Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I had no intention of blogging today so this is Lisi's fault you have something else to read.  You see it is currently 76 degrees outside and to her that is dreadfully hot.  Twice I have tried to leave for a walk.  Twice she's laid down at the end of the driveway.  It is quite the spectacle seeing me try to pull her lying on the ground to go for a walk.  Lest the SPCA (Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) comes calling, I gave up and don't even want to walk myself since she won't come with me.  Here's a profile picture I took last night as we sat under the trampoline together.  I still think she's cute even if she's gray and stubborn to boot.  Wait a minute!  That sounds like I'm describing myself.  Heh.

So I've been sick.  I'm proving that yes indeed, I'm the weaker vessel.  It's my second cold in about six weeks.  I have been drinking uber-healthy smoothies for several months so I don't understand why I'm falling ill.  Maybe the viruses think there's more nutrients to feed on inside of me.  I don't know.   I've been checking the mailbox for sympathy or 'thinking of you' cards, but none have come yet.  Oh well.  I'll suffer in silence.

We've had baby robins fluttering around and even inside our garage as they practice with their new wings.  I've heard and seen the yellow-winged blackbirds take flight.  But I never seem to see a baby mourning dove with their parents.  Hmmm.

We are in glorious - near paradise conditions here with balmy weather, light winds and sunshine after rain.  Yet, I hear the air conditioners humming away as I walk.  Seems depressing to have the house always sealed up, but maybe that's me.  It's also common at the Chairman and  Co. to only run the a/c if it hits 86 inside the house.  But maybe that's just us.

Son #1 and I had the privilege of retrieving a bike that took a ride to the sheriff's department the other day.  I tempted fate and parked illegally in front of the office with sheriff cars buzzing about.  I'm crazy like that.  We walk inside and there are three serious looking bullet-proof windows.  One was for paying fines.  One was for paying for your bail.  And one was for 'other' so I walked up and was greeted by Sheriff Slightly Friendly.  I explained about the bike taking a ride in the cop car and then I had to give my ID so he could run a background check on me, explain a few details about myself and the bike and finally he retrieved it from the "holding room".  I was trying to be charming and friendly and offered eager smiles.  He in turn did not.  It's all serious business at the sheriff's department.

A few ladies were waiting there in the waiting room.  They looked distressed.  I overheard one say to the other, 'do you think they'll release him before long?  We've waited a really long time and I wish they'd tell us something.'  I think their day or relation isn't as good as mine is.

I posted this on FB the other day.  Daughter #2 loves to use my phone for pictures and slo-mo shots, etc.  I found this on my camera roll.  Kinda looks like an angel until you realize it is daughter #2.  She's sweet, but definitely no angel.  Tee-hee.
Saw this picture that sums up my feelings about crafts.  You 'crafty' ones can defend this if you want...
Happy rest of the week!

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