Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

So here is what I'm listening to.  Beeps of concrete pouring machines today.  I feel like Mrs. Nosy Neighbor watching the activity across the street.  I did meet "Emily" the lady that will be living there with her husband and two little adorable kids.  She must have been rattled because she drove off yesterday and left the stroller in the middle of the road.  Lucky for the kids, she remembered to put them in the car first.

Some birds must have packed their suitcases already and started south.  There aren't near as many around all of the sudden.  Despite some incredibly beautiful days, they seem to think about the future more than the present.

I've been taking a 'commercial break' or 'intermission' the past couple nights around 3 am.  No, I have no worries or concerns.  I just wake up and know I won't sleep again for a bit.  So I get up and check the bank account balances, see if anything new is on FB, read a little something.  Then 45 minutes later, take my ice-cold feet and crawl back into bed and warm them up next to a very warm Chairman.

Have I ever told you I like my naps?  No I don't just like my naps.  I love and respect my naps almost each day.  They are only about 10 minutes of actual sleeping time (plus add a few minutes either side to settle down).  I feel like a new person.  The sun is sunnier.  The kids are cuter.  The work load seems lighter.  I saw this today.  I must be doing it right:  

I think she is too:
Advertising to a target audience is getting smarter it seems.  I was noticing that the Pandora station I listen to had this for advertising:  "No gray quick fix!  Instantly hides gray roots!  So you can always look your best!"  I think I might be switching my favorite station.  Besides, my gray isn't just in my roots anymore.

You know that story, "If you give a mouse a cookie"?  That's how my day went yesterday.  I started to do a bit of fall cleaning.  Makes more sense to me than spring cleaning because we are going to be in the house more.  Looking at all the baseboards and walls and cold-intake vents that all seem to get dusty through the summer.  One thing led to another and before long I was gutting the cupboards and wiping them all down from the inside out.  I sure hope that inspiration doesn't hit me again for awhile.  heh heh.

Usually words don't fail me.  But I was trying to write a little note to add to a sympathy card.  The situation is incredibly sad.  It makes no sense that a life must be taken so soon.  Unless you keep the frame of mind that this life is only a test for something much better and grander.  I did pen some words but they seem so inadequate.  So what to say?  We've had experience in the past being on the receiving end of such cards and notes.  It seems others often know just what to say and how to convey love and care.

Think I'm thought out.  Happy middle-of-the-week!


  1. When you are in the mood a good clean out is therapeutic. And sending a sympathy card is a good thing, even when it is hard.

  2. Sometimes I wish these posts had 'like' buttons by the comments- I'd 'like' Shelley's! (F/B has forever changed how I think, I guess.)
    That's the same 'nap' blurb I ran across and posted about! ;)