Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Musings

Yes.  Today is the day.  FB and texts and family is reminding me today is the day.  It makes birthdays quite fun.  But I also want to Muse.  Because that's what I do on Mondays.

The Chairman was vague.  'We might do something Sunday night so keep it open' is all he said in passing once.  So I imagined maybe he had invited both sets of our parents.  I didn't have a clue.  I may or may not have secretly tried to pull info out of the MYP but they wouldn't give me the slightest clue.  Yet another example of maturity.  A few years ago they would have been smiling and snickering and nearly blowing out feathers from swallowing the bird of secrecy.  I just had a daughter do a bit of delay tactics which raised some suspicion but not much.

So.  Maybe I'll let the pictures tell the story.

the funeral birthday procession to our house
I love people and yes, I do feel energized, but I tremble at being the center of attention.  

I think 39 were with us.  So I must be 39 and holding...
The Chairman went way out of his comfort zone to help friends coordinate this surprise.  I don't think he ever ordered a cake before.  Or thought of decorations.  To me it is just another indication that I have a gem of a husband.

True happiness is looking around the table and being surrounded by eight of my dearest friends

the confection

My dear Chairman
 I still can hardly take in sometimes how fortunate I am to call these mine.
The Chairman and Co.  
So one of my friends is just a few months ahead of me in age likes to see me squirm.  She had the Chairman read my "50 things about me" to everyone which he hadn't even read yet (and also I found to be terribly embarrassing) and then had everyone write down a thought about me.  Some of my favorites:

We love having your children come because of the food and bread you send with them
L is my background check for boys
If you want to know anything about anyone, ask L
L makes delicious bread (x3)
Bargain shopping is L's life
L. loves gossip (hey!  no I don't!!!)
I don't know anyone more secure and ok with herself than L.  Which makes it so curious how uncomfortable she is out of her comfort zone.  She's actually a chicken.

There were some super-sweet, kind, and gentle words written.  I'll keep them for myself and re-read them when I need a boost in self-esteem.

that face... a picture not of joy but of embarrassment

yeah, a gift packed in a Victoria's Secret box can make me uneasy (and what's with the knobby knees?)
Teenagers get a bad wrap these days.  They are haughty.  Disrespectful.  Lazy.  And even mouthy.  I don't feel that way about the teens I know.  This guy was born on my 34th birthday.  I got to hold him when he was just an hour or so old.  I'll always treasure that birthday gift.  But more than that, I'm so impressed with the witty and kind young man he is today.  He's also a great example to our son #1.

This girl.  She calls me her second mom.  I think of her as my third daughter.  She's a lovely young lady and a 'bestie' of daughter #2.

These two.  They helped the Chairman in the party details.  We are all within a year of each other in age.  I like to think we'll have wheelchair races in a nursing home some day.  I know Mrs. Peach Shawl will still be competitive and want to beat me.  Mrs. Floral Top will know just what to say to keep me encouraged.  I'm thankful for friends.  And I don't tell them enough.
So there you have it.  #50.  I leave in a few minutes to meet my parents for lunch.  Seems just the right thing to do on my birthday - to thank the ones that brought me into this beautiful and blessed life.

We will return to regular broadcasting at the next Monday Musings.  Thanks for bearing with me through this birthday.


  1. Thank you for your regular broadcasting . . . hope you keep regular as you age . . . . HA. Helps me to keep close to you even though we are miles apart and see each other once a year (if we're lucky).

  2. I know Mrs. Peach Shawl...she and her beautiful family came to visit a worker in our part once upon a time...sweet to see her pretty face again!