Sunday, May 31, 2015


No, I'm not sick with a disease.  Here is the definition:

1.  writing in excessive amounts, sometimes incoherently
2.  extreme wordiness in writing

I've been blogging since 2007.  As I've stated before, I don't know really why I started and I definitely don't know when I'll end this gig.  But for now, I enjoy it.  Usually.

So how do I go about Musing each week?  Well I'll let you in on my mundane ways.  During the week when I see something or hear something or think of something, I will jot it in my "notes" on my phone.  Usually it is just a code word or an event or something to trigger my memory once I sit down to write.  My purpose is that it should be interesting, funny, or encouraging.  If it isn't, then it isn't worth your time.  I know I fail and sometimes it is a bit too 'Mundane'.  I try.  Really I do!  

The actual writing is a strange thing even to me.  I must be completely alone.  I'll look at my 'notes',  think of the past week's events,  look out the window, talk sweet-nothings to the cat,  click a pen a few times, sit and think a few minutes in utter silence, and then I just start to type. 

I get in a "zone" when writing a blog post.  It is hard to describe, but somehow it just writes itself.  If I'm doing ghost writing for Lisi, I have to get into a totally different mindset of a dog brain.  Weird I know.  A typical posting takes about 20 minutes tops.

Life has drastically changed with the MYP in the past eight years.  I used to write about little kids and how they would say this or that or do this or that and it was all cute and cuddly.  Now they are teenagers with lives and boundaries and confidence in me as their mother to not divulge their private lives.  It isn't blog worthy.

I'm thankful for a wonderful relationship with my Chairman.  You will never see me write about disagreements.  Of course we have them at times like any other old married couple (isn't that so hard to believe?).  Another example of something not blog worthy. 

I am blessed with a lot of friends.  I love them dearly.  Sometimes I hear a story or am intrigued by a situation they are experiencing and would love to blog about it.  But I can't.  It isn't my story.  So it isn't blog worthy.

And finally, the most important thing I don't blog about is a hidden joy that cannot be told with typed words.  That aspect of my life - that many of you know about isn't something that I would blog about.  It's too deep.  Words fail.  It is much more worthy than a blog post.

So there you have it!  The behind-the-scenes look at the blogging life at the Chairman and Co!  We will be back to regular programming tomorrow.  That is - if there is a code word or two in my "notes" and if the house is quiet and if there is something to say.  Or not.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I had no intention of blogging today so this is Lisi's fault you have something else to read.  You see it is currently 76 degrees outside and to her that is dreadfully hot.  Twice I have tried to leave for a walk.  Twice she's laid down at the end of the driveway.  It is quite the spectacle seeing me try to pull her lying on the ground to go for a walk.  Lest the SPCA (Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) comes calling, I gave up and don't even want to walk myself since she won't come with me.  Here's a profile picture I took last night as we sat under the trampoline together.  I still think she's cute even if she's gray and stubborn to boot.  Wait a minute!  That sounds like I'm describing myself.  Heh.

So I've been sick.  I'm proving that yes indeed, I'm the weaker vessel.  It's my second cold in about six weeks.  I have been drinking uber-healthy smoothies for several months so I don't understand why I'm falling ill.  Maybe the viruses think there's more nutrients to feed on inside of me.  I don't know.   I've been checking the mailbox for sympathy or 'thinking of you' cards, but none have come yet.  Oh well.  I'll suffer in silence.

We've had baby robins fluttering around and even inside our garage as they practice with their new wings.  I've heard and seen the yellow-winged blackbirds take flight.  But I never seem to see a baby mourning dove with their parents.  Hmmm.

We are in glorious - near paradise conditions here with balmy weather, light winds and sunshine after rain.  Yet, I hear the air conditioners humming away as I walk.  Seems depressing to have the house always sealed up, but maybe that's me.  It's also common at the Chairman and  Co. to only run the a/c if it hits 86 inside the house.  But maybe that's just us.

Son #1 and I had the privilege of retrieving a bike that took a ride to the sheriff's department the other day.  I tempted fate and parked illegally in front of the office with sheriff cars buzzing about.  I'm crazy like that.  We walk inside and there are three serious looking bullet-proof windows.  One was for paying fines.  One was for paying for your bail.  And one was for 'other' so I walked up and was greeted by Sheriff Slightly Friendly.  I explained about the bike taking a ride in the cop car and then I had to give my ID so he could run a background check on me, explain a few details about myself and the bike and finally he retrieved it from the "holding room".  I was trying to be charming and friendly and offered eager smiles.  He in turn did not.  It's all serious business at the sheriff's department.

A few ladies were waiting there in the waiting room.  They looked distressed.  I overheard one say to the other, 'do you think they'll release him before long?  We've waited a really long time and I wish they'd tell us something.'  I think their day or relation isn't as good as mine is.

I posted this on FB the other day.  Daughter #2 loves to use my phone for pictures and slo-mo shots, etc.  I found this on my camera roll.  Kinda looks like an angel until you realize it is daughter #2.  She's sweet, but definitely no angel.  Tee-hee.
Saw this picture that sums up my feelings about crafts.  You 'crafty' ones can defend this if you want...
Happy rest of the week!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday Musings... sort of...

I know.  I know!  It isn't Monday.  Well it feels like Monday, but it's not.

I would have Mused yesterday but I lost my voice.  Not in a rhetorical sense, but literally.  I had a mild cold that settled down into my chest and there was peace in the valley and hope in the land... I just quoted a middle-school concert piece I sang a gazillion years ago.  It was quite pretty and I digressed.

Anyway!  Just because I lost my voice doesn't mean I couldn't type.  And just because yesterday was a major holiday doesn't mean I couldn't type.  I'll admit something.  I was home most all the live-long day.  I was alone a lot of the time.  I had ample time and opportunity to Muse.  But I just didn't feel like it.  Why you ask?  I dunno.  Maybe because I was in a funk from the cold.  Or maybe, just maybe there was absolutely no material to Muse on.  Or maybe...  oh never mind.

I had a nice breakfast with Mrs. Chicken Farmer and Mrs. Pretty Cousin late last week!  We've been close since I was first married.  Thankful for life-long friends.  And for our MYP enjoying each other's company.

We tackled a mulch pile and won the battle.  I'm very very happy to say everything is planted and I'm just wandering around waiting for weeds to pop up so I can pluck 'em.

The cat has been sitting in strange positions.  He deserves to relax after ridding our yard and neighborhood of bunnies and mice each night.
We went for a drive on Saturday and crossed paths with this fella.  He was not in the least bit worried about us despite being close enough to hear him chewing his grass.
So the MYP and the Chairman are back in the grind after an extended weekend.  I am back looking at piles of dirty socks and a dirty floor that need tending.  I also need to go pick up a bike from the sheriff's impound lot in a nearby town.  Lets just say leaving bikes in a ditch on private property will make for an exciting evening.

So happy Monday... I mean Tuesday to you!  See?  I told you there was nothing to Muse!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wildflower Wednesday

Yes indeed.  After I post on the blog, I'm aiming to head out expediently and plant a wildflower mix in our adjacent lot.  It looks like it would be fun according to pictures on the box I purchased.  However, the reality of digging up grass and roots and thistles and what-not will make it not so fun.  I'm hoping the results aren't a mix of glorified dandelions.

So Lisi has been lame.  I did take her to the vet a couple days ago.  She has the equivalent of a doggy sprained ankle and was given some medicine to take down the swelling and pain.  It was kind of disturbing for the three days she couldn't walk.  It was like walking into your fitness club and seeing the favorite piece of equipment out of service.  I didn't walk without her.  So that leads me to believe, once her days are done here - I'll either gain a quick 15 pounds or we will need another dog.

Standing in the returns line at Costco yesterday, there was a lady on the phone.  Since I stood there for approximately 8 minutes (not that I was counting) I listened in on her conversation and typed some highlights in my 'notes' section on the phone because I'm sneaky like that.  Here goes:  "I know I should call the police (spoken loudly and piqued my curiosity)!  She broke into our house twice and the last time she stole my earrings.  If we call the police it will make matters worse.  Ok.  I'll be available if you call.  Let me know if there's problems and call 911 and then call me."  (I have a feeling her life is more distressing and maybe exciting than mine.)

As we were eating supper last night the cat comes up to the window once again with a very lucky sparrow in its mouth.  Why lucky?  Because for the third time in the past 10 days I've gone out and poked the cat til he meows and the bird flies off.  Is that me or is that kinda weird?  Maybe it's same bird and they're just playing.  I think not.

I sometimes check the feeder to see the readership.  Lately, I've noticed the hits from faraway places.  Today they were from Ontario, Nigeria, Australia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Alberta.  I'm pretty sure I don't know most of you, but no matter!  Glad you stopped by!  I like friends from afar!

We have friends with black skin.  We have a relative that lives and works amongst those with brown skin.  We have a daughter with (what they call) yellow skin.  We have relatives with olive skin.  We have light skin.  All of that is just outside stuff that doesn't matter.  I saw this the other day and I thought it was beautiful for a lot of reason.
And then I saw this.  It was me yesterday at Sam's Club.
And this.  The reality is that we are on the last picture with teenagers.  It does go fast...
And then there's this.  A picture of our fruit basket with 1/3 of a banana, 1/8 of a banana, 1/4 of an apple, and 1/2 of an apple.  Um.  Could you not have handled eating that last 1/8th?  Or the other for that matter...
Finally.  Just because it was cute.  Golden moments I guess you'd call them.
Off to dig up grass in hopes of a lovely wildflower meadow.  Only time and some grit will tell.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Musings

Not sure what got into me on Friday.  I kinda ruined it for Monday Musings.  Why you ask?  Well contrary to popular belief, life isn't as exciting as it seems at the Chairman and Co.  So basically there's very little to Muse.

Other than we spent the entire day Saturday in the yard.  I planted, and I watered, and hopefully the sun and warmth will give the increase.  

The Chairman was busy tilling my vegetable garden.  I may have said this before but it bears repeating.  I wish I liked vegetable gardening as much as flower gardening.  Today I have to sow.  Not sew.  I honestly don't like doing either.  However,  I do enjoy reaping.

While getting gas, I spotted Waldo.  I didn't realize "Waldo" was a lady.  Maybe it was his wife.
Daughter #2 was having fun with my phone camera while I took my Sunday siesta.  I love this tree.  Too bad the petals are blowing off already today.

And then there's Lisi.  She took off after a yearling deer on Saturday and came home limping.  She's still limping.  Badly.  I may be paying a visit to the vet today.  I think it's just a sprain, but I'm not sure.

I saw this the other day.  It reminded me of a couple other cuties.

Having deep and empathetic feelings for a family that has lost their husband, father and son far too soon many states away.  I am confident those near them are offering deep comfort.  

There's been lots of testing at our high school so I've been driving one or two young people to school lately.  Then there's early pick-ups for practices so essentially I have four hours to accomplish stuff before I put on my taxi hat and start the engine.  Better get going so they get to school on time. Besides, I'm Mused out already.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fantastic Friday

Yes it is!  Fantastic!  We have a weekend ahead of us with very little planned for the five of us (well seven if you count the dog/cat, but they usually have no agenda).

At awards ceremonies for sports or what-not, usually you see parents clapping wildly.  I think they aren't clapping out of joy for their children's accomplishments, but more than that they are clapping because it is one less activity they have to drive to.   Or maybe that's just me.

I'm worried about the bees.  Not my bees, just bees in general.  Mine are usually in my bonnet.  They pollinate this nation's crops and I keep reading they are dying all over the place.  I'm guessing it is all the pesticides that are used.  No matter.  I hope they figure it out soon.

Are you a cold-pizza breakfast eater?  I'm not.  Just the thought of eating something non-breakfasty in the morning almost makes me want to dry heave.

I think gardening is just another term for "pulling weeds".

Yes, I've spent a lot of time this week in the flower beds.  It is amazing the length of roots that grass has under the surface.  Believe me, I know.  Hidden things can be very far reaching.  For good or for bad.

When I see a car on the road that seems familiar, I don't look at the person driving.  I look at the license plate because I kinda have most of them memorized of my friends.  Weird I know.  Works great at night too!

I love auto-correct on my phone.  Sometimes I wish my mouth had it.  You know when you start speaking and it isn't coming out quite right.  Wouldn't it be nice if something just took over and made it look like a legit thought or sentence?

Saw some little thoughts on-line this week I liked.

It is during the worst storms in your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.

There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect children.  But there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.

Expectation is the root of all heartache.

When all is said and done, we're all just walking each other home.  

And finally, here's what was on my camera roll on my phone.

Happy weekend to you!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Musings

Well hello!  I've reread some of the latest posts and realize there are too many words.  In the past, Musings were just that.  Just a quick Muse about something and I've deviated from that.  So back to brief comments and a few pictures.  Your life is as busy as mine.  Thank you for your patience.

Mother's Day.  We are blessed with two mothers in our life.  One by birth.  One by marriage.  They both came yesterday.  They both enjoy each other's company.  And we love them both.  I still think we are beyond fortunate that we like them and they like each other too!
 Can't leave out the dad's.  
And here's me with the MYP.  
I think there is a 'greatest' calling.  I wasn't called for that.  But I was called to be a mom.  I feel that deeply and it is a great privilege.  The MYP often come for questions answered.  I used to think that my own mom had all the answers and it came easily.  But the longer I parent (with the Chairman by my side), I now realize that answers given are spoken with fear and trembling.  When we hold our children in their illness, the child feels utter comfort.  But the mom is wondering and second-guessing if she's doing the right thing.  It started with a newborn.  It continues as they grow before our eyes.  I have said it before.  I LOVE being a mom to these wonderful MYP.  Even on some exhausting days.

Someone texted yesterday morning thanking me for being like a mom to him.  Such a small gesture completely made my day.  

We also had our niece and family with us. 
I love that both these boys were chosen to be part of their families.  I can hardly take in how quickly little boys turn into young men. 
Speaking of boys, there's a new boy in our extended family!  He's the 5th son born to this family.  I hope people don't ask if they want a girl.  Any child born healthy is a gift.  And hand-me-downs are handy.

I had the 'privilege' of taking admission money for a tournament this past weekend.  I had a blast working the table.  Chatting with little kids.  Asking visibly elderly people if they qualify for the senior discount.  Talking to the super-tall teenagers wandering in.  Daughter #2 wanted a 'selfie'.  I found it interesting that I never had to ask the teams streaming out of the gyms who won.  You could just tell by their actions and facial expressions.  
So a few more random pictures I found on my camera:

Happy Monday!  I tried to use less words...  honest!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thrilling Thursday Thoughts

That might be a bit superfluous saying these thoughts will be thrilling.  But to me it has been.

Since I have friends that want to keep the celebration going, yesterday was a birthday lunch day.  However I was told to keep four hours open because there were some 'activities' involved as well.   Yes, this turning 50 turned out to be quite a bash of a week.

I ran downstairs in the morning and thought something smelled 'damp'.  I walk around the basement and discover that the unfinished (thankfully!) part was flooded.  Water standing in all the corners.  Seeping up boxes.  Soaking into Goodwill donation bags.  YUCK.  So I frantically move things to higher ground, call the neighbor plumber, and feel frustrated.  To add insult to injury, the furnace wasn't turning on either, so a service call scheduled for next week.

Mrs. Seafoam Sweater (formerly known as Mrs. Peach Shawl) picked me up and we started going somewhere.  I had no clue and wasn't terribly concerned because I sorta-kinda trust her and I was preoccupied with a non-working furnace and wet boxes.  She asks after a few minutes, 'aren't you curious where we are going?'.  Well, yes I guess.  So I sat in my oblivion.  She turns a few times and I see we are heading right to Aldi!  Now we're talking!  She knows my affection for that store and so I figured we were picking up some dark chocolate.  Nope.  She drove right past to a strip center and pulls up in front of a nail salon.

Oh boy.  In all my 50 years, no one has ever taken care of my toes but me (and my mother when I was a wee one).  I'm suddenly way beyond my comfort zone, but this was her gift to me and I needed to be polite.  Mrs. Chicken Farmer joined us because she's leaving for Hawaii and chicken feathers poking out of the toe jam isn't appealing when you are in Hawaii.

So we sat there and had people washing our feet.  Trimming our toenails and digging dirt out of the crevices.  It was all fun and games.
Until Mr. Toe Jam Master started in on rubbing off dead skin.  The ticklish feelings were nearly unbearable.  I felt like I wanted to jump into the ceiling tiles to get away from him.  It was sensory overload and Mrs. Seafoam Sweater needed to take a picture.
Then finally it was all done.  No more toe jam.  No more snaggley toenails.  I now am sporting toenails that are bit fancy for me and don't want to ruin my 'natural' reputation by showing you just how fancy.  I give it a couple weeks and digging in the gardens barefoot should bring me back to my comfortable, slightly-ugly natural look.

After that, we drove off for the lunch.  I am not one to get too surprised, but I was very surprised when my mom and sister were sitting there with my friends.  My dear niece even put forth effort an drove an hour to join us.  I felt (and still feel) completely loved.  The meal and the company were sweet.  And my mom even brought doughnuts!
After the dining, Mrs. Seafoam Sweater took me to consignment stores and even picked out a skirt for me to try on which was at a brag price and makes this frugal middle-aged woman happy.

So it was a delightful day in every way.  I am not one to enjoy pampering or the limelight.  I'd much rather plod along on an ordinary day doing ordinary things and making sure my family is fed and happy.  But this week it has been so very nice to feel special and cared for and loved.  Thank you to all that made it happen.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Warning… This post is longer than normal.  Hey, it’s been about a year and a half since I’ve done any interruptions on this blog so cut me some slack!

You may know I don’t like to overly focus on some numbers but a somewhat important milestone was recently achieved by the Publisher.  The problem with this particular birthday was the potential expectation for me to get involved or even try to organize something.  The last thing I want to do in life is tell someone else what to do, so this situation created some problems. 

The primary problem with planning a surprise party for the Publisher was the fact that I would need to initiate something social without the guidance and direction of the Publisher.  In this particular matter, the very essence of our relationship and team strength is disabled just when I need it most.  This is a cruel irony. 

While I was lost in thought on the difficulty of the situation, a call came in about a week before the big day.  The person (sometimes known as the Supervisor) asked me if I had been thinking about doing anything for my wife for her big day.  Well yeah, I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking.  I think a lot.  I’ve recently been thinking about this situation as well.  Lots of thinking...  Not any doing, but lots of thinking.  Fortunately, this particular lady is a thinker and a doer so she said she would organize the event, invite the people, get the food, etc.  Well… now this seems like something I can handle.  She even offered her house to host the event.  I put my foot down.  The event can occur at OUR house.  I even started to think that I could do a little decorating for this.  Then she asked if I would like to get the cake, or should she.  Oh, I should be able to get the cake.  But this is starting to get a little complicated. 

Actually, getting cake and some decorations may not be that technically complicated.  A more significant problem is who do you invite?  How many people?  This is when I start to overthink and any hope of doing anything is shut down.  But wait, the Supervisor is taking care of this.  …And enough on the Supervisor as I need to start talking about my wife.  

This event inviting thing is something the Publisher would normally handle.  That way I can relax.  Ah yes, the Publisher can organize my social calendar.  I actually feel good about her doing this.  I want her to stay as far as possible from business stuff, but that’s another story.  Actually, she pays all our bills, so she does fully manage the “house” business. 

But I am getting to a larger point.  Gradually since our marriage, I have learned a few things from the Publisher.  The problem with social structures and personal interactions is my concern that my action (or inaction) may inadvertently upset someone.  Take this blog for example.  My great concern at the inception was not so much that my dirty laundry would be aired but rather that this blog could be an avenue that would/could lead another to become upset…for any reason.  I would like to think that this is because I am altruistic and caring, but there may be something more. 

I know (fear) that the Publisher can sometimes shoot from the hip.  What if this leads to offense by a particular reader (or many readers)?  But wait, the Publisher has now been blogging for many years and the readership has grown.  This indicates that the market has spoken and there is some demand for what she is doing.  Well now, how can this be?  If my concern is true that she may not always be overly sensitive to the feelings of others why would her readership not decline? 

I am now getting to my larger point.  She actually respects the intelligence and discernment of the reader.  While I am vexed that others do not understand what I am (or she is) trying to accomplish, she swiftly types away without an apparent care or concern.  But not because she does not care, or is not concerned, but rather she trusts the readership.  If the wording is not quite perfect, does it really matter?  Would no words be better?

This gets to another point.  Who cares about that green leaf tree coat or whatever it is?  I mean really.  I can take it or leave it.  She can even wear it even if I am around.  I just hope it does not overly clash with whatever else she may be wearing.  This is what I consider a distraction controversy that may entertain simple minded readers but does little to elevate higher discourse (I hope no one is offended with my commentary).

Much more important than the goofy coat topic was another matter.  There was a larger controversy that almost prompted an interruption from me several months ago.  I was at work, furiously typing away on non-social matters when several text messages came in from different parts.  What’s this??  Texts of concern!  Too much information is being disclosed by the Publisher on the blog!  Improper sensitivity is being shown!  Oh no!!  This is exactly what I was worried about!!

What blog post?  We will have it removed/modified immediately!  Oh, that one… 

You see, maybe once a month the Publisher will read me a blog post.  I am not always sure on her motivation, but I try to cooperate.  Well this one she read and I thought it was good overall.  Not perfect.  I would have revised the wording here or there.  Maybe removed a line or two.  Or added an additional line of explanation or a disclaimer or something…  But hey, this is her blog and I simply said “that’s pretty good!” 

Well pretty good can be subjective and not everyone agreed.  I gingerly approached the subject with the Publisher.  She quickly said she would remove the post.  Wow.  Just like that?  I actually am not sure if you should remove it.  Does this mean it will be lost permanently?  Well at least the NSA would have a copy.  Nonetheless, I was struck by her quick willingness to remove something that bothered someone.  More importantly, I hear that all parties involved are on good terms and in good spirits.  …Just an FYI for a reader who may find something offensive in a future blog post. 

Whoa!  This is going on way too long!  Now you all know why I stay out of this blogging thing.

Be well dear readers.

Happy Birth Week Publisher!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Musings

Yes.  Today is the day.  FB and texts and family is reminding me today is the day.  It makes birthdays quite fun.  But I also want to Muse.  Because that's what I do on Mondays.

The Chairman was vague.  'We might do something Sunday night so keep it open' is all he said in passing once.  So I imagined maybe he had invited both sets of our parents.  I didn't have a clue.  I may or may not have secretly tried to pull info out of the MYP but they wouldn't give me the slightest clue.  Yet another example of maturity.  A few years ago they would have been smiling and snickering and nearly blowing out feathers from swallowing the bird of secrecy.  I just had a daughter do a bit of delay tactics which raised some suspicion but not much.

So.  Maybe I'll let the pictures tell the story.

the funeral birthday procession to our house
I love people and yes, I do feel energized, but I tremble at being the center of attention.  

I think 39 were with us.  So I must be 39 and holding...
The Chairman went way out of his comfort zone to help friends coordinate this surprise.  I don't think he ever ordered a cake before.  Or thought of decorations.  To me it is just another indication that I have a gem of a husband.

True happiness is looking around the table and being surrounded by eight of my dearest friends

the confection

My dear Chairman
 I still can hardly take in sometimes how fortunate I am to call these mine.
The Chairman and Co.  
So one of my friends is just a few months ahead of me in age likes to see me squirm.  She had the Chairman read my "50 things about me" to everyone which he hadn't even read yet (and also I found to be terribly embarrassing) and then had everyone write down a thought about me.  Some of my favorites:

We love having your children come because of the food and bread you send with them
L is my background check for boys
If you want to know anything about anyone, ask L
L makes delicious bread (x3)
Bargain shopping is L's life
L. loves gossip (hey!  no I don't!!!)
I don't know anyone more secure and ok with herself than L.  Which makes it so curious how uncomfortable she is out of her comfort zone.  She's actually a chicken.

There were some super-sweet, kind, and gentle words written.  I'll keep them for myself and re-read them when I need a boost in self-esteem.

that face... a picture not of joy but of embarrassment

yeah, a gift packed in a Victoria's Secret box can make me uneasy (and what's with the knobby knees?)
Teenagers get a bad wrap these days.  They are haughty.  Disrespectful.  Lazy.  And even mouthy.  I don't feel that way about the teens I know.  This guy was born on my 34th birthday.  I got to hold him when he was just an hour or so old.  I'll always treasure that birthday gift.  But more than that, I'm so impressed with the witty and kind young man he is today.  He's also a great example to our son #1.

This girl.  She calls me her second mom.  I think of her as my third daughter.  She's a lovely young lady and a 'bestie' of daughter #2.

These two.  They helped the Chairman in the party details.  We are all within a year of each other in age.  I like to think we'll have wheelchair races in a nursing home some day.  I know Mrs. Peach Shawl will still be competitive and want to beat me.  Mrs. Floral Top will know just what to say to keep me encouraged.  I'm thankful for friends.  And I don't tell them enough.
So there you have it.  #50.  I leave in a few minutes to meet my parents for lunch.  Seems just the right thing to do on my birthday - to thank the ones that brought me into this beautiful and blessed life.

We will return to regular broadcasting at the next Monday Musings.  Thanks for bearing with me through this birthday.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fifty things...

In anticipation of a milestone birthday coming in a few days, I've randomly jotted down fifty things that I have learned or just little bits about me.  If you have lots of spare time, read away.  If not, I'm not offended.  So did you make it?  Still want more?  Just wait 'til I hit 100!  That list will be even better!

 1.  I have always felt loved.

 2.  I have lived in three states and 11 different homes.

 3.  I only know the Midwest region but I love the Midwest for living in and raising a family.

 4.  I never know what eye color to say I have.  Sometimes they look green and sometimes blue.

 5.  The Chairman and I were born in the same hospital.

 6.  The death of my sister-in-law caused me to value birthdays and enjoy life more.

 7.  No one can be a greater comfort than one who has "been there" in their own experience

 8.  I cannot fathom loving children unequally

 9.  I am frugal and love the challenge of saving a nickel. 

10.  Blue, turquoise, periwinkle are my favorite colors

11.  We already have our burial spots and grave marker since our firstborn is buried between us.

12.  I get energized by being with other people.

13.  I can't think of anyone that doesn't like me.  If you do, please let me know so I can make it right.

14.  I played violin all through high school and never really liked it (or was very good)

15.  I had no idea years ago what a blog was or that I would be writing one for eight years so far.

16.  When I married, the only thing the Chairman knew i could make for food was sandwiches.

17.  I love and need short naps if I can get them.

18.  I used to dislike winter until I started to ski.

19.  I worry about how sad I'll be when the nest gets empty

20.  I wasn't that good of a writer in college.

21.  I secretly wish I could drive a shuttle bus at the airport.  Or for a hospital.

22.  Money and stuff never impresses me.

23.  I have loved babies all my life.

24.  I actually like my graying hair because it is like I have highlights.

25.  My attention span is often too short.

26.  The pinnacle trip in my life will always be the journey to China to bring home our daughter.

27.  In 1985 I traveled with the college choir for two weeks in England singing around the countryside.

28.  i love singing classic country loudly in the car.

29.  I am thankful that at the age of 50 I have living and loving parents and in-laws.

30.  Being a mom has far exceeded my thoughts of love and at times difficulty.

31.  I am blessed with wonderful nieces and nephews that I consider good friends.

32.  I have no first cousins.

33.  I was convinced I was adopted around the age of 10 because I had darker hair than my siblings.

34.  I am a terrible swimmer.

35.  i'm ok with my looks except for gravity's grip on my chin as I age.

36.  I took two whitewater raft trips.  After the first, I made a major change in my life.  At the second one, i met the Chairman.  I don't want to go on another raft trip because I don't need a major change or a boyfriend. 

37.  We have experienced 4 miscarriages, a preemie that lived only 3 days, and a full term baby. 

38.  My nostrils are uneven and my mother noticed it at birth.

39.  I'm so thankful that our family came to be through both adoption and natural means.

40.  Kidney stones hurt in ways you can't describe.

41.  I've never broken a bone.  Just stitches at the age of five. 

42.  My sister and I are very different yet so very much the same. 

43.  I cry very easily when I'm moved emotionally.  Sometimes I wish I weren't that way. 

44.  Some of my happiest moments in life are sitting around a table with friends or family.

45.  As a child, we took a two week family trip each summer that included some camping and convention most always. 

46.  I've always been very intrigued by Helen Keller.  And the assassination of Kennedy.

47.  I'm fascinated with names and wish we could name more children but not actually have more. 
48.  I'm terrible at math.  Just ask my brother who always excelled at it.

49.  I love - really love making bread and sweet rolls.

50.  I get crabby if the house is dirty.  

So did you make it?  Still want more?  Just wait 'til I hit 100!  That list will be even better and quite possibly more funny.