Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Had a bad day...

There's a kids storybook titled "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very bad day".  There's also a song that came to mind by Daniel Powter titled (you guessed it) "Bad Day".  If you want, head to Youtube and listen to it.  It's kinda catchy.  And it came into mind several times yesterday.  I had a (kinda) bad day.

I woke up to the sound of silence.  Normally that would be a good thing.  But for some reason, the furnace decided not to fire up.  I went downstairs and did the most obvious thing.  I stared at the quiet, non-working furnace for a bit.  I touched this and that.  Lightly pounded on a couple things.  Nothing...  So it was 60 degrees in the house for awhile.  Thankfully we have a wood stove.

I traipsed out to the garage and loaded up some wood.  In the process of dragging in approximately 50 lbs of wood, I got not one but two slivers.  Great...  but at least we'll warm up.

I had plans set on cleaning carpets.  With the help of the loved ones living here,  I got the living room emptied and the loved ones living here helped put up anything small so I could run the cleaner more easily.  I drove to the local retail establishment and rented the unit.  The cleaning went well until the last hour when I was in the basement and the handle just cracked off a metal rivet.  Cleaning was suddenly over.  I was worried about returning the now-broken machine, but they received it willingly and cheerfully.  Whew.

Drove to the school to pick up daughter #2.  I'm quickly backing into my spot and paying too much attention to the driver in front of me and I 'bump' the metal basketball hoop.  I hop out to look.  Thankfully, no damage.  Yikes.

Then to the orthodontist.  Thankfully, we have an orthodontist that should be a comedian.  He totally cheered me up.  I sat there cackling like a school girl as he fired off a multitude of jokes and quips that just tickled me after an annoying and kinda bad day.  However it wasn't all grins and giggles.  He informed me that son #1 will need braces again (!), and daughter #2 will also need them.  Both will be put on in approximately a year.  For the record, they don't come by cheaply.

I have a touch of OCD.  That means I like everything in its place and a place for everything.  This is what our house looked like for 24 hours.

On top of all that, I have cracks on both thumbs by the nail and both heels have deeply embedded cracks due to the amazingly cold/dry winter and my utter lack of giving them attention.

So I was just getting home after the orthodontist appointment feeling glum and annoyed and crabby and the Chairman texts a one-liner about eating out for supper.  I immediately replied 'yes' and then changed my mind and asked him if he wanted to have granola pancakes/bacon/eggs instead.  He did.

So once we all took a deep breath and all five sat around our round table noshing on some wholesome fare I felt better.  Lots better.  Insurmountable tasks seemed like nothing.  All was well.

This morning, the furnace fired up as normal.  The repair guy was called to not come.  The house is back in order with clean carpets and area rugs.  The car was washed.  And I brought along my cheerful companion to hike in a different location.
yes, I like to do it myself to save $3.  I'm frugal like that.  

Always up for an adventure and to encourage a good mood.

So there you have it.  I realize my life is full of goodness, luxury, and sometimes leisure.  But yesterday was one of those days where nothing seemed to go quite right.  Compared to some battles others are facing, it is nothing.  I'm glad I snapped out of it and today has been bright and spirits have been cheered.

And finally, I can so relate to this:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Musings

Well all is quiet here yet at the Chairman and Co.  There is no school today and I have a terrible time writing anything when there is a din in the house.  Simba is patiently waiting for the Monday Musings to appear.  He's nearly sitting on my left hand.

Show of hands!  Who doesn't like February?  (mine is raised).  In Dairyland, it is just a filler month keeping us from warmer temperatures.  I would do another screen shot of our morning temperature, but I think you get the point.  Hovering in the -20 with wind chill isn't fun.  I asked if son #1 wanted to walk with me last night and he agreed.  However a few blocks from home he said his legs felt like needles poking him.  I think they call that frostnip.

I was thinking though when you live in a frigid climate it is better just to stay put during the winter.  It is like we live in a freezer.  We don't know that there is life outside of the freezer.  So we bundle up and enjoy life in the freezer.  But some people get out of the freezer.  They shed layers of clothing.  They bask in sunshine, sand, and sea breezes.  They realize there is a wonderful life outside of the freezer.  And then vacation ends.  They put back on many layers and crawl back into the freezer realizing there is indeed sun and warmth somewhere else.  Then they aren't as happy and start complaining all the more about the conditions within the freezer until spring comes....  just a thought anyway.  But if anyone has extra tickets to a warm place, just let me know!  Heh.

A few days ago we had a little adventure to the Windy City.  Our first stop was at Ikea.  That place is scary.  They have that store so miraculously planned so you walk mindlessly in a circular fashion from here to there.  Then they strategically place items that are at ridiculous prices.  I even got excited over a 99 cent toilet bowl brush.  Scary I say!  I did manage to get out of there spending no more than $200 and have a new service of 12 dishes to show for it.  Love that our girls have this sweet cousin to look up to.  Love that this sweet niece grew up from being a little one that followed me around to becoming a friend I enjoy spending time with.

We have been missing one of the MYP since Friday afternoon.  She's been staying with friends that have three beyond cute little girls.  Apparently there hasn't been a sniff of homesickness.  I finally got a text late Saturday night and I quote:  "I miss you... sorta".  And then that was it!  Last night I texted again asking how she was and telling her we missed her and she replied, "I've got a sore throat and I'm having fun.  The girls are adorable."  I already dread the impending empty nest here.  I spotted this cute little sign at Hobby Lobby and thought of her.

This weather has made me want to walk into the kitchen and bake something that we shouldn't be eating.  A few days ago I spotted this recipe and had to try it.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.  I averted my eyes at the calorie count.

Our actions speak volumes.  Unspoken gestures have weight.  But the actual word just made my heart sing a couple days ago.  The Chairman was telling someone that was here about some feelings he had experienced that day and what he said nearly made my heart explode.  Though he is very good about showing appreciation (better than me) he really had no idea this time.  I learned something from that.  If I feel something positive and just assume someone else will know what I'm feeling, maybe that isn't good enough.  Maybe I need to say a 'word in season' that says what I feel.  It may make a world of difference to a store clerk, a friend, a young person, or a spouse.

It still is quiet here, but then again, we have teenagers and they can sleep until 1 in the afternoon if you let them!

Happy Monday!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings

Well good morning to you!  I just acquired a new sliver after stuffing wood into the wood stove.  As much as I love the wood stove, I cannot stand the slivers and the super dry hands.  Yes, the leather gloves are right there.  I'm just too lazy to put them on and would rather complain...

We've had some very chilly weather again.  The week even looks like more coming.  The other night this is what my phone said and this is what we looked like after we got back from our walk:
Lisi hasn't quite mastered the selfie...
Did you know eggs are good for you again?  I never knew they weren't.  But there's an 'advisory committee' that recently said we can eat them again.  Good thing because I've been eating almost one a day for a very, very long time.

Did you know if you have identical twins that are completely identical that the best way to tell them apart is by their belly buttons?  I just read that this week and thought you might need to know.

We just had another Valentine's Day.  The Chairman is a sweet romantic and never fails to bring home flowers to me.  I do appreciate them, but the frugal side of me says it isn't necessary.  He shows his love in so many different ways for 365 days/year.  I do feel loved and respected.  So I told him not once, but twice, 'please don't bother with the flowers this year'.  So he didn't.  And here's a little secret.  I almost regret I told him that.  Almost.  We had a lovely meal at home.  Because this little fellow was being babysat and we thought we should stick around.  He just moved here from AZ and it looks like he doesn't mind dairyland winters!  Or cousins to spend time with.
Son #1 and daughter #1 also had babysitting gigs on Valentine's night.  I don't have pictures of the children they were responsible for because it might be a tad strange for me to go in and take pictures at someone else's house.  It is an odd feeling to have your own MYP caring for someone else's MYP...  

Did you know today is national 'Do a grouch a favor' day?  There must be lots of grouchy people on the 16th of February.  It just seems to be a lose-lose situation.  Either you have a grouch on your hands, or you try to do something nice for the grouch and he/she asks why you were doing a favor and then you say, 'well because you were a grouch'.  I don't think that would help much.

Last night we had a fairly typical Sunday night.  For some reason I felt like I was an outsider looking in at the events.  So I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures as they happened for memory's sake.
Our typical Sunday supper is chatting over nachos and fruit around the island.  What's yours?
lying by the to-be-folded pile 
a sisterhood scrum
researching how to be a good cat
Facebook.  People usually love it or hate it.  I lean towards the 'love it', but don't want it to get to be my main focus of the day.  There are some aspects I love about it.  Learning about new babies born and seeing their irresistible pictures.  Reading that another stay-at-home mom feels exactly the same way I do about a situation.  Seeing hilarious pictures or reading funny sayings about ordinary things.  Finding out about some one's illness.  Learning of a death.  It is a place of sharing.  But it is also a place to show caring.  A friend recently had a major surgery.  I have loved reading the encouraging thoughts others have shared with her.  I know they have been a huge help to her, but they've also nudged me to have a bit more faith and trust no matter the situation.

Yesterday morning I sat down to play some of our hymns.  I was feeling very thankful for my mother's advice when I was about 13 and did not want to practice.  She said, 'some day when you are grown you will wish you could sit down and just play the hymns for yourself or others and you won't be able to because you weren't willing to practice now'.  I also was quietly marveling about the hymns as I played along.  I have sung and played some of them for nearly my whole life.  And they grow sweeter and sweeter to me the older I get.  I used to say I never had a favorite, but #304 just always makes me feel very thankful for what I have and who I have next to me as we journey along... 

Well more laundry piles await.  And a fire to stoke.  And a dog to walk.  And dishes to wash.  And life to live...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Filling my time...

Get it?  Filling my time.  You see I'm sitting in the dentist office typing this on my phone.  We have three MYP who haven't sat in the dentist chair in oh, say two to three years.  Yes, I did get that "look" like I have been negligent.  I nodded seriously.  And I enjoyed looking for Nemo while I whittle the minutes away sitting and waiting for the second of three appointments.  
There's some moderately noisy music being played overhead.  It seems these days no matter where you go there is music blaring out of speakers.  I'm either
Getting old or used to a very quiet lifestyle because it is almost annoying sometimes.

Last night I made granola pancakes.  What are they you ask?  Just take your facorite pancake recipe and decrease the flour and add granola.  I substituted one cup of flour for two cups granola.  They were just dee-lish!  And super filling. 

We are doing more and more practice driving here.  I took this the other night.  Figured a camera flash would be a good practice distraction.  I'm safe like 

Valentine's Day.  I don't get the need for flowers that die or chocolates I don't need.  The Chairman and I were visiting the other day and I requested that he not get me flowers.  However I asked for something much more expensive.  New tires for the van.  They are being installed tomorrow.  Now that's what I call love.

Well this appointment should soon be over.  I'm hoping she doesn't need fillings because my time is already filled without extra (and expensive) appointments.  And no, I still haven't seen Nemo so he must not need saving...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings

Welcome to post #1120.  Seems like yesterday I was writing that it was post #1000.  So much to say, so little time.  Or maybe so little to say, and too much time on my hands.  Nonetheless...

Blogging must be in the deep recesses of my small brain.  The other night there was an elephant in the room.  Or rather, I was dreaming about someone installing hardwood in son #1's room and there were three baby elephants dancing around in there and I was concerned as they were making lots of commotion and one was trumpeting.  I remember in my dream thinking, 'this is really going to be a great story to blog'.  Well there you have it!  It wasn't real and I'm still blogging about it.

Since I had that spot burned off my lip, I've had a weird scab on my face.  I find it interesting in stores or wherever that people notice it and kind of look closely but don't want to ask.  I want to tell them I don't have a communicable disease, but that would be weird too.  Thankfully, it is almost gone now.

Last week we celebrated one of our friends having a milestone birthday.  We all gathered to paint a picture.  I may or may not have mentioned my artistic skills are about a -27.  So I was way out of my comfort zone and was thankful one friend wanted to come sit by me near the edge so we could 'goof off' together.  The artists among us created something beautiful.  I, on the other hand created something just a wee bit better than a six-year old doing a color-by-number kit.  Here we are and here it is:

have I told you how blessed I am with friends?
serious business...
don't judge...
Today was son #1's annual visit to the ophthalmologist.  He's was diagnosed with a 'lazy eye' when he was barely four and we've seen this renown specialist for over ten years.  As he sat in the chair today, I was remembering this little boy crawling up the big chair just a few years ago.  He willingly accepted his 'good eye' being patched for nearly a year.  Now he has graduated from this specialist and was given the green light to go to contacts.  Bwah.  Slow down life!

Last night we had both sets of parents over for supper.  I love how our parents really like each other.  I snapped this picture I saw happening while I was doing some dishes.  I think they were arguing about who had the cutest grandchildren.  Heh.   

I LOVE Krispy bars and will beg until you throw me something...
when you have a sociable cat, you are rarely alone
I thought these were cute.

And finally, I saw this recently.  Amen.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings

Well time to hop into the writer's seat and see where the Musing goes today.

Today Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.  I guess that means six more weeks of winter.  I say bring it on!  Six weeks doesn't sound like much.  And yesterday, we finally got a real winter day.  They call winter storms names these days.  This one was called "Linus".  I always think of that cute little boy holding his blankie and sucking his thumb in the Peanuts cartoon.  I almost felt like doing that too when I saw the weather, but we braved the elements and were spiritually and naturally fed.  

One cousin spent time with her newly-moved-to-this area cousin at another cousin's house.  If you follow that, you get an award.
Son #1 has been snowboarding about five of the last seven days.  I asked him if he gets really tired of going to the hill all the time and was met with a very blank stare like I was talking crazy.  So apparently not.  I go over and put on my skis about once every two weeks.  I'm a rookie skier (less than two years), so each and every time I take them back off without broken bones I consider it a victory.  
I must be getting old.  I usually have some latest doctor appointment to share about.  Today was a follow-up call to the dermatologist.  A couple months back he froze off some spots on my face.  So today he wanted to see how they looked and possibly freeze another.  

Dr. Rejkavik Iceland comes in (yes that's where he went to school).  I'm again quite stunned about his perfect complexion.  He asks how I'm doing and then suddenly takes both my hands in both of his.  I sat up straight as it seemed like he was ready to propose.  He looks at the top of them and says, 'beautiful.  Just beautiful."  Then he turns them over (I'm meanwhile distracted with his perfectly white and very soft hands.  This guy has never changed the oil in his car I reckon.)  Then he says 'they look beautiful'.  Well thanks!  I think my hands look a bit old and wrinkly and have some age spots.  But if Dr. Iceland calls them beautiful, well, I'm going to run with that.  

Then he gets way close and looks at the spot on my face that may need treatment and says that he wants to freeze that spot.  He pulls out his torch device and aims it my way.  I start to count in my head.  One.  Two.  Three.  OW-WOW-OW!  It hurts like the dickens.  I'm ready to grab Dr. Iceland by the collar and twist it very hard.  And just like that, he was done.  I actually got tears in my eyes.  He said he was sorry and wouldn't be so mean to me next year when I come see him again.  How thoughtful.  I would take a selfie and let you see my swollen and reddened lip but I'm in my very late 40's and selfies only show sagging skin and age spots, so you'll have to imagine.  

I've tried to enjoy these each noon.  I must say I feel more energetic after having a smoothie for lunch, but drinking them down is a bit like taking in 18 ounces of NyQuil.  Today's was chia seeds, carrot juice, some berries and pineapple, a half-banana, and about 2 cups of kale/spinach.  Urp!  I may or may not have chased it down with some caramel corn.

There's been a feral cat trying to get into our house lately.  Here's a picture of him.  
Don't let his looks deceive you.  Simba spends approximately 21 hours of every day sleeping in various rooms on lofty fleece blankets.  The other two hours are spent following me from room to room meowing to be picked up or actually sitting on my lap.  The remaining hour is spent watching the birds at the feeder.  Such a life...  if you asked him, he wishes the ground hog wouldn't have seen his shadow and spring would be here like yesterday.  

Well enough Musing this Monday.  I've thought often about different ones that come to read mindless matter that I know and don't know.  One of these days I might just ask you to leave a comment on who you are, where you live and how you've come across the Chairman and Co.  I feel like some of you are friends I just haven't met yet!  

Happy rest of the week.