Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings

Well happy new week to you!  We've had spectaculicious weather the last while.  Perfect temperatures, vibrant colors on the foliage with a stunning blue backdrop.  And to think I used to dread fall.

If you know me or have followed my blog, you know that my creativity is challenged at best.  Have you ever seen those posts about pinterest fails?  They are funny.  And they are so me.  I tried do a little something creative yesterday.
Look closely.  You can see where the spray paint got on the left side of the pumpkin.  You can see where it dripped in the middle of the "D".  I give up.  Crafty-clever-cute can be left to the rest of you.

We've had some wonderful days out hiking in nature.  Daughter #2 accompanied me on Saturday.  I love this picture because it looks like I'm in my home state of South Dakota again.  Oh how I miss the prairie some days.  
Of course Lisi came too.  I had her sit by a little pile of leaves daughter #2 collected.  Dogs are such love able dim-wits.  I tell her to sit in the middle of the path to pose by some leaves and she sincerely thinks it's a good idea.  
Then there's "Ranya".  She is standing there in the cream/black.  She is the aunt of the opposing rec soccer team our daughter played late-Saturday afternoon.  "Ranya" (yes her real name, she spelled it for someone) screamed and hollered and carried on like this was the semi-finals of the World Cup.  Her sister-in-law (in the green chair) looked like she about had enough at one point.  And I did too as I hastened to move my camp chair over to the other side by half-time.  Thankfully, we won and "Ranya" knocked the decibels down a couple notches.  Meeska!   
Our family all headed out for another park Sunday afternoon.  Here's the Chairman and I!  
Here's the MYP.  The top was taken 12 years ago.  The bottom was yesterday.  I would love to recreate it again with them in decent clothes.  But oh well.  I was just quite pleased they were willing to do it and to gasp!  Hold hands for a few seconds.  

At 5 am on Sunday morning my phone blared a warning sign in the bedroom.  I popped up and squinted my aging eyes trying to read what it was saying.  I saw "Amber Alert" and put the phone down and went back to bed.  I told the MYP at breakfast what had happened.  One of them pipes up, 'did you come upstairs to see if we were still there?'.  Um.  No.  

Well I hear it is 'National Coffee Day'.  I plan on doing nothing different today.  I had my mug of 'joe' this morning.  And I intend to have my cuppa black tea this afternoon.  I'm rebellious like that. 

Happy week ahead! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Good Thursday morning!  I took this picture of our street from my trusty iPhone 4s this am while running out to get the paper.  I may or may not have been wearing my fleece pj's and flip flops while standing in the middle of street.

You see I was sleepy at 6:10 am.  Why you ask?  Because it was 6:10 am and I had just finished making french toast and packed three lunches.  But there's more!  You see the Chairman likes to walk in the evenings with Lisi.  Last night was later because of our study meeting.  He returns from the walk at 10:30 and asks me (while reading in bed) if Lisi had come back home after he lost track of her 1/2 mile from home.  Um.  No.  So I get up and put on something decent and head off in the car and he by foot.  Now mind you I had just swigged down a full dose of Nyquil to keep me from coughing up body parts while I slept.  There's nothing quite like driving around in the dark night whistling for your dog all the while feeling slightly woozy and drunk on Nyquil at 10:50 at night.  Alls well that ends well.  Lisi came back home all on her own and seemed highly excited and surprised to see me drive in.  I was just thankful I didn't hit the garage as I parked the van.

I really enjoy all things food.  I love cooking, baking, stir-frying, boiling... you name it.  I take a slight pride in the fact that I feed the family healthy and tasty meals day after day after day....  However, last night was a complete failure in the eyes of the MYP. One of them who you might guess said the following that I posted on FB. "Normally I don't eat a lot because I just don't like food that much. But tonight's supper was bad. I'll give you an A+ for effort, but it was bad. Real bad."  Thank you my sweets!  On a side note, the Chairman approved but didn't ask for it again real soon.
I knew it wasn't very filling when son #1 put in the request for french toast as I was saying goodnight to him.  Nothing like sending your MYP to bed hungry!  

The other night when I was actually cooking a meal that everyone enjoyed I heard a "whoosh" sound that seemed very close.  I rushed outside and there it was!  It was so close you could have thrown a football to the folks in the basket.  Fall is such a pretty time.
I needed to make a call to a major retailer that did a repair on our lawn mower.  You see I found a coupon after the repair was completed and wanted to see if it was possible to get a money credit for the work performed.  Well let me tell you, fast talking worked!  I got $49 credited back to my account and I made a new friend in Texas!  She's a single mom (her husband died) with five kids from age 22 down to 13.  She lives just outside of Dallas in the country and cooks a dozen eggs for breakfast each morning for her family after she rises at 3:00 am to have coffee and some quiet time before the family gets up.  I could go on, but I believe you smart readers get the point.  

Well trying to make amends with the MYP and have cinnamon rolls ready for the oven.  Hope you have a good rest of the week.  I think these Thursday Thoughts are through.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Musings

Well apparently this isn't the truth to the masses reading the Chairman and Co.  I have a bellwether to prove my point.  You see it is the end of Monday.  I didn't Muse.  No one cared.  Boo.  Sniff.  Slobber.  Bwah!  I usually get a text.  A brief email.  A note on FB.  It's Monday!  Where's Monday Musings?  Today?  Crickets.  That's ok.  My self-esteem is high despite this brief setback.  

It's been a very special and busy past few days.  

I dug out some potatoes:
Entertained the cat: (or maybe not)
Let Lisi in and out of the house more times than I could number:
And we shared our home with some wonderful ladies.  One of them happens to be my sister (in-law).  The other happens to be her sister - who also happens to feel like my aunt.  I could go deeper on this story, but maybe it is best left unsaid.  

These ladies came for the funeral of their step-mother.  It was special that we had some days with them after the service.  One of them took some pictures of what I would consider just ordinary times in the house.  I saved the images and some day will look back at these as the 'good old days' I'm certain.

We also met with other family members and some friends:
Happy sigh.  After supper we spotted Elvis.  I think daughter #2 didn't respect his personal space:

And so now our company has flown away back to their home states..  On airplanes, not their angel wings. 

I've been sick with a nose-cold that went to a chest-cold.  Believe you me, it didn't hamper my ability to talk the past few days!

So nothing too aMuse-ing to share really.  Other than I'm very thankful for family and friends and feelings of friendliness.  Sure beats feeling crabby!  Heh.  

Or self-pity for the lack care if there's a Muse or not...  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I love Lucy..

... today because I feel like her.  

She did have a remedy for crabbiness.  I might go try it and then stop and count my blessings one-by-one.  That should chase the crabbies away.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Checking In

No news is good news, right?  I sure hope so!

Hello!  This is your good friend Lisi.  I was thinking this morning that the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway has really monopolized the blogging lately.  Between you and me, we both know I'm way more interesting than she is, right?  RIGHT?  Thought so.

So what has been happening in my life lately?  Not much.  I get so incredibly frustrated with the Big Lady.  She loves to write about me when I've done terrible deeds or made a bad judgement call.  But does she write about me on just an ordinary day when the sun is golden and life is good?  Nope.  So I think I'll show you my good side.  Actually, I had to ask Big Lady to take this pictures of me.

meeting some sheep!
Big Lady finds the nicest spots to meander

waiting for soccer practice to finish

is it done yet Big Lady?

time for a nap

seriously Big Lady?  This isn't my flattering side.

much better

Please?  Just throw me my ball one more time.  

How did I end up on this side of the door?

do I smell muffins?

This Big Lady is such a lovable goon and so am I.
Well it was great to touch base with you again!  If you ever want to get some dog hair on your clothes or toss a saliva-dripping tennis ball or share any morsel of food with me, just come on over to our house!  I'll be waiting for you.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Musings

I feel like a million miles from Monday.  Yet the harsh reality of life is that it indeed is Monday and I must Muse.

Most of you know that we have been away for some days of resting and feasting.  I'm not sure which word describes what it is like, but I think both are appropriate.  It once again was the best one ever.  When you are there it is like life and time stands still - yet the four-plus days go by in the fastest way possible.

Once again our assignment was bathroom duty.  One of my comrades in commodes dubbed us the "Loo Crew".  I like that.  I'm thinking we should have some aprons made up with that embroidered on the top.  However, there's something to be said about plastic, disposable aprons in the event they get dirty (which often happens).  I personally feel it is the most rewarding job on the grounds.  And hopefully, it smelled like roses (or at least tried to some days!).

The crew we had together was about the best one yet.  In fact, our duties were expanded to include working in some other buildings.  I personally like to think of it as a promotion, but that wouldn't be humble enough.  So maybe I'll just say we had enough people to work in other areas too.  Here we are in all our glory!  Aren't they a lovely and lively bunch?

We had the help of these new recruits this year.
I did not force them to mop.  I promise.  They begged and begged me to do it until I relented thinking I would just mop again once those little cuties left.  Well guess what?  They were so careful I think they did a better job than I would have.

We stopped for a bit of supper on our way home.  Why is it when you see these same people you have seen for four days at a restaurant that it is such a complete joy?   I think I know the answer.

So today is the normal after-time-away laundry party.  I'm glad for large capacity machines.  And after I took this photo I realized two of the MYP's contributions were missing.
I always feel bad for the MYP after being away.  I saw one holding back tears as we drove away yesterday.  I heard audible groans this morning as they got up to face the harsh realities of life and school and needing to play catch-up this week.  One was asking help for a math problem last night.  I was never great at math and it made me think of this:
Well happy Monday to you!  I'm off to many needs.  Kneading bread.  Needing to buy some produce.  Needing to fold many, many piles of clothes.  And needing to put a lot into practice.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Musings

Greetings!  This is my view.
No, we didn't get a tv yet.  And we have no minivan in the house.  And I have no clue of the lady's name in front of me. Let's just call her Laurie because that's what she looks like from the back. I'm sitting at the local Honda dealership waiting for our van.  I tried to explain the "strange sound" coming from the front left tire.  I'm not sure 'Al' really understood the "grrr-rr" sound I was tying to make.  Oh well.  I'm learning about JLo on some show and typing up a blog post because it Monday and I love you all.  

I had an interesting dream last night.  I dreamt that since this blog was popular world-wide, the dog name "Lisi" was #3 in popularity only behind "Max" and "Buster".  There was an article about Lisi and me and lots of pictures taken from the blog.  I am thinking my self-esteem is overrated these days.  Silly me. 

There's a slight feeling of fall in the air now.  In fact, I had to break out my REI wooly slippers this morning because any time the temp drops below 63, my feet are like little blocks of ice.  
This coming week promises to be super special.  I have much to do before Wednesday evening but we will manage like we always do.  And every effort will be worth it.  Even bathroom duty!

Today friends will be burying their 15-year old son.  The depth of grief is unimaginable to me.  In light of their loss it has been very, very easy to stop and listen to our MYP.  It has been easy to overlook a shoe in the way.  The crumbs under the stools where they eat breakfast.  It is a joy to get a text with a picture of a perfect quiz score.  And it is easy to sit in the hallway on the floor with these lovely young people all around and talk about our day and listen to them chatter.  The other night as our fast-growing teenage son walked by me I said "I want to hug you" and he turned around and said "well why don't you then?".  We both needed it.  

Well I just had a couple tears slide down my cheek here in the bustling Honda dealership waiting room.  I better call this a post and go try out some weak waiting-room coffee.  

I'll be back to Musing next Monday! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Not a lot of thoughts, but a few anyway!

Yes, school has started for the MYP here in Dairyland.
Off to high school

off to middle school
This year is a first.  It is the first time for daughter #2 to not have a sibling in school with her.  And you know what?  It won't be happening again either.  You see our high school is broken up by two campuses.  Her brother will be moving on to the next campus by the time she enters the doors.  I think she's happy/sad about it.  

It's always a transition to return to school.  There's jittered nerves.  I'm talking about me, not the MYP!  Ha.  I do thoroughly enjoy the quieter days and love to hear the bus return.  But I forget how it is.  I go from this (well kinda, sorta, but not really):
to this when they get home from school. (Yes, Lisi is sometimes along for the ride.)
We never wanted to be "those" people.  You know the ones that over-schedule their kids in sports, music, drama, lessons, etc?  Well we have three MYP.  Each one has one sport or a job.  That equates to lots of driving to and fro.  Thankfully, it is mostly all nearby.  But it does make for an interesting calendar.

I was waiting for the bus the other day.  This was my view.  They just finished a really good knock-em-out fight.  Then laid down together to rest up for the next round.  They make me smile.  
Yesterday we heard some news that was distressing.  It doesn't affect our family directly, but it does affect some people we love.  We often hear that when one member suffers, the rest suffer.  That really proves true once again.  Life is a gift.  Our children are gifts.  Love without reserve....

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Musings

'Twas the last day of summer,
when all through this place,
there were smiles and frowns
all over the face.

Pencils were sharpened,
and binders were bought,
Backpacks were loaded,
and lunches were sought.

The bus will come early,
late nights are o'er,
the alarm will be awful
of that I am sure.

I'll wave them goodbye,
or maybe I'll not.
Because they aren't little,
but I'll still miss them a lot.  

I better stop with the prose.  (Ed note:  an alert reader just informed me early this morning that prose is actually used incorrectly here.  I probably should call it for what it is - poetry.)  (Ed note #2:  the aforementioned alert reader is a brilliant man who also hales from the state of KY.  So all those stereotypes of the bluegrass state are probably incorrect.)  Now back to regular programming.  Can you tell I just typed it up in about two minutes without much thought?  You can?  I figured.

Yes, summer of 2014 is over after today.  It has been once again a very good one.  We accomplished much.  We had fun.  We have misgivings about not doing thus and such.  There have been many, many sleepovers and MYP coming to and fro.  I'm thankful for a worn welcome mat.  And I'll be thankful for quieter days ahead.

Daughter #2 had a bit of an extra privilege this past week for two days.

But after working with the Chairman full time the first three days of the week and then being gone for two days/nights right after, I started to have that ache in my heart.  You know the feeling when your firstborn goes to kindergarten?  Yes, it was the same.  I missed her deeply.  In fact, I was in a store and a song came on over the speaker that I knew she liked and I will admit it made my eyes feel damp.  It sure is wonderful to have the wagons circled again and the family all here.  Do not even begin to tell me about young people heading off to college.  One of my friends texted me a photo of her and her son as they were ready to leave him and just looking at that nearly made me weep.  Sniff.

I'm a bit put off on all the targeted advertising we see on the internet.  One of the things that keeps popping up for me is in all caps.  "TOP 3 EXERCISES TO LOSE BELLY FAT!!!".  Thanks for boosting my self esteem.  

One of the MYP is turning into either a snark or a comedian.  If you have no problem being made fun of, well then I'd probably call it comedy.  Last night we were having a wonderful time just chatting along on her bed.  Then she suddenly says, 'Listen!  Do you hear that?'.  I pause.  I strain.  I am trying to hear something.  Then she says, 'It's the beautiful silence of you not talking.'.  Well good night to you then!

I was giving some slightly complicated instructions to her this week about pulling some bread and rolls out of the oven as I needed to play shuttle service for another one of the MYP.  Some needed to be tipped over.  Some needed out sooner... etc She looks at me and says, 'can't we just let them burn?'  Um.  No.

Today I saw this t-shirt worn by a guy that wasn't the sharpest tack on the bulletin board.  I was trying to figure out if someone gave it to him because of who he was or if he thought he was some kind of special and thought it was for everyone else.  No matter, it made me smile.
We ladies went to our local "Parade of Homes" today.  I thought I found our next humble abode but unfortunately, it was already sold for 1.2 million in coin.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.  
Was nice to have some extra company come along with us.  

Plastic fake wine in glasses is always fun, right?  
Well I'm Mused out.  We need to make the most of our final day of summer.  Some day I know for sure these will have been 'the good old days'.