Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A loss...

Hi there from your good friend Lisi.  I overheard the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway talking about something sad.  You see I had a cousin I had never met.  Her name was Mocha.  She lived far, far away.  I know she was very special because she was a dog.  I know she was very special because she was a retriever.  And I know she was very special because I would hear about her each and every time her family would come visit mine.

The Big Guy would look at me and say things like, 'Lisi's eyes are dull and not bright like Mocha's'.  The Big Lady that was very nice would say things like 'Lisi's fur is soft, but Mocha's is very smooth'.  Their big sons would say things kinda insulting like, 'Mocha could run circles around Lisi', or 'Mocha is more loving' or 'Mocha loves walking almost more than Lisi'.   She was very special to them.  It was obvious.

Mocha was a very lucky dog.  She was chosen to be part of a family that loves dogs.  I know.  The Big People that we live with are kind of silly about making sure we are walked, fed, and played with every day.  Some dogs are not so lucky.  So even though our time here on earth is short, it is filled to the brim with just daily joys.  The best is feeling loved by your own people.  Mocha had it that way and more...

Here are some quotes the Big Lady wants me to add:

* Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

* A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

* The reason a dog has so many friends is because he wags his tail and not his tongue.

* You can say any foolish thing to a dog and the dog will give you a look that says, 'wow, you're right!   I never would've thought of that!

* He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life, his love, his leader.  He  will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings

Lets muse today!  I'm hitting the keyboard early as one of the MYP is already gone.  Two are still testing out their pillows and hence, it makes it easier to have a clear thought.

Twinkies are coming back!  July 15 says the news.  I didn't like them before and I don't like them now.  But I'm almost considering buying a box of hydrogenated sugar just to see what all the fuss is about.

Speaking of food, I may or may not have shook a bulb of garlic between two metal bowls (loudly) the other morning at 9:18 to not only get it all peeled quickly, but to rouse some sleepyheads.

I was just at our local Sam's Club a few days back.  Since it was nearly lunchtime and two of the MYP needed to be somewhere right after, I grabbed pizza for them and sat in the little food area while they ate.  A grandmother one table over turned around and gave me a knowing smile.  Then she said those magic words:  'I bet another Grandma is taking out her grandkids for treats today!!!'.  I smiled brightly and said, 'no, these are my kids.'  "Grandma" starts back peddling.  She got out the shovel.  She got out soap to wash out her mouth.  Almost.  Oh!  Your hair is so gorgeous.  And your face!  It is so vibrant and youthful I thought you were just a beautiful grandmother!  Isn't this weather great?  And it is so nice to have summer again, right?  She went on without a breath for nearly two minutes.  I smiled and nodded and she went off with a huge smile and a large dose of regret for the comment.  I almost felt sorry for her.  (I must admit I did take a look-see in the rear view mirror when we got to the car to see if my hair was really that gray and my face really that 'vibrant').

I promised I wouldn't talk about the cat.  But this bears comment.  He was either shot with a pellet gun or bitten by something big.  He came home a few days ago just not himself.  Finally took him in.  A fever, dehydration, and infection at the wound spot.  $160 later, he's back to almost normal.  However I learned something about this dear, orange cat.  He is all fun and games until you make him go against his will.  He turned into a snarling, hissing, ornery unreasonable cat within moments.  I think this says it all:
So we had our first boating venture of the season.  And what a venture it was.  Perfect day.  No wait to get into the water.  Starts up flawlessly.  Three minutes into the relaxing afternoon there are alarms sounding.  The distinct smell of a hot engine.  One of the MYP howled out in fear, 'WE'RE GOING TO SINK!!!'.  Calm down my love.  We get ourselves near a dock to regroup.  Decide to paddle back to the boat launch.  The usual high-tension Chairman was actually calm to the point of getting funny once we knew the boat wasn't going to blow.  
one of the 'rowers'

manning the 'sail'
 After watching a bald eagle skim the surface in our quiet and painfully slow journey back to shore, a police boat just happened to be on the water.  Lucky for us he wanted to help.  So off we went at the break-neck speed of 5 mph back to the launch.
hooking up

headed back to shore
Fun indeed.

Last week I drove or returned from our local high school 24 times.  Summer school for one.  Camps for the other two.  I saw a lot of this each day.
But I am enjoying this:
And this:
 And sometimes this.  Unless they all ask to come inside for lunch.
Happy summertime!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lucky 13

This young man in our home is now 13.  He entered our lives on June 20, 2000.  I am still thankful I was given the privilege of witnessing his birth.  His daddy was granted the chance of giving his first bottle right away.  And we have been given the opportunity to be his parents.  Would we call it luck?  No.  Very fortunate?  For sure.

This growing son of ours is a true sportsman.  He loves anything to do with a ball.  A fishing pole.  A golf club.  A swimming pool.  A bookworm?  Hardly.  A kid with a zest for life?  Absolutely.  His greatest joy is to be surrounded with active friends.

One unique thing that happens each year at this time is that we now have twins in our home!  Irish twins they call them.  Two children the same age.  Here are our 13-year olds that came to us on April 20 and June 20 of 2000.
Again I say, lucky?  No.  Very fortunate.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheese and whine...

Not that I'm counting, but there are approximately 76 days until school starts again.  Not that I'm counting.  Yesterday was the first 'official' day where we had all the MYP home.  Well honestly, we weren't home.  We spent a lot of time in the car.  Eleven different times I started up the van and got us to the next place.  Why you ask?  Well there was summer school, two separate camps, an allergy appointment, and another couple stops for necessities.  

In between I made granola, bread and cinnamon rolls, supper, cleaned the kitchen, assigned some tasks to some slightly unwilling MYP, and did some weeding.  

Then on top of that there is excitement building.  Requests being made.  Plans (so they think) forming.  For grandiose birthday parties in the next three weeks.  I especially love hearing the birthday lists and desires for ridiculous amounts of fun at 9:36 at night.  That is when I'm feeling like this:

So why am I blogging this?  I don't know.  Maybe I'm feeling like one of those people that like to complain.  Maybe I'm feeling guilty for looking at blogs and FB status updates of mothers who are embracing each and every moment with their precious gifts of children and I am feeling exhausted after day one of summer vacation.  Maybe I'm thinking that children should be born to people in their early 20's and not 37 so there's more youthful energy at times like this.

Another day begins anew.  I will embrace it and the moments I have with our MYP.  But before I do, could you send a little cheese over for me to have with my whine?  Thank you. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings

I've been amused.  Because I think a big cyber-fight is going to take place before long.  Did you know according to FB everyone has a 'best' dad or 'best' dad to their children?  How is that possible?  My conclusion is that thankfully, we all have the 'best' one.  The 'best' one for us and our family.
We were missing one of the MYP due to fun, fishing, and friends for four days.  It was nice to have him back in the fold again last night.  I am glad the MYP get opportunities like that to be away exploring with others and learning about life.  However, it sure is nice to have them all back in the nest again.

Speaking of fathers.
The Chairman and I are very fortunate to have living fathers.  We are fortunate that these fathers enjoy each other's company.  We are thankful they actually like each other and visit over the table.  They couldn't be more different and they couldn't be more the same.  They both love our family with the same depth.

We celebrated the birthday of this father yesterday as well.  He has always been a quieter, thoughtful and kind person.  Each and every time we are leaving their home and saying our goodbyes he always says without fail, 'be careful'.  At first it seemed like he was talking about roads and driving.  But lately, it seems to resonate about life in general and I think it is just excellent advice.  Be careful.  

Then there's this dad.
This is the guy that called me 'bull-headed' with a twinkle in his eye (and sometimes not).  This is the guy that worked tirelessly for years so that my mom could be home keeping me and my siblings in line and to have supper on the table promptly at 6.  This is the man that was highly irritated when I quit my first job without having the next one lined up and made it clear that I needed an education to further myself.  This is the one that loved the idea that I worked for a major retailer for some years and have many qualities just like him.  My dad with a heart bigger than his body.  

Speaking of bodies.  I have a friend who is younger, stronger, and more fit than I am.  She knows I've been trying to do a lot of sit ups each day and just recently challenged me to do a 30-day 'ab challenge' with her.  It all looked fine and dandy until I looked ahead past week one.  I think she's secretly trying to do me in. I believe I'll be waving the white flag by day 14.  Look it up and 'join' me!  I promise it won't be fun.

Well off to do this like I did last night.  We both enjoy the venture.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thematic Thursday

It says it should be relating to a theme if it is 'thematic'.  Will see how I do.

This is what I am seeing right now:
Eating a giant pickle, drinking apple juice, and reading a "Foxtrot" comic from the library
Doing handstands in her bedroom.  Note:  the bedroom pick-up project that hasn't begun.  
Sitting in the living room, the contents of one locker that I was told was too small all year long...
So here we are.  Officially on summer vacation as of a few hours ago!  For the MYP it is kind of like like this:
For me...

Oh it's not that bad.  The MYP are much older, wiser, and free of spats.  Kinda-sorta.

Actually, son #1 has behaved himself flawlessly today.  Or so I hope!  He left for 'up north' last night with the Chicken Farmer to fish and romp around some picturesque places.  Lucky him.  I hesitate to write this, but I will since I don't think he's a faithful blog reader.  Last night as I was about to leave him behind, I got not one, or two, but three "I love you mom" comments.  Be still my melting heart.  I may have said it before, but I love the opportunity we have of parenting both a son and daughters.  They both bring something unique to parenting which is very special.

And special indeed!  Last night was a milestone.  Daughter #1 graduated from our K-8 school and moves on to the big leagues as of fall Monday.  She's enrolled in a summer-school gym class which sounds like a lot of fun and gets some credits out of the way before starting up for real.  Here she is with the Chairman at the reception.  

There's a picture of me with her, but it is on the Chairman's phone and that happens to be not near me right now.  Anyway, I impressed myself with my strength and resolve for not crying into the tissues in my hand.  I must be getting callous to the changes in life.

So off I go to enjoy life.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings

I could stub my toe.  I could trip over the cat on my way to the basement.  I could get a pounding headache. I could listen to the MYP walk in the door arguing over a minor grievance.  I could spill the coffee beans.  I could receive a call that the Chairman can't join us for supper tonight.  It wouldn't matter.  At all.  Because it is a great day.  A wonderful day.  A thankful kind of day.

Today I went back for my mammogram and u/s recheck after suspicious findings last time.  I was to go back at six months.  I couldn't wait.  The Chairman urged to push it up so I went back in five.  I had the mammogram and then sat in a slightly cold room in my white bathrobe waiting for the technologist to return.  The minutes ticked by.  I played my Words game.  I looked at a four month old "People".  I looked at the clock again.  I texted the curious Chairman.  I looked at the clock again and listened to the second hand tick.  FINALLY!  Jean returned after twenty-five minutes.  No more scans needed.  Off to u/s.  The warm jelly felt nice.  I laid there for exactly 8 1/2 minutes (the clock was right before me) while she moved her wand and clicked and marked.  She left again.  Returned this time after only ten minutes to say the questionable areas now look normal!  I smiled joyfully and went to change.  But as I pulled my curtain in my changing room and was alone I cried a bit.  Happy tears.  Yes, life can change in an instant.  I'm honestly thankful for these really nerve-wracking moments so the ordinary days of slight irritations seem so wonderful.

I didn't buy any peanuts or Cracker Jack, but I have sat through a LOT of baseball the past few days.  Another one tonight.  I'm one of 'those' moms that have to ask once in awhile, 'what's the score?  or what inning are we in?' because I'm preoccupied with the social activity in the bleachers.  This picture was found on my phone today.  Daughter #1 took it.  Daughter #2 was actually watching the action.  Me... well I'm looking at the nice bleacher-mate next to me chatting up a storm.  And yes I am aware that I have large ears.  The better to hear you with my dear...

Two days of school left for daughter #1.  Three and a half days for the other two.  An 8th grade graduation is coming this week.  Then summertime!

Well off to do mundane Monday things.  And I am happy to do them.  Because it is a great day and I'm ever so thankful!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nonsense and nothing more...

Brr.  It's chilly out there.  All the sun-loving plants I planted are wondering where that big warm orb in the sky went these days.  The furnace is still kicking on in the morning.  The dog is wishing we hadn't taken her in and had all her hair cut off to the point she looks like she needs a jacket and a pair of pants.

Yesterday, as I walked into the veterinary office where Lisi gets groomed, I noticed a 50something lady at the counter.  She looked pitiful.  The vet assistant was helping her with paperwork.  It took me about 3 seconds to figure out what was happening.  Whatever was in the crate at her feet was going to be put too sleep.  I backed up slowly and looked.  Inside was a very loved, and very old tiger-striped cat.  They talked about when she would be picking up his/her ashes.  They talked about the crate being returned.  Then the lady put her finger in one last time and rubbed beloved-cat on the head.  Tears streamed down.  So did mine.  I felt almost silly.  I had never laid eyes on the lady.  I had never laid eyes on the cat.  But I was witnessing something very sad.  She looked at me.  I just said quietly, 'I'm sorry'.  She said 'thank you' and walked out the door empty handed.  I saw her get in her car and just bawl.  So I'm standing there with a confused Lisi at the end of the leash.  The vet assistant returned and looked at me and I think she was almost wondering if I was ok.  She just said quickly, 'it is the hardest thing we do every day'.  So then I tried to regain my composure and tell her what kind of a haircut Lisi should get.  I wish I didn't like animals so much.

Speaking of dogs. This one is amazing!  

I saw this on FB recently.  I'm not sure how many of my readers have little ones.  It struck a nerve with me because I'm now that parent telling parents with little ones to enjoy the days....  I sometimes regret operating our home with military precision when the MYP were very small.  However, since we went from no children to three children in the span of 27 months, I was doing it not so much for the little ones but for my own sanity.  

And now... the eldest is excitedly planning for her big 8th grade graduation next week.  My dear little one is actually beginning high school.  

Yes indeed... 
Ok.  I need to get going on my day... 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Musings

To o' the morning on this Monday for some musings...

Walked around the yard this morning and was enjoying the miracle of spring once again.
Sugar snap peas
Starting to look pretty!
A lovely bush.  But the blossoms just.  plain.  stink.
I bought a knock-out rose for the first time.  It has settled into the soil nicely and is starting to knock me out with pretty flowers.  I should have bought one years ago... but I don't like roses much.  Why you ask?  Because I don't like thorns.  I finally decided I would get one because I like the flowers and would live with the thorns.  The symbolism and similarity to life is hard to miss.

Last night I was told I was just like "Mrs. Ratcliffe".  It was right after I did my (cough-cough) 60 sit ups in the boot camp bedroom.  We were laughing and joking around until I realized it was 9:12 and this someone should have brushed her teeth and washed her face and powered down in quietness already.  After two comments of encouragement I started to take action.  As she scurries away she's yelling, 'you're just like Mrs.  Ratcliffe!!!'.  Um.  Who is she?  She's this really bizarre substitute teacher we've had that goes from smiling and laughing to super-crabby in just a second.  I'm kind of the bipolar of mothers must be.

I have such a love-hate relationship with library materials.  Right now we are missing a 'Foxtrot' comic book.  I've swept the house til I could find it.  And I haven't.  The joy of finding it is unbelievable.  The irritation in not finding it is unbelievable.  Yes... a love-hate relationship.

Today is a red letter day in our household!  Sorta.  One year ago today we brought this little fella home.

I was not going to get attached.  I refused to hold him on the ride back to our house.  He was strictly to be an outside cat that came and went on his every whim.  He was here to simply amuse the children and catch mice.  And then I lost my resolve about day 1 1/2.  He was adorable and cute and funny and smart.  He never once had an accident.  He listens to the rules and so far has abided by them.  Only one chair is his.  Never-ever get on a counter.  Yes, he's really a great cat.  He loves a good cuddle.  He loves to follow me everywhere.  He and Lisi have a true sibling relationship.  It can be this:

Or this:

He's funny and sweet and I'm completely smitten.

Ok.  I promise to not plaster our puddy-cat on the the pages of this blog again for a long while.

But before I leave, here's a funny picture I saw last night.  tee-hee.  Ever wondered what a cat looks like from underneath?

Now back to looking for that blasted book.  I won't rest til I find it.  Or until Mrs. Ratcliffe appears and tells the MYP to start looking...