Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday words

"It's a pretty easy job.  Just time consuming."  That's what the email said.  It came from a reading specialist at the MYP's school.  So basically what she was saying, 'I think you're a dim bulb with a lot of time on your hands and think it would be great if you came in so I didn't have to copy two entire books'.  Or not.  I went in this morning and stood by the copy machine for a couple days hours.  I got through one book in one hour and 25 minutes.  I challenged myself since I'm not a dim bulb and got through the 2nd one in one hour and 20 minutes!  Maybe that's what you call job satisfaction.

"Max" came in.  He was about 7 and wondered if I was new at the school.

The little kids seem littler and the big kids seem a bit smaller.  It all is your perspective of where your own are at in life.

One teacher kinda glared at me for hogging taking so much time on the copier.  One teacher asked kindly if she could use it at one point and said, 'you're an angel!'.  Of course.

There was a fire drill.  I didn't participate, but enjoyed the empty school to myself for 15 minutes.

Mr. R wanted to know all about our camping last weekend.  I had a sudden and fearful feeling he was a blog reader until he mentioned that one of the MYP told him we had just gone.  I think he has the perception we are the Robinson Crusoe family since he saw all of us at Door County this summer.

You often read very bad advice.  I saw some this week.  It said that when you buy Halloween candy for trick or treaters, you are to buy the kind of candy you don't like.  Seriously?  I always choose my absolute favorite thing and hope for goodness sake that we don't pass it all out.  In fact, I may or may not have stashed a wee bit in the upper cupboard above the pantry in case we run low.

I got all fancy-Nancy and stuck some rolled oats on top of the latest bread.  I sent some to the neighbor lady yesterday and she texted within 10 minutes that she ate half the loaf.  Whew!

We are having glorious fall days here - sunny and warm by day and cool at night.  Brilliant coloried leaves against a vibrant blue sky.  Lovely!  


  1. That picture of the fall leaves is postcard perfect. Glorious beauty. October is a delightful month!!

  2. I generally buy the kind we like, to have some leftovers, too.

  3. That Halloween candy advice? Completely agree. We spend every Sunday with one family- the oldest son is emotionally handicapped and we always bring a bag of candy for him (which his mom shares with everyone). And if I buy it, it's always the same thing because- Well Hello! I do want to enjoy it! ;)
    And that's how I cook, too. I try to make it tasty to me knowing that I like things that are pretty much really good (big wink here, of course) and therefore others are bound to like it, too! Well actually- I cook to my taste because that's really all I'm capable of.

    1. Thankfully- there are no MYP's in my life that have to endure my cooking or my philosophy might not work at all! ;)