Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sick of the Stone

A few thoughts since getting the 'stone':

When you are desperately ill, you don't care about things that are important to you. As I rocked in the fetal position in the ER last week, I looked down and saw myself in PJ's, a very old pair of Crocs that didn't match the PJ's, a fleece jacket that was yet another color, and my hair was every which way without a barette, clip, pin, anything. And I didn't care.

I love a tidy house, planned meals for the kitchen, order with the kids... etc. You know the picture. I'm not a control freek, but I tend to labor over things that don't always matter. But when you are hurting, it doesn't matter. At all.

Conversation is a bit bizarre too. When I was lying there in my stupor, everything I heard seemed like in 3rd person. Even when they talked to me. It is like life is going on without you. Kinda scary-weird at the same time.

I've tried many concoctions of cocktails to rid myself of the 'beast'. I think the olive oil/lemon juice one could be the most promising provided you drink at least 3 qts. of water a day with it. But it is nasty. Like putrid. Like plug your nose and get it down. I did it tonight again and got the lemon juice part of it down the windpipe. Now that hurt. And burned. And it all is because I have a terrific ache on my side/abdomen.

Pain medications are nice, but there are drawbacks. The vicodin makes me just loopy. Not really in a fun way. A bit nauseous mixed with utter sleepy feelings. Works good for nights, but by day I'm supposed to be moving around to help get things going (like that has worked in the last nearly 6 days). Motrin works pretty good all around, but sometimes, not quite enough help.

But it is getting somehow better. Or is it? Am I just used to the pain? It isn't as bone-jarring as in the beginning. But the aching feeling on the side/back/belly really hurts. And then gets more intense. It is hard to describe. At times it feels like labor. Other times it feels like my back is 'out'. And other times I am almost pain-free. Sorta. Not really.

So what are my options? Not much. They could try to 'blast' it out. But the side effects of that aren't really fun either. They say 90% should just work their way out on their own. With LOTS of water I might add. Hey! No more cracked fingertips!!! My eyeballs are floating. I'll call the Dr. in the next day or so if the status doesn't change. I think my ER Dr. was being a bit 'hopeful' when he said I'd have it out within hours or the day for sure (six days ago...)

Enough on the stone. I think I should name him though! Might as well have fun in the misery. Suggestions anyone?

On a side note: I had a wonderful family time this past week. I'll post some photos once my body isn't giving me such grief.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sitting stone

Oh man. I don't recommend kidney stones to my fiercest enemy. They hurt. Like childbirth. Only maybe worse?

I did have an awesome day yesterday with family. The pain subsided enough to be there. But last night it hit with gusto again. And whoooeeee. It is fierce again today.

Hoping that there is good news soon. So far I've drank: gallons and gallons of water, a lot of Coke, olive oil mixed with lemon juice, lemon juice mixed with water, and cider vinegar mixed with water. Home remedies that haven't worked!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kidney beans! I mean stone...

Shouldn't be joking. It hurts.

We to bed last night normal time. Wake up with intense pain. Endure three hours until I can't stand it anymore. Wake up Chairman. Call Nurse On Line. Go to ER. Admitted quickly and nearly beg for my medicine. Get an IV. Temporary relief. CAT scan reveals a stone near the bladder and no others. Dr. sends us home 3 hours later.

I'm on pain meds that mask it somewhat. Need to drink a HUGE volume of water today and be up and around (in the house) as much as possible. And wait. For it to pass. 50-50 chance. I'm hoping of course as I'd like turkey tomorrow with family!

Ouch. And I thought yesterday was bad!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The library found the book! The 2nd one missing, not the first.

Um lady, can you keep looking for Little Lamb too???

Having one of 'those' days...

Went to pay for my missing library book. Which one she asks? What do you mean? There's two out that are overdue. I brought that one back! In fact, I count them off the check-out slip before I put in the slot! She says no you didn't. I'm stumped. She's looking at me and then says, 'go home and look for it'. I do. It isn't here. And neither is the other one. And I count before I put in the drop slot. So!!! Do I pay for two books that I feel like aren't missing within the confines of our property? For aggraviation...!

I have a canker sore that really hurt.

And a mild sprain on some fingers.

And a sore elbow from whopping it on a corner.

And three cracked fingertips due to dry/winter weather that I'll have to live with for the next four months even though I put stuff on nearly hourly.

And I have a ton of groceries to put away. Discovered my fridge in the garage freezes everything so I have some stuff to throw because it shouldn't have been frozen.

And the dishwasher repair man gave the bill of $104 for the 'warranty work'. I still had to pay for labor.

Ok, I'll quit complaining. For all you blog-readers that come for a good snicker, it ain't happenin' today. I'm off to pay bills and fold more laundry and walk the dog in some cool, near-winter air.

Now off to lick my wounds.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's mumble

Enjoying puppy Mavrick - her cousin's dog!


kids on the couch!

the brother that is mean but loves me anyway

this morning! Rayna already had headed to the bus stop.

Insurance guys coming to look at the 'damages' from the accident. People involved are being super nice. A good thing...

It snowed! Kinda pretty in a winter sort of way. But I still like June best.
Enjoyed brother and his lovely family. Visits, a cozy fire, a game of Rook, and some pasta. 'Twas nice and we'll see them more later this week! But boys oh boys the boys are bigger! 10 months makes a big difference in kids.

Trevor gets new glasses today! Two new pairs. But today was pajama day at school and so I'll pick them up and take three kids in their pajamas to the glasses place. Will they think I'm a weird mother? Or maybe I should pack a bit of clothes for them to wear so they don't look completly quirky (although they might think they take after their mother!). But!!! This is the same place where the guy wondered if I was Trevor's grandma the last time we were in. I saw him on Saturday but I refrained from spitting on his shoes or anything. Trevor whispered really loudly though, 'Mom! There he is! That guy!'. And 'that guy' was wondering what all the fuss was about.

I'll try to post some pictures of the past couple days...

Friday, November 21, 2008


And so when I posted the picture (below) I heard a 'KA-BOOM!'. I jumped up thinking something went wrong in the basement. Nope. Lucky for me. Just a smoking car IN OUR BACKYARD? Oh goodness. Away walks a high school guy (neighbor actually). The front end is missing. The car is smoking. The windshield wipers are going back and forth, back and forth (I'm not sure why on that).

I call the Chairman. He always knows what to do! 'Did you call 911?'. No. Should I? Yes! Now! So I do and soon the parade of people come. Two sheriffs. One ambulance. One firetruck. And finally, a tow truck and the WE Energy truck! Exciting! I might add on a side note all this is going on while a repair man is on his back in the kitchen looking at the dishwasher motor.

What happened is simply speed and a corner. He first leveled off a very nice Balsam Fir (too bad), knocked over the utility box, went airborn over our mound, and landed with a 'KA-BOOM' about 25' later. It was eerily close to our master bedroom.

I must give the people credit. The mom and son stopped and offered a heart-felt apology. He said he won't be driving for a long time. The mother was rattled, but thankful for kindness.

And I'm thankful no one was hurt!


Like it? Or not...

Thinking of this for the open wall in the dinette. Wanting to stick with a coastal/cape cod theme since that is the style of our house...Gone Sailing Framed Art Print by Jacqueline Penney
Gone Sailing by Jacqueline Penney
Framed Art by ArtSelect

Thursday, November 20, 2008


After her shower, I was helping Mira get dressed and pulled out some undies. I said, 'here honey, how about Strawberry Shortcake panties?' She says, 'mom? I really don't like Strawberry Shortcake, but since they are "handy-downs" I'll wear them. I love those moments and since she's already 6, those days are nearly over.

It is windy as all get out tonight. And bone-cold. Did I say ever that November isn't a favorite month of mine?

Rayna and her friend Shana got to go to Sarah's Stampin' Garage for fun with her. I tagged along to supposidly watch the little ankle-biter there. Wowser, she's delightful and a pistol at the same time. Lana... I had a fun with Joey too! He still likes to cuddle.

Our dishwasher roars. When we moved in it was so quiet you couldn't tell it was running. Now it turned loud on me. So yet another service guy comes.

I found a file cabinet at Sam's! A good deal (Lucille) too!

And I need to clean. I think tomorrow I might get it to 'ting'. We'll see. But I'm anxious for that sound again. New readers will have to read posts when we were doing open houses in June. Because...

Dinner company tomorrow night. Looking forward to it a lot. I like friends coming over. Makes November nights feel more cozy. Did I mention that I don't like November? :-)

And! My brother that I like to complain about, but love anyway and his wonderful family come in this weekend too! Hooray for Thanksgiving!

Why are geese honking and flying over the house at night? There are literally hundreds around here. There's a golf course about 1/2 mile away. I think that has something to do with it.

I like cheap gas! And a bit cheaper bill at the grocery line.

The Chairman has been working long hours. And he never complains about it and the responsibility he has for us. I love that about him. And I hope I'm doing my part at home keeping the fires burning.

Now it is time to put the file cabinet together!

p.s. Did I mention to you my feelings about November? Oh I did? Sorry.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Duane's on the phone and I saw this blog hopping, so here goes!

1. Who was your FIRST prom date? Never went to prom...
2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love? Yes, I'm married to him...
3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink? champagne
4. What was your FIRST job? Aside from babysitting, I was a dietary aide a nursing home.
5. What was your FIRST car? A '66 Chevy Nova with a HUGE steering wheel and it was shaped like a box.
6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?I haven't gotten any texts today...
7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? Duane
8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? Miss Step (a spinster teacher)
9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane? I flew to England
10. Who was your FIRST best friend and are you still friends with them? Lisa - a neighbor girl. And no, no contact.
11. What was your FIRST sport played? Boxing with my brother?
12. Where was your FIRST sleep over? I honestly couldn't say! Maybe Hanssen's?
13. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today? Trevor
14. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time? my sister, Karen's.
15. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? Shut off my alarm.
16. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to? Kenny Rogers!
17. FIRST tattoo or piercing?nope
18. FIRST foreign country you went to? Mexico to visit my dear great uncle Clarence.
19. What was your FIRST run in with the law? Speeding in college
20. When was your FIRST detention? 9th grade. I wasn't supposed to have gum. I popped in a big ol' piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum (does anyone remember that kind?) Thought Mr. Zubke wouldn't notice. He did... I got a WEEK!
21. What was the FIRST state you lived in? Wisconsin. Moved to SD when I was 6. And here I am again!
22. Who was the FIRST person to break your heart? Couldn't say. Maybe my heart never broke? Oh of course it did. But I'm private on some things, ok?
23. Who was your FIRST roommate? Lisa Gedker. First year of college. We still exchange holiday cards.
24. Where did you go on your FIRST limo ride? Wow! I've never had one. Am I missing something.

Duane's getting off the phone! Good timing.
p.s. This one was a tad on the boring side I think...

Pancake breakfast and morning rush

Oh good grief. The pictures came in the reverse order again. Stupid is as stupid does.

One lb. gone and 9 to go of the world-famous Krusteaz!

I paused during the 'yell and out the door' morning routine to shoot each kid before they headed for the bus stop. They were wondering my madness...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday talk

Man-oh-howdy it is cold out! The brisk NW wind really was 'bitey' on my walk this morning. But it feels soooo good to walk too. I remember a quote when I lived in MN. There is no such thing as bad weather. Bad clothes? Yes. Bad weather, no. I still don't believe it.

I enjoyed lunch with a friend. I've known her basically all my life. Our parents were friends when we were wee little girls. She was the best friend of my sister-in-law that left us too soon. Because of sharing in that sadness, she became a real friend and not just someone I 'knew'. I'm thankful still for Sue and her influence and life. And miss her.

A bittersweet feeling. Because of a better school district, my 'baby' is now reading chapter books. That means the cute reader books aren't cutting it anymore. I brought home a bag of library stories a week ago (oh yes! Little Lamb is still on the lam... (missing) get it?) and they sit. I suggest that I could read and Mira responds that she wants to read her Junie B book. (sniff)

Our woodstove has 'issues'. We had a couple bad downdrafts which smoked up the basement. Our local friend who also happens to be a woodstove expert and retired firefighter is coming over to see the matter. Lucky for us for him! I miss the warmth.

And no Anita... no camel hair yet. :-) My birthday is in May though... (tee-hee)

Why do dogs love to roll in stinky stuff. Manure. Dead animals. I thought we had a smart purebred. But really, a dog is a dog and they like to dig and roll in really stinky stuff.

Having some over for Friday supper. Always look forward to that.

I should post more pictures but I don't get the camera out enough.

Anyone want to come over for pancakes?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday's stats

Lets see... great past few days. Had our workers here. Got invites out for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Friends are a blessing. Our kids know little about being lonely. In fact, after our g.m. this afternoon, Rayna said, 'what are we doing tonight?'. Um. Going home and just being there. Really? Can't we have someone come over?

The dog rolled in some form of animal manure while Duane and she were walking today. PU. She's banished until bathtime.

The kids saw gerbils at the place I get dog food. They are begging, pleading, asking, for pet gerbils. I'm an animal lover. Love them! But the thought of spending money for a rodent that looks just like the mouse I killed in the garage seems just senseless. And after day #9, I have a hunch that I'd be the primary caretaker of these aforementioned rodents. No thank you. Yet they insist...

I don't like November. Still don't. I think I mentioned at our anniversary time that I don't like this month. Eeeeew. I'd rather have ice and snow and -20 degree weather. Windy, rainy, and gray. I'm cold to the bone. Almost always. I did break down and buy Smartwool last winter. I only have one shirt. And some socks. That does help. But I get soooo cold. Any remedies out there? The Chairman is usually hot. So the thermostat gets looked at often.

I have so many jobs to get at around here. Setting up the printer. The laptop for wireless. Sorting umpteen boxes in the basement. Cleaning places no one sees. Replacing lightbulbs outside. Calling electricians, HVAC guys, etc. Yeesh. A bit at a time, right?

The dog fence got really tested today! A lab (and his owner) were walking by and Lisi danced sideways in the front yard and didn't dare cross! Hooray!

Enough from the peanut gallery.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Taken this morning when she didn't know I was watching... Now she sees me!

Yesterday afternoon before they left.

Parenting 101

Conferences were held last night. It is fascinating to hear the teachers describe your own children to you to a 'T'. What we see and know about the little people here renders true. Mira is... well funny. Kinda smart. Tries to get others to laugh. And is successful. Trevor is... well very personable. Loves friends. Good at math and reading (although he needs to remember what he read). Needs to be told to sit down and work. But does after a warning. Rayna is... well sensitive. Loves reading. Tolerates math. Hates working. Her teacher takes her job very seriously. I felt like sitting up straight when she was talking. And then about part-way through she asks for Rayna to come into the room. She talks to her about needing to work. And hard. Rayna cries. And then she says, 'now go get a tissue and stop crying so we can talk'. I immediately felt near nausea. My baby! When she came back and sat between Chairman and me I wanted to pick her up and hold her. Rock her back and forth. Tell her it would all be ok. Then I realized that wasn't appropriate. Maybe just hold her hand! Then I realized. That wouldn't be right either. I was doing a 5 second evaluation of the whole situation and saw that I am the problem. What? Me? I love my children. With a passion. And for a reason I've begun to understand, I've wanted to love, protect, nurture, and nearly hover over Rayna. I think it is some deep-seeded passion from nearly 9 years ago when she was given to us in China. She needed us. We desperately needed her. And so I've wanted to keep her from pressure. From scary situations. From work! And she has done a very good job in keeping me from seeing her ability (and maybe I didn't want to see it). So... I need to love, nurture, and protect. With the understanding that my 'baby' is now nearly 9 1/ 2 years old. And she needs to be challenged. Pushed. Encouraged to be all she can be. And that is pure parenting.

No one told me parenting would have new rules nearly daily! No one told me it would get harder as they got older. But yet, I love this stage. My little ones are now turning into people with interests, friends, and ideas of their own. And I (we) need to only strengthen them in what their strengths are and give gentle pushes when they need to be pushed.

Not very profound I know... but a learning experience for me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

By the way...

The Krusteaz pancake mix is 10 lbs. not 3 like I previously mentioned.

And I still don't like it...

Testing... pictures

Yep. I might have a system in place for pictures again! Hooray!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I hate cutting up a raw chicken. Yes, strong language I know. I love cooking. Baking. Anything in the kitchen. But I hate cutting a raw chicken. Even if it is a free-range professing chicken (think Sarah S.). It still is very high on the icky scale. I realize she's giving of time and energy and probably money to contribute to the dinner tables around SE Wisconsin, but would it be asking too much to have her cut them up for us too??? Sarah? Whatdayasay?

I'm serving it to our workers. They'll soon be here for a few days. A privilege indeed. I think the way it is planned to have the shepherds go from home to home is perfect in every way. They encourage us just by being near. We have lots to be thankful for.

And changing the subject. I saw a huge bag of Krusteaz pancake mix at Sam's awhile back. And I got it. And I don't like it. I'm not a food fussy really, but the end result is NOT like my homemade buttermilk whole wheat ones. So! What do you do with a 3 lb. bag of pancake mix?

Trevor is getting to be a budding cook. Last night he helped me make applesause. Today, he basically did breakfast for everyone. He needs to be busy and then he's happy. Now Rayna? She doesn't have the least bit interest in the kitchen. I hope she doesn't starve some day.

I'm still not trusting the dog fence yet. She broke through twice yesterday, but it was still in training mode. I upped it and then 'accidentally' had her shocked while chasing a ball. And she jumped and got very nervous about it all. I hope it works.

She's waiting for her walk, so I better hit it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bedtime talk

Mira: Mom? You remind me of the substitute teacher we had today.
Me: Really? How?
Mira: She was really, really, really mean.
Rayna: Mira! Mom isn't mean...
Mira: No mom, you remind me of her, but not the mean part.
Me: So how do I remind you of her?
Mira: She has short hair and you have long.
Me: Huh?
Rayna: Mira, that's dumb.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lip Smakin' Better than even a famous guy named Dave's Ribs

Per some requests:

Super Sunday!

They usually are. We had a great day. Encouragement for the soul and friends for company! We were 15 in all today. A great time on a cold and snowy day. And we have leftovers which I love to have! I really cook a bit extra on purpose. But once, when we were all sitting around the table with a group I mentioned how much I love leftovers after. And then. Well. Um. I guess we shouldn't eat more than, Linda? Boy did I feel stoopid!

Can you tell I'm writing on a new computer? A deal at Sam's. I still have a bunch of pictures on the old cpu that needs to be printed out. So I might have to hassle in getting that all switched. Plus I need to still add a printer to this one. And... you know how computers are. But horrors! We were off-line for a few hours yesterday. Scary!

And we got a new snowblower. You see driveway #1 had one that even I could shovel. Driveway #2 is longer and wider. It is delivered on Wednesday along with a ping pong table! Hooray! I LOVE ping pong and can't wait to beat my nephew, Michael in a couple of weeks (not to mention his dad who I BEAT the last time we were in CA). Or was it two years ago. But hey! I did!!!

Chatters enough. Oh yeah! My voice! It is still wavering and weak. But I held its own today. But if I try to really yell at the kids/dog, it erupts to nothing. They all are enjoying it immensely.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's thoughts

Good thing for Lisi. I've lost my voice. Keith, you wish you were here I know. A dream come true for you. Your loud-mouth little sister without a voice. In fact, a fundraiser lady just called and I think she thought I was pulling a prank on her as I was breathlessly whispering to her on the phone. She hung up on me! I feel fine though. And the sore throat is gone!

So the underground fence is in. It'll work with a bit of training. She now has nearly 2 acres to roam once she's trained.

We put together a little glass bookshelf that we found at Crate and Barrel. Will hold our reference books/bibles/pictures. Looks cute. But what amazes me (after 14 years of marriage) is that we are putting stuff together... together! Duane used to get so stressed out with me breathing over his shoulder. I think I'm learning to keep my mouth shut (pretty easy to do today heh-heh), but now I'm trying to help without meddling and it is working! Funny what you learn after years of companionship.

No weekend plans so far which is nice. The kids are really worn out at the end of the week sometimes. Nice to have our workers back in town!

Time for some tea!

The worst day of my life...

Ok. I'm being dramatic. But I'm only 11 months old. And I must say, I wasn't expecting today to turn out like it did. I got out of the garage this morning and did my potty stuff out in the deep grass. Then I got to eat my breakfast and then the big lady let me in the house while the little people here were eating in a rush to get out for that big yellow thing that roars by and takes them away. I took a little nap and then I heard a noise outside. I got up and out the big lady and I went. There was a big, white van and a really nice tall guy got out and he brought a dog with him. I heard him call her Tess. She was light on her feet and looked like a bird dog. I know I'm supposed to be a bit like that, but no one here shoots birds, so I'm just here to keep the big lady walking, get the big guy out at night, and to keep the little people from leaving socks around or I'll carry them off and lay on them.

I had fun with Tess and enjoyed some good ear scratches from the big guy. He did some work in the yard with a big, loud machine. Then after about an hour and a half he calls the big lady out of the house. They walk around looking at pink flags flapping in the breeze. They looked so pretty. I did not realize for the life of me the horror that was about to unfold. Pretty soon, the big guy that seemed so nice put a collar on me. Then he starts to walk to the flags. Beeps! Lots of beeps. Then bzzzz. Just a tickle really. But it felt weird. Not right. Like I was in trouble. Then we walked the yard over and over again. This big guy with my big lady following behind. They were talking about some guy named Bama that was changing the course of history. They named other names and said some things I don't dare repeat on the internet. But over and over again he'd kinda led me to the flags and beep... bzzz. YIKES. I don't like this. No, not one little bit. I'm sensing a big change in the course of history and it has nothing to do with the good ol' USA. It has to do with me, a sweet, brown-eyed golden retriever that loves nothing more than her freedom and people and if they are all there at the same time... well that's bliss! I'm getting a feeling that this is nothing more than prison. I'm stuck. I realize I have nearly 2 acres of 'freedom', but to me, this freedom ain't free. YUCK. I feel sad. Tormented. Depressed. And so I wallow along in my pity. It really is working on that big lady though. My oh my is she giving me lots of mushies tonight. She's rubbing my belly, flopping my ears, rubbing her cheek against mine. Pssst. Don't tell her, but I'm really not feeling that bad about this new flag get-up. I am just going to milk this for all it is worth for the time being anyway.

So... no more stories about sheriffs. No more stories of me racing out to scare the willies out of joggers on the bike path. No more stories about me going into houses I don't belong in. Just plan on a boring post once in awhile and nothing more. My life will be stuck. Here. Rats.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

14 years...

ago I married Mr. Chairman. He has fulfilled every promise to me. He's loved faithfully, he's been a fierce and

14 years...

ago I married Mr. Chairman. He has fulfilled every promise to me. He's loved faithfully, he's been a stabilizing force to me and our family, he's been a devoted father, he's been a wonderful provider, and his word is sure. I'm very fortunate that our paths crossed in 1992 on a river in Utah. I'm very fortunate that he saw something in me. I'm very fortunate that we are such a team.

He hasn't surprised me except in one thing. He is HUGELY involved in every decision in decorating our home. In some ways, I need the help. But I had no idea how important this was to him. Very fascinating indeed.

And so... Happy Anniversary to my dear Duane! I hope for many, many more.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lip Smakin' Good!

Hi everyone! Yep. Me again. You know dogs don't usually have much to say. We dig and scratch and sometimes bark or howl. But all you faithful readers know that me, lovely Lisi has stories to share. Tales to tell. And that usually means I've made some big person in my life worried, upset, tickled, or just plain mad. This time I got a good feeliing (right after my scruff shake) that I didn't make a good choice.

We had a grand afternoon. Did you know it was warm here? I thought it was going to get cold and snowy pretty soon. But no! It was warm. Hot. And the big lady that yells at me but loves me anyway was out with the boy who has lots of energy like me. They were having a blast playing catch with a baseball. I caught some too and they really put up a good chase! Wheee! So then the big (and sometimes crabby) lady says she needs to get inside and get supper finished up. Yum! I stay tied up for awhile then the littlest one here let me in the house. I could smell food. I smell meat. Yum. The big lady is putting a lot on the table. I see baked beans, corn, coleslaw, and cornbread. And! PUT IT DOWN THERE. Oh boy! She did! And she's distracted. She's walking away. And she's leaving me alone with... bbq RIBS!!! They are at the veeeerrrrry edge of the table. Oh I shouldn't. I can't. Nope. That would be wrong. Wait a minute. I'm not even a year old. I have no self-control. YES! YES! YES! Ribs! For me!!! I look both ways and quickly pull one off the plate. Oh rats. It clunked. The big lady is running and screaming. I cower. I try to look sad. Frightened. Remorseful. But I'm not. I just tasted some awesome ribs. But she grabs me. Gives me a scruff shake while yelling. (that's the equivilent of a dog spanking) And out I go. Tied up again. I hear the big lady saying she can't wait for the hidden fence thing so I am an outdoor dog for real. I'm still not sure how I feel about all that. But I do know this. BBQ ribs are really great!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura!!

My niece, Laura Pedigo is now 20. She's far, far away in the land of porches, hillbillies and crooked teeth (KY). Ok, that wasn't nice. I like to tell her that anyway. Lets see... how do I describe Laura?
- tall.
- brilliant blue eyes
- quiet on the outside, and screaming funny inside
- a giver. she thinks of others in a very special way for a young person
- moved far away for some dark-haired guy we hardly know. i heard he was nice.
- a great cook
- super smart. a natural. talented.
- a good and patient cousin to the three kids at this house
- has the ability to sing really high notes
- loves her brother (but tries to fake like she doesn't). sounds familiar to me
- is the 3rd kid after a girl and boy. like me. like my family. i think that's neat!

So, happy birthday dear girl! (I'd post a silly picture, but that computer is laid up right now)

Happy new week!

  • Had a super weekend! We were with another couple that have two children they adopted at virtually the exact time as us. They went to Russia. Their kids are nearly identical in ages to R&T. The kids just had a blast. I got overwhelmed one moment looking at them thinking that their son and our daughter were waiting in cribs on the other side of the world and now playing and laughing together here in WI. It's beyond neat.
  • And we got to spend just one short meal with another two people that mean more than words can say... . B. gave one little gem to me. If you look outward, you'll feel better within. If you continually look inward, you'll feel worse and worse.
  • It is to be in the 70's for a few days now.. can't ask for more in November, eh? I keep thinking each and every day it is nice means that winter might be a bit shorter.
  • Lisi came home from the kennel smelling like fresh peaches again. That'll last until she finds the next squirrel carcass to roll in. PU.
  • I hope the voting lines aren't too long tomorrow. This election feels very important for the long-term future. But I guess it is out of my hands as soon as I put my little ballot into that machine that chirps twice, then eats my sheet.
  • We went to our old subidvision to trick or treat. It was just so fun to be back. Supper with old neighbor/friends (no, Mike, you aren't old... I said old neighbor, not old-neighbor). I had a nice chat with the new Mrs. at our old house. We visited only on the porch. She had one baby. Two were inside with the Mr. She's so friendly and nice. I'm glad the walls of 2216 have someone that cares. But now, home is here.
  • Our delayed furniture for the computer room comes tomorrow. I'm tired of sitting on a folding chair typing on a jiggly folding table. But you know, it works.
  • I got an add'l 30% off on my Kohl's sheet this time!!! I haven't gotten one in nearly a year. So, we'll need to go when it is 50% off one of these days on stuff... then I'll throw on the 30% and maybe they'll give me money after the bill is rung up. Doubt that.
  • Thanks for the suggestions on my ailment. Mr. Chairman was almost horrified that I posted that. He thought maybe people would think I'm a hypochondriac. I hope I'm not. But anyway, I think most of you saying it was acid issues are right... (urp!).
  • We stopped at the cemetery on our way north last Saturday. Sue and Ashley are buried side by side. It was my first time since the funeral. It was sad. Sobering. And it gave me a huge desire to be more thankful for the life and health I have now and the hope of something more someday...
  • And so the mountains of laundry, dishes, dirt await. Job security!
  • Ok.. so why don't the bullet points show up??? I typed this in compose mode. When it is posted, no bullets. So it looks long and hard to read? Help! Remember, I'm a rookie.