Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thorough Thursday Thoughts

Hopefully I cover a lot of bases today!

I promise I won't talk about the weather again.  I mean it is January.  We live in Dairyland.  It should be brutal.  And brutal it was during Polar Vortex 2014 - round 2.  In fact during a recent walk it was feeling actually very pleasant out there.  Enough that I loosened my scarf and took in the breeze.  Upon returning home I noticed it was 1 degree above zero with a wind chill of -10.  It's all relative I guess.

So what are the cat and dog doing these days?  A lot of this:
drinking fishy water

catching some zzzz's
So I broke down and bought myself a small box of Lucky Charms (yes I'm very aware they are quite unhealthy).  Basically Cheerios laced with old marshmallows with too much food coloring.
As I enjoyed them last night the youngest of the MYP shared something.  "I remember when we lived in the old house and once you were in a good mood for some reason and you were letting us eat whatever we wanted.  I took the bag of Lucky Charms out of the box and ate up all the marshmallows while I was on the computer and then barfed them all up that night.  Don't you remember?".  Um.  No.  I don't remember ever being in a good mood for some reason.  I don't remember letting you eat whatever you wanted.  But yes, I do remember the barf but I don't remember any clue that it was due to all the marshmallows in a box of Lucky Charms.  Kids!

Speaking of consumables.  Please don't do what I did last night.  I brewed a cup of black tea then didn't have time to drink it right when it was made and discovered it again near bedtime.  No, it didn't keep me awake.  But in a way it did.  I made four trips (11 steps each) to the water closet throughout the night.  Note to self:  tea is a diuretic mixed with water.  This has been a public service announcement.  Your welcome.

Tomorrow is a day marked on our calendar.  It is the birthday of my mother-in-law.  We often hear all the negatives related to the mother-in-law relationship.  In fact I was looking up a few terms and sayings on the internet and the negativity is nearly troubling.  So I was thinking of all the ways my mother-in-law doesn't measure up.  There are many things she doesn't do.  She doesn't show partiality to any in our family.  She does not meddle.  She does not come between the husband and wife relationship.  She doesn't tell me when the meal isn't really very good (and there have been times!).  She is not uncaring.  She never has said my house is dirty (and it has been lacking at times).  She is not unforgiving.  I think you get the idea...  

You are the other Mother I received,
the day I wed your son
And I want to thank you Mom,
for the loving things you've done.

You've given me a gracious Man,
with whom I share my life
You are his lovely Mother,
and I his lucky Wife.

You used to pat his little head,
and now I hold his hand
You raised in love a little boy,
and then gave me the Man.

Thought out!  Not maybe thorough, but I did my best this Thursday.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings

Maybe if you're one of the MYP and not the mother.  Yes indeed.  School is called off for the next two days already.  That means in mid-June our cherished children will be looking outdoors at green grass and sunshine from the confines of the classroom.  (Insert heavy sigh.)  I had a brainstorm.  There's approximately 50 kids in our subdivision.  If all of them got together in a group and moved from house to house for about 5 minutes at each place, we'd cover the day!  I think I could handle 50 for five minutes but I'm not sure how many other parents would like that idea.  

I was recently at a local Goodwill.  Found this sturdy and comfy-cutie there.  I'm hoping some paint can make it purdy.  
I just recently heard about someone having the stomach flu.  After I hung up the phone I was starting to think I didn't feel so hot either.  Sympathy pains?  Puking peer pressure?  Actually I'm not sick at all.  But just hearing about it makes me feel blech.

I've been feeling very irresistible lately.  Uh-oh.  Does the Chairman have competition? No.  Actually by the American Red Cross.  I donated six months ago and now I'm appearing on every call-sheet known to blood cells.  They call nearly daily and the last time I didn't pick up they left a message.  Yes I intend to give very soon!  Yes I'm aware of the dire need!  But please let me do it when I have time available and a weeks worth of jamming anything with iron down my throat so I am able to donate.

One of the MYP sent an email to a teacher explaining the 4.0 grade average in every class but this teacher's at the moment.  I peeked over the shoulder to see what was written and it stated that "my parents are very concerned and interested that I may not get a 4.0 this quarter if I don't get an A in your class".  Oh me oh my.  She probably thinks that we are holding a big stick and will beat any children that don't bring home A's.  I may need to do a damage-control email today at some point explaining that we do not forcefully expect our MYP to get straight A's.  Just A-.  Kidding!  I'm just kidding!  

Well last night it happened!  The Chairman and I had a date.  It was really something special.  Do you know that saying, 'cleaning the house with young children is like shoveling in a blizzard'?  Well last night we went out.  We got all dressed up and went out.  To shovel in a blizzard....

Well this is enough amusement to muse.  Not sure what the next day or two will bring.  I reckon a bit of game playing.  Some cooking and baking.  Walking the dog in -30 degree wind chill.  And maybe even some closet purging.  I promise I'll be relaxed and patient.  Or so I hope.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just some sentences

The MYP had a half day today and are off tomorrow.  I'm not thankful that the weather is not cooperating.
Say you precious MYP!  Why don't you all go use up some of your extra energy and get some hypothermia! Or better still, frostbite!  Really!  It'll be fun.  I promise.

Currently, I am wearing long johns (wish I were eating them instead of wearing them), heavy pants, three pairs of socks and a sweatshirt over a wool/cotton liner shirt.  I just walked the pooch earlier and will go out again because the Chairman is working late.  This was taken this morning.  We looked for woods since the wind was beyond brisk.
I try to not complain about the Chairman working long hours because I'm home tending the home fires in a literal sense.  If it weren't for the stove, I'd really be crabby.  I kinda like the kitty-cat by it too.  He's the crabby one.  No mice are moving outside.
Photo: I'm wondering if he's conspiring by the fire...
I like spending time with this one alone sometimes.  She was taking 'ussies' in the car yesterday as we returned from a lunch date.  
I regret to inform you that at the lunch date with my slightly older sister and a friend I forgot to take even one picture.  We were celebrating the fact my slightly older sister is slightly older.

I asked a rhetorical question this afternoon wondering why M is so... well... annoying sometimes and another of the MYP piped in and said without skipping a beat, 'because she's just like you'.  Teenagers are so loveable.  

I made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and feel like the belt is too tight on my waistline.  I'm sure it is because there are long johns underneath and not for other reasons.

This is enough sentences.  I hope none of them were run-on or maybe they were because I can't tell when I make grammatical errors since my English classes were way back in the day out in South Dakota and you never know how the education might be if you know what I mean.

Good Evening.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings

How did Monday get here so fast?  I regret to say I'm not offering up much in the way of inspiration or entertainment today.  I feel a bit like this.
We had a nice weekend.  It began with a special gathering for the life of a special man.  I wish I were better at knowing what to say to grieving families as you walk through the line before the funeral starts.  Even though we've been on the receiving end of grief, it still is difficult to know just what to say.  Maybe that's just me.

I got back on the horse the skis!  
Will you think less of me if I share that I was nearly terrified to get back out there?  It may or may not have helped that the Chairman felt it was his serious duty to ski behind me giving tips on skiing success.   

Yesterday was one of those humbling parent days where you wonder if you've put one good quality into the heads of these precious young people.  Child A didn't like Child B*.  Child B did not want Child C breathing the same air.  Child A and Child C started having another disagreement.  Since we had an extra child in our home, I only could give the stink eye and hope my pleading eyes would cause them to stop.  I went to bed feeling like I need to read some parenting books.  But by this morning when all was peaceful, calm and still and they returned for an extra hug before school, it was worth it.  Even the stink eye.  
* ed note:  the letters were chosen at random to protect the identity of the aforementioned children 

We got the first advertisement in the mail addressed to the oldest of our flock announcing the drivers training schedule.  Really?  She just was riding her Fisher-Price plastic trike with the parent push handle yesterday wasn't she?  Why is time going so fast?  

I've been having a disturbing amount of cravings for Lucky Charms.  The MYP can't stand them.  The Chairman thinks they are just an ounce away from pure sugar.  So I won't buy them for just myself.  **sigh**

Did you know they sell these?
Right next to the microwave popcorn are hot and spicy microwaveable pork rinds!  For real!  Looks like they are low carb though!  

Had a little fun with Lisi last night.  She was yearning for a few Cheerios from one of the MYP.  So I tested her abilities at resistance.  I lined them up around her on the dog bed and walked away to get my phone and came back.  She waited very patiently for the ok to go ahead and nosh away!  Good girl Lisi! 
And finally, I enjoyed this short video this morning.  

Well if this is the case, I better call it a Muse today.  Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I didn't think I had any thoughts (please don't judge), but I found a few rattling in my head as I showered this morning.

I've started to crochet again.  I finished my 2nd project - an afghan that at first the MYP labeled as 'ugly'.  Funny thing is that once it was finished I heard two of them mildly bickering who would get it on their bed.  It obviously was a labor of love on my part and a jockeying for position on theirs.  I've just purchased some delicious new yarn.
It was challenging at first to work with, but now I'm humming along on a new scarf.  I was hoping it for myself, but I heard a request already.

I've hesitated crocheting as I've always thought of elderly ones with lunch lady arms working away as they wait to die.  But I know some people that do it and I don't think of them as elderly with lunch lady arms planning for their demise.  And I saw a perky 20-something lady in her North Face jacket and Ugg boots buying some skeins of thick wool yesterday.  Unless she was buying it for her Grandma....

Someone reminded me lately how super glue works very good for the cracked fingertips that those of us living in the frozen tundra often get during the winter.  I was telling the Chairman about it riding along the other day and one of the MYP pipes up from the back, 'I think M. should use it on her chapped lips.'

I have nice parents.  I'm very aware of that.  And many of you are aware of that.  However, once they get on a plane in the dead of winter, they use technology and slightly sadistic tendencies to send us pictures from the balcony of their hotel.  This came in the other day as I was shoveling.  
So I responded by immediately taking a picture of what I was looking out at.  That would be darkness, snow falling and a snowbank.  
Lisi is gone.  Now don't panic.  She'll be back!  It's just for today.  She was starting to smell more than just like a stinky dog.  She was starting to reek.  Hopefully when the call comes in a few hours, she returns smelling like roses or peaches n cream.  As the groomer came out to get her, Lisi was thrilled to see her again.  I enjoyed that Lisi has a testimony there.  She said, 'Lisi is one of the dogs I groom that always is happy.'.  Wish they could say that about me.  

Well enough Thursday Thoughts for this day.  I need to get a few things accomplished so that when the family all returns in a few hours I can say what I actually did and not just say I had some thoughts today!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings

Back in the musings saddle I sit.  At least this Monday it isn't -467 degrees below zero like last week.  I may or may not have exaggerated a bit.

I think the musings will be very random today.

I have 64 eggs in the fridge.  Why you ask?  Every time I went to the store recently, I thought I needed more.  Apparently I didn't.  Frittata?  Quiche?  Scrambled?  Fried?  Poached?  I've got you covered.

One of the MYP asked me last night, 'why is it that when ladies become moms they are not fun anymore?  They just seem way more serious about everything.'  I just said maybe it is because a part of their heart is outside their body and they have to be sure and protect it.  I'm not sure when that ends.  Maybe never.

Here's a few pictures pulled off my phone.  It's an amazing device the phone.  It records life in so many ways.
Since she couldn't go to Starbucks she wanted to make one at home.

The neighbor texted this pic to me yesterday morning of our abode.  I'm wondering if I should text a picture of their house back to them?  
Working on her King Tut project.  I think Simba was wishing he lived in Egypt so he'd be worshipped.  

This was taken on my phone this am unbeknownst to me.  I'm not sure what we're looking at...but I do find my growing brow lines disturbing.  And the fact I really love my purple robe.
I recently came across a thought that I had heard years ago.  It's about how people are when they go into a room.  There are those that are, 'here I am!!!', and those that are, 'there you are!!!'.  We all know which one is the better choice.

Another thought that was shared this week about marriage.  It always ends in sadness.  At first I didn't want to believe it.  But when you give it thought, it is true to some extent.

In that vein, some dear people lost a husband and father just two days ago.  His wife poured out her life for her husband since his diagnosis nearly two years ago.  She tirelessly cared for him.  Took him to appointments.  Would share in the positives and negatives of their journey through this terrible disease together.  And she tenderly tended to his every need until the very end.  Her example as a good wife is not unnoticed.  The children rallied around to help out in any way they could.  And the dear man that died?  As his wife so beautifully said, "he went very quiet and peacefully.  Just like his nature." One quality about him I was so impressed with is that he didn't complain and had a happy countenance in the midst of illness.  

I think I'm mused out.  Off to more mundane things then musing...

Friday, January 10, 2014

One hot mama

As you may have guessed, I ain't no spring chicken.  I ain't no boiler hen either.  I'm somewhere in between.  And it has put me in the hot seat.  

Those older than me would try to explain what this phenomenon was.  The feeling of intense heat at some very random times - and most certainly at night.  Yes, hot flashes.  

I remember jokingly replying that I looked forward to the day because I have been cold all my life due to low blood pressure and metabolism.  Well that day has come.  

What does it feel like?  It feels like that 'click' when you know the furnace is going to fire up.  Something internally happens and 'WHOOSH'.  Instant heat.  

Is it troubling?  Not really.  I know what is happening.  In fact, more than once I have found it terribly amusing since my body has never thought of itself as a 'hottie'.  Now it thinks so at very random times.  Good thing I get to experience this in the middle of a cold winter!

Ed note:  hopefully this isn't TMI...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday Thoughts

Well the "Arctic Vortex" has now left.  It feels like it's just plain balmy out there at 18 degrees. It's all your perspective I guess!

Yes, the MYP are back in school again.  It was actually quite nice to have them around.  Well the girls anyway.  They had invited a couple friends over to help squander a perfectly good "Arctic Vortex" day away.
Playing duets

Ages 14, 13, 12, and 11!  
Son #1 was at the 'boy house'.  When he returned this is what I saw:
Looks like utter peace doesn't it?  Well immediately after I took the picture I hopped over him to add wood to the fire and accidentally kicked him in the head.  Lets just say I got a dirty-dog-stare, and a very heavy sigh...

We recently were at this house to celebrate a good friends birthday.
I love having our MYP exposed to foods from other countries.  Approximately ten years ago we were first invited to have dinner with this family.  Our MYP were all googly-moogly-eyed looking at the choices.  Now I overheard our daughter say to her friend, 'I sure hope you're having paratha with chicken today!'.  How many 11-year old picky eaters know what paratha is?  Much less, request it!

This morning I stood before the great big 3-D machine.   "Bonnie" was a wonderful person that walked me through the experience for the third time in just over a year.
And after four scans and a 10-minute wait I saw a smiling face enter the door with the expression of 'good news!'.  I don't have to return for one.  whole.  year.  Last year at this time I was a "6 month" patient.  So I consider this very good news!

Yes, the sun is shining!  And on this Thursday, I'm thinking 'thankful thoughts'.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

She loves me...

You know that thing you do with flowers?  "She loves me... she loves me not.  She loves me... she loves me not..."  I am a lucky one.  "She loves me!"

Hello!  This is your good friend Lisi!  I was just on a walk and while I was plodding along in the sub-zero temps for the second day I realized for sure... "she loves me!"

You see I gave her this look yesterday:
Never mind the fact that it was -16 with windchill to the -40's.  I wanted to walk.  You see I'm the sturdy kind.  I don't mind the cold.  I still love to go and sniff and see what I've been missing.  And I think it is important to get the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway out there.  She's older you know and it is good for stiff limbs and fragile minds.

So she went and put on lots of clothes and we were off!  It was a good thing we didn't run into any people on our walk because she looked kinda scary.

I'm so glad the Big Lady loves me.  She walks me each and every day.  She feeds me good food.  She brushes out all my burrs.  She gets down on her knees every night before bed and rubs my face in all the right places.  She bought me this awesome new bed that is just like sleeping on clouds.  She even has de-skunked me three times.  Now don't be saying nice things about the Big Lady being such a wonderful dog owner because quite frankly, I'm doing this for her.  She really doesn't have a lot of hobbies.  She needs someone to get her big rear out the door even on cold days.  She needs a distraction so she doesn't micromanage the smaller people or the Big Guy.  If it weren't for me, what real joy would she have?  Well... don't answer that.  But since I'm a dog I will take full credit right now.

I just hope if you are a dog reading this that you have someone that loves you too.  If you're not sure, just go give your people that "I want a walk" look.  Or better still, find a daisy!

To show my appreciation for our walk today,  I lavished kisses on her.  Because... she loves me!  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musings

There that feels better.  Monday Musings.  That might feel better but the temperature sure doesn't.  I could do a screen print that it currently is -16 with 20-30 mph gusts making it feel like it is -50.  But I won't because it would take far too much effort and it might even be colder where you are sitting in your chair.  Well hopefully not inside!

So the schools did all that is right and reasonable.  They cancelled school already on Friday night for today.  Shouts of joy heralded up to the heavens when that decision was made.  And since our MYP are very reasonable and respect the frigid temperatures, they did what completely makes sense.  They organized a sleepover.  Yes, instead of sitting by the fire and playing games in your pjs all day, they thought it was a good idea to get parents to drive their friends over.

The Chairman wonders if more children will be out and about without school than if they actually just had school.  Coming from the SD standpoint that it often was extremely cold and extremely windy, we just dressed in navy blue parkas from Montgomery Ward and trudged off for another day of education.

I remember reading "The Long Winter" and Laura Ingalls Wilder writing about some of the prairie ladies that got a bit crazy out there.  Can you imagine?  The drafty places and small places they lived in?  The family all glummed together to stay warm?  The drifts coming through the door?  The endless wind that would never stop?  Eating salt pork and bread as your diet?  And no wireless?  Yes, we've got it easy.  And I'm not crazy... yet.

I would show you what I looked like last night heading out for a walk with the dog but I was loudly informed that 'moms don't take selfies'.

Well I hear some young ladies getting up and I promised pancakes, so this mom in the fuzzy-blue housecoat better start whipping up some batter.

Stay warm!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday Musings

Not as catchy.  That's why I try to do it on Mondays.  However since I love to muse and I feel I owe it to the umpteen thousands that check in frequently, I'll muse despite it being a Thursday.

Where to start?  The holidays are now over.  They were indeed happy.  Family.  Friends.  Festivities.  I counted up and for almost two weeks we were somewhere with others or the others were with us each and every day.  I often thought I would enjoy living like some we love do.  They go from home to home, visit to visit sharing and caring with others.  But I found my breaking point was about 11 days if I did it on my own power.

My mostly nice older brother and his lovely wife and children visited a couple of days.  My mostly nice older brother was exactly that.  Meaning there was a little bit of not nice.  One of the MYP people asked after they left, 'why does he pick on you like that?'.  Well my dear, it simply means he loves me an incredible amount.  I like to think that.  And I don't like to think that it might be another year before we see each other.

We had a wonderful New Years Eve.  Super-nice friends and lots of wonderful young people.  Good visits.  Singing.  Games.  Delicious food.  Happy sigh.   I had a lingering headache most of yesterday without the aid of booze.  I'm not a crawl-into-bed-at 2:30 kind of person.  Bet that's hard to believe, eh?

The school district here showed no mercy.  The MYP returned the day after New Years Day.  I had a child that woke me up twice last night telling me he/she couldn't sleep.  The alarm sounded this am and there were audible groans coming from that room.  I'm sure glad I'm not a teacher today.  One of our precious progeny was frantically writing a recap of a book last night at 10:01 that could have been done anytime between December 22 and today.  I don't think he/she made a NYs resolution about procrastination.
Speaking of resolutions... I am doing the same one I always do.  I resolve to not do a resolution.  That way I can always feel good about myself.  Heh heh.  I guess I live life simply.  If you put First things first, the rest falls into place.  Relationships.  Goals.  Success.  Health.  You name it.

So winter has laid a heavy hand on Dairyland.  We've gone from super-cold to snow to super-cold with snow.  The forecast ahead looks promising if you enjoy frostbite.  The high on Monday so far is -11 without the aid of wind.

Well enough musings for this Thursday.  I don't want to run out of material before Monday arrives!  Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season as we have.  All the best in 2014!