Getting plants and seeds tucked safely into warm dirt. One of the MYP loves to take pictures of anything and everything.  I think there are 1,322 photos on the phone as I type...
I like my helper.  She loves to sow seeds.  And ask repeatedly what manure is.  Even if she knows the answer.

I also potted some flowers.  I like that best.  Flowers.  Instant gratification.  I'm impatien (spelled incorrectly on purpose... get it?  Impatiens!) like that.  But the ones you see are petunias and verbena, not impatiens.  I digress...

Cool cat city kept watch from afar.
Doesn't this look pitiful?  Hmmm.  I wonder who is in charge?
This is obviously Lisi's bed.  Lisi was obviously thinking a little after-breakfast nap was in order.  And obviously, the cat thinks he's in charge.  After another night on the town out hunting rodents, he sleeps his days away.

And finally.  Last night with the urging and prompting and encouraging of my daughter, I upped it to 30 sit-ups (with a little break at 15 as I was gasping a little loudly).   It was awful and my belly hurts today.  I'm just worried how much my family will miss me when I'm asked to go on my motivational tour coast-to-coast on exercise and determination.  Heh heh.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A beautiful day!

Kind of hard to be a Grumpy Grover on a day like today.  The grass is growing.  The flowering crabs are ready to show off their pretty, the garden is tilled as of 7 am this morning and the cat sleeps.

Bless his heart.  Mr. Chicken Farmer came bright and early to help ready my soil for sowing.  So I have a little work ahead of me today.

The cat had a night on the town again.  The day before yesterday he brought home three mice and one bird (which I don't like him killing).  I'm thinking he is a killing addict and we might need to take him to therapy if he continues to kill just for the sport of it.

Yesterday we had a birthday lunch for a couple May birthdays.  Just look at these ladies!  I may be biased, but I think we have some of the nicest around.    Lovely, eh?  The restaurant thought so too.  They asked to take a picture of us dining outside to post on their FB page.  (tee-hee)

Daughter #2 has been doing 60 sit-ups each night.  She dreaming of 'six-pack abs'.  And honestly, I think she's starting to get them.  She has a BMI of about -23.  So not a lot to work on.  However, this daughter who recently told me about my expanding waistline decided that I need to participate in the sit-up regime each evening.  I'm so very ashamed.  The first night I could only do about 15 without collapsing in a heap.  With urging last night, I got up to 20.  And let me tell you, my mid-section is protesting.  But!  Some day I might have 'six-pack-abs' a half-a-can of abs.  Or not.

Just heard the 'FIFTY NIFTY UNITED STATES' song for the last time.  Today's presentation was sponsored by the state of Arizona.

So now I will go forth to sow... I find it wonderful how many lessons one can get by getting down in the dirt and working with it.  It makes gardening special on a whole different level.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musings

Hmmm.  Where to start?

We've had a special weekend.  Busy with company that included:

It would be nice to convey in words what it means.  Considering that we get these visits usually only once/five years, it is very special indeed.  The sweet young couple from KY came as well.  She was a joy as a little chubby blueberry-eyed little one.  She's a joy as a blueberry-eyed young lady with a wonderful husband.  I'm so glad they came!

And it was Mother's Day.
I think the MYP secretly groan at the desire I have to take photos at holidays.  However, they are the ones who like to look at old photos and marvel at the changes and growth.  Looking at this picture, I realize I do indeed have MYP and not MY little ones.  Bittersweet sigh.

I wish a house wouldn't be built across the street.  I tried to discourage potential buyers by sending Lisi outside to bark at people looking at the land.  It must not have worked because pink flags have been staked.  I wish Simba wouldn't lose those happy mousing grounds.

I wish there were gardens without weeds.  I wish that it wouldn't be so evident when you weren't faithful in weeding the previous year.  Somehow the weeds remember they had a strong-hold on certain places.  I wish I liked vegetable gardens more.  Like someone else posted recently, the beginning and end is fun, but not the constancy of work in between sowing and reaping.  

I wish washers and dryers had a third appliance called a folding machine.  And maybe a put-away machine.  But then I wouldn't have job security here.

I wish I could lose five pounds without trying.  

I think there's a quote:  'If wishes were fishes, then we would all cast nets'.  

Maybe it should say if I have time to post this, I have time to weed.  So off I go!  Happy week ahead!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings

Ok that was maddening.  I just spent nearly an hour trying to figure out why my phone wouldn't import to the computer.  A very long story short.  I had turned off my wifi...  (insert eye-roll and a swift kick to my own behind).

So then... just before I rushed out the door the morning of my birthday on Saturday, one of the MYP said brightly, 'what do you like better, chocolate or vanilla'.  I gave her an answer and off we went.  For the second year in a row, I spent at least three of my birthday hours doing this:  

Watching volleyball.  Son #1 is #28 if you follow.  They celebrated with a championship trophy.  Then it was time to return home to the girls.  I got a text:  "the cupcakes didn't turn out".  As we turned the corner, we see all the windows wide open with the curtains billowing out (screens haven't been put on yet).  Uh-oh.  Walk into a.  literal.  disaster.  Dishes aplenty.  Debris on floor.  And the oven looking like this:
It's the thought that counts.  And thoughtful they were!

After a immediate family day at home, it followed by an extended family day at my folks.  

There we are.  All five us us plus an extra.  
It was extra-special to have uncle A. with us.  He's nearby for a few weeks before he heads off to help others again.  There's just something about family.  Even though we only get to see him once/couple years, it is just like no time has passed.  I would almost like to convey in word what it means to have him, but I can't, so I won't.  

Yes, this was about the best birthday I have ever had.  The gifts were wonderful.  But the added blessing and bonus of family immediate and otherwise is even better.  Here's to another 48...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Almost Festive Friday

It's a monsoon out there.  I didn't know Dairyland had monsoon season like some parts of the world.  The grass seems to be crying out, 'aren't I green enough?'.  

I might as well let you all know about a major problem I'm having.  Are you ready?  Well...  there is a Dunkin Doughnuts on the corner right where I have to drop off son #1 to baseball.  There.  I've said it.  Baseball season lasts until the first week of August.  I'm thinking I should weigh in now and when baseball season is over.  Heh heh. 

Speaking of sweet treats.  Daughter #1 needed churros for a Spanish class project.  Every child was to bring in a food (I'm thinking Mr. H just wanted free lunch).  I love cooking.  I love challenges.  Churros looked like a LOT of work.  And grease.  So I did what any reasonable person would do.  I drove quickly to my local Costco.  I told the nice lunch-counter guy in the hairnet/hat combo that I needed 18 churros.  He tells his sidekick JoAnne (a lovely middle-aged lady) that I need 18 churros.  WHAT?  Yes, 18 churros she needs.  Oh!  I thought you said 80!  The nice thing is they made them all special for me so they were piping hot.  I took them home to cut them in half to re-wrap and I may or may not have eaten all the ones that looked a little too long.  

Here's a quote I found this morning:  "In addition to celebrating our birthday, we should also celebrate the day before our birthday, because that is the last day that we are at that age".  Actually, I think we should celebrate the gift of health, life, and true joy every day.  I'm not always good at that.  

This was funny to me.  

Actually, there have been a lot of whispers and dancing eyes and this year promises to be special once again thanks to the Chairman and the MYP.  I also get to spend the day after with my parents and someone very special to me that we only see every few years.  So thankful!