Monday, March 31, 2008


I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. Had a great past weekend. I got sicker... and think I may have had walking pneumonia. I'll live to see this one through though. Rayna and Mira got better. Trevor got sick yesterday. A fever and then got sick in the night. But went to school by 10 and survivied.

Loved having Uncle Alan with us. We went and got him Friday and glad he spent time with us. Also got in on other visits around the table with our C&G for lunch and then Sunday supper up in Mequon with others. He's off to IL now and in great form.

Have meeting here this week which will be nice and our special is on Sunday. I hope we don't get snow!!!

It poured rain here a lot today, so Lisi didn't get the normal walk by noon like she does. I got back from running errands and was heading back to get another load out of the van and felt a good 'nip' in the rear! I turned around and she was standing there with her eyes dancing, her tail wagging, and the silliest look on her cute, but naughty little face. So right then and there I decided it was out for both of us despite the fact we got very wet. Anyway, I'll need to be more diligent to 'nip it in the bud' and walk her no matter the weather so it doesn't end up being a nip in the rear.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts from the tub

So really, I'm not that sick. The temp. only showed 100.5. Was thinking in the quietness (dear husb. took the three little ones to g.m. tonight) how a COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the home doesn't really every get a sick day. I thought about what I've accomplished today despite the 'ickys' and thought I'd list them to, if nothing else, give me courage to face tomorrow!

* made breakfast (poached eggs on toast) for me and D.
* dishes, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher two times
* swept the floor three times
* walked Lisi twice
* went and got groceries
* three loads of laundry done, ironed, put away
* checked the bank balances and any upcoming bills due on-line
* ran to Target en route to...
* picking up the kids at Gpa and Gma's
* oversaw three showers
* made three kinds of meats (ribs, meatballs, sausages) for spaghetti sauce
* made homemade pizza
* took a nap (20 minutes)
* blew out the leaves/sand out of the garage
* picked up dog deposits from the yard
* visited with my neighbor while picking up the kids
* vacuumed all the rugs
* fed Lisi three times
* took aforementioned bath

And I'll quit lest it look like I'm tooting my own horn. After corraling the kids into bed, I'm going to collapse into my own. Tomorrow hopefully will be brighter. It better be as I have three additional kiddies coming over for the day.

So to all the moms out there that drag through the day despite the flu...kudos to you!!!

My turn...

For the icky achy feeling of the flu...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Vacation week!

Hooray! No lunches to pack. No bus to catch. No planners to sign. A quiet morning on Woodhill Way! Especially quiet since Trevor is at a cousin's house until this afternoon sometime. A great weekend. Company here yesterday. We were 18 around the table and we enjoyed it all. Tomorrow the kids go to Gpa and Gma D's for overnight. Duane and I might go out for a nice dinner (gift certificate to use). My uncle from Mexico gets into the states tomorrow and we get to have him here on Friday/Saturday. That'll be wonderful in every way. He will have a busy schedule with mtgs. and convs. the next months.

And we are thinking strongly of building a new home base for the Debelak five. Have sat on our lot for 4 years now and maybe now is the time for us. Scary and fun at the same time.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another one of those list thingys...

Found on another blog. If you have a blog and are reading this, the thing is you are supposed to cut and paste it to yours and fill in the blanks so other unknown strangers can learn more mindless matter about you!

1. Maybe I should Not hold back on my emotions on those I love

2. I love the smell of My kids fresh out of the shower, rain, cinnamon rolls baking, and lilacs

3. People would say that I'm a bit loud, empathetic, emotional when it comes to our kids, sometimes funny, and nuts over nature/animals

4. I don't understand why people don't just love life more and realize all we have to be so very thankful for

5. When I wake up in the morning I go let the puppy out first thing.

6. I lost Hmmm. My mind? I have never lost keys, purse, etc. Maybe a receipt or two...

7. Life is full of Things you could never predict or plan on. That is what keeps me from a life of worry... you'd be worrying about the wrong thing!

8. My past is getting longer the older I get! It was full of ups and downs, but mostly good and very little bad.

9. I get annoyed when The back door is left open after reminding these little souls constantly that they need to shut it!!!

10. Parties are usually fun. Unless the room is full of unknown people to me. Then I stick close to Duane and hope he can cover for my lack.

11. I wish I were a more spiritual person.

12. Dogs are a LOT of work. But then they are worth it as I use them for a built in workout trainer. And I love a soft body on my feet when I type mindless info on yet another blog entry.

13. Cats are ok, but are lower on the scale than a dog. Plus, they are just great to tease! There's hardly anything greater than a surprised cat!

14. Tomorrow We're to get 8" of snow!!!

15. I have low tolerance for stupidity

16. I'm totally terrified of snakes and enclosed places

17. I wonder why I'm not a creative person?

18. Never in my life have I been scuba diving. And I've always wanted to try it.

19. High school was a long time ago. But wonderful education in Watertown, SD in case anyone is interested in a big move.

20. When I'm nervous, I get a knot in my stomach. And I get quiet!!!

21. One time at a family gathering my brother insulted me. Oh wait, he does that any time we're all together, so it wasn't anything unusual!

22. Take my advice: Why would anyone? I definitely don't have life figured out yet.

23. Making my bed Happens the moment the bed is empty.

24. I'm almost always Organized

25. I'm addicted to one good morning cup of Joe

26. I want someone to actually read this as it was time consuming!!!

Pick n Save puke

Took Rayna in to a quick care place for a strep test. Negative. But still fever. So must be a virus. Mira stayed home from school saying she had a belly ache. I wasn't sure. But let her anyway since she wouldn't eat breakfast (unusual). After our stop at the quick care place, I told the girls I needed to stop at the grocery store for some stuff since we're to get yet another snow storm tomorrw. The girls did wonderful through the store riding in a 'baby cart'. As I was unloading bags to the van Mira shrieks. I run up front and she's holding her mouth. She started in the van seat and I pulled her out quickly and she did two big hurls in the parking lot. It was just gross (as Rayna says).

So now we're home. One with fever, one with a belly ache.

I talked to the aforementioned Judy today and told her we wouldn't need her services anymore. I'm sorry about it, but really, I can keep up without spending the extra $$. She's been here nearly 8 years... so we'll miss her.

Happy spring break!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trevor's room (part II)

Can you tell I'm stuck at home? Two blog entries in one day. The bedding is all clean to the mattress pads. The laundry caught up. Ironed. House pretty clean everywhere. So now I'm on to taking pictures. I finally got the stuff up in Trevor's room. So for all the kind contributors to the cause (Rob, Brenda, and Trenton), here you go!

Rayna update: 103.5 and back to sleeping again.

Feeling the heat

Rayna woke up with 102.5. So we are home today. We've been very fortunate this season, so I can't complain.

She's so very sweet when she's sick. Actually, she's so very sweet when she's not sick too! :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ring a'ling

Ahhh. Sure is nice to have a working phone again. This one announces who is calling! Now if I don't answer your call, you'll know why... (tee-hee)

Rayna came home with 101.5 on her forehead. So we are staying put tonight. Hooray for no awful Tuesday night schedule.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pot O'Gold

Nothing too funny from my kindergarten experience of today. However, we had a 'parade' and took the kids down to the principal's office wearing their little hats, clover necklaces, and they lined up and sang two songs for the office people. But I found it fascinating watching Jason. He had his right index finger up one nostril to the 2nd knuckle digging for his own little pot o' gold in his nose the entire time they were singing. And what made it so very, very funny (I kept it under control) was seeing the very satisified look in his eyes as he was doing it. Ick!!!

Our phone of only 1+ years is dead. I called A T&T last night and did the automated request for service. Well something weird happened and the phone rang exactly every two hours... 10:20, 12:20, 2:20 throughout the night. Yes, I was smart enough and took it off the hook so I didn't see 4:20 on the alarm clock. The repair guy came and said our line was ok. It was our phone. Lucky for me with some smooth-talking, I kept us from getting charged for the service call. But now I have to go buy a new phone system. Heavy sigh...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Puppy puke part II

Well we did it! We managed a trip without seeing dog food the 2nd time... but the trick was in simply holding Lisi. We went out to meet Trenton and Sarah to get Rayna back home and I took towels and held Lisi in my lap and she looked out the window, sniffed the air, and slept. All on my lap. Now this was no small feat on my part as she's now (I'm guessing here) a 30 lb. + leggy pup. But it was a small price to pay to not hear the 'urping' sound. She actually enjoyed the trip! But now what to do, what to do... I can't hold her when she's 75 lbs and an adult. Or I'd look mighty funny trying to drive down the road. We'll see what the future brings.

Glad to have all three under the same roof again. Rayna had a dandy time away, but seemed very content to go to bed early with her nearly 30 stuffed assortment of things all around her pillow.

Tomorrow is back to kindergarten. I'm hoping for a great story!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday finally!

Will post a few pictures from the past couple of weeks. Happy belated birthday Mom! They came in for supper two Sundays ago. Was fun to hear about their trip! And then there is Lisi chewing on my favorite Croc. And a visit from my niece Laura. And a future blogger...

Some thoughts:
* I was without a washer for four days. I'm a daily laundry woman, so it drove me nuts to see dirty clothes stacking up. I was thrilled to see Mr. Sears repairman drive up yesterday. But our wallet is $170 lighter due to me allowing the lid to CRASH down and it busted a plastic piece needed for the washer to spin. Our washer is 13+ years old, but still runs well, so it was cheaper than buying another...

* Last day of regular lunch room duty yesterday. Kids were actually pretty good. Only had to grab two by their coats and haul them to the dreaded 'wall' where they stand until the bell rings. Was touching watching two F-16's fly over while I was out. A serviceman died in Iraq and his burial was about a mile away.

* One thing I never did was correct the kids when they said something wrong when they were younger. I figured soon enough they'd figure out how to talk correctly and I didn't want to miss the cute little things they said. We are about out of that stage. But yesterday when Mira walked in the house, she excitedly said, 'MOM! The leprechaun had green paint on his feet and he left 'pootfrints' all over the cubbies. Really Mom! 'Pootfrints'!!! I noticed later she said it right, but in her excitement, some consonants got confused.

* Rayna is spending the weekend with cousin Sarah and Trenton. She's beyond happy to go. But I'll miss her! Trevor and Mira may be having a sleepover with friends.

* I need to get LOTS done today, so no more posting for me!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Puppy puke

Ok, gross title. But does any dog people out there know what to do about carsickness in dogs? I've had to and selected to take Lisi on numerous ocassions to different places (vet, school, walk at a park). But without fail, she gets part way there and then does a big heave-ho and out comes lunch or supper or whatever the meal was beforehand. I've tried to even limit food intake before the trip and she still urps up what is there. She usually has been in her crate in the back of the van. One time I did hold her in the back seat (Duane was driving of course, not me) and she did ok, but had rumblies in the tumbly.

Anywhoo, any suggestions short of always leaving her home or leaving the house armed with towels and paper towels...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lunch room Linda

Wow. This is the last week of my six-week T/Th stint as lunch room lady. I'm 'officially' a sub, but I was needed for an extended period. Today was just too much. The other aide was missing, so I was in the gym solo with 78 kindergarteners (give or take a couple). I frantically opened ketchup, taco sauce, water bottles, you name it). Ketchup spilled all over Jason's pants and so I had to wipe it up (which I might add was all over his zipper-area, so it was a delicate thing to do). And then the boys were fighting. He looked at me funny. I don't want him sitting here. I have to go potty now! I think I'm going to throw up. I fell off the bench and my back hurts now. (You get the picture.) All of this chaos is independent of what came during all that. A mother came in to see her daughter and she was leaning over supposidly helping her and I looked at her and realized she was in a trance/drunken stupor/stoned/having a seizure. Her eyes closed and she wasn't moving. It was actually scary. I yelled for the principal in the hall. She came and hauled her away and I never did hear what happened with her. Ick. Then it is getting close to recess time and I realize, 'hey wait a minute! I have no other aide.' I run to the office and ask, 'is anyone helping me on the playground???' No, you're on your own. Everyone else is busy. So there I was frantically releasing the tables, running to the hallway so no fights broke out, and then ushered them out the door. Only to get out there and see HUGE water puddles and kids wading in them with nothing more than sweats and tennies on. 'GET OUT OF THERE (YOU MORONS... only in my thoughts, not verbalized). So I frantically ran from one end of the blacktop to the other trying to keep kids... well simply alive and still on the playground. At one point I realized, 'I almost don't care if they get sopping wet. It is their own fault if they do.' Then the mother in me got the best of them and I put my lungs to use and really let 'em have it. Whew it felt good. And then... finally, the bell rang. Then it was only 15 more minutes with the 2nd and 3rd graders and it was luckily uneventful (except for the fact that my fine young son came in 10 minutes later than the rest, saw me and burst into tears. I guess he and another were involved in being 'mean' to another kid in class so they had to write a letter to her saying they were sorry. Oh dear. And that dear blogger-friends was another chapter of the lunchroom lady's adventures. My niece asked if I have lunch lady arms. And by the way Laura, I do NOT!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Posted too soon!

Now I DO have emotion and something to write about. I was just chatting with Judy. Judy is our cleaning lady. She's been here approximately every two weeks since Rayna and Trevor joined our family. I have told Duane a few times that really, I don't 'need' her anymore since since I try to keep it picked up and tidy daily. But he said no, it is fine to keep having her come. And one of the last things Sue (Duane's sister that passed away over a year ago) told me was that I should NEVER tell Duane I don't need Judy anymore. So in loving memory of her, I've kept quiet.

Anyway, Judy was chatting along this morning as she always does. In fact, I have to make myself scarce when she comes as she'd rather get caught up on our lives and tell about her own than clean. I digress. But then she was talking about someone we both know and said, 'boy I sure would like to have her life'. And so thinking I was being cordial said, 'I would too'. Then she smiles at me and said, 'but I would like to have your life too'. And I said, 'really? why?' (thinking she might say that I have a great husband or three adorable children or a comfy home or even a cute puppy). Her response??? 'You don't have to do anything!'. I just mumbled something like...'well, that's hardly true' and left before I gave her a piece of my mind. Don't DO anything??? I think all you mom's out there know we DO something. Daily. Hourly. By the minute. And for that, I am thankful that I can accomplish much by keeping the homefires burning.

And so... phhbbbbtttt to all those that think we don't 'work'!!!

Mundane musings

Does anyone else feel this way? Or maybe I just have the blahs during a winter that has no end. I was thinking when I was getting breakfast this morning that I should put something down on the blog that has happened. And then I was thinking... what??? The past week has consisted mainly (and basically only) of laundry, cleaning, cooking, baking, grocery shopping, Target shopping (sorry Lani, but I really need stuff there), bill-paying, puppy training and walking, urging children to finish homework, take showers, relay to gymnastics, read stories to, enjoy my husband's company, visit with a few friends, check e-mails... I think you get the picture.

So! Here's a post of nothing.

But then I realize, no news is good news! Crisis, health issues, sadness, raw emotions make for good blgging. But I don't want that. So in light of Martha's thoughts; for that, I am thankful.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring colors

I've been playing with the colors... and decided on spring. But pastels aren't my style...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bad tooth fairy

Trevor allowed me to help pull out a tooth last night after supper. But this morning when we all woke up he showed me his little container and that the tooth fairy never came! I felt so sorry for him. I hope 'she' makes up for her mistake tonight!!!

Rats... has this happened to anyone else?