Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Musings

Well I'm back in the car dealership waiting room listening to two tvs blaring.  One has CNN news and the other is some talk show lady with a skimpy dress on. I'm not sure which to watch so blogging seems better.  

What's new? Not much.  We had a nice Memorial Day weekend but nothing terribly memorable except a bridal shower, perfect weather, and good family time together.  Now with a couple of the MYP employed, it makes it more special when all five of us are glummed together in a car or around the dinner table.  

I got new glasses.  They are progressives because I'm forward thinking.  Heh.  I like them and hate them at the same time.  I was told to wear them constantly for a week to get used to them.  Blech.  It is handy to see though in various situations.  

Lisi made some people laugh yesterday including me.  She had a grooming appointment and got out of the vehicle and walked through the automatic doors and headed directly to the grooming area with me way behind her.  She likes to go to the groomers for some reason.  Maybe it's a doggy version of a massage.  

Well I need to use the restroom and hope to do it quickly in case AJ comes to tell me my car is ready.  I have an irrational fear if he doesn't see me in the waiting room I'll be here until closing time.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Musings

Ha!  Only one day late.  And maybe a dollar short.  It has been so beautiful outside that I hate to come into the house to sit in a slightly-dark office and blog.  There's weeds to pull and flowers to admire and a garden to watch grow.  Not to mention windows and screens to wash and trimming that needs to be done on some shrubs.  Life gets in the way of recording life.

We've had some good days.  Our older two have been out of school a couple days due to testing.  It's nice to have more one-on-one time with the MYP.  This Friday, the "baby" is off and the other two are in school.

A robin came and built a nest right outside of my kitchen window.  I was intrigued watching the building process.  Then they left and never returned.  I questioned this to the Chairman.  And his reply, 'don't you think they saw the cat?'.  Um.  Probably.  There are two fledged robins in our yard so the rotten cat hasn't killed all the birdies.

Nurture vs. nature.  I always find that subject interesting.  Recently, daughter #1 was with an Asian family that uses chopsticks as a normal part of their dining.  She came home and said she wants to use them too.  And she uses them with ease nearly every time she makes a snack for herself.  Me on the other hand stabs pieces of food and jams them in my mouth and the other chop stick falls down in the process.

There's a surgery in our future here at the Chairman and Co.  Daughter #1 inherited some bunions. Yes, I said plural.  Both feet give her pain and she will have them removed later next month.  It will be a difficult experience.  It will test the abilities of patience.  It will be a long and difficult road.  And I'm sure it will be for daughter #1 too.  heh.

Thankfully, my "funk" is gone that I mentioned last week.  Yes, life can be challenging and hard, but when I step back and look at the whole picture it is utterly beautiful.  I love the "Life is Good" t-shirts because it is... good!

I won't type more words because I don't have more to say.  I'll check my camera roll and see if there's anything there.  Happy week ahead!

Simba brought home breakfast a few mornings ago instead of the usual mouse.

feels familiar...

I'm not sure what this is but it sure is pretty in the garden

where I go for therapy...


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Musings

I know, I know.  It isn't Monday.  I've got a few excuses why I haven't blogged and I think they're valid.

1) Springtime is busier than other times.  I'm busy planting and weeding and doing all things outdoors.
2) I have been kind of in a funk.  I wasn't feeling very happy or cheerful.  I actually had a pity party that seemed better to just have myself in attendance instead of letting you come to it.  Thankfully, the party didn't last too long.
3) I don't think people care or don't care if I blog every Monday.  It was apparent because no one asked this week where I was.  And that's ok!

But anyway... I have been busy outdoors.  I have new garden boxes installed, leveled, and filled with dirt.  I have lots of flower beds that are mostly weeded.  I have new flowers and plants that still need to go into the ground.  It's a beautiful time of the year.

The words "a sower went forth to sow" come very alive when your hands are deep in top soil.  There is something very special about digging in the soil and having thoughts turned towards things that are so much bigger than ourselves.  I'm so thankful for creation and the lessons it teaches us.

We have our final concert for the middle school tonight before our "baby" heads off to high school.  There is an end of the year banquet for the golf team.  There is a graduation dress to buy.  And there is blood that needs to be drawn for an upcoming surgery in June.

So without further ado, here are some pictures or things that made me smile.  Until Monday!  Or whenever inspiration hits.
for sure...

I wonder when I'll really feel "mature"

Lisi had company come!


I need this for my convention job!

this week for sure

My new boxes!  Simba thinks it's a new cat litter box.

I love this tree!



Daughter sent this to me.... I love her more than doughnuts and that's saying a lot!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thus this Thursday

Got an inkling to blog a wee bit tonight so here goes!

Spring must be here because spring fever cleaning is in full force here.  I have no idea what has come over me.  I think it is because I read recently about living with minimal amounts of stuff and it got me to start in the kitchen and then move from room to room.  I have taken two more trips to Goodwill.  I have filled up many, many large bags of trash.  Some of the things are from twenty-one years ago.  Some are things found in boxes from our move eight years ago.  And though I like to think I have a tidy house most the time, it feels so good to have what I really need at my fingertips and the extra dishes, clothes, and what-not have found a home at Goodwill or in the basement in a box.  Whew!
As we were leaving Goodwill the other day, we had some other stops to make.  They were the Dollar Store, Aldi, and Walmart.  One of the MYP said to me, 'why can't you be like a normal mom and go to Macy's or even Target?'.  And yes, "Frugal" is my middle name.

LuLaRoe is splashed all over social media these days.  I've been asked to join several on-line parties.  I do think I like some of the clothes offered.  However, it scares me a little to think that I could show up at convention this summer and 267 other ladies would have the same skirt on and it would look better on them then me.  So I have resisted making a purchase.  

Last night I made Spaghetti Carbonara II from Allrecipes.com.  It was delicious once I upped the garlic by about six times and added a few other things.  The pan was nearly over-flowing and son #1 asked in all seriousness, 'do you think that'll be enough?'.  I thought the question was funny until there was only about 1/4 cup left after the meal was over.  Teenagers...

We played a family game tonight and after it was over a big scrum started between all three of the MYP.  I got out of there because I didn't think it would end well.  I'd rather iron shirts than stop bleeding.  Anyway, after it was all over one of the MYP just came to tell me that she's glad she has siblings.  Um.  Why?  Well if I ever get mugged, I'll know what to do.  That's making lemonade out of some lemons I guess.

So it's yard work time!  Lots of edging and weeding and I need to go get flowers soon!  I love that part of gardening - not the work to prepare the soil.  Happy rest of the week to you!  

Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Musings

Good Monday Musing!  I am so very glad you can't see the author today.  You see I've been working in our unfinished part of the basement this morning that we call the "dirty room".  It's living up to its title, but the Chairman would prefer we call it the unfinished area so that it won't be so dirty.  You see I have a man coming to look at our well pump and I'm proud enough that I don't want him to think our "dirty room" is dirty.  However, his beautiful bride is dirty as I type.  Rats-nest hair mingled with no shower.  P.  U.

So what a whirlwind of special days here for the Chef at the Chairman and Co.  I'm usually the one serving and giving to my family.  I love my role.  I go from cook to laundress to hair dresser to electrician to landscaper to taxi driver to nurse to... you know how it is. I felt almost silly about being on the receiving end for two days within one week.

When the MYP were MSC (many small children), the Chairman didn't make a big deal of Mother's Day at all.  In fact, I got one drawing from the one in preschool with a cup of dirt and a little leaf poking out.  That's all.  I felt bad for feeling a bit bad and the Chairman sensed he was supposed to do more.  Well let me tell you.  He makes a big fuss over Mother's Day and the MYP also do too.  It was like birthday #2 all over again.  Good thing I didn't get another year older just four days later.  Heh.

All silliness aside.  I will never, ever take for granted the privilege I have to be a mom to these three souls here and the one that left too soon.  I love my role as a mother and know this is my highest calling.  Some days I feel like I have the bullet-proof hat on and I'm down in the trenches.  Some days I feel like it is all sunshine, rainbows and cotton candy.  And some days it's a bit of both within minutes.  And I already know I'll miss these teenage years like I already miss rocking my babies to sleep in a dark bedroom while singing "Be a little candle".  I already miss sitting on the sofa with all three piled on my lap reading a huge pile of books.  I already miss little people pronouncing words hysterically wrong and not wanting to correct them because it was so cute.  My little sweeties.  Here we are yesterday.
Add caption

the cozy blanket she made me

this girl is so sweet and so funny

this guy is bigger than me and has a heart of gold
 My in-laws asked my parents to come join us all for dinner.  Sure nice to be with both simultaneously!
My mom... I am not sure what to say that I haven't said before.  She's been a constancy in my life for all my life.  She's completely selfless.  Completely content.  And a wise example in things that matter most.  When some decisions come up that I am not quite sure how to handle, I often ask myself, 'what would mom do?'.  I'm glad for that example.
 Here is the Chairman with the first lady he loved.  She's quiet and kind and completely accepted me as their 'daughter'.  And let me tell you, she can make spaghetti and eggplant like none other.
Backing up a day... we had Saturday dinner with these goons.  Their mama and dad cooked us some delicious Korean food.  Mmmmm.
 This box makes me happy.  What is it you ask?  A ticket to a lot less weeding this summer in my vegetable garden.  Talented family members will be delivering two of these in the next while.
I tried out the Amazon same day delivery service.  They fulfilled their promise.  And the birds are happily enjoying their new bird feeder.  Crazy-fast I say!  

How's the no sugar diet going?  Well I took this weekend off.  The days I went completely sugar-free I had a headache.  (ugh).  Someone told me yesterday we need a bit of sugar in our diets to help our brain function properly.  So that'll be my excuse if you see me stuffing a cookie in my mouth this week.

Happy week ahead to you!  I believe I should head off to the shower!  

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Tis been awhile since I've had some Thursday Thoughts.  Instead of having them rattle around my head, I'll jot a few down.

Birthday #51 was most lovely!  The day before there was a lunch with a lot of my friends.  I say the term "a lot" because it isn't everyone.  I have more friends than I could count.  I have friends in other countries.  I have friends in this country that don't live nearby.  And I would love, love to have lunch with any of you.  But on this day there were ten of us.  And lovely ladies they are!
So then it was my birthday!  When you are fifty-one, you must have fun on your birthday!  Or not.  Well it started out nice.  I had breakfast with the first people I ever met.  I think dad and mom enjoyed it too.  Then I came home and did laundry and vacuumed out the car and walked the dog and got supper started and rode with son #1 to Costco so he could lift the softener salt and so forth.  Don't feel sorry for me.  It was all good.

Daughter #2 wondered where the birthday cake was coming from.  I told her I hadn't planned to make anything so she did!  White cake with a strawberry puree in a cream cheese/whipping cream mix and it was delicious!  Thanks daughter #2!
Hard at it

Getting it all ready

This my dear readers is what 51 looks like

The Chairman and I.  He's so good to me.

The MYP.  One was getting into PJs before we realized it.  Heh.
So today is day one without sugar.  A friend joined my attempt to go a month without sugar (or too much anyway!).  I was tempted to text a picture of a doughnut and say, 'you win!' early this morning.  But I didn't.  And I didn't eat any cookies either.

I got perfume for my birthday.  I put a couple drops on my neck this morning for the first time in years.  And then I kept thinking someone else was in the room when I smelled it.

Last night, I had son #1 advertise our riding lawn mower that is partially broken on Craigslist and within an hour the calls started rolling into my cell phone.  I was having a hard time keeping "Ken" and "Larry", and "Bill" all straight.  They were all clamoring to get over to see it.  But one caller said they were coming with cash and would be here within 20 minutes!  The guy was 6' 10" and he looked just like a teenager on a baby toy as he was trying it out.  I tried not to smirk.

So have a nice rest of the week!  Happy Mother's Day to you moms!  I like this quote I saw recently.

   "There is no way to be a perfect mother.  But there are a million ways to be a good one."

Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings

Greetings from the Editor!  Welcome to post 1220!  I'm procrastinating my walk.  I'm waiting for the sun to shiine down a bit more warmth.  It's been brrr-chilly here in Dairyland.  And wet.  But the sun is peeking through the dog is (im)patiently waiting just behind me on the rug.

Just checked some stats for the blog.  It says there were 3,012 page views last month.  Just wow!  Hello whoever you are!

What's new?  Not a whole lot actually.  Probably the biggest news at the Chairman and Co. is that my birthday is in two days.  For all the gifts coming from you readers, UPS is the most reliable delivery.  Plus I like my UPS man.  He leaves treats for Lisi.  I jest.  Surely.

Last year was my big milestone of 50.  It honestly was probably my favorite birthday ever.  Between the Chairman and the MYP and my friends, I had several days of feeling incredibly appreciated, pampered, and loved.  It was lovely and I still smile when I think how lovely it all was.  This year will most likely be an ordinary birthday and that's great too.  The Chairman has never been one of those guys that forgets a birthday or anniversary.  He puts forth effort and his influence has been noticed with our MYP.  Last night I saw son #1 sneaking a bag into the house and he quickly said, 'don't look!'.  Honestly, I don't care what's in the bag.  The thought from a nearly 16-year old son for his middle-aged mother is priceless.

We were invited to the chicken farmer friends last night to share a joint-birthday celebration.  I love all my friends for different reasons.  The reason I love being with these people is that they are completely free of pretense and their welcome mat is large and super-inviting. Their son was born on my birthday 17 years ago.  He's grown up to be a gem of a guy.  But I about knocked the smirk off his face when he asked that I sit by him for the cake.  He said (and I quote), 'sit down next to me so that people will think my Grandma came for my birthday party.'.  I still like him anyway.
There were many MYP there last night.  The conversation around the table was just delightful.  For some reason, I'm thoroughly entertained by teenage guys and their thoughts and zest about life.  It's very infectious.
I'm getting notices from advertisers on Facebook that are birthday related.  One piqued my interest.  It was stating all the places you could get free things on your birthday.  I think I'll pass on the free wings at Hooters.  I'm not certain who I'd take along and quite frankly, I think I might look a bit odd sitting there alone eating my wings and wondering where to look.

I've done some deep cleaning in some rooms here at the Chalet.  I was slightly horrified when I had to empty my vacuum canister twice after vacuuming under all the furniture in our bedroom.  I also cleaned out the file cabinet in the office.  I don't think we need the water bills from 12 years ago when we lived in another home.  

I'm considering going sugar-free for a month and see what affect it has on me.  Anyone want to join me to help hold me accountable?  It kinda scares me because that means no cookies or doughnuts for a month.  Heavy sigh. 

Well I'll look what's on my cameral roll and then I'll head off on the beaten walking path with my side-kick.  Happy week ahead! 

I might add this is definitely not me or the Chairman.  However, it definitely happens in one of the MYP's bedrooms.