Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday snippets

Yep. More of the same. And no pictures again! Me bad. Haven't pulled out the camera in awhile.

* A great family day. Our normal Sunday morning was special as always. Then home for spaghetti and the works. And a huge hike at a nearby park. They opened a new dog park at this park. There was lots of blog fodder on the doggy behavior. But unfortunately, Lisi was perfectly behaved. So nothing for her to write!

* Yesterday I got to go to preps. It sure built anticipation for the upcoming days. We all can't wait. The kids have many happy memories there.

* Did you know that there are these little tab-thingys at the end of your foil/wax paper/saran wrap rolls that you can push in so the roll doesn't come careening out when you're trying to get some? I didn't until not too long ago!

* Daughter #1 actually asked to play Scrabble tonight! I was most impressed with her abilities. Hooray for her! I love Scrabble. I inherited that love for the past 2 generations.

* We are at SS (school start) T-1. I told the kids they each get to pick what the meal of the day will be tomorrow on their last day of summer. T's is breakfast. Waffles and doughnuts. (can we say carbs???). M's is lunch. Mac and cheese and hot dogs (ick). R's is Chinese food of any kind. I'm thinking going somewhere for it sounds appealing.

* I grew up with our meals being breakfast, lunch, and supper. Dinner happened on Sundays or on special holidays. But the 'norm' around here is dinner each evening. Sounds fancy. We eat supper still.

* I got two thank-yous on the same day. How's that for a day brightener! Both were a surprise. Both warmed my heart.

* Trevor still isn't wheezing. So far the meds are great. But... the expander broke yesterday. I'm worried about the $ involved there. Ick.

* I'm thinking the first day of school I should go have a 'me day'. But I'll probably do laundry, walk the dog, and make more bread...

* It was 48 here this morning. In August. Enough already. I wore thermals for my walk at 6:30. Stoopid.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday twitches

* Nice to have daughter #1 at home again. She was being spoiled at Gpa and Gma's for two days. Doughnuts! Silly putty! Water ski shows! Chocolate sprinkles on ice cream! A special run to the store for pickles! Now mind you... these are the very same parents that raised me in the most conservative of venues. We did have 3 square meals/day. Nutritious fare. Clean clothes. Tidy home. And no dozen doughnuts at our whim... (sigh) I did however have grandparents that spoiled me too though!

* I haven't really felt like blogging much. I've lost my interest. Or maybe I fear I won't be interesting. Whatever. It might be slow-paced until motivation comes again. If I force it, it won't be readable.

* I'm so looking forward to going somewhere in two weeks. I think making all these cookies helps build the anticipation.

* I have a child that put a bike behind a neighbor's minivan and SMUNCH. A new derailer is needed plus a multitude of other things. Teaching personal responsibility is an enormous chore. And obviously my rants aren't working too effectively. (insert very heavy sigh). I think a very long list of chores will have to be assigned in order to make up for the mishap.

* Lisi is into barking these days. Very irritating. She might have a post very soon on it.

* School starts one week from today. I'd by lying if I said I wish summer would continue. Quite frankly, we're ready. The kids will say they aren't... but they are. After registration last week they immediately got in a good mood. I will enjoy my 7 hours of quiet. And they'll be cute again when the bus drops them off.

* We were at a wedding last Saturday. For some reason, it all seemed very intimate and romantic. It was on the smaller side for crowd which might be part of the reason. And maybe the maturity of the bride and groom. Or I'm not sure what. But I was impressed. Like very. And it made me thankful for the vows I made nearly 15 years ago...

* Trying to limit my time on the computer. It is tough as I do enjoy FB and following my feeds on Google reader. But the more you look, the more you want to. And so... I'm setting limits on myself which helps. :-)

And so I better live what I'm preaching.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Chase

I just wanted to see if it tasted like chicken! You see, it was a chicken. And I gave chase.

But first, I better back up and give you a bit more background. The big lady that yells but loves me anyway was getting ready to leave. I can tell because she usually is raising her voice at the three little people here. "Get your shoes!" "Where are you?" "Did you need to go to the bathroom?". Then I get interested. Really most the time then I hear her say "porch" to me and that makes me get all sad and snuffly and then I pout as I walk slowly to the screened porch. But today she didn't say it and the sliding door opened. So I rushed in the van and sat down. And off we went!

When the van stopped I hopped out. And right there in front of me was a big black cat. Whoooeeee! My favorite thing ever. A good cat chase. And that we did. But stupid cats are fast and (don't tell anyone I said this) kinda smart really. And so the cat was gone. The big lady that yells but loves me anyway went into the garage and was talking to another big lady and they were standing over a big pile of fresh-picked corn. Boy, the big lady of mine really has a motor mouth. Or she liked the other big lady. But they were really talking and talking. And so I wandered off. And then saw them. Chickens! A big ol' pack of chickens behind a fence, but the door was open. So I trotted down there and there was a big ol' chicken that was out on its own in the grass and so I decided right then and there I was going to kill that chicken. You see I've never had raw chicken and I was thinking the thrill of the kill would be good. And just maybe raw chicken would be good. So I took off after it. Now you see chickens are dumb. Not like cats. And so the thing cackled and fluttered and there was just a flurry of noise and confusion. And in my rabid state I realized that the big lady that yells but loves me anyway was REALLY yelling. Like screaming my name with passion. "LISI! LISI! NO!" I ran right past her. Yell all you want big lady. I am just in the process of killing my first chicken. She lunged to grab my collar and down she went. There was this big thud on the grass. It distracted me and up she got and... oh no. She got me. She grabbed my collar. Then with both hands did the nastiest thing she can do to me. A horrible scruff shake with both hands yelling NO... NO... NO the whole time. It was dreadful. I was being punished. The chicken was a free (range) bird. And I didn't get one bite of chicken. The next thing I knew I was in the van. Hot. Muggy. And off she went. Back to yak it up with her other lady friend. I heard a bit of an apology. Some good laughs. And that was it for me and my freedom. Once my motor mouthed lady got into the van, she muttered something about me being a stupid dog. Me? I think it was the chicken that was stupid. But I can't argue with her because... well... I can't talk.

So to all you friends of mine out there. I still don't know if chicken tastes like chicken. Maybe another day.

Hoping I'll have another tale to tell before long!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

50th anniversary

the guests of honor...
the cake...
my folks enjoying the time here too...
Dawn... my tireless helper. I couldn't have done it without her help. And my folks...The spread.
Waiting for someone...
This is our elder and wife (for 15 years!). I think the world of them.
The Italians and spouses
the grand and great-grandkids present
Sue's family that were here... (missing Nikki in AZ)

Thanks to a special cousin, we have photos to post. I was a bit overwhelmed to try and take pictures.

The 50th went without a hitch! We were a few over 50 here. Maybe 60? The food was (in my very humble and contrite opinion) yummy. The people that attended engaging, fun, and loving.

Some siblings came that rarely leave the home parts. And to see a number of Italians all together enjoying each others company is quite priceless.

And... for the two we were celebrating... we are so happy for this milestone. They've gone through tremendously good and tremendously hard experiences together. And they showed such a gentle, and good Spirit through it all. And as in-laws go... they are wonderful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday thoughts

* Great week so far. One bridal shower. Lots of great weather. Kids almost liking each other for a few days! Lunch with dad and mom R.

* Missing the two younger ones for a couple of days. They're having quality time with a set of grandparents. I needed the 'break' so I can get some things done. Yet... I miss the fighting them. I do realize they'll be more cranky once they get home. Isn't that weird? When kids are good for others... it's like every little irritation or bad thought all comes forth as soon as they're back at home on their own turf with a parent listening. I think there's a spiritual lesson in that... but not sure what.

* And tomorrow is the big day. We expect about 60 here to celebrate 50 years of marriage and memories. Mom D. brought over some photo albums of the past years. Pictures of those that have been here and passed on. Both young and old. Bittersweet. But the ones that just caught me off-guard were those of our own daughter that died after 3 short days. I saw two pictures I hadn't seen before. It hit me like it hasn't in a long time. After a good heart-felt cry, I felt better. She's better off I know. But she missed out living life. Rayna gave me a very long hug and said, 'aren't you glad I'm here? Or I'd be somewhere else.' That put it all in perspective again. Life is funny like that.

* We have a leak. Complete irony in a bathroom. Trevor was tested for allergies. The highest reaction was to mold. Today I was in his bathroom putting away some stuff. A weird smell that always seemed to be there since we moved in. Finally really got down to look. Soggy towels under the sink. Like dripping wet soggy. Stinky. PU. A bad leak. And... well... (I hate to admit this) mold! No wonder he coughs in the bathroom! But the beauty of it is a neighbor-plumber. Sure I'll be there by tomorrow noon! Thank goodness.

* Gerbera daisies wilt too soon. I bought some a couple days ago thinking they'd still be nice for tomorrow. Well... barely.

* More later with pictures I'm sure!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Food vs. treats

Just a mindless nothing thought about dog treats vs. dog food. Was cleaning out the garage and found a bag of dog treat crumbs in a bag. Dumped them in the food

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday summary...

Lets see...

* One year ago today we moved here! In that year we changed this from a house with good initial ideas... to a home we find a bit more snug. Your own family makes it a home. And your friends. And your 'stuff'. We did do a lot of changes so far. Built out the basement. Added a new island and pullouts to the kitchen. Built out the mudroom. Added two Solatubes. Changed the lighting in the kitchen and living room. Furnished the screen porch, added closet stuff to the master bedroom. Removed a ton of ugly heavy draperies to let in the sunshine. Put in window boxes. Bought office furniture and a hutch. Painted it completely inside and as of this week, outside. Whew! I think that was the list... and we kinda prepped ourselves that we'd make the changes. And we did. And we're comfortable. And we're home.

* But more importantly, we witnessed two people - one adult and one child make the best choice possible last week. I can't describe what it does to the rest of us that were there. It was... well, nice.

* And I've felt a bit melancholy. Because of a couple circumstances, we weren't able to be somewhere this past week we desperately wanted to be. I felt like we were home eating hot dogs while a banquet was being held just a couple hours away. Some have shared crumbs, and that helps.

* Lisi was just barking her fool head off. It is dark (nearly kinda spooky) outside. The storm just passed and people were walking on the path at the back of our lot. I heard one lady just yell to the other person, 'it's ok, it's just Lisi. She's nice and stays in her yard'. I don't know who said that, but it was nice they thought favorably of our bag of fur.

* School supplies are all bought for this coming year! I was down to just one child for part of a day and so we both went and did the shopping. Last year felt a bit harried in the aisles of the local Target with three kids all clamoring for that 'special' folder that wasn't necessary.

* We're in the throes of parties a plenty! Just had a wedding reception. This week a bridal shower. A 50th anniversary bash (I might add that is here with about 60 coming...!), and two more weddings on our agenda. And... well... it is just great. I love being with others... (happy sigh).

* The three young people with busy minds have been frantically planning their next place to go. You see some have homebodies for kids. We have 'go-bodies'. If it includes going somewhere with pj's... all the better! Do I take that as a sign that we are terrible parents that have kids that don't like to be with them? Or are they just social animals that love to see, feel, explore other places? I'll choose the latter....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday...

to my mean older brother. And I do mean that. Usually within about 1/2 hour of being with him, he has the ability to rile me up. For real. And then he smiles. A big goofy all-over-your-face smile. Like he won. And my goat was had.

But you know what... (and I might only say this once in print) I still like him. A lot. I basically followed him in life... through the same schools (including college). Spent countless hours in a car going somewhere. And he always wanted me along. Maybe because I am a talker (blabbermouth). He would rather sit back and survey the scene.

And now he lives far away. I can't see him and his lovely family as often as I'd like. But he's blooming where planted. A good husband. Wonderful father. And the best big brother a little sister could have.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A visual oxymoron

She had a pretty face. They usually do. But she was big. Like quite large. Like I won't begin to try and guess her weight because I am not good at that. She was behind me checking out at the grocery store. I needed a few things to add to my vast collection I just got at Sam's Club. And so I glanced at her stuff behind mine. Ready-to-eat bacon, mini-cheeseburger Lunchables, candy, two bags of potato chips, and I think it was a fully-loaded frozen pizza. But what made it all such an oxymoron was what was teetering on top of her items. A "Shape" magazine with a big headline that read, 'Trim Belly Weight Fast!'. Um. Ma'am? Really, I could save you about $3.95, help you shop, and show you the walking path behind our house and you'd be all set.

I do realize that there are reasons for obesity... like thyroid issues or such. But in this case, I'm not so sure...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time to get acquainted...

Hello to you blog readers. This is a member of the Debelak family that you've never met yet. My name is "NotMe". I am a very busy guy here. No one sees me, but I'm alive and well in this house. I am responsible for a lot that goes on here. The lady here asks, 'Who didn't flush the toilet?'. Invariably, the answer is "NotMe". "Who left the basketball out last night?" "Who dumped all the libary books out on the living room floor?" "Who left a puddle in the kitchen?". "Who left the Rollerblades on the back step?" Yep. It's "NotMe". I've never been seen. You just see my evidence when you walk around this place. Once in a blue moon one of the kids here rats out on another and then "NotMe" doesn't get blamed. But usually I do.

I wonder if I have any cousins out there living at other houses?

p.s. I have a sister here too. Her name: "IdaKnow"

Photos - Take 2

Some more... wanted a good picture of our 3 special guests, but was told that there was enough pictures for the comfort of one of them... so only did some random shots. Here's CV in our backyard playing frisbee..

Erwin H. gettign down the stats of the kids. The front row pink girl isn't ours... but almost feels like it.
Lisi and Mira... summertime.

Photos - Take 1

Pictures of the aforementioned baseball game. It was a perfect day weather-wise. A great final score. And T-man handled the pressure with some great hitting. Now we're done with the baseball thing until next year. Bittersweet really.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sat. Summary

I should be doing dishes. But keep thinking of things I'd like to post. So they sit in the sink and I'm typing!

* Enjoying four+ days with some very special men. Two very elderly, one middle-age (nearly mine!). Two former overseers and one current. A privilege in every way to have them here and being a first-hand witness to a meek and gentle Spirit in all three of them. After about day 2 1/2 they aren't 'company' anymore. They tell what they want. We go back to life as it is. And it is good. All good.

* Baseball is done for Trevor. But not without an incredible grand slam on Tuesday and a home run yesterday at Helfaer field (that basically is a baby Miller Park in the MP shadows). A victory was had and a request to do it all again next year. I must admit to a lot of whooping and hollering through it all. It is great fun to see you boy do something like that.

* I was tired after Door County. Like bone-tired. Like I can't-keep-my-eyes-open tired. I must be getting old. But it was worth it. Every tired moment of it.

* Lisi has no stories to tell. I almost wish she did as I like reading them.

* My window boxes are so full that they are almost to the point of looking 'leggy'. I hope they keep looking good for another month, but I'm worried.

* The house gets painted next week. "pure white". Some have almost thought it would be a good idea to add a trim color or such, but I kinda want to keep the pure Cape Cod look going for us. Or we'll end up looking like every other tan, taupe, ecru, off-white, beige house out there. And if you know me, you know I like to stand out a little bit. I've never been accused of being really shy.

* Getting almost nervous about 50 people coming for a 50th anniversary party here in two weeks. I still need to figure out what the menu is and then run with it. Egads! But it'll be fun. I think. Hope.

* T-man got his expander for his mouth. So he talks like it is full of marshmallows right now. The completely hilarious orthodontist (really!) said his speech will get better with practice.

* It still feels like fall already. Like... 70's... and cool at night. I want hot and humid! Summer! School starts in a month (heavy sigh).

* I better get back to the dishes or the Chairman will come back from his walk with one of the aforementioned wonderful men and think I wasn't working! But I have been! Tapioca! Baked custard! Clam sauce for supper! A fresh blueberry pie in the fridge for tomorrow! Not to mention breakfast and lunch to boot. But I love to cook. And so it is easy. But the dishes. Are. Waiting.