Friday, December 28, 2012

Facts on Friday

 I still like my family.  A lot.  We had lots of togetherness over the past week.  Food galore.

Visiting until my mostly-nice older brother told me I talked too much.

Cousin cuddles.

Quiet cups of tea or coffee.  Singing together.  Games.

And some group pictures taken with an iPhone.

Yes, I know the picture quality is lacking.  I promise to reckon that issue soon.

I liked this picture though.
Can you tell what it is?  I'll give $500 to the first correct guess!!!  Or not.  In the orthopedic office for daughter #2's followup visit, I spotted this drawing on a tissue box.  Dr. Boneman must have been desperate for scrap paper during an appointment.  Then on the back of a National Geographic another body part was drawn next to a racing cheetah.  I think next year someone should mail him some notepads for Christmas instead of give chocolates.

This is that awkward time of year when someone asks you about the availability of a date.  But it happens to be in January and I don't know where my 2013 calendars are so how can I know?  I better start looking because we are almost there.

A couple days of quiet.  Then we gear up for a bit more company before we head back to normal and mundane and blog posts about cats and dogs because there is nothing else to talk about.  Until then... Happiest New Year to you!  "Fair are the prospects all ahead..."


  1. Happy 365 days!! :)
    Love the pix...I always love pix!

  2. Love seeing the family picts! I'm sure the time was really special. Loved getting to see that quiet and sweet older sister for a few minutes last week in Red Wing!! And now the newly weds had their first anniversary.....