Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings

I could stub my toe.  I could trip over the cat on my way to the basement.  I could get a pounding headache. I could listen to the MYP walk in the door arguing over a minor grievance.  I could spill the coffee beans.  I could receive a call that the Chairman can't join us for supper tonight.  It wouldn't matter.  At all.  Because it is a great day.  A wonderful day.  A thankful kind of day.

Today I went back for my mammogram and u/s recheck after suspicious findings last time.  I was to go back at six months.  I couldn't wait.  The Chairman urged to push it up so I went back in five.  I had the mammogram and then sat in a slightly cold room in my white bathrobe waiting for the technologist to return.  The minutes ticked by.  I played my Words game.  I looked at a four month old "People".  I looked at the clock again.  I texted the curious Chairman.  I looked at the clock again and listened to the second hand tick.  FINALLY!  Jean returned after twenty-five minutes.  No more scans needed.  Off to u/s.  The warm jelly felt nice.  I laid there for exactly 8 1/2 minutes (the clock was right before me) while she moved her wand and clicked and marked.  She left again.  Returned this time after only ten minutes to say the questionable areas now look normal!  I smiled joyfully and went to change.  But as I pulled my curtain in my changing room and was alone I cried a bit.  Happy tears.  Yes, life can change in an instant.  I'm honestly thankful for these really nerve-wracking moments so the ordinary days of slight irritations seem so wonderful.

I didn't buy any peanuts or Cracker Jack, but I have sat through a LOT of baseball the past few days.  Another one tonight.  I'm one of 'those' moms that have to ask once in awhile, 'what's the score?  or what inning are we in?' because I'm preoccupied with the social activity in the bleachers.  This picture was found on my phone today.  Daughter #1 took it.  Daughter #2 was actually watching the action.  Me... well I'm looking at the nice bleacher-mate next to me chatting up a storm.  And yes I am aware that I have large ears.  The better to hear you with my dear...

Two days of school left for daughter #1.  Three and a half days for the other two.  An 8th grade graduation is coming this week.  Then summertime!

Well off to do mundane Monday things.  And I am happy to do them.  Because it is a great day and I'm ever so thankful!  


  1. I was so happy for you when I read this! yay!

  2. YAY, nothing like clear scans to clear your day!

  3. I've been thinking about you! Thankful for the news you've received!!