Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm still here

As you can see, I haven't quit blogging yet!  

So let's see!  The wedding happened!  It isn't my story to tell but I can tell a wee bit from my perspective anyway.  The wedding and reception were lovely.  I can't think of a better adjective.  Yes it was hot.  Yes one chair broke during the ceremony due to missing bolts.  Yes a special someone delivering a special message during the ceremony was stung by a bee.  But other than that, it was perfect.  It was serious with a dose of fun and a deep feeling of love between the couple that radiated through the crowd - for them and for each other.  Weddings always make me want to hold the Chairman's hand.  I'm romantic like that.
Son #1 was asked to be the barista for the wedding day.  The brother of the groom has the most adorable little coffee truck.  As a mother, I wondered if he could pull it off since he's rarely even ground coffee for our Cuisinart.  According to my taste test and from other comments, he did ok.  I thought he was quite dapper in his bow tie!  😊
Doesnt this lady like a queen?  We've met with her for nearly 22 years.  And we still haven't heard all her detailed stories. She's well into her 90's in case you were interested.
Some nice girls at the adjoining table
Someone took this of us two.  😍
Since we were facing an upcoming surgery, we decided to head to the big lakefront for lunch and a hike.  The scenery was beautiful. And having just us five all enjoying what our own big city has to offer was just what we needed.
This looks staged but honestly it wasn't.
Sometimes the most beautiful places are right in your backyard.
So early yesterday we headed to the surgery center.  The last day in weeks for her to comfortably walk in her Birkenstocks.  
They got her all checked in and then wanted to get the IV going.  I held her hand and after six times digging around watching the tears fall I shook my head at the determined nurse.  She quickly stopped and I asked that they use some gas and the anesthesiologist to do it.  It worked out much better.  The Chairman and I sat nervously together for the 2.5 hours she was gone.  She came out of anesthesia saying hilarious things.  The bunions are now both gone and her feet have some hardware in them to keep everything together.  She is pretty much strictly bedfast this week except for a wheelchair ride to the bathroom.  The fancy shoes she was given must remain on her feet day and night until stitches come out.

Home again.  Nothing like having your panda close by for comfort... 😊

I had no idea how she would be or how I would be as a "nurse".  Our dear, precious daughter is a super patient.  She's sweet and kind and very grateful.  After a stressful day yesterday she called me into her temporary bedroom setup in the office and said , "Mom?  I'm sorry you have to work so much to help me.  Thank you."  What could I say?  Nothing.  I just crawled into bed beside her and we cuddled a bit.  She needed it, but I did more.  

So I'm pretty much going to be close to home for the next while.  I don't mind to be honest.  I have my gardens and pets and favorite people around me.  

So until next time!  

Friday, June 24, 2016

I'm going to quit blogging

I've been toying with the idea to hang up the blog.  Then I think of things I'd like to record.  So not sure if I'll officially quit, take a hiatus, post only random stuff my family would enjoy many years hence, or keep on with Musing each Monday.  At least the post title got you thinking anyway!

There's a beautiful bluebird that decided our newspaper box would be a perfect place to build a nest.  I didn't see much activity and figured she built it and left like the robin recently did.  Today I stuck my hand in the back to feel around and there were eggs!  I'm thinking since it's a bluebird of happiness the newspaper will have only good news while she's in there.  

I purchased a ukulele a week ago.  I wanted it for myself and figured one of the MYP might enjoy learning a few chords.  Well I've been hearing it so much around here that I'm wondering if I made a mistake.  Anytime this aforementioned child is in the vicinity or I call her to do a chore for me, I'm serenaded with LOUD strums of the ukulele.  It's kind of hard to be in a bad mood with a ukulele.  And!  The best thing is that she already can play along with me as I play the piano!  

The doorbell rang the other night.  At the front step was a neighbor lady that lives about four blocks away and her daughter.  "We're sorry to bother you but we see Simba (our cat) on your driveway and it looks like he must want to get back in your house because he is meowing."  Um.  Thanks!  We'll be sure to let him in!  We open the back door and he's giving me the stink eye and marching me over to his food dish because it isn't overflowing with cat kibble.  He definitely did not want in the house as his schedule is sleep 7 am-7 pm inside in the couple places he's allowed and then he's out for a night of happy hunting.  People are so funny with animals.  

So we have two 16-year olds in our house and (insert drum roll), two drivers!  I drove son #1 to the DMV for his driving test and as I told some family members I felt as nervous as a cat at a dog pound.  Oh my.  He seemed all poised and handled himself more maturely than his 51-year old mother.  And he passed!  

But then there's the reality that he actually is now driving himself to his job(s).  This morning was the first major drive across the city and I felt like a mama bird watching her baby take flight.  I stared intently at my favorite ap on my iPhone called "Find Friends".  I can watch where they are on a little map.  It gives me some reassurance and nerves me up all at the same time.  

Tomorrow we are invited to a wedding.  There will be great tidings of joy as we witness two wonderful young people vow to be together til the end.  She was a two-week old baby in our meeting when we married and we've watched her grow up every week.  It'll be a joyful time tomorrow.  But I can't promise I won't shed a tear or two because that's what I do when my heart is so full it feels like it'll burst.

Monday am very early we will be heading to the surgical center for a double bunion surgery for daughter #1.  We hope all goes well and the results are worth all the pain and care needed in the long recovery.  Wish us well!  And happy rest of the week to you! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monday Musings (+ 1)

Sorry I did it again.  But I have a valid reason this time for failing on a Monday to Muse.  There was a birthday and at an early hour I needed to pick up doughnuts for the birthday boy.  Then it was a frantic and mostly busy pace until dark o'clock last night.  I won't lie.  I thought of you as I was drifting off to sleep.  I hope that helps ease your burden.

I just saw a van in a parking lot and it said 'Feed my Sheep' catering.  The small print said they were a Christian-based catering service.  I'm guessing they never run out of loaves or fishes if the crowds swell.  Or definitely not.

I wish giving chores to teenagers was easier.  Or maybe I'm completely ineffective in making it fun enough.  Life is busy and dirty and can become completely disorganized if you don't stay on top of it.  Somehow my criteria for 'clean your room' isn't the same as theirs.  And probably in one week or month or year it won't matter.  Well anyway, the tasks were completed before they went off for fun in the sun.  Any tips from experienced parents of teenagers is most welcome.  Promising two M&M's doesn't cut it anymore.

We celebrated Father's Day just like we celebrated Mother's Day.  At my in-laws.  They were kind enough to invite us over.  While we were dating, I never really saw the Chairman show a huge interest in kids.  I don't remember seeing him hold a baby.  I had no idea what kind of father he would be.  He showed a deep concern and became almost possessive of holding our little Amara the night she died in our arms.  I remember thinking I was able to carry her inside, so now it was his turn.  When we went to China and our dear daughter was placed in my arms, he quickly took her when he heard it was time to give her a bottle.  I was kind of jealous, but she learned immediately that daddy provides comfort just like mommy.  When our son was just born he was ready for his first bottle.  Yes, you probably guessed.  Daddy got the privilege of giving the first bottle.  And he's been that kind of dad ever since.  Super responsible.  Super caring.  Super involved.  I'm thankful.
June birthdays!

Doing dishes just like they did on Mother's Day!  

Be still my heart...

Adding Grandpa!
So yes, there was a birthday yesterday.  Son #1 turned 16.  I don't mean to belabor the fact that a couple of our MYP are adopted, but I always find myself reminiscing a bit more for their birthdays.  It is so incredibly hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this young person and lovely soul may not have been here with us.  We do have a birth child and are thankful for that one just as much.  But with a birth child being born, you never have to wonder about the future.  Will this go through?  Will it all work out ok?  Will this child we have grown to love already before he or she came to be not be able to be part of our family?  It adds such a complexity to the experience.

So the night before his birthday I reminisced.  And I gave thanks.  For the choices others made.  For the choice we made.  And I gave thanks for him.  For the little baby.  For the little boy.  For the young man that towers over his dad and me.  This tall teenager has grown to be super ambitious, energetic, loving all things fishing and hunting, and people and richer things even more than that.  He is just what we needed.  Just.
It would be so much fun to have a day with that little fella again!
Add caption 
out on the boat 
pretty much all his gifts had to do with fishing some way or another
So a friend asked if I could cater a lasagna meal for 40 ladies.  Of course!  It sounded just delightful to be able to do it.  So here are the empty pans that needed filling.  And fill I did today!  The garlic bread and salad will be done in a couple days.  Did I ever tell you I love cooking?
This is enough for today.  Happy summertime days!  Next week Monday, daughter number 1 goes under the knife for surgery on her feet.  Yes I said plural.  Feet.  It will be scary and interesting and horrible and nice all at the same time.  Wish us well.  I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A doggone good day in the city

She finally let me have a voice again.  Finally.  That Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway can really talk or blog a lot.  It's my turn.

Hello from your good friend Lisi!  It's been a very long while since I was able to share a bit about my life!  I would have a visit with you more often, but really, my life is pretty much the same every day.  I wait by the bedroom door of the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  She comes out very early and lets me outside to eat and do my business.  Then I come inside and lie on a spot on the wood floor for ten minutes or hours or whatever it is.  I'm a dog so I don't have much sense of time.  Then it's breakfast time!  I always get a bit of freshly-made kefir because the nice Big Guy thinks my ears don't smell as bad when I have it.  Then I hope for a bit of toast and then it is time for a big sleep.  I pretty much sleep or wander around the yard and hopefully get a nice walk or two each day.  And that's my day for ya.  Pretty boring but wonderful if you ask me.  

Today was a different kind of day!  I got to go to the big city!  I rode in the back of the big truck with the window open and could see miles and miles of cars.  People like to wave and make faces at me.  I know they do this because they love me.  Who wouldn't with a face like mine?

We got into the city and we walked to the lakefront.  The Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway knew I would want a swim and a big drink from Lake Michigan so that's the first place we went.  Thank goodness Big Lady is nice.  It was a hot day! 

Hey!  I'm not in this next picture!  Did they think they were on a date or something?
The sights were pretty but I really didn't see them.  I like to sniff more than look around.  I think that's because my nose works much better than my eyes since I'm an old lady now.
We walked a long time and then finally we stopped at this place that serves food.  I heard the nice Big Guy tell a lady since there was a dog we should eat out on the deck.  Imagine that!  I have good manners don't I?  The good thing is as soon as this man came over to our table he asked, 'should I get the dog some water?'  And soon he came with a nice dog dish full of ice water for me!  That's five-bone treatment right there!  So I laid there and waited for morsels to fall from my master's table.  Thankfully I got a taste of some pizza.  They're so good to me.

Soon we hit the hot pavement again.  It was delightful to sniff all these new places and have complete strangers come up to me to tell me I was pretty.  They don't need to say that because I hear that all the time from the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  She does call me 'Grandma' some days too.  I'd be more upset but she says it in such a sweet way I can't help but love her.  Here we are under a huge bridge with cars roaring over us.  I don't get nervous because I know the Big Guy always has my back.
 The Big Lady wanted to stop for a picture by a really tall building.  If people live there I wonder where their dogs go potty?  I'm sure glad I live where the green grass grows.
Soon our fun night was over.  I overheard the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway that she and the Big Guy were going on this date because the other people that live here were all going somewhere tonight.  I'm sure glad they let me join them on their outing.  I think they had a better time because I was along with them.  Wouldn't you?  
Until next time!  Now it is time for me to hit the dog bed and call it a day!  Goodnight!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday Musing

Well happy Musing to you!  It's close to Monday still, right?  Don't answer that.  I'm currently trying to blog a bit on my phone while two of the MYP argue on a tennis court about who is better or worse on the tennis court.  It's kind of labor intensive but you're worth it. 

So it's summertime!  It's amazing what a change a week brings!  One week ago today I was relishing in the quietness of the house.  Today I had four teenagers in the house and a frantic amount of work to do.  They help of course.  With a lot of urging on my part.  

So our baby graduated from middle school. Last week was pretty special as she won the "athlete of the year" for her school.  Then she got all gussied up and graduated.  For the other two I didn't get too emotional as I knew we still had a couple years in the school.  This year?  Well I got out tissues and the Chairman reassured me with an offered hand that it'll all be alright. Or maybe he was trying to keep me from blowing my nose at a quiet time in the program.  

We've had good days now with school out.  I love not making lunches.  I love their company most of the time. And we are getting lots done and enjoying these early days of summertime too.  

In less than two weeks I will be playing nurse to our daughter who is having surgery.  We will have lots and lots of time together and I'm honestly looking forward to it.  

So without further ado, here's something to look at from my camera roll.  

Strawberry season!
Kitty cat hoping for fish
The Chairman as Captain
My sweet little one all graduated
Three high schoolers this year:  senior, junior, and freshman
Son kayaking... This lake is so pretty.  I just ordered a big canvas of a cell phone shot.  
This what I had printed.  Swoon.
Love her.  She needed a break from finals so we went on a hike.
Let's not forget Lisi.  She always stops and waits for a picture so what do I do?
Here's some things I saw that made me smile: