Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Musings

I'll admit it.  I love Mondays because of musing.  So here goes.

Here is daughter #2 gussied up for her holiday concert.  I think the sling color should have matched better.  She plays percussion and had to beat the bongo drum with one arm.  It worked.  But I didn't breathe until the song was over.

Here is Simba.  Cats love to find places to 'get away from it all'.  Some days I wish I had a plastic box to hide in.
I like to think our vehicles have very attractive backsides.  We must because in the last year, we have been rear-ended three times with three different vehicles.  This last one was Saturday with the Chairman in the captain seat and the rest of us passengers.  See little white Miata?  He came in at a good clip and just before impact the Chairman kindly announced in a loud voice, "oh no!".  ka-BOOM!  So we pulled off and Mr. Officer Friendly took down the important details and wrote Mr. 20'something a ticket for driving too fast for conditions.

We weren't the only ones.  Another couple cars came limping in as we were waiting. These two holiday shoppers lost their festive spirit.

I wasn't going to do a holiday picture/card this year.  I was thinking that things haven't changed that much.  We are the same people living the same lives in the same home with the same surroundings.  Then the cards started to come.  I have been thrilled with each one.  I study the picture.  And am thankful for each friend that thought of us.  So I'll do my part.

But it wasn't without effort.  Taking pictures of teens/tweens is almost worse than toddlers.  Trust me.  We had a litany of complaints.  Threats.  Stink-bombs that cleared the scene much to the delight of the brother.  At one point I had to drop the little camera I was attempting to use and laugh.  But finally.  Finally!  We got a picture that I rate about a C+.  But it is them.  Stink and all.  Here's an outtake...

Here's the two that enjoyed the photo-taking experience much more than their brother...

And here's the projects from last night.  I thought they were going to be houses.  But they morphed into something else.  It sure is a splendid way to use up old Halloween candy!

Get off the computer.  Isn't it time for my walk????  NOW???

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