Friday, December 28, 2012

Facts on Friday

 I still like my family.  A lot.  We had lots of togetherness over the past week.  Food galore.

Visiting until my mostly-nice older brother told me I talked too much.

Cousin cuddles.

Quiet cups of tea or coffee.  Singing together.  Games.

And some group pictures taken with an iPhone.

Yes, I know the picture quality is lacking.  I promise to reckon that issue soon.

I liked this picture though.
Can you tell what it is?  I'll give $500 to the first correct guess!!!  Or not.  In the orthopedic office for daughter #2's followup visit, I spotted this drawing on a tissue box.  Dr. Boneman must have been desperate for scrap paper during an appointment.  Then on the back of a National Geographic another body part was drawn next to a racing cheetah.  I think next year someone should mail him some notepads for Christmas instead of give chocolates.

This is that awkward time of year when someone asks you about the availability of a date.  But it happens to be in January and I don't know where my 2013 calendars are so how can I know?  I better start looking because we are almost there.

A couple days of quiet.  Then we gear up for a bit more company before we head back to normal and mundane and blog posts about cats and dogs because there is nothing else to talk about.  Until then... Happiest New Year to you!  "Fair are the prospects all ahead..."

Friday, December 21, 2012

Monday Musings in disguise

First a video.  Just because...
It's going to be a bit busy here in the next few days, so I better muse a little bit before the house starts bulging with people.  I've been looking forward to this time for quite awhile and have every intention to enjoy myself to the fullest.  Unless my mostly-nice older brother decides to be less than mostly-nice.

It was a "three-dishwasher-run" kind of day yesterday.  I like to have the freezer filled with what we need so I can enjoy those that came to see us!   No school for the MYP due to rain snow.  It actually finally started for real around noon and then whooped it up.  Last night as I was going to sleep I felt snug and cozy and the winds howling outside made me think longingly of the SD storms I knew as a child.  The only difference was this was about 30 degrees warmer.

I saw this comic this morning.  It made me smile.
You see I love to sing.  In groups.  All alone.  Even at the occasional funeral with others.  But the MYP feel a bit like Jeremy at times.  And I'm sure I look like Jeremy's mother.  Funny how I used to relate to "Baby Blues" in the past.  Now I'm turning into Jeremy's mother.

I played a 'Guess Who' game with daughter #2 last night as I was folding a mountain of clothes.  I had to chuckle to myself with some of her questions or comments.  When she figured out the person she was trying to guess was in her 60's she said, 'I don't know what 60 looks like'.  Then one time she said, 'I just don't know who I don't know!',  and finally a question.  'Does she yell at her husband?'.  Um.  Well maybe...  but I sure hope not.

Remember our rear-ender last week?  That sounded funny after I typed it.  Anyway, we just heard from the insurance company of Mr. Miata and he wasn't actively covered at the time of the accident.  Lovely.

Well this is enough.  I hope you all enjoy your holiday days this next week.  Stay safe and warm.  Enjoy your time with friends and family.  To me, that is the best gift of all.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Musings

I'll admit it.  I love Mondays because of musing.  So here goes.

Here is daughter #2 gussied up for her holiday concert.  I think the sling color should have matched better.  She plays percussion and had to beat the bongo drum with one arm.  It worked.  But I didn't breathe until the song was over.

Here is Simba.  Cats love to find places to 'get away from it all'.  Some days I wish I had a plastic box to hide in.
I like to think our vehicles have very attractive backsides.  We must because in the last year, we have been rear-ended three times with three different vehicles.  This last one was Saturday with the Chairman in the captain seat and the rest of us passengers.  See little white Miata?  He came in at a good clip and just before impact the Chairman kindly announced in a loud voice, "oh no!".  ka-BOOM!  So we pulled off and Mr. Officer Friendly took down the important details and wrote Mr. 20'something a ticket for driving too fast for conditions.

We weren't the only ones.  Another couple cars came limping in as we were waiting. These two holiday shoppers lost their festive spirit.

I wasn't going to do a holiday picture/card this year.  I was thinking that things haven't changed that much.  We are the same people living the same lives in the same home with the same surroundings.  Then the cards started to come.  I have been thrilled with each one.  I study the picture.  And am thankful for each friend that thought of us.  So I'll do my part.

But it wasn't without effort.  Taking pictures of teens/tweens is almost worse than toddlers.  Trust me.  We had a litany of complaints.  Threats.  Stink-bombs that cleared the scene much to the delight of the brother.  At one point I had to drop the little camera I was attempting to use and laugh.  But finally.  Finally!  We got a picture that I rate about a C+.  But it is them.  Stink and all.  Here's an outtake...

Here's the two that enjoyed the photo-taking experience much more than their brother...

And here's the projects from last night.  I thought they were going to be houses.  But they morphed into something else.  It sure is a splendid way to use up old Halloween candy!

Get off the computer.  Isn't it time for my walk????  NOW???

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Mother's Heart

I try to not let current events get me uptight.  We live in an ever-changing, and at times, worsening world.  I have tried always to step back and realize that a lot of emotion that I could vest on an election, a current event, a tragedy, or whatever would actually be wasted energy.  I cannot change what has, is, or will happen.  But yesterday was different.

We live in a very similar area.  Our school is much like the one described.  We even have the adjoining fire station where the kids would run to for safety.  I was one of those mothers...

I was one of those mothers standing in the cold parking lot waiting for my child (children).  I was cold and shivering.  I was distressed.  I was thinking of all the ways to comfort that child when he/she got safely to me.  I wanted to tell him/her I loved them.  I wanted to see their face and feel their touch.

Then for the first time in years, I cried real tears over a current event.  I cannot fathom the unbelievable distress those parents are feeling.  For some, that little one isn't coming home.

After I heard of the terrible events, the main thought in my head was, "I can't wait to see the kids".  They came in as usual.  But the usual commotion was wonderful.  The voices sweet.  The faces beautiful.  The lives of these children are only gifts loaned to us.  For some parents, the gift is returned to the sender more quickly than it should be.  For others, they never see the gift returned in their lifetime.

I just want to value the gifts we've been given....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday thoughts...

You can send your "get well soon" cards to the following address:  Oh never mind, I did "get well soon" so I don't need them.  But just in case you were really curious to what was ailing me... well I don't honestly know.  My body felt achy all over.  My lungs felt very sore.  I coughed.  It lasted a whole day.  Today I just sound like I've got a Virginia Slims habit and that's about it.  You never know how good it feels to feel good until you've been sick.  Follow that?

Speaking of ailments.  Tonight will be interesting and hopefully delightful.  You see daughter #2 who is sporting a sling (which she officially is tired of already) has to beat the bongo drums for the winter concert.  Since only one hand is operable, she will be doing her thing with one appendage - not two.  If it works, it'll be neat to see.  If it doesn't... we'll be eating humble pie along with the cookies at the reception.

We just had a tile project completed here.  I had no idea how much work there was involved in cutting, piecing, and arranging tile.  The job I thought would last about a day for one was actually 3+days with two people.  I got used to them being here and enjoyed their company.  When they were getting ready to leave I thought they deserved more than their quote.  So I sent some fresh-out-of-the-oven Chairman's Wife bread. You would have thought I gave them a $500 extra the way they reacted.  Then I got text messages a couple hours later saying how appreciative they were.  Apparently most clients don't give them bakery to go.

The Chairman has been putting in dreadfully long hours.  Or he's just trying to stay away from the commotion at home.  Nonetheless, one thing I admire about him is that despite his heavy workload, he doesn't complain.  I better stop right now because he's not into being elevated.  But it doesn't really matter because he reads the blog no more than about once/six months.

Speaking of blogging.  I read in Reader's Digest last night that in order to keep the blog traffic high you must publish your post before 10:00 am.  Well rats.  Sorry I missed some of you.  

I'd throw a couple completely cute pictures of the kitty or pup at you now, but I need to move on.  So instead, I'll leave you with this... (actually, Lisi is hardly ever leashed)
Lisi has been quite intolerant of the cat this week.  I think the reality that he's here to stay isn't sitting so well.  

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Musings

So I 'Googled' how to make a homemade sling.  Daughter #2 fell off a trampoline in the darkness on Saturday.  I was thinking she was working on extra attention.  After two days and still complaints about a sore arm, I finally took her in.  Fracture of the radial something they called it.  And now she is sporting a 'real' sling for awhile.  "See mom?  I told you it hurt!"  Then some muttering and... "you thought a sling made out of a pillowcase was enough".  Live and learn my sweet!  
Before that fiasco, I had four kids with me in the afternoon Saturday.  What does any reasonably-sane mother do with four?  Take them to Costco of course!  They ate the following samples:  mandarin oranges, cheesecake, multi-grain crackers with peach mango salsa, ribeye steak, meatballs with cherry/habanero sauce, white bread with strawberry jam, sweet and spicy pickles, chicken marsala, granola bars, and finally a vitamin!  Urp!  I heard often, 'are they all yours?'.  Mostly!

Speaking of "urps!".  I made sea salt caramels.  They are addictive, super-fattening, and delicious.  If you eat more than three in one sitting, your stomach goes into knots and your heart seizes.  Trust me.

While sitting in the afore-mentioned orthopedic office, the nice-looking PA was telling the doctor outside of the room that this 10-year old was with her 'mother or grandmother'...  (that's about five times now).  And if that wasn't enough to make me want to go dig out the anti-wrinkle cream.  The other night son #1 and I headed out for one of our late-night walks.  Thankfully no skunks.  But part-way through, he asked, 'does it bother you that you are so old?', then he did some fast back-pedaling and said, 'I mean not real old, just kinda old'.  My dear sensitive son.  I did have an answer.  No it doesn't bother me.  Actually, I've never felt more secure in my life.  Somehow the challenges, experiences, and joys of life add up and you are just glad to be who and where you are.  That's how I feel right now anyway.

Yes, that's a laundromat!  Yes, that was me in that laundromat on Saturday morning.  I put in $10 worth of quarters and got three big garbage bags full of wet clothes (brought them all home to dry you know).  I dreaded going.  But actually, it was quite pleasant.  It was unbelievably warm in there.  There were lots of people to watch.  In fact, one very portly fellow pulled out his stuff to fold.  HUMONGOUS underthings.  Very large t-shirts and jeans.  After the distraction of the sheer size of his clothes, I noticed how incredibly neatly he folded them and put them in military-precision stacks before him like he does this every Saturday.  And probably he does!  

Then there was this:

I kinda felt like AB taking pictures on the train.  I think a romance was getting started.  It started out all very cool.  A question about a machine.  But I could see Ms. 30'something was starting to chuckle.  Mr. 30'something leaned his arm out behind him and tried to look casual perched on the machine.  When I left they were still thoroughly enjoying each other's company.  I sure hope I'm invited to the wedding.

This is in our front entry:
The parts to our washing machine.  There are enough boxes there that it looks like they just FedEx'd a new washer in pieces.  Or not.  But two guys are coming tomorrow to fix our little lemon.  I hope they work some magic because I hope to not head back to Sun Laundry anytime soon despite the pleasant experience.

Well there is a dog to walk and some MYP to pick up from school.  So the musing must be muffled.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life begins at 50... I mean... 5!


Yep it's me Lisi!  

Why am I smoking a stogie holding a new rawhide in my mouth?  Well I just had a birthday
 and this was one of my presents!  I love birthdays, don't you?  

We dogs have to enjoy each and every one.  Do you know why?  
We don't get very many of them I'm told.  
I'm thankful for the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  She understands
that I won't have many so she makes a big fuss over me on my special day.  

This year I was five on the 5th.  In people terms, I'm kinda almost like 50 because
 we goldens don't get to experience a whole lot of life past ten.  
So we did it up big this year.  I got a package of soft 
treats.  And also a couple of those delicious rawhides with yummy stuff inside of them. 
Big Lady kept singing the first line of the birthday song to the point it nearly annoyed me. 

But that wasn't all!  Today (even though my birthday is past), 
the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway
took me on an adventure.  She had to make several stops and then
 we headed out for a big hike.
  It was just wonderful - her and I together exploring the woods and valleys.  

At the end of our venture we stopped and drove through this place.  All of the sudden 
the van smelled just delicious!  We shared a burger together.  It was almost heaven-like.  
Well that's a good thing because I think that's about as near to heaven as I'll get.  

So now we are home.  Big Lady took a picture of me relaxing after our hike and our yummy lunch together.  Yes, life is good.  Even at 50 five years of age!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musings

munch munch munch.  Eating my words.  Or I didn't knock on the right species of wood.  Someone here at the Chairman's Chalet got nice and sick yesterday.  A dreadful cold, so nothing too serious.  But still!  Sneezing, sniffling, watery and dull looking eyes.  So much for bragging about our resistance to viruses.

This morning I was out running errands and my phone 'tinged' that there was a new e-mail right before noon.  I click to see who it is from.  It is from son #1.  It says:  "I forgot my dessert."  Thanks, T.  Tee hee.  Was he hoping for a fresh chocolate chip cookie delivery?  Or maybe he wants to be sure I know so the after-school fare that he will be entitled to will be a bit more 'fun' than the usual healthy stuff.  Kids... they are great.

Just got a call.  It felt weird from the onset.  "Is R there?".  Um.  She's in school.  "Well this is Mrs. Conundrum (not her real name, but look up the definition) and I was wondering if she could babysit for us tonight"  Well... she has a dreadful cold.  "Oh that's ok!  I have a 2nd grade boy N. and so we will drop him off at your place at 5:30 and get him at 9:30 or later".  Oh?  Usually she goes to the home where the child lives.  Plus it is a school night.  Plus she has a cold.  But if you are desperate, she could possibly come to your house.  "Oh that will not work".  Why?  "Well we've only been here two years and our house is so incredibly bad and messy and full of boxes I couldn't dare let her come here.  It would be too embarrassing". So then she asked again, "where do you live?".  I explained in general terms and she sounded utterly clueless even though we live very close to the school her child attends.  It was getting 'odd'.  The red flags came unfurled.  The sniff-test of stink smelled something bad.  My gut said this isn't a good idea.  Ma'am?  I just don't think this will work out.  But thanks for trying!  And I hung up the phone .  Sometimes 'no' is the best answer.

Do lemon laws apply to appliances?  Do you remember my inquiry to the masses on the best washer to buy?  Well I didn't listen to some of you and maybe I should.  We purchased a machine that was highly rated at the time.  The price was very attractive at the local warehouse club.  And now I went on-line to see if my problem is unique.  On a scale of 1 to 5 on one site, many said they wanted to rate it a "0".  Ouch.  You see there are bearings in the washing machine.  They start to go out and your machine rattles around like there are big rocks inside.  It sounds like a jet engine is taking off in your laundry room.  They come to repair it under warranty.  The bearings go out again.  And again.  And again.  You get the picture.  I hope the repair guy is cute because I have a hunch I might see a lot of him.

Well the pooch is glaring at me.  She even did a huge and heavy sigh because I'm about 20 minutes late for our walk.  Since I'm paying $2.49 a month, I might as well throw you another picture.  This one taken last night right before I wandered off to bed.  They had already called it a night.  All right... a collective, 'awwwww'