Friday, May 1, 2015

Fifty things...

In anticipation of a milestone birthday coming in a few days, I've randomly jotted down fifty things that I have learned or just little bits about me.  If you have lots of spare time, read away.  If not, I'm not offended.  So did you make it?  Still want more?  Just wait 'til I hit 100!  That list will be even better!

 1.  I have always felt loved.

 2.  I have lived in three states and 11 different homes.

 3.  I only know the Midwest region but I love the Midwest for living in and raising a family.

 4.  I never know what eye color to say I have.  Sometimes they look green and sometimes blue.

 5.  The Chairman and I were born in the same hospital.

 6.  The death of my sister-in-law caused me to value birthdays and enjoy life more.

 7.  No one can be a greater comfort than one who has "been there" in their own experience

 8.  I cannot fathom loving children unequally

 9.  I am frugal and love the challenge of saving a nickel. 

10.  Blue, turquoise, periwinkle are my favorite colors

11.  We already have our burial spots and grave marker since our firstborn is buried between us.

12.  I get energized by being with other people.

13.  I can't think of anyone that doesn't like me.  If you do, please let me know so I can make it right.

14.  I played violin all through high school and never really liked it (or was very good)

15.  I had no idea years ago what a blog was or that I would be writing one for eight years so far.

16.  When I married, the only thing the Chairman knew i could make for food was sandwiches.

17.  I love and need short naps if I can get them.

18.  I used to dislike winter until I started to ski.

19.  I worry about how sad I'll be when the nest gets empty

20.  I wasn't that good of a writer in college.

21.  I secretly wish I could drive a shuttle bus at the airport.  Or for a hospital.

22.  Money and stuff never impresses me.

23.  I have loved babies all my life.

24.  I actually like my graying hair because it is like I have highlights.

25.  My attention span is often too short.

26.  The pinnacle trip in my life will always be the journey to China to bring home our daughter.

27.  In 1985 I traveled with the college choir for two weeks in England singing around the countryside.

28.  i love singing classic country loudly in the car.

29.  I am thankful that at the age of 50 I have living and loving parents and in-laws.

30.  Being a mom has far exceeded my thoughts of love and at times difficulty.

31.  I am blessed with wonderful nieces and nephews that I consider good friends.

32.  I have no first cousins.

33.  I was convinced I was adopted around the age of 10 because I had darker hair than my siblings.

34.  I am a terrible swimmer.

35.  i'm ok with my looks except for gravity's grip on my chin as I age.

36.  I took two whitewater raft trips.  After the first, I made a major change in my life.  At the second one, i met the Chairman.  I don't want to go on another raft trip because I don't need a major change or a boyfriend. 

37.  We have experienced 4 miscarriages, a preemie that lived only 3 days, and a full term baby. 

38.  My nostrils are uneven and my mother noticed it at birth.

39.  I'm so thankful that our family came to be through both adoption and natural means.

40.  Kidney stones hurt in ways you can't describe.

41.  I've never broken a bone.  Just stitches at the age of five. 

42.  My sister and I are very different yet so very much the same. 

43.  I cry very easily when I'm moved emotionally.  Sometimes I wish I weren't that way. 

44.  Some of my happiest moments in life are sitting around a table with friends or family.

45.  As a child, we took a two week family trip each summer that included some camping and convention most always. 

46.  I've always been very intrigued by Helen Keller.  And the assassination of Kennedy.

47.  I'm fascinated with names and wish we could name more children but not actually have more. 
48.  I'm terrible at math.  Just ask my brother who always excelled at it.

49.  I love - really love making bread and sweet rolls.

50.  I get crabby if the house is dirty.  

So did you make it?  Still want more?  Just wait 'til I hit 100!  That list will be even better and quite possibly more funny.  


  1. What a fun list! Ditto to #4, #10, #43, #49 & #50. :) I love #45. BTW, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY! I'm coming along behind you in 7 ½ years! It's going fast...super fast.

  2. Where's the like button for this post?!? (And all the others!)
    I'll be right there with you in 7 months!

  3. Great list! Happy 50th. Knowing that 50 was the next decade was what I dreaded the most about turning 40! 50 sounded so old back then. Now I'm halfway through my 50's and in the midst of the nest emptying. It's been a big decade so far. Joy and sorrow interwoven just like in all the previous decades. Life does get richer as it unfolds though. I'll look forward to reading all about it here! Happy days to you and yours!

  4. Happy 50th! Enjoyed reading your list. Ditto to 16, 19, 24, 25, 34, 40(!!!), and 50. About #19...been empty nesters for 3 years now, but I always dreaded the day. We are not far behind you... my husband and I will turn 50 in 2016!

  5. Ok, I'm in for 100! My grandfather turned 100 last October; Mom's hometown just named their spring run (5 K? Not sure) after him. So I'll be there to make sure the Linda D 5K is established. Or would you rather it be the Mrs Chairman 5K? Or should we have the Mrs Chairman Centennial Bread Bake Off?
    Happy Birthday!

  6. Fabulous Fifty Facts. Some day we shall meet I hope. I've got two years on ya...fifty is great, but it springs a few surprises now and then. Heh heh. Happy Belated Birthday!