Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael came!

Enjoyed my mean older brother's oldest son coming to the midwest to visit family. I'm glad Michael didn't get the 'mean' traits from his dad. Must be the mom's side coming through...

We enjoyed you here Michael! Thank you for coming to visit!!!

Door County

A good time was had by all... I'm not sure how to adequately describe what it is like to be in a campground with about 100 of our closest friends... eating, visiting around a campfire, going to outdoor plays. It is just... well just great.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Too pretty!

I must be doing other things... like LOTS of other things. But these were pretty and I want to have it record

Too pretty!

Happy how they turned out!
They're still growing!
Waves... can't beat 'em
For Laura P!

I'm procrastinating... so I took pictures to fill my time. Now I HAVE to get it done before...

I did it!

I passed my therapy dog test! I think the big lady (this one doesn't yell like the one I live with) that gave the test was being kind. Well I did do a pretty snazzy job on all the requirements. She called them 'crisp' if I remember right. Except... she has the gall to bring in this pretty old lady golden retriever named 'Bella'. Bella is just cute and has all her feathery hair like goldens should have. (the big lady here keeps cutting mine so I don't drag in debris). And since she's so pretty I leaned waaaay in to sniff her. And made my leash go tight (a bad thing if you're testing to be a therapy dog). And the big lady that yells but loves me anyway was looking a bit stressed out as she couldn't yell. She couldn't pull on the leash. So she pulled out all the stops and rattled that treat sack in her pocket (even though she couldn't give me any). The whole test lasted a half-hour. Stressful when you're a pup like me! Pssst. I think the big lady that yells but loves me anyway was starting to smell a bit from being nervous.

And so you faithful readers! If you're needing some good therapy, come on over! I might even let you rub my ears to feel better. Ahhh.... what a life. Dog days they say.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Picky Picky

I should have known. I nursed her exclusively for 6 months. Then switched to bottles. Then in all my wisdom got her going on baby cereal. Think it was rice first then oatmeal. She fought me every step of the way. Wasn't working. Added fruit. Sppplllltttt. It all came out. She'd clamp her toothless mouth. The Chairman said don't make a fight of it. So I didn't and she drank bottles and ate the tiniest bits of table foods. The Ped. thought she was gaining nicely and said not to worry. She grows and gets older. Eating terribly I might add. If it was something she liked, she'd eat a LOT of it. And if it wasn't, she'd refuse. And now she's seven. I could practically list on a short piece of paper what she likes to eat. And. It. Drives. Me. Nuts. Today we came home from meeting and I made the following: tilapia with a cornmeal crust with a lemon/butter sauce, potato patties made from leftover m. potatoes with added egg/flour, green beans, fruit salad, and blueberry muffins. Yuck she said. To all of it except the fruit. I put tiny amounts on the plate. Told her she needed to eat her lunch before she could leave. She put on a royal 'show'. In all actuality it was hilarious. On gagging sounds. On holding her breath to chew. On plugging her nose to not taste. And she drank four glasses of water to wash down the terrible meal (which I might add was quite wonderful). It was irritating. And funny. And maddening. And so I ask you other more experienced and wise moms... how in the tarnation do I get a now 7-year old to try new foods? To eat like a normal person? I refuse to cook a different meal for her. But then an hour or so later she's begging me for bread (homemade of course!). So she gets a slice, but I feel like I'm enabling some bad behavior.

On a side note... the older two (non-breast-fed kids) are good eaters all around. They love to try new things. Eat like champs and so I say kudos to R&T!!!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday came fast

Lisi really suffers here
A few taking pictures
A fine family!

* Yes. And besides all the normal stuff, I can hardly remember what we did all week!

* Lisi was at the nursing home again. She has been quieter this week, so I don't think she has anything to post. She did ok there, but the test is on Monday. That'll tell the tale.

* She bolted on me yesterday. Did my usual walk. She was in a field going potty the last I saw. This was about a 6 minute walk from our house. Then I couldn't see her. Five minutes... 8 minutes... 10 minutes... WHERE'D SHE GO? I then ran home as fast as I could to get the kids on bikes to help look. Just as they were all ready to leave in walks Lisi into the garage. She wasn't wagging her tail or anything. She just came over ot me and looked. Then looked. Then looked some more. All the while looking very serious... like 'what did you do, ditch me?'. It was almost funny.... especially after thinking she was a gone-er.

* Summer vacation can be very tiring. And fun. Mira still sleeps today and it's 9:15.

* Our kids LOVE sleepovers. At our house or at someone else's. Speaking of which, Rayna isn't with us right now. She stayed after the party last night.

* Friends just celebrated their 25th this week. We joined in the celebration. A finer family you could hardly meet...

* Throwing a small-ish 50th anniversary party here in August for dad and mom D. I'm googling ideas for the meal. I think I can do it. Catering for 50! How fun is that?

* My mean big brother sent his son to the midwest to be with his family. I don't have a picture to post, but I will next week. I'm not sure why, but his son is sure a nice kid. He must get it from his mother's side.

* Door County will be very fun. Nothing like having 1-200 of your closest friends all in the same campground!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Picture update in reverse order...

Posted a ton on FB, but thought I'd put a few on here too for grins. Lots happened in the past week... and I'm too tired to write it into words...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ray!

Our little Miss Sunshine. Our bright spot of the day. Our special gift from far, far awy, yet she feels like she's been with us since before she began. When I look at her, I see beautiful growing girl. I see... us. I see devotion. And I see just pure joy.

Happy Birthday to you my dear. Happy 10! Love you so much!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mira!

Seven years ago our baby was born. It was really nothing less than a miracle. At the time we were choosing her name we considered about four strong possibilities. Then about a day before she came Rayna (at the ripe old age of two days short of 3) told me in the kitchen that her sister would be named "Mira". I said really? And Rayna emphatically said yes. And so she was. The day after she was born our very special workers came. B asked, 'is she named Mira because it is the beginning of miracle?'. I actually hadn't thought of it, but it was true. After five heart-wrenching losses, she was here. Alive. And healthy. A gift from above. And we hardly deserved it after two previous gifts from afar. But we had our family. It was complete. And to us, it was just perfect.

Happy Birthday to you Mira! We love your spunk, silly ways, smart mind, and quick comebacks!