Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Musings

I know, I know.  It isn't Monday.  I've got a few excuses why I haven't blogged and I think they're valid.

1) Springtime is busier than other times.  I'm busy planting and weeding and doing all things outdoors.
2) I have been kind of in a funk.  I wasn't feeling very happy or cheerful.  I actually had a pity party that seemed better to just have myself in attendance instead of letting you come to it.  Thankfully, the party didn't last too long.
3) I don't think people care or don't care if I blog every Monday.  It was apparent because no one asked this week where I was.  And that's ok!

But anyway... I have been busy outdoors.  I have new garden boxes installed, leveled, and filled with dirt.  I have lots of flower beds that are mostly weeded.  I have new flowers and plants that still need to go into the ground.  It's a beautiful time of the year.

The words "a sower went forth to sow" come very alive when your hands are deep in top soil.  There is something very special about digging in the soil and having thoughts turned towards things that are so much bigger than ourselves.  I'm so thankful for creation and the lessons it teaches us.

We have our final concert for the middle school tonight before our "baby" heads off to high school.  There is an end of the year banquet for the golf team.  There is a graduation dress to buy.  And there is blood that needs to be drawn for an upcoming surgery in June.

So without further ado, here are some pictures or things that made me smile.  Until Monday!  Or whenever inspiration hits.
for sure...

I wonder when I'll really feel "mature"

Lisi had company come!


I need this for my convention job!

this week for sure

My new boxes!  Simba thinks it's a new cat litter box.

I love this tree!



Daughter sent this to me.... I love her more than doughnuts and that's saying a lot!


  1. Well I did miss you on Monday and popped by to check...and on Tuesday and on Wednesday, but I didn't leave a "Where are you note." Your quotes and such are as great as ever...and hopefully the blood drawing for future surgery isn't the reason for your funk...and I totally believe in "dirt therapy" . I love spring and new life and the power in a seed, and all the hope for a harvest it brings...being a farmer's wife allows me to see it in mass quantities! Thanks for not letting the week go by without blogging.

  2. I didn't ask, but I sure did wonder! Is she sick? Is she busy? Did she go on vacation? You get the picture!

  3. Spring is a beautiful time of year. I've been soaking up that beauty!