Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings

Lets muse today!  I'm hitting the keyboard early as one of the MYP is already gone.  Two are still testing out their pillows and hence, it makes it easier to have a clear thought.

Twinkies are coming back!  July 15 says the news.  I didn't like them before and I don't like them now.  But I'm almost considering buying a box of hydrogenated sugar just to see what all the fuss is about.

Speaking of food, I may or may not have shook a bulb of garlic between two metal bowls (loudly) the other morning at 9:18 to not only get it all peeled quickly, but to rouse some sleepyheads.

I was just at our local Sam's Club a few days back.  Since it was nearly lunchtime and two of the MYP needed to be somewhere right after, I grabbed pizza for them and sat in the little food area while they ate.  A grandmother one table over turned around and gave me a knowing smile.  Then she said those magic words:  'I bet another Grandma is taking out her grandkids for treats today!!!'.  I smiled brightly and said, 'no, these are my kids.'  "Grandma" starts back peddling.  She got out the shovel.  She got out soap to wash out her mouth.  Almost.  Oh!  Your hair is so gorgeous.  And your face!  It is so vibrant and youthful I thought you were just a beautiful grandmother!  Isn't this weather great?  And it is so nice to have summer again, right?  She went on without a breath for nearly two minutes.  I smiled and nodded and she went off with a huge smile and a large dose of regret for the comment.  I almost felt sorry for her.  (I must admit I did take a look-see in the rear view mirror when we got to the car to see if my hair was really that gray and my face really that 'vibrant').

I promised I wouldn't talk about the cat.  But this bears comment.  He was either shot with a pellet gun or bitten by something big.  He came home a few days ago just not himself.  Finally took him in.  A fever, dehydration, and infection at the wound spot.  $160 later, he's back to almost normal.  However I learned something about this dear, orange cat.  He is all fun and games until you make him go against his will.  He turned into a snarling, hissing, ornery unreasonable cat within moments.  I think this says it all:
So we had our first boating venture of the season.  And what a venture it was.  Perfect day.  No wait to get into the water.  Starts up flawlessly.  Three minutes into the relaxing afternoon there are alarms sounding.  The distinct smell of a hot engine.  One of the MYP howled out in fear, 'WE'RE GOING TO SINK!!!'.  Calm down my love.  We get ourselves near a dock to regroup.  Decide to paddle back to the boat launch.  The usual high-tension Chairman was actually calm to the point of getting funny once we knew the boat wasn't going to blow.  
one of the 'rowers'

manning the 'sail'
 After watching a bald eagle skim the surface in our quiet and painfully slow journey back to shore, a police boat just happened to be on the water.  Lucky for us he wanted to help.  So off we went at the break-neck speed of 5 mph back to the launch.
hooking up

headed back to shore
Fun indeed.

Last week I drove or returned from our local high school 24 times.  Summer school for one.  Camps for the other two.  I saw a lot of this each day.
But I am enjoying this:
And this:
 And sometimes this.  Unless they all ask to come inside for lunch.
Happy summertime!

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  1. I have to laugh at the gramma comment. I was in OR this past week, and clamoring around the tidal pools, and the ranger said when I came back, "you did so well hopping around those pool, better than I can." I was confused, thinking only of my recent cancer bout and wondering how on earth she could have known, but then remembered my very gray, old lady hairdo. So funny.