Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Musings

Not sure what got into me on Friday.  I kinda ruined it for Monday Musings.  Why you ask?  Well contrary to popular belief, life isn't as exciting as it seems at the Chairman and Co.  So basically there's very little to Muse.

Other than we spent the entire day Saturday in the yard.  I planted, and I watered, and hopefully the sun and warmth will give the increase.  

The Chairman was busy tilling my vegetable garden.  I may have said this before but it bears repeating.  I wish I liked vegetable gardening as much as flower gardening.  Today I have to sow.  Not sew.  I honestly don't like doing either.  However,  I do enjoy reaping.

While getting gas, I spotted Waldo.  I didn't realize "Waldo" was a lady.  Maybe it was his wife.
Daughter #2 was having fun with my phone camera while I took my Sunday siesta.  I love this tree.  Too bad the petals are blowing off already today.

And then there's Lisi.  She took off after a yearling deer on Saturday and came home limping.  She's still limping.  Badly.  I may be paying a visit to the vet today.  I think it's just a sprain, but I'm not sure.

I saw this the other day.  It reminded me of a couple other cuties.

Having deep and empathetic feelings for a family that has lost their husband, father and son far too soon many states away.  I am confident those near them are offering deep comfort.  

There's been lots of testing at our high school so I've been driving one or two young people to school lately.  Then there's early pick-ups for practices so essentially I have four hours to accomplish stuff before I put on my taxi hat and start the engine.  Better get going so they get to school on time. Besides, I'm Mused out already.  

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