Monday, September 30, 2013

Chuck E Cheese at Aldi

If you're a faithful reader, you would know that upon returning my cart to the corral last Thursday at Aldi, a Chuck E Cheese token popped out where a quarter should be.  I felt taken.  I lost a quarter!!!  Or did I?

Today I headed back to my local Aldi store for a few more provisions with my little gold token in hand.  I put it in the slot and out popped the cart for my use.  I did my shopping and then felt a bit of nervousness as I headed to the check lane.  "Craig" checked me out in record-splitting fast time dumping my purchases in a different cart. I paid my dues and went to start bagging.  I looked back.  There she was.  Mrs. Sixtysomething.  Completely unaware that she will soon be losing her quarter because she now will have my cart with the token in the slot.

I walk out to the van and put my things in.  Out comes Mrs. Sixtysomething.  She heads to her vehicle.  I return my cart.  I get back to the van and decide to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.  Lucky for me I'm close to the front of the store.

Mrs.  Sixtysomething heads back to the cart corral.  She pushes her cart in and puts the little thingy in to pop out her coin.  Out comes Chuck E Cheese.  (I'm wishing I had binoculars right now to see each and every emotion on her face.)  She looks startled.  Upon closer inspection, a big smile comes across her face.  And after about .23 seconds, a slightly disturbed look appears.  I can tell what she's thinking because I felt it too.  "I LOST MY QUARTER!"  She looks at it in her hand for another second or two and then do you know what she does?  She marches back into the store looking all business-like.  She wants her money back and now!  I can see it in her gait.

I didn't wait any further.  I'm just glad the token is out of commission.  I'm glad Mrs. Sixtysomething had courage to march in where I just meekly went back to my van, came home, and blogged about my shortcoming (notice I didn't say shortcomings).

I have to admit.  I snickered quietly while watching it unfold.  I'm nice like that.


  1. Thanks for the evening laugh!! DH enjoyed this story too! We had to laugh when his truck was stolen awhile back and nothing was stolen, not even his Aldi quarter!!! Not was simply taken for a a joy ride across town!