Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dogs vs. Cats - Vet Trip

Preparing for vet visit

Lisi:  "Do you want to go for a ride?  Want to go see the doctor?  Do ya?  Do ya?  Do ya?"  Oh boy!  Do I ever!  I LOVE to go for rides!  Wheeeee!"  She runs to back door frantically wanting to get to the van.  She rushes into the back seat area.  Sits down and waits for a joy ride of her life.

Simba:  "Where's the cat?  Don't let him outside!  Grab him!  Did you latch the crate good?"  We start yelling over the coyote-like howling emerging from the kennel.  There is not one facet of fun for this feline heading to the vet.  Black eyes, turned back ears, and howls of protest emerge from the little kennel the whole seven minutes to the vet.

Arriving at the vet office

Lisi:  "Yay!  We're here!"  She joyfully jumps out of van once verbally released.  She races over to sniff all the other 297 doggy smells on the pillars and door frame.  She races into the office.  Heads straight to the scale and hops on without being told.  Why?  Because she's given a treat if she sits quietly.  If another dog is in the room, she immediately has made a new forever-friend just by a good butt-sniff.

Simba:  Howl-yowling the whole way there, he suddenly gets quiet as we walk into the office.  He does some bizarre jump-like behavior in the kennel to make feel like he's falling out of the kennel.  We look in and see a panther-like creature staring back at us in complete disgust and fear all mixed together.


Lisi:  Veterinarian comes in.  "Oh boy!  A lady that smells like dogs.  I love her so!"  Lisi sits perfectly still right before her in hopes of another little treat.  She wiggles and jiggles and pants and slurps and is smitten with utter joy at the attention.

Simba:  The door opens and in comes the vet.  "I hate this place.  I hate this kennel.  I would even hate you if I could."  He sneaks under the chair.  Under the examination table.  I grab him and once he's up on the table, is placid and completely fearful at the strange happenings and smells.  He actually behaves very well for all of the procedures but can't wait to get back in the kennel as it means he can get home.

Ride home

Lisi:  More sniffing.  More exuberance.  More joy at riding in the van again.  She looks up at me in the front seat with utter joy that she got to go somewhere fun once again.

Simba:  More mournful wails of protest coming out of the kennel.  Paws stretched through the little holes with claws emerging hoping to snag anyone that might come near.  Upon reaching home, the kennel door opens and he scurries out.  But not without a pause and a dirty look of disdain for insulting not only his intelligence but also his dignity.  He disappears between the bushes only to be seen again in a half-day because he's full of distrust for people in general.

Yes, dogs vs. cats.  You can't compare a cat with the dog.  You can't compare a dog with a cat.  They look at life through completely different eyes.  And maybe that's ok...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings

For those of you that like statistics...  this is post #969.  Maybe at #1,000 I will hand out free goodie bags as door prizes.  Wait a minute.  There are no doors.  Nor prizes.  Here's a few more stats for ya.  There have been 107,864 page views.  I've received 3,204 comments (and have read every one I might add).  The top seven countries that visit are:  US (duh), Canada (love, love, love their national anthem by the way), Germany, Ukraine, Australia, India, Sweden, and Martinique.  I honestly don't know some of you in some of those far-away places, but I have a hunch I'd like you very much if we met some day.

What's that Chinese proverb?  "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  How about "Give him a piece of cake and he's happy.  Teach him to make his own cake and he's really happy".  Or something like that.  I'm not Chinese.  And I don't write proverbs.
However, I might add that it turned out super-de-duper yummy.  It actually was an angel food cake mix with cocoa powder added to make it chocolate-y.

We have extra girls here tonight.  They were playing a game earlier called 'water spoons'.  Whoever lost had to drink a full glass of water.  Some lost three rounds by the time this picture was taken.  I'm hoping I don't hear a knock at the door tonight wondering where the nearest dry bed could be found.
We had company stop this weekend for a wee visit!  Their older girls are similar to ours in ages.  However, they have this blessed little addition to their family.  That made the visit even more fun and made me realize I almost forget what to do with a baby!  It is fun to have people over that you hardly know all that well yet feel like you've known them for a lifetime.

We got one day of preps done so far.  It was super-fun to get up there and see 3,467 spiders - some alive and some dead.  I got to do something I've never done.  I knocked down 16 swallow nests.  One was occupied.  I may or may not have shrieked in complete surprise mixed with a touch of fear.  I also got to clean the mens' bathroom with a couple other ladies.  Several gentlemen came around the corner and saw me and somehow had a terribly uncomfortable look on their face and walked away.  I hope they found another place to go.  (pun intended).

Speaking of going.... I should go and get something done.  Happy week ahead!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

It felt like summer yesterday.  Since we had some people coming over last night for a special reason, I went all out and turned on the a/c since it was getting close to 90 degrees.

Today is a milestone that no one in the world knows but me.  My life took a change 25 years ago today when I started working for Target headquarters in downtown Minneapolis after living in Smallville, MN for a year and half out of college.  I left the Target corporation after my third and final baby was nearing two years old.  As a whole, I had an extremely pleasant experience with them.  Since you asked, I'll tell you my first year and a half out of college was spent at the headquarters of Schwan's Sales Enterprises.  And no, I still really don't like ice cream.  The freezers were full of free goods in the break room and I rarely partook.

Speaking of food.  And the Chairman.  I don't write a whole lot on here about him because he's very much a 'what you see is what you get' kind of guy.  He's not into crazy-ness or spontaneity.  However, he's as reliable as the sun most days.  He's an excellent husband, father, friend, and provider.  And there's one more quality I want to share.  He's extremely good at showing appreciation for meals.  The other night he said, 'wow, that was just another great supper!'.  Mind you it was sloppy joes, corn on the cob, potato patties (made out of leftovers), fresh tomatoes sliced on a plate and a bowl of blueberries.  Simple fare.  But not unappreciated.

Instagram.  The whole thing scares me a bit.  My profile has a pictures of the MYP because quite frankly, I don't know how to do it.  I have people on my feed.  But I haven't looked at it.  It seems it's basically facebook but just pictures and little words.  True?  Maybe I should ask the small-fry here.  They know these things.

The MYP were asking how many were in the 'teen group' at the g.m's I went to as a kid.  'Teen group'?  Um.  Well, counting the entire room, sometimes there were 20 of us.  So the teen group number would have been significantly less...  This led me to some thoughts.  Our children are privileged to be in an area where there are lots of families.  Lots of kids.  Lots of fun.  I grew up in an area that was sparsely populated.  And I'm thankful.  Why?  Because everyone in that little room was my friend, not my age-group.  I vividly remember rushing up to 'old people' (probably my age now) to share with them about my week.  I'd even call them at times just to say 'hi' or remind them that my birthday was coming.  :-)  I'm glad today that I learned at an early age anyone can be a friend - young or old.

Uh-oh.  You're not coming in with that.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Musings

Not much.  Why in the world did I even post something on a Friday?  Like a lot of material is going to happen between Friday and Monday...!  My life is riveting, but not that much.

Today I took our oldest and went to the local behemoth high school to get all registered and get the locker assignment and pictures.  It is kind of like a size whiplash.  You see our K-8 has met all our needs.  It is a mile away.  It is small and family-like.  The high school?  Not so much.  There are 2,300 students, 200 faculty members, two campuses, an indoor ice arena, a college-level stadium, etc.  My baby!  However, I've received wonderful and glowing reports from others about the experience so I'll step back and let life come our way.  But I might ask this right now?  How in the tarnation did we get a high schooler so fast?  Life passes like a dream...

So we are soaking up the last days of summer.  The girls have several sleepovers planned in the next week.  Preps are starting.  Tomatoes are ripening.  Grasshoppers are jumping.

One of our MYP was treated today with Starbucks.  When asked what name to put on the cup she responded, "Paige".  Um.  We didn't name you that.  But apparently that is the name choice this week.

And without further ado, I'll leave you with this:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Flowery Friday

I can say this.  Because I just saw this outside.

I had to come up with something "F" since it's Friday you know.  I also saw this:
I may be biased, but I think we have cute pets.  You might notice that Simba was a bit irritated that I kinda pushed him down to not run off so I could get a shot.

Did you know that bees like to feed off of rodent innards?  I didn't either.

Yesterday we did 27 dozen ear of corn within three hours.  There were seven of us working along at my parents. I'm so very happy to have lots of solid gold in the freezer for the next year.

Today I've been alone a good portion of the day.  Someone came and abducted the kids.  But they let me know ahead of time.  The girls are gone for 24 hours.  The boy is off swimming at a neighbors.  What did I do?  Took a nap, walked the dog, and made bread.  I almost always make bread if I don't know what to do.  To make things interesting I used almost all molasses for the sweetener.  I'm adventurous like that.

I kind of feels like school is back in session being alone today.  I like it and I don't like it all at the same time.
Well that's all the flowery things I have to share I guess.  The Chairman just drove up, so I better go visit with my better half.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wise Wednesday Words

Wise you say?  No.  Just thought I'd draw some people in thinking there would be something special today.  I'm certain to disappoint.

What's going on here you ask?  Well this:
Dollar-store (their own money I might add) cooling masks to keep your eyes from getting puffy (I hadn't known there was a problem).

And this.
A new chicken from Goodwill that Lisi latched onto like it was the real thing.  If you're a golden retriever, there's nothing better than a new stuffed toy.

You see school starts here three weeks from yesterday.  Some create a 'bucket list' to accomplish before the summer is over.  I don't simply for the fact that the MYP might hold us accountable to be more fun.  But I must add I did feel a tinge of wistfulness that this summer has flown by and the weather outside feels like it is fall already.  But!  I might try to up the ante in the fun department the next couple weeks.  Maybe...

How often do you clean your fridge?  Show of hands!  Every couple weeks?  Every month?  Every never?  I decided to stick my head deep into the abyss last night.  I realized I hadn't done it for too long.  There was no blue fuzz but a couple things gave me reason to pause and wonder, 'what is that?'

I made these for lunch today with pretzel buns.  You would have thought I served filet mignon.

I needed a new bedside alarm clock and found one this week at Costco.  This thing not only is connected to the US Naval Observatory clock in Colorado to give you perfect time, it tells you the date and the temperature and the humidity level (in case you need some Chapstick before bed) as well as has a place to charge your phone.  It nearly will trim your toenails for you!  Or not.  But all for a low price of $14.

Well I said I'd have something wise to share.  I found this quote that I like.  And based on what it says, I am now finished.

"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk"

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings

Hmmm.  No clue where to start musing today.  There's a humongous hawk sitting on the neighbor's chimney.  Since the cat is missing, I'm feeling slightly unsettled.  Most likely the cat will return and the hawk will have found another form of breakfast.

We had wonderful days this past week.  Most of you know what I'm talking about, so no need to expound about them.  Words fail actually.  Well maybe I have a few on some thoughts I had while there.

I like young people.  This place had lots and lots and lots of young people.  Teeny-weeny babies all the way to 25 and beyond.  I love to watch the teens weeble-wobble on their extraordinary high, high heels.  Seems once you hit college you get sense and go back to flats.

I like how one young person made herself known to me.  I would have had no idea she was there.  I like young people with a bit of self-confidence and the ability to look you in the eye and talk about life.

I love the diversity of people.  I'm not talking necessarily about skin color.  That doesn't matter.  I like how different we are and how each one brings something unique.  This includes those that stood on a platform to share wisdom.  Each with a different style.  But each with the same message.

I love the feeling that we are a part of a great family.  There were some there that I talked to that I admired when I was a young teen.  They are just ahead of me in this race of life.  They were kind to me 30 years ago.  And as I talked to them again these years later, I still admire them.  Lovely, kind people.

Speaking of family.  It was an incredible thing that most of my own family was there.  This only happens about once/five years.  We had 17 jam-packed into the camper one evening.  What did we talk about?  Nothing really all that earth-shattering.  But we were there.  Altogether.  Just enjoying each other's company.  I love them so.  My pictures are dreadful.  A cell phone camera.  Dark, shadowy lights.  But I'll put a few here so you get the feeling.


So we returned home and now I must climb the mountain of dirty laundry.  I must get provisions in the house again.  I must get the camper unloaded and cleaned before it returns to storage for a bit.  And I must motivate the MYP once I blow "taps" and get them scurrying out of their beds.

Oh!  All my high-iron efforts worked.  I gave blood!!!  I was short by .3 at first prick of the needle.  I figured it wouldn't work again.  Second prick I was exactly at the lowest point of iron to be eligible.  So off I went to squeeze the little ball and drain a pint of blood out of my arm and into a little plastic bag.  "Eric" had some very crooked teeth that was assisting me.  Luckily, I could kinda stare and them to keep me distracted from the actual blood-draining experience.

Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ebony and Ivory

Some things aren't worth much.  But they are priceless.  Above is a picture of a beastly-heavy and well-worn piano.  We tested the limits of friends and their hernias in the past when moving.  It was one of the few things I brought into the marriage that was considered furniture.  I found it on a 'For Sale' board at my place of employment.  I purchased it for $100 and I couldn't begin to describe what it is really worth to me.  As you can see, it is truly distressed with a mismatched piano bench that the seller threw in for free.  The latest tuner said it is starting to get a crack on the board.  I'm not sure how serious it is because I still love the deep, resonating sound this old upright makes.

I mainly play hymns for my own enjoyment.  I love how encouraging the music and the words are while I play along on an ordinary day.  To me, a piano is an anchor to the home.  It is what I do when I have a moment.  Or when I am sad.  Or when I'm full of joy. 

When the MYP were little tots and they were starting to get all crabby-pants on me, I would sit down and start playing my own version of "She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain".  That immediately sent them into a tail-spin of joy and they'd start running around the house.  Then I'd stop mid-note and they'd have to 'freeze'.  Then I'd start up again and they would take off.  It changed the mood in an instant.

And that's how I feel about the jalopy of a piano.  Here's a quote I saw lately that I enjoyed:

  "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Musings

Seriously.  I don't have much today.  I 'mused' too much on Thursday.  I'm going to have to keep my thoughts to myself so the incredible masses that come to visit on Monday don't be disappointed.

We did manage to freeze corn!  Just 10 dozen this time.  Hope to do more again next week.
Smiling at the beginning
Not taken by me apparently

Highly envious of those that can do this project in another place than the kitchen.  Can you say 'sticky floors'?
 We worked very hard.
Well some of us did anyway.

So tomorrow I hope to give blood.  The American Red Cross called and said these were desperate times.  I have recently been just shy of the iron level to donate.  So I've been eating anything that even sounds like it has iron in it.  I probably am gaining about 3 lbs/day and might not be able to donate after all.  Will see!

Simba meowed to go outside this morning at 4.  He had two mice on the front sidewalk by 6:30.  Mouse #2 was the chosen one to be breakfast.  Just a few minutes ago he was marching down the road with mouse #3 dangling from his jaws.  I think he needs to go to therapy.

This week promises to be just awesome.  We will be at a special place.  There will be special people there.  In fact, one of those special people is here only once/five years.  I paused and had to process something.  The next time we are with him in a special place two of the MYP will be out of high school and the last one driving.  Don't try and convince me that time doesn't pass quickly.

I'm mused out...


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thinking on Thursday

Just back from the dentist office, so I had time to think while I laid in the chair listening to the picking and prodding of the tartar off my teeth.  Actually, they are in splendid shape due in part to my new toothbrush.  However, I finally fessed up to the hygienist and said that I hadn't flossed since I last saw her.  Gross I know, but I was honest.  And she did everything but set me in the corner with a dunce hat for not flossing.  I promised I'd do better next time.

In case you're wondering, I haven't froze any corn yet.  We were busy dismantling a partially-working air hockey table.  I felt a bit uneasy when son #1 headed downstairs with an ax.  We also were busy cleaning the Chairman's Chalet.  We could be freezing corn today, but I'm enjoying a sticky-free kitchen floor too much today to get it dirty.  Tomorrow.  Maybe.  On a side note, I may or may have not yelled a few times yesterday to motivate some young people.  I don't like doing it but it sometimes works in desperate times.

Last night we heard true caterwauling.  I'm not sure if our little Tom Tiger was involved or not.  But it was long and loud and sounded actually quite spooky.  Tom Tiger came home this morning after his normal night out without so much as a scratch on the ear.

I just paid the fees for our first foray into high school.  $276 later...  I can't imagine what it will be with three in high school.  Oh wait I can....  ugh.

Two of the MYP are in a summer school thing for two weeks in the morning.  They complain and grumble about going, yet are up and at 'em by 7 ready to go.  So I tune them out and hope they are getting smarter.

The japanese beetles are fierce.  I've been spraying and flicking and going after them, but they are still winning.  They really love the leaves on raspberry bushes.

I'm sure you all are waiting for my latest lab results from the doctor visit right?  No?  Well I'll tell you anyway.  My overall cholesterol is 159.  LDL is 94.  HDL is 51.  And unfortunately, my thyroid test came back just splendid.  So what can I attribute to my utter fatigue each night and a slowly-burgeoning belly?  Maybe middle-age.

Out of the blue, a note came in the mail yesterday.  It was from someone I knew in my college years.  It totally made my day.  A note.  Written by hand.  Thinking of you.  Thoughtful?  Very much so.  In fact it got me thinking, I don't do this enough.  I figure with blogs and FB and e-mail, that should about cover it.  But it doesn't.  Not like a note coming in the mail mixed in with bills.

This is enough thinking on a Thursday.  Since it is nearly 10:30, I think I should throw some water on the last child sleeping in way too long.