Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Foot

It happened again.  And I'm just plain tired of it.  Comments about the shape of my body.  No, this isn't the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  This is Lisi.  I'm not sure if she is tired about comments about her body.  The only thing I hear her talk about is gray hair.  But I don't know what that is.  I'm bothered.  And it's time I had my say.

Yesterday, the Big Lady took me out on our usual walk.  We were on the bike path.  I was sniffing intently where another dog had left a smell that I dearly love to sniff.  Up bikes another lady that looked real nice.  Behind her in a cute little wagon were two little things that smelled like animal crackers.  The lady looks at me and then turns to the kids and says, 'kids, look at the puppy!  That dog is going to be real big!'.  I turn around.  Where?  Where's the puppy???  I like puppies -  just like you people like babies.  But there was no puppy.  She was talking about me!  Big Lady stood up for me for once and said, 'she's no puppy.... she's three years old'.  Then the other lady said it.  The thing I'm so sick of hearing.  'Look at her feet!  They are huge!!!'.  Big Lady says the obvious.  'She came with big paws and still has them'.  Well thank you Big Lady.  Thank you for pointing out the fact that my feet are not as delicate as some.

Now why do you people do this?  I'm sure some of you ladies out there have size nines or greater.  Do people come up to you and ask just how big you're going to get because your feet are big?  I think not.  We dogs face a lot of persecution.  Even prejudice.  Because of big feet.  Well I'm here to tell you I'm tired of it.  I'm full-grown. I have big feet.  And I'm beautiful.  At least in Big Lady's eyes.  She tells me that when no one else is around.  So there.

Kinda classy feet don't you think?

Don't these kicks look like a models?
Ok.  I'm not angry anymore.  Helps to get things off your chest... or paws.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's thoughts...

I took a nap today.  I think I may have looked a bit like the pooch above.  Or not.  But it was wonderful.  And as usual, very short.  But!  I didn't hear the pitter-patter of little   growing middle-sized feet.  In fact, not a creature was stirring.  And it was lovely.

I was tired.  You see this week has flown by.  Camping aftermath on Monday.  Not to mention the need to clean the house from stem to stern.  Why you ask?  Because it was driving me bananas to see disarray here and there. I'd make the Flylady proud let me tell you.  The kids may say I was "flying" on my broom, but anyway, it is all done.  Don't let them fool you though.  Tuesday was nothing but neurotic fun from noon until nighttime.  So there!

Son #1 finished up his baseball season Tuesday evening.  It was a very hard-fought win.  It involved one of our players being driven off the playing field to the hospital.  And some very vocal yells to the opposition where I nearly wanted to clap my hands over my parents' ears.  But it was a win.  And the season is over.  Until next year.

watching the game

Lisi visiting her friends

End of year rah-rah!

Zucchini season is here!  I still can't figure out why so many plant them.  It seems that one plant would feed about 50 people.  So you do the math...  Want some?

A couple of the MYP turned the table on me yesterday.  We were in a store.  A song was on the speaker system that I not only recognized, but liked.  I started to hum.  Then broke out into (I thought) quiet song.  "Mom, please stop.  You're embarrassing us."  I intended to stop.  But immediately one daughter said to the other daughter quite loud, "We need to go find our mom!"  And off they went... "MOM?  MOM?"  Leaving me standing there with a note caught in my throat.

I had no intention of posting anything today.  But I saw that there were still some lurkers lurking even though it isn't time to muse, so thought I'd throw some bait out there to the biters.

Well the bread is rising out of the big bowl, so I must find some pans to put it in... happy rest of the week!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Musings

Yes, that's us.  Headed 'up nort' to the annual Door County camping expedition.  The Chairman remarked that it was the 'best year ever'.  And I tend to agree.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's because the kids are older.  Maybe it's because the camper is more familiar.  Maybe it's because the weather was ideal (if you consider near 100 degree temps with high humidity ideal).  Maybe it's because we still love our friends.  But whatever the case... it was good.

Camping is a weird thing.  You work your tail off beforehand.  Buying up groceries.  Cooking ahead.  Loading everything you could possibly need in the next week.  And leave the house feeling exhausted.  Then once you are there you need to haul in some water.  Boil it on a stove to wash dishes.  Char meat on the grill that you would cook flawlessly at home.  Look at spiders crawl across the wall as you do your business in the bathroom.  Hop on your bike and ride to the shower facilities.  Stand in line with utter strangers and use a shower that is slightly clean with a button to push to get water with no hot/cold temperature regulation.  And it is fun.  Truly.

Little kids in Keens are just.  plain.  adorable.  Especially if their little faces are dirty with smudges from last night's s'mores.

Smelling smoke as you lie in bed camping is peaceful.  If you smelled smoke lying in your bed at home it would be very alarming.

Raccoons are aggressive in state parks.  Not dangerous.  They just feel they own the place.  The loudest shrieks that I ever heard our whole time there emitted from our very own camper teeming with young girls staring out at a raccoon right outside the door.  Later he came up to the Chairman and was on his haunches waving up to the hanging garbage all the while looking at the Chairman wondering why he wasn't helping.

We ladies took a bike/hike one morning.  I posted a picture.  They all are dear friends.  All of them.

In the MYP's minds, Door County is the best trip ever.  They bike from the campsite to a friends.  Then to the beach.  And back to the campground.  And then to the beach.  And then over there.  And over here.  And you get the picture.  Neurotic amounts of fun.

I'm sorry son #1 doesn't have many pictures from this year.  Honestly, I rarely saw him except when he was sleepwalking through the camper from utter fatigue.

I only forgot one thing in all the packing.  It happened to be the Chairman's road biking clothes.  He needed new ones anyway...

For the first time ever, I never used a long-sleeved anything the whole time we were gone.

Lisi loved her new hang-out place while we were gone.  And she got a 'good behavior' report from the boss-lady of the kennel.

This is enough.  Back to reality and the aftermath (i.e. laundry) from the camping expedition 2011!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Woke up a touch before 5, and my mind is whirling, so might as well put a few thoughts down before I start the day.

Looks like we live in a terrarium.  The windows are fogged up and it is already steamy out there.  Am sure you're all interested to know that yes, the a/c is running.  We may be a bit cRaZy, but we're not dumb.  Maybe.  But I'm not complaining about the heat.  No sirreee.  We've waited a long time for this.

One thing I struggle with is meeting someone that is a mere acquaintance and knowing full well they are blog readers.  It makes me queasy.  Why you say?  Well, because I'm not that exciting.  I'm not really all that funny.  I can almost tend to be shy with 'strangers'.  And our family is very ordinary.  Sometimes I worry the words make us seem more than we really are.  There's another someone that is just so very anxious to meet Lisi.  Why you ask?  Because she writes stories.  pssst.  She doesn't write the stories... 

The other night lying on a dark bed of one of the MYP here... she asks, 'Mom?  when is the economy going to get better?'.  Kind of a deep question when you just turned nine.  Listen little lovely, we don't know these things.

A year ago on this very day (not date), we ended up in the ER with ten stitches on one little chin.  Hoping everyone stays off the in-line skates today.

Was feeling all lovey-dovey this week driving alone with one of the MYP.  They smiled at me.  I returned the smile.  Just the two of us going down the road enjoying each other's company.  But then the smile turned impish. And then the hand started to wiggle the lower part of my upper arm (if that makes any sense).  My 40-something arm was jiggling.  They wiggled and jiggled all the while snickering.  I finally get peeved and say, 'Stop it!'.  And I hear a murmur... 'lunch lady arms'.  **sigh**

On a wildlife note:  one baby robin made it out of the three that died.  I'm thinking it's going to be a spoiled one with dad and mom poking him full of worms.  And... the bunny last night got away.  Daughter #1 was nearly in tears of fright and worry for the little fuzz ball.  But this one was a bit smarter it seems...

If you live close by or know me personally, you'd know that today will be a very, very busy day.  So I better go get something done...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rabbit Stew

No, that's not me in the picture.  In fact, you don't want to see the picture of the real me.

This morning the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway looked all preoccupied and busy at the same time.  Then she started to bark (pun intended) orders at the little people that live here telling them to get in the van.  I thought I might get to go like I often do, but she backed out looking all busy and preoccupied at the same time and off they went.  I wandered to my favorite cool spot and slumped down to wait for a few hours or days or minutes or however long it was.  The Big Guy came back in pretty good time if I were to know anything about time.  I was overjoyed to see him.  And my joy turned to ecstasy when he laced up his shoes and grabbed the leash he never uses on me (it's kind of a prop if you ask me) and off we went.  

The walk was the usual pace and to the usual places.  Until we smelled smoke.  The Big Guy took us a bit further and we watched some guys burning a field.  Well the Big Guy was watching while I got a sniff of something in a garden.  My nose led me into the garden.  And then my nose led me to a little bunny that was eating things that the people would want to eat.  I thought I'd do them a favor.  So I got that bunny real quick and did a big CHOMP!

The Big Guy whirled around.  Because you see the sweet, soft, (delicious!) bunnies actually do scream when their life is being taken.  He screamed.  I chomped.  And all the Big Guy saw was the fluffy cotton tail, and two back feet dangling out of my mouth.  He yelled again.  I swallowed hard. 

You see the other day I got a big striped gopher.  Ick.  It tasted nasty, but I made sure he was properly dead before I left.  Didn't want undo suffering you know.  But rabbits.... mmmm.  Did you know why Elmer Fudd was going after Bugs Bunny?  Well now you do.  Because rabbit stew is good.  I just had the rabbit part and didn't wait around for stew.  

So the Big Guy looked at me with glaring eyes.  He also looked a bit ill.  He continued our walk and stopped to visit another big guy.  They were talking and saying who-knows-what, but the other Big Guy looked at my Big Guy and then at me and then laughed and said something about urping up bones and fur later today.

So I'm relegated to the outdoors.  But I don't mind.  It's a perfect lazy summer afternoon to lie in the grass and dream.  Dreaming about walks and my people loving me and the next time I meet another unsuspecting rabbit....  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Musings

Someone from Patna Bihar India hopped on looking for "Chairman of Company".  I hope they read all about the Chairman here and learn all the good qualities of one...

We were so busy the past week it was almost dizzying if that's a word.  But we got through it and survived.

A trip to my folks to see a nice nephew and slightly older sister...

A trip north to celebrate our niece's 30th birthday with friends

Two birthdays

Lots of baseball

And a visit from this girl for the weekend.  She's always been special for a lot of reasons.  Some will tell you that teenagers are rude, lazy, senseless, or thoughtless.  She's none of that.

 It's been hot and humid.  And yes, we struggle with to turn on the A/C or not turn on the A/C.  We got home Saturday and I was certain the Chairman would want the A/C turned on.  It was 84 in here and everything felt sticky.  I got a few windows shut and started it up and he said, 'you're turning on the A/C?  It's not that bad in here and it'll cool down at night...'  So up went the windows and I powered down the few moments of cool that came out of the vents.  But yesterday we broke down.  Not sure how long it'll last...

I returned to my late sister-in-law's home for the first time last week.  In fact, it was on the 5th anniversary of her funeral.  The situation was for a birthday party.  And it was a joyous occasion.  We got there early.  Early enough for me to take in the atmosphere of the home.  Long enough for me to walk around upstairs and have memories flood over me.  Long enough for me to feel incredibly sad for a few moments.  And long enough to get very comfortable with my brother-in-law's lovely new wife and her children and be thankful.  Thankful for the extended family that is still 'ours'.  Thankful for the joy we felt in their home.  And thankful that memories can help hold loved ones close.

Son number one was just a bit out of sorts last night.  It was hot out in the baseball field.  The last game ended in a very close loss.  Fatigue, hunger, and something else was gnawing on him.  I could tell.  A lot of times 'guys' don't want to talk.  They want to just know someone is close by.  I went and gave him a little poke.  He muttered, 'I don't feel like that'.  I went over and stood close.  Asked him, 'do you need some smoochies?'.  He muttered no.... then there was a pause.  'Well, just one'.  And one he got.  We both needed it.

Wow... this is long and your eyeballs are burning up I'm sure from the riveting words...  pardon me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Twits

With worm-baited breath, you are wondering about the little baby birds are you?  Sadly to say, the very next morning I checked on them and realized a funeral was in order.  They did not make it.  And a funeral did not happen.  Nature did take its course and actually got down to business eating the remains.  **ick**

Birthday!  Here's the Chairman with daughter #1.  He looks pretty good after a very long bike ride to his parents for spaghetti birthday supper.  It was nice to be there.  Now two more birthdays this week.  Do you spot a trend?  Yes, we have four birthdays in a matter of two weeks at our house.  Is it fun?  Well... sorta.  It's a lot of shopping and planning and wild amounts of anticipation especially from the MYP.  Plus we MUST have separate celebrations and meals even though the daughters days are one day apart.

And we did the annual fight-the-crowds to the lakefront to watch the big city fireworks.  The best part is sitting there for three hours with friends.  The pretty-good part is the hour-long show of ka-BLAMS and BOOMS!  The not-so-good part is the walk back to the car after one child "accidentally" whops the other and then the mother is giving a tongue-lashing all the while trying to load up our chairs and stuff in the dark amongst about 200,000 other people and soon both children are crying.  Happy sigh.

Seventeen years ago the Chairman asked me to be Mrs.  Chairman after the fireworks in Minneapolis.  I said an emphatic "yes" and still feel that way.  Sometimes I've wondered about the timing though.  Did he think I had a 'sparkling' personality?  Or did he think I'd be a 'firecracker', or did he think that our love would blossom like a beautiful fireworks?  Or was it the fact that the very next morning he needed to return to his home and there was no better time then right then.  I dunno.

Someone has peeked on this a few times from Baghdad.  I have no idea who you are, but if you are serving our fine country, I salute you and thank you.  And I mean that sincerely.

The MYP are still going from this place to that or having this one or that one here.  Constant fun with a little yelling encouraging to get chores done before they are off to the next fun adventure.  So without further ado... I'm off for mine.  But it involves a pile of clean laundry to be dealt with, a bed to make, and a dog to walk...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Senseless thoughts

Why do I have a picture of two pitiful little baby birds?  Well they fell out of the nest.  And actually, for one of them, it was the second time.  You see Mrs. Robin must be a first-timer.  She first built a nest a month or so ago and that nest had three beautiful eggs that blew right out of the tree.  The nest hung on by a thread.  So she abandoned that idea and moved on to another type of tree.  This time babies hatched, but the nest is again dangling precariously.  Today we had a lot of wind.  And as I walked under the nest I saw one dead baby bird and a live one.  Plopped him/her back into the nest and an hour later went to check.  Found two out this time.  I'm afraid to go look again.  Hoping they stayed put.  Or let mother nature have her way.

Mother nature isn't all that fair or sweet.  Mrs. Mallard has lost three babies between last week and this week.  And for some reason I haven't seen Mr. Mallard lately.  I'm hoping he isn't in the belly of a coyote with his three babies.

One of the new favorite activities in this house is making duct tape wallets.  I kid you not.  Take a roll of duct tape (pretty colors are best) and create a wallet out of it.  Who'd a thunk?

Two of the MYP are gone.  Actually it is both daughters having time with a set of grandparents.  So Son #1 has thoroughly enjoyed us to himself.  Sorta.  As a parent, there is great joy in seeing your kids really loving to all be together again.  I hope some years down the road when I am old and gray or maybe even gone already that our three MYP still enjoy each others' company.  Pssst.  Don't tell them, but my mostly nice brother and slightly older sister are very dear to me.

I almost feel bad for my solo pity party I had a couple days ago.  You see I live a life of privilege most all the time.  We get to be with others.  Be in lots of gatherings.  I don't miss much.  And we do have places we are hoping to attend in the near future.  So now that my pity party is over, I hope you haven't felt sorry for me too much.  Oh, no one did?  Well thanks anyway.

There is to be a party across the street tomorrow.  We're even invited! But you see we have other plans that I'll mention next.  The homeowner is a Big Shot with the major-league baseball team in our city.  The party isn't your run-of-the-mill bring your own burgers to grill kind of party.  It includes (and I kid you not), face painting from 2-4.  food from 4-6 (what if someone gets hungry at 7?), a magician at 5 (maybe he makes your food disappear?), live band at 6:30... followed by fireworks at 10:30.  Oh, did I mention the bounce house, slip-n-slide, and games?  The fireworks have had a few practice runs.  They are huge.  Like big ones that a city buys for their 4th celebration.  cRaZY I say!  I may be poking in my trusty earplugs at some point tomorrow evening!

But!  Tomorrow is a special day for the Chairman!  A Happy Birthday kind of special day!  I could get all schmaltzy and say umpteen things on why he's such a wonderful husband, father, son, friend, and so forth, but I won't.  If you know him, you know...

Dog-gone Hot

This my friends is the view from here.  Does my face look bored beyond belief?  Does this face look frustrated with the heat that just makes me miserable?  Does this face look mildly irritated with the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway?  The answer is yes.  

I'm hot.  And to a lot of you out there, I'm just a dog.  And who cares if dogs are hot.  They should just lay out in some deep grass and be thankful for some kibble at night and a bit cooler temperatures.  But you fail to remember that I'm something special.  I'm a pedigree with papers and it'll prove to you that I'm more than just your typical alley mutt (although the Big Lady sometimes fails to show proper reverence to me).  I need my luxuries and comforts and pampering.  

After enduring a few hot days, the Big Lady finally walked over to that box on the wall and hurried around shutting windows and then finally.  FINALLY it got cool.  She seems all smug in herself after working in the yard and goes in for some iced tea or a popsicle and what does she do?  Slams the door in my face on her way in.  Imagine!  So I run around to the back.  I start with very sad eyes.  Then I pant a bit.  Then I do a soft whimper.  If none of those work within about nine seconds, I tap on the window.  Nothing annoying mind you.  Just a soft "tap-tap".  I think Big Lady kinda forgets that she just slammed the door in my face because usually she says something and one of those smaller people open the door and in I scurry!  Ahhhh.   

I can't wait for November.  Or December.  Or better yet, January when it gets really cold.  That's livin' for me.  But until then... I'll lay here.  Bored beyond belief.  Waiting for a walk once it is cooler.  Waiting for someone to spray me with the hose.  Or lay here.  Waiting for winter....