Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Warning… This post is longer than normal.  Hey, it’s been about a year and a half since I’ve done any interruptions on this blog so cut me some slack!

You may know I don’t like to overly focus on some numbers but a somewhat important milestone was recently achieved by the Publisher.  The problem with this particular birthday was the potential expectation for me to get involved or even try to organize something.  The last thing I want to do in life is tell someone else what to do, so this situation created some problems. 

The primary problem with planning a surprise party for the Publisher was the fact that I would need to initiate something social without the guidance and direction of the Publisher.  In this particular matter, the very essence of our relationship and team strength is disabled just when I need it most.  This is a cruel irony. 

While I was lost in thought on the difficulty of the situation, a call came in about a week before the big day.  The person (sometimes known as the Supervisor) asked me if I had been thinking about doing anything for my wife for her big day.  Well yeah, I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking.  I think a lot.  I’ve recently been thinking about this situation as well.  Lots of thinking...  Not any doing, but lots of thinking.  Fortunately, this particular lady is a thinker and a doer so she said she would organize the event, invite the people, get the food, etc.  Well… now this seems like something I can handle.  She even offered her house to host the event.  I put my foot down.  The event can occur at OUR house.  I even started to think that I could do a little decorating for this.  Then she asked if I would like to get the cake, or should she.  Oh, I should be able to get the cake.  But this is starting to get a little complicated. 

Actually, getting cake and some decorations may not be that technically complicated.  A more significant problem is who do you invite?  How many people?  This is when I start to overthink and any hope of doing anything is shut down.  But wait, the Supervisor is taking care of this.  …And enough on the Supervisor as I need to start talking about my wife.  

This event inviting thing is something the Publisher would normally handle.  That way I can relax.  Ah yes, the Publisher can organize my social calendar.  I actually feel good about her doing this.  I want her to stay as far as possible from business stuff, but that’s another story.  Actually, she pays all our bills, so she does fully manage the “house” business. 

But I am getting to a larger point.  Gradually since our marriage, I have learned a few things from the Publisher.  The problem with social structures and personal interactions is my concern that my action (or inaction) may inadvertently upset someone.  Take this blog for example.  My great concern at the inception was not so much that my dirty laundry would be aired but rather that this blog could be an avenue that would/could lead another to become upset…for any reason.  I would like to think that this is because I am altruistic and caring, but there may be something more. 

I know (fear) that the Publisher can sometimes shoot from the hip.  What if this leads to offense by a particular reader (or many readers)?  But wait, the Publisher has now been blogging for many years and the readership has grown.  This indicates that the market has spoken and there is some demand for what she is doing.  Well now, how can this be?  If my concern is true that she may not always be overly sensitive to the feelings of others why would her readership not decline? 

I am now getting to my larger point.  She actually respects the intelligence and discernment of the reader.  While I am vexed that others do not understand what I am (or she is) trying to accomplish, she swiftly types away without an apparent care or concern.  But not because she does not care, or is not concerned, but rather she trusts the readership.  If the wording is not quite perfect, does it really matter?  Would no words be better?

This gets to another point.  Who cares about that green leaf tree coat or whatever it is?  I mean really.  I can take it or leave it.  She can even wear it even if I am around.  I just hope it does not overly clash with whatever else she may be wearing.  This is what I consider a distraction controversy that may entertain simple minded readers but does little to elevate higher discourse (I hope no one is offended with my commentary).

Much more important than the goofy coat topic was another matter.  There was a larger controversy that almost prompted an interruption from me several months ago.  I was at work, furiously typing away on non-social matters when several text messages came in from different parts.  What’s this??  Texts of concern!  Too much information is being disclosed by the Publisher on the blog!  Improper sensitivity is being shown!  Oh no!!  This is exactly what I was worried about!!

What blog post?  We will have it removed/modified immediately!  Oh, that one… 

You see, maybe once a month the Publisher will read me a blog post.  I am not always sure on her motivation, but I try to cooperate.  Well this one she read and I thought it was good overall.  Not perfect.  I would have revised the wording here or there.  Maybe removed a line or two.  Or added an additional line of explanation or a disclaimer or something…  But hey, this is her blog and I simply said “that’s pretty good!” 

Well pretty good can be subjective and not everyone agreed.  I gingerly approached the subject with the Publisher.  She quickly said she would remove the post.  Wow.  Just like that?  I actually am not sure if you should remove it.  Does this mean it will be lost permanently?  Well at least the NSA would have a copy.  Nonetheless, I was struck by her quick willingness to remove something that bothered someone.  More importantly, I hear that all parties involved are on good terms and in good spirits.  …Just an FYI for a reader who may find something offensive in a future blog post. 

Whoa!  This is going on way too long!  Now you all know why I stay out of this blogging thing.

Be well dear readers.

Happy Birth Week Publisher!

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  1. I read your blog on a blog reader, so rarely open to read the comments. This time, I just had to. And I see "no comments"?!! I thought there would be many and funny ones. Anyway, Happy Birthday, and Hello to your parents! I do love your blog and blog as often and as long as you want.