Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Musings

Well hello!  I've reread some of the latest posts and realize there are too many words.  In the past, Musings were just that.  Just a quick Muse about something and I've deviated from that.  So back to brief comments and a few pictures.  Your life is as busy as mine.  Thank you for your patience.

Mother's Day.  We are blessed with two mothers in our life.  One by birth.  One by marriage.  They both came yesterday.  They both enjoy each other's company.  And we love them both.  I still think we are beyond fortunate that we like them and they like each other too!
 Can't leave out the dad's.  
And here's me with the MYP.  
I think there is a 'greatest' calling.  I wasn't called for that.  But I was called to be a mom.  I feel that deeply and it is a great privilege.  The MYP often come for questions answered.  I used to think that my own mom had all the answers and it came easily.  But the longer I parent (with the Chairman by my side), I now realize that answers given are spoken with fear and trembling.  When we hold our children in their illness, the child feels utter comfort.  But the mom is wondering and second-guessing if she's doing the right thing.  It started with a newborn.  It continues as they grow before our eyes.  I have said it before.  I LOVE being a mom to these wonderful MYP.  Even on some exhausting days.

Someone texted yesterday morning thanking me for being like a mom to him.  Such a small gesture completely made my day.  

We also had our niece and family with us. 
I love that both these boys were chosen to be part of their families.  I can hardly take in how quickly little boys turn into young men. 
Speaking of boys, there's a new boy in our extended family!  He's the 5th son born to this family.  I hope people don't ask if they want a girl.  Any child born healthy is a gift.  And hand-me-downs are handy.

I had the 'privilege' of taking admission money for a tournament this past weekend.  I had a blast working the table.  Chatting with little kids.  Asking visibly elderly people if they qualify for the senior discount.  Talking to the super-tall teenagers wandering in.  Daughter #2 wanted a 'selfie'.  I found it interesting that I never had to ask the teams streaming out of the gyms who won.  You could just tell by their actions and facial expressions.  
So a few more random pictures I found on my camera:

Happy Monday!  I tried to use less words...  honest!

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  1. Never too many words! My husband has taken to asking me what "Linda" is up to. Sometimes I just pull up your blog and tell him to read it when I know he will get a chuckle :-).