Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Musty Monday Musings

Because it is Tuesday.  So they must be musty.  Did you all feel like something was missing from your day yesterday?  That nagging feeling like something just wasn't right?  Well I'm certain it was because you hadn't mused with me!  Or so I like to think.

You see it has been very busy here at the Chairman's Chalet.  I noticed just like the rest of you that the Chairman decided to get involved in writing again.  I'm not at all certain what moves him to do such silliness, but he does.  And I read it with great fear and trepidation wondering what his innermost thoughts are.  

We have been over-privileged.  With lovely guests from far and near.  Some refused to let me take their picture at 6:45 in the morning, so I don't have a record of them.  But let me tell you, they were really nice.  Then another came to help celebrate a birthday on her way back to the muggy south.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Posting this mainly because all these people are really special for different reasons
Without further ado, I'll let you know that I finally went to an eye specialist for the afore-blogged eyelid.  I agree with the Chairman.  I'm not sure why I posted a picture of my face looking like that.  A moment of insanity.  Anyway, it got all serious-looking again and so I went.  The specialist looked about as crusty as my eyelid.  He was nice, but abrupt.  Gave my eyeball a few good pokes.  I slightly questioned him and he gruffly responded.  But a day later after drops and ointment, I woke up with no swelling! Have you heard of an infected oil gland on your eyelid?  I hadn't either.  Sorry all you cat-haters out there.  There's no connection.

Speaking of which.  Lisi is more humble and tends to take the lower place.  Don't worry, it'll be rewarded.
Here's a photo that I didn't take of some nice young men.  I'm so glad that our MYP have good friends nearby to be with.  And spending a day at a place with a pond stocked with fish is about as good as it gets.
I think this is enough musing.  I'm feeling busy as a bee.  And so I must buzz out.  (clever, eh?)

Saturday, June 23, 2012



I am aware that this blog has active writing from a dog and semi-active writing from a fish.  With a cat now in the house the temptation to label our residence as a zoo is becoming almost inevitable.  As an aside, I must say that I am impressed with the cat so far.  He is a confident male and apparently the strong silent type.  No need to babble on about his feelings and day to day activities on the World Wide Web. 

The dog, on the other hand, has a wide range of feelings and needs.  Despite consistently showing a lack of good sense, I have now noticed that the dog has a collection of miscellaneous ramblings that are easily accessible on the right side of the blog page.  How does the dog rate?  Why does the dog get this extra visibility?  Actually, I am fine with the handy collection of postings but why does the Chairman not get similar billing? 

There is a practical reason for my concern.  I am losing track of my message number.  After the November 2011 Alert (which fortunately ended well), this next posting should be labeled as a simple message.  I am guessing this post could be labeled as the Sixth Message.  But I’m not sure.  Moreover, to avoid repeating what I have already posted in prior years, I would need to hunt back to a previous post. 

To track back through the months and years to find my previous postings is cumbersome.  The sheer volume of postings by the Publisher is mind numbing.  How does she do this?  Will she ever run out of things to say?  I only have something noteworthy to say every year or so.  Unless evidence is produced that suggests my reasoning is deficient, I am making an open petition to the Publisher to have my writings under a separate easily accessible section.  

This blog has certainly enjoyed a wide range of blog names through the years.  For semi-confidentiality, I am fairly content with the current name.  I appreciate the brief history of the Chairman name near the top right of the page.  Not to pick nits, but my label as very modest, while appreciated, may be slightly exaggerated.  How about the following; He is attempting to be more modest.  …Or something along that line.  Actually I don’t know what to say.  You know, this writing about me business is not as easy as it looks.  Maybe I won’t interfere and will just rely on the Publisher to sum up my life in a couple of sentences. 

If I recall, one of my previous postings addressed this Chairman title issue (I now forget the message number).  Perhaps a reader could be easily directed to the relevant post by having the same web page system for the Chairman that has already been so kindly afforded to the dog.

On to the final issue.  Do we really need to take pictures of our physical ailments and post them?  While not a licensed vet or a doctor, I was struck by the similarity of the droopy eye of the cat and the Publisher.  Over several days, when both would awaken from slumber, they would look at me with one good eye.  I will not speculate as to how the ailments are transmitted or if they are remotely related.  Fortunately, the cat eye and the human eye appear to be on the mend. 

And a heartfelt thanks to the Publisher for washing up the dog after the latest misadventure.  Oh, and thanks to the Publisher for the kind words earlier this week.

All for now,


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reality sometimes bites

During a brief conversation last night, someone mentioned to me that blogs don't tell the real story.  Reality isn't as nice as what we try to portray.  Yes, I may be somewhat guilty.  I'd like to give you the idea that all is sunshine (without rain) and roses (without thorns).  Or not.  So here goes the realities of the past couple days.

The dog stinks.  To the highest of heavens.  Or just 10' away from her.  The skunk won the battle and the victory.  I did a peroxide/baking soda/Dawn bath.  It kinda worked.  But not the best.  If you get down near her face you know something very bad happened recently.  This morning I realized that she got into white paint somewhere.  It is all over her back.  Someone, somewhere isn't very happy to see dog hair in their work.

The kitten.  Such a delightful, sweet, kitten.  That is growing steadily and testing his limits.  He wants to run far and away when we are outdoors now.  I'm afraid he'll be hawk dinner sometime.  He wanted to use the big potted plant as his potty spot yesterday until I whacked him in mid-stream.  (Rocks now cover the dirt.)  He'll bite if you let him.

The picture shows that we didn't get all the laundry put away or house picked up before we had to leave last night.

The birthday!  It was mostly a success.  I think Son #1 got what he was hoping for.  But I didn't make the waffles with blueberry topping and whipping cream like he wanted since the Chairman had left for work already.  We didn't get the birthday cake cut or eaten before we had to rush out the door last night.  The pictures mostly turned out blurry except for this one which has a dreadful reflection in his glasses.  I still think he's a very handsome young man though.

I wanted to get a couple cute pictures of the kids eating their treats last night.  This is what I got:
Only the right arm of the birthday boy

Chicken farmer daughter trying to be difficult for the picture
And the garden!  You hear of people taking their children out to learn life's lessons as they dig through the soil.  Well one of the MYP (I'll leave unnamed) started to pull out my zinnias with gusto.  Then he/she tromped through the carrots.  Pulled a few weeds.  Then said it was way too hot to work in such conditions. 

It wasn't just her.  I started pulling weeds and about 9/10 through a row realized I had pulled up all my baby lettuce coming up.  No wonder all the 'weeds' had such a pretty leaf.  And then there are thistles you grab without a glove on.  Ouch.

And soon we're off for another baseball game for Son #1.  The one the other night ended up being a dreadful loss.  The last two times at bat for the  member of our family resulted in strike-outs.  Yes, we aren't always 3-3 at bat.  But I don't tell you that.  I don't tell you that I was completely bored out of my mind, baking in heat, through the game for some reason.  I couldn't tell you how many times I looked longingly at my phone wishing someone would text me.

Yes my friends.  That was the past couple of days... reality sometimes can bite.  But in light of what life really could be... Life is Good!

p.s.  Don't worry, we'll be back to normal programming next week!  :-)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Musings

I'm fully aware that Lisi is much more popular than Monday Musings.  But I must muse or my head will explode.  Or not.

You all are waiting with baited breath.  Is she now blind?  Was it the plague?  Does she ever go to the Dr?  Well, no, no, and yes.  The Dr. was completely baffled.  She thought it was maybe beginning stages of shingles (yeeps).  Or an infection.  Or something only found in Tanzania.  (I just added that for a good measure.)  So she prescribed a couple of medications with so many side effects that you forget what originally was wrong because you are so busy tending an upset stomach and a jittery mind.  See what I mean?
I'm happy our quiver of MYP are back in the nest all together.  I really love witnessing them all getting along so splendidly after a separation.  Makes my heart full of happiness.

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday with one of the father's and several other fathers.  The tables were full.  I love cooking and having others over.  But doing it on a Sunday noon is kind of tricky if you really want to know the truth.  You get things lined up and then leave for a few hours.  Then come back and present dinner on the table within an hour.  It works with judicious planning.  And timed bake!

I could wax on and on about the Chairman and the father he is to our children.  But I won't this year.  Other than to say that I'm extremely fortunate and thankful for his selfless ways, loving heart, and keen interest in our MYP when they were infants, today, and thinking of the future.  I couldn't be the parent I am without his help.
Son MIA yet at this point

I saw two parents yesterday in the lobby of a hospital.  Their newborn just had surgery for a correctable heart defect.  It is mind-numbing scary.  But they are in good hands and the future looks bright for this adorable little baby.  I was touched watching several little ones  pushing their own iv poles down the corridor.  I saw a daddy hugging his little girl in her hospital gown.  They were sharing a drink.  Father's Day.  In a major hospital.  I think we need to be more thankful for ordinary days with healthy children.

I had to take one of ours along to this visit because at the ripe old age of near 10, she has it in her heart to be an ER nurse.  She even saw a picture of a "nurse" helping a little girl on a poster and it had "MD" on it.  Look mom!  That is me!!!

And finally, a couple more pics because the cuteness factor is so high...
Um... yes, they get along splendidly

This kitten suffers so...


... to the heavens.

Unfortunately, it is me Lisi again.  And you know if you are hearing from me, something happened that is noteworthy.  At least to me anyway!

Yesterday was really a special day.  There were a lot of people over at our place.  These people were making a fuss over all the men.  And in between all that silliness, I would get pet once in awhile after they got done saying sweet things about the rotten kitten.

After everyone went home and all was quiet, the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway took me on a walk.  Her walks are nice.  But they are all business and she has a certain route and we don't venture much beyond that.  Right when we got back, the nice Big Guy said he would take me too!  Wow!  Doesn't get much better than that!

I like the Big Guy's walks.  He's more free-spirited than that uptight Big Lady.  We kind of go whichever the wind blows.  We let nature and the sun and the wind guide us.  Sometimes we are gone a couple hours.  Those are the best!

Last night we ended up in this big, grassy field.  I scared up a lot of bunnies and gave chase.  Somehow they always outrun me.  We continued to meander down the field and then.  There.  He.  Was.  We stopped and stared at each other.  Then I just couldn't help myself.  I wanted to go closer.  Big Guy started to scream.  "LISI, FRONT!!  LISI LEAVE IT!!  LISI!!!  NOOOOOO!!!".  I just couldn't help myself.  He was a massive specimen of black and white.  I went up to him.  He wasn't near as happy to see me as I was him.  So he turned around and gave me a spray of something very hideous smelling.  It was horrendous.

I looked around at the Big Guy.  He's no protector!  He was running away at a fast clip from me.  I needed to catch up with him!  I needed to go home!  My eyes were watering and burning.  And the smell.  Oh the smell.

We ran and ran and ran until we got home.  I stayed on the other side of the road most of the time because I could tell Big Guy didn't want me close to him.  It was so bad I didn't even want to be close to myself!  I heard the Big Guy yelling for the Big Lady to get some stuff together to get me cleaned up.  She marches out of the house all serious-looking with a bucket of foamy stuff and proceeds to scrub me down.

Today, I still stink.  Big Lady poured more stuff on me this morning so it isn't so bad.  I wish I could learn from this experience, but I don't think I will.  It's got to be the skunk's fault.  He should let us wander wherever we want, right?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Peeking out from under...

... a swollen eyelid.  That's how dedicated to blogging I am!  Or not.  It isn't giving me problems really.  But it looks nasty and the Chairman's startled reaction this morning was at comical proportions.

So what's wrong?  I have no clue.  It has been itching and hurting mildly for months now (even pre-kitten for all you allergist people out there).  Two days ago it decided to get serious and swell up to make sure I know he means business.  I Googled everything I could.  I can't figure out what is wrong.  I'm going in to see what the lady in the white coat thinks (against every fabric in my being).  I like to self-medicate if at all possible.

Speaking of fabric.  Yes, I wear a blue robe in the morning in case you are wondering by all the pictures lately.

So do you know about orchids?
A daughter spotted this yesterday at a store and it was under $10, so I bought it.  I've never had one.  The instructions say 3 ice cubes once/week is perfect care.  Do they last?

I am missing son #1 a lot now.  He's been gone one week as of tonight.  The Chicken Farmers haven't reported in and I know their MOA is no news is good news.  So I'm assuming good, right?  Son #1's sweet brown eyes will be appearing back home tomorrow night.  I sure hope so because I miss him!

The kitten is getting adventurous.  He discovered that our fully covered deck is accessible to him and him alone.  So he has crawled under there and comes out awhile later with a little kitten head full of cobwebs and debris.

This was my date at the Costco snack bar yesterday.
Her sister was along too, but I didn't take a picture of her.  I like phones with cameras!  I also like very inexpensive pizza and churros at Costco!

I was so very happy to see the flag of Poland appear on my feeder yesterday!  I knew they had made it safely that far in the journey!

Now back to trying not to itch my very, very itchy eye.  Happy weekend!  We will be having actually a lot of people here on Sunday.  Hopefully I don't have double-vision by then.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things are different around here

I'm sure you are all well aware.  Hello again!  This is your friend Lisi!  I know a lot of you read this blog because of me, not because of the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  I'm secretly hoping she loses readers since she keeps writing such nice things about that blasted cat.  We all know that dogs are more loyal.  More sweet.  More trustworthy.  I could go on.  I mean... just look at me!

I think eventually, Big Lady will figure it out too.  But for now, she keeps giggling at the antics of that little fur ball.  She keeps picking him up and snuggling him under her neck.  Why I even saw them napping together out in the screen porch together with that rotten kitten lying on her head.  Imagine!

Cats are tricky and devious and rotten to the core.  They march in and think that anything around them is theirs.  I have proof.

The other day I wanted a rest.  And here is what I found:

In case you were wondering, that is MY bed, not his!  I wanted a drink this morning and guess who beat me to the bowl?  He has his own you know...
It's irritating and frustrating.  But I must be handling it right because Big Lady keeps saying in unusually soothing tones how good I am.  I'm glad she feels that way.  Because in my world:

I worship the ground she walks on:

Her lap is the softest:

Her hand the most gentle:

Her walks are the most reliable.  Yes, I am feeling sibling rivalry.  I paw for more attention.  I even do a big "bar-rooo-oo-oo" when I'm frustrated.  But this kitten named Simba is starting to explore outside more and more. 

Eventually, he'll be out hunting in the wild and doing what cats do.  And then I'll have Big Lady and all her devotion left just for me. I cannot wait!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday musings

Feel a bit out of joint in this joint.  When you have MYP running through the house, it is hard to be inspired to sit down and pen some beautiful prose.  Or musings.  But I must.

We were just at the strawberry fields.  I took only one of the MYP because it sometimes goes better that way. That and the simple fact that one was out of the country and the other was deep in slumber enjoying utter laziness of no schedule.  Mothers march their children to the fields with purpose.  The wagon ride is fun!  The anticipation is fun!  The berries are red!  You can eat as you go!  And then about 4 1/2 minutes later, you hear lots and lots and lots of complaining from the small fry.  "I'm hot.  I'm thirsty.  How long will we be here?  These are mushy!  I don't have many on my plants.  I'm still hot.  Can we go now?  NOW?  My spine even hurts.  A bug bit my ankle.  The hay is scratchy."  Seriously.  I heard every one of those.  And a few were from the darling I took along.

Then there was Mrs. Sixtysomething.  And "Dad" the old guy she brought along that had a literal folding chair.  She was a cantankerous sort.  There weren't enough berries.  Someone didn't move the flags like they should have.  The berries were brighter on someone else's row.  And every 27 seconds she would say "Dad, ARE YOU DOING ALRIGHT?" really loud because apparently "Dad" doesn't hear very well.  They picked about 49 berries in approximately 20 minutes and then they left.  I went back to their row and saw lots and lots and lots of berries that she left behind.  I think I learned a lesson.

Son #1 has packed his bags and left.  He even crossed the border with the Chicken Farmers and will be gone all week.  I feel a bit fluttery in my stomach that he's gone so long.  And so far away.  They left direct from a baseball game where he hit 3 for 3.  There was a huge smile as he leaped up and crammed himself in his place in the pickup and headed out for an 11-hour journey.  I'm thankful that I hugged him before we even left for the baseball game.  And I'm thankful he still likes that.

A few things I heard today:  "Why isn't T. gone longer than a week?  It seems too short!"  Let brotherly love continue...

"You look like a chipmunk with nuts in your cheeks when you smile like that."

"Mom, you know your breath always smells like tomato juice."  I apologized.  Then she said, "but I like it because it is just how you smell."  Like sour tomato juice.  I think some moms probably smell better.  Like flowers or something.

And I'm desperately trying hard to resist writing about the kitten we have named Simba.  So I won't.  But I can't help but post this picture of cuteness of the slumber party daughter #2 had with him the other night on the screen porch.  Yeah, we're treating him like a barn cat.

Mused out...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Is anyone else battling the end-of-school year piles of treasures kept in lockers this past year?  Considering I tend to be clutter-free, these next days make my skin crawl just a bit.

Numbers don't mean a lot to me in regards to this blog.  But I did find it fascinating that I've just past 60,000 hits since the birth of the Chairman's Wife.

Strawberries are in short supply up in these parts.  The place where I go said it is because of our mild winter.  Go figure.  We need to freeze in order to have good berries.  I do hope to go pick in the next day or so.  It would be considered a crisis if I didn't have some more jam in the freezer.

Ok I admit it.  I am smitten with the kitten.  Yesterday, I was needing to get a lot done around here and when he was awake, I wanted to play with him like some little kid.  He is such a funny rascal.  All two pounds of him.  When he sleeps, he crawls up to my chest, kneads his teeny-weeny paws a bit, then settles down to sleep.  I feel like a new mother again.

See what I mean?  

Exploring the great outdoors
I realize there are two camps of cat owners.  Those that treat them like the Egyptians did...and those that treat them like rodent-catchers that belong in a barn.  We are probably somewhere in between.

The pet store lady told me that dogs and cats are impossible to live with each other.  Oh?

Our almost-teen got braces this week!  Sometimes I catch my breath when I notice the MYP aren't little anymore.

Today I keep thinking of two special ladies that will hop a plane next week and head across the deep blue sea for the good of others.  It makes my heart seize a little to think they most likely won't be back in the states for five years.  But the best way we can help them is to encourage them to go - even though it makes our hearts ache.  They will get the greater joy and so will we.  I'm thankful for this day and age of communication no matter the distance.  And I'm just very, very thankful for them.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dog-gone it...

I'm not happy.  I have heard that blogs are the place to write down your deepest feelings or share about how your life is going.  Well this is Lisi, and life stinks.

You may have heard that there is someone new at our house.  The Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway hasn't been the same.  Instead of looking at me with dreamy eyes and thinking that the sun rises and sets in me, she is treating me as a mere distraction.  Honestly!  The nice Big Guy still takes me for my evening walk with him, but he's all silly and leans over this tiny little package of cat and acts like it is the cat's meow if you know what I mean.

This cat's name is Simba.  How do I know this?  Well Big Lady has been very, very annoying.  Each and every time I try to even get close to that little two pound ball of fleas, she says, 'Nice Simba.  Leave it!  Niiiiice Simba.  Simba is a good boy.  Aren't you Simba?'.  Well listen Big Lady, how do you know Simba is nice?  I have a hunch he's going to do some very dreadful things in the very near future and he won't look so "nice".  I sure hope so anyway.

And then there is Simba himself.  He's about the weight of my biggest toenail.  He has the nerve to think that this is his place now.  He has arched his back, swatted at my nose, and even growls a bit.  It honestly scares me just a little because I heard cats are ruthless.  Every time he does that, I back away.  If I wasn't a super-gentle golden retriever, I'd probably kill him with one chomp.  But I don't even think that way.  So I cower away and let him drink out of my water dish.  Insult me with growling noises.  And take up most of the time of the Big and many young people around here.  At least he has to stay in the screen porch and I get to sleep on my bed off the kitchen as usual.

Even though it all stinks a lot right now literally (have you ever seen a litter box?) and figuratively, I have a thought that maybe this little fur-ball will grow up to like me.  I've tried to do my best in being kind.  I'm sharing my world and my things and even my people.  So maybe, just maybe, he will remember my kindness and lay by me and purr some day.  But then again, he's a cat. And they are just not as classy as we dogs are.

I think Big Lady might even take me on a great, long hike today.  So I better stop venting.  I know you all love me to pieces, so maybe some sympathy thrown my way might be merited.

Thanks for listening.  Hopefully, life won't stink so bad in the future.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Musings

I sure look forward to this time with you musing...  really I do.

We had a journey to the Twin Cities over the weekend.  The purpose was a memorial service for my dad's sister.  The most important aspect of it was that we could lay her to rest with the peace that she had received the same in the last couple of months.

It was super-special to be with family again.  It was super-special to see some special people again.  Some we know more by name/face than in person.  And in person didn't disappoint.  It was super-special to be with some that I knew 20 years ago when I lived there.  They might look somewhat different, but they 'feel' the same.  One man only knew me by my voice.  So I must have changed (I'm certain for the better...:-) ) as well.  I can relate when some come back on a 'home visit' and they stare at people trying to figure out if that father with the little boy is the kid they remember some years back.  I sure did that.

The topography was exactly the same, but the landscape was very different.  In a span of nearly 18 years, huge shopping complexes and condos are built where old houses once stood.  Life goes on.

One somewhat funny moment was meeting a very kind man that I am related to.  He came up to me after not seeing each other for probably close to 15 years and he said, 'hello Big Lady'.  Well the blog was the furthest thing from my mind at that moment and I was thinking, 'wow, he really thinks I have put on a few'.  He must have seen that look in my eye and then said, 'you know, the blog?'.  Oh yes!  For sure!  heh heh

On our way home, we pulled into the Culver's lot and got not custard, but a kitten.  Simba is officially part of our family (unless he really, really messes up and has to go back to the farm and live with his mother again).  This little two pound golden ball of fuzz seems to be a bright little thing.  He spent part of his first night in the screen porch on the chest of the Chairman (who was nearly against this latest adoption).  pssst.  Don't tell the Chairman I shared this sweetness.  So far, so good.  Until he decides to do some naughty little thing that I'm sure he will do at some point.  He will be mostly an outdoor kitty.  But until he is big enough to not to be supper for a raccoon or prey for a hawk, we will keep him safely in his little box in the porch.

Here are some pictures of the kitty and dog.  I am dreadfully sorry that I forgot my camera on our trip to 10,000 lakes.

very anxious to meet her new pal
Well this is enough this time.  I have some introductions to do between the 75 lb. dog and the 2 lb. cat.  Could be very interesting...  I'm sure Lisi will have something to share before too long.