Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Tis been awhile since I've had some Thursday Thoughts.  Instead of having them rattle around my head, I'll jot a few down.

Birthday #51 was most lovely!  The day before there was a lunch with a lot of my friends.  I say the term "a lot" because it isn't everyone.  I have more friends than I could count.  I have friends in other countries.  I have friends in this country that don't live nearby.  And I would love, love to have lunch with any of you.  But on this day there were ten of us.  And lovely ladies they are!
So then it was my birthday!  When you are fifty-one, you must have fun on your birthday!  Or not.  Well it started out nice.  I had breakfast with the first people I ever met.  I think dad and mom enjoyed it too.  Then I came home and did laundry and vacuumed out the car and walked the dog and got supper started and rode with son #1 to Costco so he could lift the softener salt and so forth.  Don't feel sorry for me.  It was all good.

Daughter #2 wondered where the birthday cake was coming from.  I told her I hadn't planned to make anything so she did!  White cake with a strawberry puree in a cream cheese/whipping cream mix and it was delicious!  Thanks daughter #2!
Hard at it

Getting it all ready

This my dear readers is what 51 looks like

The Chairman and I.  He's so good to me.

The MYP.  One was getting into PJs before we realized it.  Heh.
So today is day one without sugar.  A friend joined my attempt to go a month without sugar (or too much anyway!).  I was tempted to text a picture of a doughnut and say, 'you win!' early this morning.  But I didn't.  And I didn't eat any cookies either.

I got perfume for my birthday.  I put a couple drops on my neck this morning for the first time in years.  And then I kept thinking someone else was in the room when I smelled it.

Last night, I had son #1 advertise our riding lawn mower that is partially broken on Craigslist and within an hour the calls started rolling into my cell phone.  I was having a hard time keeping "Ken" and "Larry", and "Bill" all straight.  They were all clamoring to get over to see it.  But one caller said they were coming with cash and would be here within 20 minutes!  The guy was 6' 10" and he looked just like a teenager on a baby toy as he was trying it out.  I tried not to smirk.

So have a nice rest of the week!  Happy Mother's Day to you moms!  I like this quote I saw recently.

   "There is no way to be a perfect mother.  But there are a million ways to be a good one."

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  1. 29 days later- Um- Belated Happy Birthday!
    You make it look fun and good!