Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Way-late Wednesday words

Post #994.  A big drum roll leading up to #1000.  Streamers will fall down from the sky once you start reading it.  I wonder if I should do a flash-back to the beginning?  That could be interesting.  I'm sure this blog has really morphed over time - kind of like life.  But I wouldn't know because I don't read old posts because it makes me uneasy.  I don't like my own writing all that much to be honest.

Speaking of life and morphing.  It seems like the days drag on and life stays just the same.  But I was just in the basement digging deep into the abyss of a deep closet to locate all our old photo albums in a relocation project and it was completely stunning to me to see the changes in the MYP and others in the past five years.  Then I fast-forwarded in my mind five years and we have two MYP out of high school.  Big Fat Heavy Sigh.  Life seems dull and ordinary and yet it  is moving at warp-speed.

Another baby boy was born in the extended family today!  Hooray for boys!  Seems that the gender thing goes in cycles.  I wonder why?  Are all the mothers drinking the same water to produce sons?

Saw this bumper sticker yesterday, "Sarcasm... just one more service I provide".  I wonder what that person is like to deal with?

I did a major overhaul of our office today.  Two big garbage bags later it felt liberating.  I have absolutely no problem tossing things.  Unless it is an adorable "I love you" from one of the MYP when they were four.  Then only a fire could get them out of the cabinet.

Speaking of fires.  I did something today to prevent one.  I cleaned the oven.  It was icky.  You see a large group will be coming to eat turkey next month.  I wanted them to enjoy the food, the fellowship, the fun, and not look over my shoulder and think, 'Eeew!  Her oven is nasty!'  So I took a proactive approach to my worry.

Again, because of our vast and wide-array of friends, tragedy struck again to someone we know.  A loss of life at just past 50 of a husband, father, son, brother.  Back early part of '99, the Chairman and I joined up with him and a group of people and snowmobiled in Yellowstone Park for several days.  Now mind you I had never sat my backside on a snowmobile before, so I was slightly completely terrified of doing it in the mountains.  This man was our guide and he was incredible - bigger than life really.  One day we were off trails (as he enjoyed to do) and we came to a spot where we had to actually gun our sled up this steep slope and not see or know what was over the crest.  I was terrified and didn't want to budge.  Then he came down on his snowmobile and did some coaching and said these words, 'I'm going to be up on the other side of the rise.  I want you to gun it up the hill and even though you can't see the other side, I'm there.  I'll be waiting for you and make sure no one is in the way and that you get up safely, ok?'  What could I say?  So I 'gunned it' with a spirit of fear and there he was just as promised waiting for me.  There was a big thumbs up, a smile through his helmet and I felt very, very safe with him as our leader.  Kevin.  A heart so big his chest couldn't contain it.  Based on what I've read about him, I am not alone in my feelings.
Tragedy makes you value what you have and I heard myself say to the Chairman last night as we were falling asleep, "I'm glad you're here".  Count your days as days of blessing.

And with that, goodnight.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musings

Hmm.  Where to start?
Wishing you had a toothache?  Then come on over!  She gathered 11.5 pounds of candy on Saturday.  Yes we weighed it.  If I would have told her that she needed to put 11.5 pounds of something in a pillow case and run at least 2.5 miles through two subdivisions, she would have looked at me like my brains were oozing from my ears.  But in the name of candy?  Of course!  Thankfully, we threw out a LOT of last years sometime in January, so she really doesn't eat it all.  

This same young person has a very good school friend.  The thing that is neat about this school friend is that she was born on the exact same day as our child.  How cool is that?  Our young person is older by two hours from what I've heard and that gives her superior pecking order.

We stopped at the cemetery yesterday.  Son #1 was trying to clean off the marker.  There was a new bench very close to our marker.  Sadly, it was for a little baby girl that died recently at 11 months of a disease.  However, it is oddly comforting that the little ones are close to each other.  One of the MYP took a picture of the Chairman and I there.  However it was unflattering (it made me look chubby) and since I'm the sole editor of the Chairman and company, I am not posting it.  It's all about image, right?

Crockpot applesauce!  It is delicious and super-simple and the MYP were asking for more before the first batch was gone.  Throw a bag of peeled sliced apples in with a touch of sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice and water.  Simmer for seven hours on low and voila!  Applesauce!

Lisi got a bath and trim last night.  It costs $60 to take her to the groomer.  If I do it, it is essentially free.  However, she gives me the dirty-double-stare look when I get out the shampoo bottle and tell her to march upstairs.  Then there's the trust issue for weeks later if I head near the closet that holds the shampoo (tee hee)

Then there's football.  The season is one game away from being over with only one loss this year.  In the frigid temperatures in the 30's, Mr. Coach from the other side knew they were losing with two minutes left. He's standing there in his t-shirt and shorts and hoarsely barking out this instruction, 'Hit them!  Just hit anyone you can!'.  Um.  Sir?  Those are our sons out there.  You are going to lose this game as you are down by several touchdowns.  Please don't try to hurt them please.  Football.  I love it and can't wait for it to be over...

I think I've over-mused today.  I'm sorry.  My slightly nice older brother always said (says) I talk too much.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Factual Friday

It's better than fictitious.  But I'm guessing you come here for the facts and only the facts.

Lets see.  We've had no school here for two days and it is sublime to wake up without an alarm beeping in your ear.  And it is nice to have MYP around during the day again.

Were you wondering about the latest chapter about my shoulder?  You weren't?  Well bear with me.  I saw a specialist and he gave me a cortisone shot and exercises and a ready smile and said come back in two months if you don't have full mobility again.  It appears by him that surgery is not in my future.  Hooray!

Did you ever see this video?  It looked familiar.

It was green or blue or red day at school the other day.  I can't quite remember which one.  But I do know she came home with a little prize for being one of the most colorful.
There are several funerals going on the next couple days.  One of them is for a gentleman in his early 80's that has meant a lot to me.  Why?  Because he happened to be on not one but both of the whitewater raft trips that I took as a 20'something.  I think it shows the sense of adventure he and his wife had.  One thing that has stayed with me was he had such a gentle heart and interest in others.  He was a teacher/principal by trade, but he lived it too.  I remember vividly one very early morning walk up to the top rim so we could watch the sun rise over the beautiful rock formations.  On that walk, Gene was behind me chatting along about life and God's beauty, making unbelievable whistling noises, and asking me a lot of questions and taking a keen interest in my young life.  I want to be an 'older' person like that.  But I first must be like that now.

That's about as factual as I plan to get this time.  Today we are planning to go into the heart of the big city and go to the Italian grocery store where you can get all the secret things to make spaghetti sauce authentic as if it came off the boat from Florence, Italy.  I'm guessing we see a "Tony" or "Giovanni".  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seeing a bigger picture

It was anything but a happy birthday  - the birth of our firstborn.  In fact, we were being added to a group of people that lose their babies too soon.  It was seventeen years ago today and as long as I'm living, I will never forget this date.

I didn't realize the ironic timing of my appointment this morning until I walked into the clinic.  I was going in to visit with a shoulder specialist for my rotator cuff.  But as soon as I walked in, it hit me very hard.  It was exactly seventeen years on a Tuesday to the very hour that I was there in that room.  It hasn't changed one bit.  I was terrified then and for a very good reason.
As most of you know, our little preemie Amara Kay was born in the hospital that evening after valiant efforts to keep her inside me for at least another week.  For three days, she fought for life but life was too much for her little body.  

Someone wrote recently that not a day goes by that they don't think of the baby they lost.  I'm not sure I can honestly say that.  Some days I don't believe I think about her at all.  And some days I think about her a lot and waves of sorrow wash over me.  I'm very ok with that because I'm the mother of that little soul and I often wonder who she would have been, what she would have looked like, and what would her choices be in life?  

As I sat there in the waiting room, I began thinking of all the reasons I'm thankful for Amara and for the heart-rending experience it was to have a baby born and die too soon.  

* I learned the true character of the Chairman.  He was and is an attentive father, a loving husband, and a praying man.

* I learned that really, we are not in control of our own lives.  And we can be thankful for the One that is.  

* I learned the true meaning of leaning on the support of family and friends.

* I learned how to desperately ask for help in a Spiritual way.

* And finally, if it weren't for the experience of her birth and death, there would be no way that the MYP would be in our home.  There was a much bigger picture.  I only saw one little corner of it.  The picture continues to be painted and we just stand back in awe and watch it all unfold.  

I share this not for sympathy.  We are past that point really.  These days we just reflect in how things fell into place then and how we are incredibly thankful and grateful now for realizing we are just part of a much greater plan.  

"Looking back the long years over... He hath blessed us hitherto."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Musings

Mondays.  Oh how I love you.  Your newness of the week.  The quietness of the house.  The clean slate of possibilities that lie ahead.  Or I could just go take a nap and procrastinate a bit.  But I better not.

I'm thankful that our son participated in a football game and didn't ride in the ambulance after.  In fact, it looked kinda like this:  a very chilly morning.  One more game and we call it a season.
I spent the afternoon thawing out with this young lady - just the two of us.  It was very nice.  However it wasn't raining in Walmart as it appears.

Lets see.  Here's a 'selfie' I took with my walking pal yesterday.  Just because it was cold and we both were smiling.
A couple things from FB.  I think Lisi is moonlighting with some other special someone named "Kerry" that likes flowers.  It must have been a very nice party!  I wish I had been invited.

I liked this one.  Well I'm a frazzled mom some days and well... I'm not always calm.  Just ask the MYP.
Then there's the "share if your... such and such".  One I saw this week.  "Share if your daughter is beautiful and smart".  Well to me, my daughters are.  But if I don't share, do people think that they are somewhat homely and not real bright?  Or what if I do and they really aren't beautiful and smart and people make fun of me?  Wow.  I've quit wishing you all happy birthdays unless I really would want to do it in person.  FB can bring a lot of quandary in a life.  Recently, I read this article.  Apparently you feel worse checking in on the lives of others.  This past week I felt insecure because so many people were taken up with running  in beautiful locations or their own neighborhood and posting about how good they felt after their efforts.  So I ate some more cheese balls.  Even though the article says I should feel worse checking in on FB, I did have a little chuckle when I read about a dear lady whose phone went swimming in a very icky place and she fessed up to where it swam.  tee-hee.

Yesterday, we fed the multitudes, but it wasn't loaves and fishes.  It was spaghetti.  A lot of spaghetti.  Like enough for 36 people.  Because I really like (actually love) each and every one that was there and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Obviously, there was lots of other choices too.   
Well this is enough musing for this Monday.  I better go see what I can accomplish.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Words this Wednesday

So when do you turn on your furnace?  It was a steady 65 in here this morning, and after looking down at myself wearing not one but two fleece jackets (yes I'm a chilly one), I turned it on for a bit.  But I felt guilty and turned it off again and started the oven.  

You see we have been going through lots of banana bread these days.  Son #1 asked last night if I could do four loaves/time so I wouldn't have to do it so often.  I did half that, but those two loaves will disappear quickly.  

Yesterday as I dropped off the aforementioned son #1 at football practice, the 'team mom' who happened to be there collecting fees came over to my van.  She said, 'you are a rock!'.  Um.  Did those extra two pounds I gained this past month really show that much?  So I said, 'what do you mean?'.  She said, 'I saw you down on that field.  You were so calm and quiet and not hysterical at all when Trevor wasn't moving all that time.  I would have been completely hysterical and crying and everything.'  I tried to tell her I wasn't.  I wanted to have her look up this blog and read what I was feeling inside.  But I didn't.  I just said, 'well I was very, very worried, but I was just thankful he was alive and we still had him.'  She looked at me with a smile and said, 'I couldn't have been as calm as you were'.  I've been thinking about it since.  She really doesn't know how she would react since it hasn't happened to her.  And maybe she'd have been even better.  And another thought that I've been harboring is that maybe on the outside I was calm as could be.  But as you all know, inside I was a terrified bundle of mom-nerves completely beside myself.  We can see the outside, but we really don't know the inward struggles of most anyone, do we?  We still are obviously very thankful for a healthy son.

So tonight we have some coming in to our home and they mostly will be the living room/kitchen area.  Being the mean mom that I am, the MYP have to clean their rooms top to bottom even though nobody will go see them.  Makes sense doesn't it?  They sure don't think so!

Lisi is most appreciative of the favorable comments about her bulging midsection.  In fact, the tally so far is Lisi - 1, Big Guy - 0.  (I'm not sure if I'll tell him.)

So this is it for the rest of the week.  I promise.  Less is more, right?  Right.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Am I fat? Or just fluffy?

The Big Guy is clueless.  Someone along the way never-ever told him rules and boundaries with women.  One of the biggest no-nos that you could ever do is comment about their weight.  He didn't get the memo.

Hello!  This is your ol' pal Lisi!  I bet for a minute you were thinking it was the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  But you know what?  She would never say the word 'clueless' in the same sentence as the Big Guy.  She often says how glad she is that he is talented and smart.

Yes, the Big Guy that is usually nice has a bone to pick with me.  He hasn't said anything directly to me, but keeps bringing it up to the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  He keeps saying I am fat!  Can you even believe it?

I mean look at me!
 Or is this angle better?
 How about a profile shot?  See?  No double chin!
 Or maybe you'd like a sunny, flower shot?
 The Big Guy and the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway were sitting together visiting yesterday and I was lying at their feet.  The Big Guy was saying that the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway needs to cut back on my food and treats.  Good thing I have restraint because I was thinking of biting his leg.  He then said of all the golden retrievers in our neighborhood, I'm in the worst shape!  And then the final and biggest insult was hurled my way.  'She's just plain fat!'.

After that insult was hurled down in my direction, the Big Guy just plain hit below the collar.  He said that the mixed bag of ear mites and mouse breath was in much better shape than I am.  What a bunch of nonsense!  He's comparing a soft, gentle, affectionate canine to an independent and mostly crabby feline?  Yep - like I said, he's clueless.
Since I know there are some members of the Lisi fan club out there, could you do me a favor?  Could you let the Big Guy know that I am just fluffy and not fat?  Please?  I cannot live without my treats and my deep dish of food.  I can't!  I'm a dog!  My brain is 95% food-driven, 3% affectionate-driven, and 2% for exercise.  So please!  Help!  I don't want to soon become a bag of bones.

Thank you from the bottom of my stomach.  

Monday Musings

And so begins another Monday.  Another post.  In fact, this is post #987!  I'm trying to decide what fanfare will happen at post number 1,000.  Probably nothing but more mundane musing...

Well back to the lighter and less emotional programming you all probably enjoy more than overly-emotional mom posts.  Speaking of mothers!  Our family tree grew by two feet yesterday again!  A little baby boy was born to a family that already has three boys.  Disappointment?  Absolutely not.  In fact, the dear mommy wanted another son because she knows what they are all about.  Welcome baby Jamin!

Those little babies grow up fast.  Just ask me.  Two of the MYP laid out their school pictures the day the new ones came.  The chubby faces morph into young people year by year.  I must admit my eyes got moist and our dear daughter groaned at me and said, 'MOM!  Stop!'.  They are used to me by now.
Norewex peeps!  Notice the purple cloth at work!
Jack Frost came nipping today!  It was fun to see the grass all white this morning.  Luckily Jack can't affect me too much because I was wise and went to REI so my toes don't suffer this winter.  Pretty awesome, eh?
Lisi full of Monday-morning enthusiasm
And have I told you about Costco's fleece sheets?  I did.  Oh drat.  They still are deliciously soft.  Just picture being three years old again in cozy jammies being rocked by your most favorite person ever.  That's what they feel like when you crawl into bed.

Did you know I find our two daughter's voices indistinguishable on the phone sometimes?  Since they share no actual genes, I find it very interesting.  In this case it is nurture that wins over nature.

And on a final note.  I'm thankful that on Saturday, a friend took it upon herself and picked up our daughters and entertained them and fed them and made sure all was well until we were back home from the hospital.  You can't put words into peace of mind...  

So happy Monday to you!  Like I said a couple days ago, no matter what happens, it's a good day.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

In the blink of an eye...

... life can change suddenly.  Fortunately for us, it wasn't life-altering.  But for about fifteen minutes yesterday morning we wondered.

Son #1 had another football game.  He stood on the sidelines until three minutes before the half.  He ran in for the play.  He was able to get to the linebacker and made a tackle (he's 88)
He was down on the turf.  And he stayed down and wasn't moving.  And wasn't moving.  And wasn't moving.  The Chairman says to me, 'this isn't good'.  Then 'this is really bad.  Why isn't he moving at all?'  I have no answers.  The players go back to their sides.  Crowded around our son are the referees, his head coach, and most importantly, an assistant coach that also happens to be the assistant fire chief and a full-time EMT.  The carefully remove his shoes.  He's still not moving.  The Chairman jumps up and says, 'I'm going down to the field'.  I sit there with a pit in my stomach.  My baby boy is out there lying on the turf and isn't moving.  I feel nauseous.  Another mom says to me, 'I'd go down if I were you'.  So I take off to the field.  The ones leaning over are talking in hushed tones.  Then there is crackling of radios and I hear an ambulance is being called.  I feel like this is a very very bad dream.  Our son.  Our very dear son is lying there too still.  I go up to him and as soon as he sees me there are tears.  I have tears.  I back off so they can keep talking to him.  

I'm searching the Chairman's face for reassurance.  He just says quietly, 'I think it'll be ok'.  The head coach comes over and I look at this hulk of a man with tear-dimmed eyes of a mom beyond worry.  He says also, 'I think he's going to be ok'.  

The ambulance pulls in sirens and all.  And off goes our son:

Teammates kneel in respect and clap softly as he's hauled away.
I ride up in the front of the ambulance as the three EMT's look over our son.  I answer questions through the window.  The Chairman is the ambulance chaser with the van.  And off to the hospital we go.  As I look through the window I see something!  A foot moving.  A hand moving.  He's probably going to walk again!! My plans for remodeling the house to be wheelchair accessible won't be necessary!  (I think far ahead like that.)

At the hospital they cut off his football gear.  Soon he heads to the CT scanner and they eventually find nothing wrong with the bones or spine.  The Chairman plays with the equipment in the ER.  
After another hour or more, the ER doctor comes in with very important discharge information:
Please note:  sisters have to do the chores for the next 3 years...
So the verdict was a neck sprain.  The initial paralysis was due to a 'stinger' of the nervous system that causes the extremities to not work.  In the blink of an eye.... life could have been forever altered for us.  But this time it wasn't.  We're very thankful for a son that walks.  We're very thankful for going back to 'normal'.  However, I was telling our MYP after we got home, 'no matter what happens the rest of the day or week or month for that matter, it is all good'.  Scary experiences make you pause and consider just how very wonderful normal living is.  That's the silver lining in this cloud.  

Ed note:  all photos taken on the football field are compliments of the team photographer.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday words

"It's a pretty easy job.  Just time consuming."  That's what the email said.  It came from a reading specialist at the MYP's school.  So basically what she was saying, 'I think you're a dim bulb with a lot of time on your hands and think it would be great if you came in so I didn't have to copy two entire books'.  Or not.  I went in this morning and stood by the copy machine for a couple days hours.  I got through one book in one hour and 25 minutes.  I challenged myself since I'm not a dim bulb and got through the 2nd one in one hour and 20 minutes!  Maybe that's what you call job satisfaction.

"Max" came in.  He was about 7 and wondered if I was new at the school.

The little kids seem littler and the big kids seem a bit smaller.  It all is your perspective of where your own are at in life.

One teacher kinda glared at me for hogging taking so much time on the copier.  One teacher asked kindly if she could use it at one point and said, 'you're an angel!'.  Of course.

There was a fire drill.  I didn't participate, but enjoyed the empty school to myself for 15 minutes.

Mr. R wanted to know all about our camping last weekend.  I had a sudden and fearful feeling he was a blog reader until he mentioned that one of the MYP told him we had just gone.  I think he has the perception we are the Robinson Crusoe family since he saw all of us at Door County this summer.

You often read very bad advice.  I saw some this week.  It said that when you buy Halloween candy for trick or treaters, you are to buy the kind of candy you don't like.  Seriously?  I always choose my absolute favorite thing and hope for goodness sake that we don't pass it all out.  In fact, I may or may not have stashed a wee bit in the upper cupboard above the pantry in case we run low.

I got all fancy-Nancy and stuck some rolled oats on top of the latest bread.  I sent some to the neighbor lady yesterday and she texted within 10 minutes that she ate half the loaf.  Whew!

We are having glorious fall days here - sunny and warm by day and cool at night.  Brilliant coloried leaves against a vibrant blue sky.  Lovely!  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musings

Better get going since it is Monday!  I'm a bit behind since I crawled back in bed after the Chairman and MYP left the house.  Since you all are so interested in my physical as well as psychological condition, I might as well tell you.  I have a chest cold that keeps me up at night with jagged dry-coughing fits where my eyes run and I can't sleep.  Last night I 'googled' it and decided to really do it up right.  I ran the vaporizer.  I drank hot tea followed by water with some honey.  I took a teaspoon of honey straight up.  I rubbed Vicks on my feet and put on socks.  I elevated my pillows.  I sipped water and had a cough drop in my mouth. I took "Max" cough syrup.   And I coughed...

But!  I had a super-de-duper weekend!  This was our annual fall camping weekend.  We are kind of like the mailman.  We've done it in snow, sleet and hail.  Freezing temperatures.  This year?  Warm and rainy!  This time it was mainly family which is nice since I like them.

I say it every time.  I love camping but I can totally see why some people think it is the most silly thing on earth.  Paying a small fee to work like a dog (sorry Lisi, but you really don't work) getting ready.  Walking a quarter of a mile to the showers that have worms on the floor and grubs on the wall, hauling water from a spigot, cooking in very inconvenient and slightly unsanitary ways, getting lots of smoke in your eyes, feeling grit between your toes as you head to bed at night... and the list goes on.  But it is worth it.  The beautiful hikes.  The togetherness with others (hopefully you enjoy who you camp with), the campfires that induce great conversation.  And the food.  We did it up right this year.  Burgers, marinated salmon over the fire, pasta, pulled pork bbq feast, spaghetti with the works, mmmmm.

Son #1 was commenting that he saw ticks crawling on Lisi coming home.  So I started to brush her and it made my skin crawl.  I found nine ticks last night (all tiny deer ticks).  I'm glad she has the Lyme shot and wish I could get it too.  I immediately took a shower and did some self-evaluation.  My skin still is crawling thinking about it.  In fact it is so much on my mind that when I was slicing the homemade bread for toast this morning I thought a flax seed was a tick.

So without further ado, I must get going.  I'm behind a couple hours because of my napping.  I need to clean and winterize our camper for the season (sniff).  I am certainly embracing the seasons more than ever, but there is something about actually saying goodbye to the camper makes it all seem so final.

Here's some pics to make you feel like you camped without the work.
my walking partner heading for the shower

some wormy friends in the shower
my two nieces sure have nice husbands!
photog moment on a long hike
what's camping without weather?
Even David came!  What a nice addition to the mix.
Hi Mom and slightly older sister and husband!
My Chairman and my Father
Yes, Lisi, you were super good the whole time
Hi big M!  You were good too!
Any guesses where they live?
This happens every time they part.  Kindred 3rd child spirits.
Mused out until next Monday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

So here is what I'm listening to.  Beeps of concrete pouring machines today.  I feel like Mrs. Nosy Neighbor watching the activity across the street.  I did meet "Emily" the lady that will be living there with her husband and two little adorable kids.  She must have been rattled because she drove off yesterday and left the stroller in the middle of the road.  Lucky for the kids, she remembered to put them in the car first.

Some birds must have packed their suitcases already and started south.  There aren't near as many around all of the sudden.  Despite some incredibly beautiful days, they seem to think about the future more than the present.

I've been taking a 'commercial break' or 'intermission' the past couple nights around 3 am.  No, I have no worries or concerns.  I just wake up and know I won't sleep again for a bit.  So I get up and check the bank account balances, see if anything new is on FB, read a little something.  Then 45 minutes later, take my ice-cold feet and crawl back into bed and warm them up next to a very warm Chairman.

Have I ever told you I like my naps?  No I don't just like my naps.  I love and respect my naps almost each day.  They are only about 10 minutes of actual sleeping time (plus add a few minutes either side to settle down).  I feel like a new person.  The sun is sunnier.  The kids are cuter.  The work load seems lighter.  I saw this today.  I must be doing it right:  

I think she is too:
Advertising to a target audience is getting smarter it seems.  I was noticing that the Pandora station I listen to had this for advertising:  "No gray quick fix!  Instantly hides gray roots!  So you can always look your best!"  I think I might be switching my favorite station.  Besides, my gray isn't just in my roots anymore.

You know that story, "If you give a mouse a cookie"?  That's how my day went yesterday.  I started to do a bit of fall cleaning.  Makes more sense to me than spring cleaning because we are going to be in the house more.  Looking at all the baseboards and walls and cold-intake vents that all seem to get dusty through the summer.  One thing led to another and before long I was gutting the cupboards and wiping them all down from the inside out.  I sure hope that inspiration doesn't hit me again for awhile.  heh heh.

Usually words don't fail me.  But I was trying to write a little note to add to a sympathy card.  The situation is incredibly sad.  It makes no sense that a life must be taken so soon.  Unless you keep the frame of mind that this life is only a test for something much better and grander.  I did pen some words but they seem so inadequate.  So what to say?  We've had experience in the past being on the receiving end of such cards and notes.  It seems others often know just what to say and how to convey love and care.

Think I'm thought out.  Happy middle-of-the-week!