Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drum roll...

She's here! Lisi (pronounced lee-see) is now a member of our family. Lisi is a Chinese name that means 'gentle'. Someone we traveled to China with in '00 had a daughter with that name and I really liked it then!

Anyway, we picked up Lisi at 2:00 this afternoon. And she's done quite well, but I completely forgot how time consuming a puppy is! Oh boy, are we in for it. She's very sweet and has almost figured out the potty thing outside (even with it being only 5 degrees out there).

I'll post a couple pictures and get ready for some howling tonight. She did well in her crate during meeting. She was in the laundry room and howled up until meeting started and then realized we wouldn't be coming! :-)

Today's the day!

No school today due to wind chills hovering around -30. Yesterday it was in the 40's, a big drop in temp here in Wisconsin.

We have a scheduled time of 2:00 to go get the puppy, so the kids get to come along! We hope everything works out as it should and hopefully, we'll be able to post a picture soon! We have meeting here tonight, so I'm sure once we get home, it'll be a bit of a scramble...

More later!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sneak puppy preview!

Hi. We're just back from a little venture today. Met Karen and Laura (sister and niece) at my folks for lunch. Then after a yummy lunch (dinner really) we went to see the puppies who were 1/2 hour away. My, oh my they've grown and they are soooo cute! I'll post a few pictures for you to see. We have a tentative pick up day of Wedneday next week. And then puppy makes... 6! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday tattles

Not much to share today other than I'm so sick of winter! Got almost 9" again yesterday (Trevor measured it). But the kids sure have fun in it. I'm still feeling the ill-effects of my 'bug'. But I'm feeling better.

Thanks for all the suggestions on puppy names. I think we have it nailed down. We go see the puppy again on Friday and then next week Wednesday, the 30th, we really get her! The whole family is very excited to say the least. We'll post a picture and reveal (drum roll please...) the name then! :-) I like suspense!

I think women are like that. We LOVE details when babies are born. How big? How long? How long of labor? Who does he/she look like? And then most importantly, the name!

And now on to my day...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A few more things - but not 100...

1. I have a smooth top stove. I've had it nearly 2 years and it doesn't have one scratch and I don't want it to have one. I always think it is like a 'new car'. Don't want to scratch it up... ever!

2. I love feeding birds all year round. They seem especially grateful in winter.


Icky achy flu

Yep, I got hit. Went to bed feeling a bit 'achy'. Woke up with a raging fever and my body felt like it was hit by a truck. So I slept the morning away. We were supposed to go to Rockford and celebrate my sister, Karen's 47th birthday today (happy birthday dear sis!). But no one wanted what I would 'bring'. Duane left to go into work and I woke up to all of Mira's socks strewn all over the bedroom. She was putting lots of layers on like she was going to go ice skating. Trevor snuck in with a big sign that said, 'to the best Mom ever' and put it on my nightstand. So I'll sip some tea and try to get stronger. I can't stand being sick! A very cold day here in WI today. But at least the sun is out!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

I asked Trevor to give thanks for breakfast this morning. After giving thanks for the food he said, 'thank you for watching down on us today so that we treat others better'. Really, that is the whole essence of it.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

100 things (in random order)

Well thanks to Martha, I was thinking last night I should try to what she did, although it won't be as interesting. But it'll be in the bizarre random order of her silly-ness. So here goes....

100 things about me that pop into my head:
1) I was married at 29
2) I'm the youngest in a family of 3 kids
3) My brother was mean when I was younger, but I think he likes me now
4) I'm the loud one in our family. My sister was always quieter and smarter.
5) My mom and dad have always been awesome parents. I like to think I'm just like my mom, but really, I'm more boistrous like dad.
6) I was born in Miwaukee at the same hospital as my husband (weird, eh?)
7) We met in Utah on a whitewater rafting trip
8) He's 3 years younger than me (I didn't realize it when we met)
9) We lost his only sister in July of '06 to cancer. She is sorely missed.
10) I wash out ziploc bags too and people laugh at me.
11) I'm tight as a bed tick
12) I wrote in 2nd grade I wanted to be a 'farmer's wief' (sic) when I grew up
13) I went to England in college to sing with the choir
14) Besides England, I've been to Mexico (many times to visit my uncle), Veracruz, and China (to get Rayna!)
15) We adopted Rayna at 9 months of age
16) She's just like Martha
17) I'm getting very gray. I tell people it doesn't bother me... but it does a little.
18) I lost 20 lbs the past 5 years. It feels good. Just by walking and portion control. And walking every day...
19) That's why I want another dog. Walking is lonely without one.
20) My first job out of college was for Schwan's (think ice cream)
21) My next was for Target in Minneapolis at their HQ.
22) We've been in the same home for our entire married life. We talk of moving, but never do
23) I really don't have a 'best friend'. That used to bother me, but now it doesn't. I'm not a best friend kind of person I guess. Duane is the closest thing to it...
24) But I'm not short of friends. I'm blessed with many. And some are my 'best' ones for different reasons. I like that about life.
25) I love being a stay-at-home mom.
26) I bake bread about 3x/week. That and cinnamon rolls or other things. I love bread of any kind and so does my family.
27) I lived with lots of different roommates before marriage. Fun days!
28) We lost a baby in October of '96. Amara was born prematurely. We still miss who she might have been... even with the three miracles we do have.
29) Mira was born at full-term after losing Amara and 5 other pregnancies.
30) It was brutal. But I just LOVE our family now. God had a plan.
31) I'm really shy in large groups. But once I know them, I forget I ever was.
32) For 6 years, I would travel the country for Target as an auditor. I was gone 2 week or more each month! I don't and still do miss those days.
33) I always thought I'd marry a tall, blonde guy. My 5' 9" Italian husband isn't what I had planned. But it is the best. And I do mean that.
34) And we live in a city! No farming. But I live vicariously through my friend Brenda. She is a hoot.
35) I help in kindergarten every week. The kids pick their noses... a lot. I haven't caught Mira yet. But it is only because I'm in the room and she knows I'd be horrified.
36) I always wished I were smarter and not so silly. But that's me. My sister has the brains. Well maybe Keith does too.
37) My nieces/nephews have grown up to become friends. I love that.
38) I get a bit of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) each fall. I try to get sun as much as possible. I try to like winter, but it is hard. I should live in FL really...
39) My heels are always cracked. Also fingertips. Anyone have suggestions? They hurt!
40) I'm a clean freak really. I can't stand clutter.
41) China was a very neat country to be in. We hope to go back when the kids are a bit older.
42) I miss the prairie of SD. I didn't appreciate it growing up. Open spaces... ah. We have trees and hills here.
43) My favorite food I think is doughnuts. Isn't that weird? I'm not a huge sweets person.
44) But I LOVE Italian food. My mother-in-law is full-blooded Italian. Yum.
45) I'm not one of those kind that need to 'get away from it all' women. Maybe I should try it? But then I worry the family wouldn't manage without me. They probably wish I'd leave!
46) There is no difference in how your kids come. You love them the same. I'm glad we have one biological child that proves the point to me. I think that is why Mira came. That and the fact that she adds total humor to the house. She's really, really funny.
47) Trevor is nerdy-smart and an athlete. Weird combo, eh? He can outrun me now when we race around the house. I wonder what the neighbors think?
48) I miss my Gpas and Gmas. I was close to them.
49) I don't have any cousins! Only 2nd cousins. I didn't know people shared Gpa and Gma for a long time.
50) I dread the kids leaving home.
51) I had a crush on David Cassidy when I was about 6.
52) And speaking of dumb things, I had a poster of Michael Jackson in my dorm room closet door. That is really spooky! Moonwalking! Horrors.
53) I used to wish my name was Rebecca.
54) Not anymore. Linda is nice... but just sounds a bit old.
55) I'm a right-winger... but maybe not as far to the right as Duane.
56) I clean toilets at convention. And I love the job! I was thinking of making up a t-shirt to wear that says 'This job stinks!'. But I don't have the nerve.
57) Convention days are my favorite ones of the year. That and Door County camping with LOTS of the friends. That is awesome too.
58) Our neighbors always dog sit for us. Pretty neat, eh?
59) My favorite color is blue. But more of a periwinkle. I HATE peach anything except a fresh one to eat.
60) I got braces at 25. Had to pay for them myself (thanks mom and dad...!)
61) I really enjoy blog hopping. Makes my life seem dull though.
62) I hate high heels. I'm more of a Eddie Bauer comfort person.
63) And dressing up too really.
64) I wear Crocs all the time in the house.
65) With wool socks in the winter. I always have cold feet.
66) I do weigh myself almost every day. Is that bizarre? Keeps me in check!
67) I cried the first day of school for Rayna and Mira. The middle child always is under the radar somehow.
68) I hate divinity (a white, sugary candy). Funny story about my mom making it for me when I came home one time. She thought I was the one that loved it. Ick!
69) Her peach pie is the best. And her dinner rolls.
70) I wish we could have a cat. Rayna has allergies and Duane wouldn't want one anyway.
71) I have been in two accidents. Totaled our Camry in '97. And rammed a snowbank last year. Duane was patient both times.
72) I like country music... especially Alan Jackson. But I don't listen much anymore as the kids like to talk in the van. That's better.
73) I don't like conflict between people. I can't see why people don't get along better.
74) Life is too short to fight.
75) We got our van window blown out last summer. It was a random thing, but a pain to get it fixed.
76) My first job in high school was scooping up goo and feeding it to old people in a nursing home.
77) Babysat LOTS as a kid. I loved babies. I still like them, but not as much after we had ours! HA. Maybe baby overload. Three kids in two years was intense.
78) I went to college in Marshall, Minnesota. Nice friends there, but a dull town.
79) But I followed my afore-mentioned mean brother.
80) I called home and wanted to quit college in week #2. My parents wouldn't hear of it.
81) I'll always be grateful for them urging me to stick it out.
82) I'm clumsy. I can trip on my shadow.
83) I never was a good swimmer either. Our kids are, so that's comforting.
84) I cry a lot... not sad tears. Emotional ones. Happy stories. Good feelings. Especially if I'm talking about getting our kids.
85) I've sung at a lot of funerals. I don't get jittery. Maybe I should?
86) My favorite month is June. Or maybe July. Both are just awesome.
87) I don't know if my eyes are blue or green. So I just change it each time I renew my drivers license. I wonder if I'll confuse the authorities?
88) My nostrils are different sizes. My mom noticed it at birth. But I still breathe ok.
89) I had sleep problems last year, but not anymore. I just go to bed when I'm exhausted.
90) I'm almost to 100! I thought I'd only do 50.
91) See? I do talk too much.
92) There's hardly anything better than a funny person. I love good humor. Slapstick sillyness is the best.
93) I really don't feel my age. My Gma told me at 90 that she still felt young inside. That'll be me.
94) My great-grandparents on my mom's side were blind. We have great family stories about how they lived.
95) I love down pillows and comforters. That's the only way to sleep!
96) I cried lots and lots last week missing our dear dog. It was dreadful.
97) I always wished I were a social worker. But I'm too far into life to start over.
98) I need to remember to count my blessings as they are many.
99) The alarm clock is always under the bed. I don't like the light it emits.
100) Good night. I'm sure you all are sleeping by now...!


Great news! I've been doing some serious puppy shopping. We realize we can't replace Lincoln in all his glory, but we are lonely. Our house feels somehow empty (if that is possible with three extremely active kids). So we did lots of breeder looking and found one with puppies available in three weeks! We went and saw the litter on Saturday and all I can say is... ahhhhh. Does anyone know anything cuter than a golden retriever puppy? We probably will go with a little girl to save comparing this one to the Big Ol' Boy. So... name suggestions? We don't want it to end with a 'A' sound... like Rayna or Mira. And Duane is adament that it doesn't sound like a child. And, no frilly-fu-fu names. The family is very excited at the prospect of a new fur-ball in the house. The responsible mother is thinking of LOTS of training, waking up in the night to potty her, and all the joys of puppyhood. But she'll be worth it...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flashing lights

"Good Afternoon. Is there a reason why you are going 58 in a 45 mile per hour zone?" Um, I must have been distracted by the baby in the back seat I guess (Ella here today). "Could I have your license?" Yes, here it is. (About a 5 minute wait while Ella quietly observes and many cars drive past looking at our van thinking... tsk tsk)

Officer gets out of the car and simply states, "I don't want to ruin your perfect record. Please slow down." THANK YOU SIR! Whew!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vacation continued

We're back! I'll post some pictures that will tell the 'thousand words' you all don't have time to read (or maybe even care). Was a good trip. Kids were troopers. Enjoyed time with my brother and family (Keith and Jane's) and Trent and Sarah Smith (my niece). Did some sightseeing in San Diego when we arrived. Then to Keith and Jane's for a bit and just relaxed there and went to meeting Wed. night before getting on the cruise Thursday morning. Weather was chilly except for in Cabo. The cruise was nice (although lots of swells in the ocean on Sunday made for some queasy bellys). Saw whales in the ocean, dolphins, sea lions, ate a ton of food and played lots of Rook. Met a professing man in Cabo at his little stand where he sells to tourists. That was neat. The scenery there was outstanding. Flew home yesterday (delays for both flights, but not too bad). Drug the kids out of bed this morning and they were in shock as they have sleep debt and still feel on California time.

The house feels eerily empty without my companion nearby. I almost don't feel motivated to walk, but better or I'll pack on a few pounds. Anyway, the laundry awaits. The bread needs to rise. The groceries need to be bought. And the kids will be home soon.