Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings

Not feeling up to my normal silly self today.  But will pen type a post anyway.

I had an achy feeling on my arm a few days ago.  Finally when getting ready for a shower, I wanted to check out the bruise that was there and try to figure out where it came from.  There was no bruise.  There was a big, happy wood tick sucking out my juices.  Egads.  I did what any sensible person would do.  I yanked him out as quick as I could.  Some skin came off with him.  But I got all his parts.  Then I washed him down the drain - followed by lots and lots of very hot water.  About four hours later the Chairman is yelling at an alarming decibel in the bathroom.  'THERE'S A TICK IN HERE!!!'.  Apparently torrents of hot, steaming water is no match to those little guys.  And all you 'run to the doctor to get Lyme medicine' people out there.  My achy arm is slowly dissipating.

I must look like I have a low self-esteem and in need of compliments.  Or maybe I dress so fashionably, people can hardly keep from commenting (uh-huh).  A sweet lady at the door of Costco asked me where I got the long, black knit skirt with a tie-dye border.  I told her off a clearance rack about two years ago.  She then added, 'you are very fashionable!'.  (If you knew me, you would probably be chuckling by now.)

The girl portion of the MYP had their piano recital this past weekend.  Daughter #1 had this attitude:

Daughter #2 had butterflies:
But she did eventually smile and nailed "Fiesta de Seville"
We went to our first-ever barbershop concert this weekend because two of our talented friends were singing.  My head was actually spinning with all the harmonizing.  Those guys that do that tend to enjoy the limelight and some mediocre jokes as well.  A good time was had by all.

And finally and more importantly.  There is a lot of sadness in the state south of ours.  A 42-year young lady just won her final battle and is now free of her cancer-ridden body.  Most of you know that the faith we put our trust in is not organized.  We truly are a family and when we hear about sadness, we also are sad.  I hardly knew her personally.  But last summer at a gathering, we sat directly across the aisle from her and her husband.  By about the third day I mustered up the courage to go talk with her.  I said we had watched her fight with cancer on FB from afar.  We had personally gone through the journey of cancer within our family.  We talked about the natural/medical route.  We talked about the MYP.  We talked about common people we both know and love.  It ended up being a much longer conversation than I anticipated.  As we were ready to end the conversation, she looked at me directly and said, 'I am so glad we had this time to talk'.  Me too Kendra, me too.

Ten days ago on FB, we became 'friends'.  I told her that I was thinking of all the lives she was touching these days - including me.  She responded by thanking me and said she got through it the first time and would again - God willing.  Well God was willing.  But he was willing for her to not be in pain.  To not be sick.  And to be where there wouldn't be sickness or tears anymore.  I'm just thankful that we don't have to be filled with needless sorrow - because He cares today and will again tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

This story made me chuckle this morning.  I didn't want to spend the $30 for her last cookbook, so was looking up a recipe and came across this story.  She really nails the kind of 'funny' I enjoy reading.  I'm funny like that.

I may have found a near-perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe thanks to a farm girl from Iowa.  I'd post the recipe, but she did already on FB.  And there might be trademark infringements if I did it without asking.  I'm respectful like that.

Speaking of food.  I made split-pea soup for the first time ever.  How did it go with the family?  It was a success!  It did look more than slightly like a filled baby diaper.  One of the MYP was almost going to imply that.  But stopped mid-sentence out of fear respect of the cook.  He's smart like that.

I have a relatively new washer/dryer set.  The washer alone has 13 different settings and of those settings, you can actually override the preset spin speed, rinse temperature, etc.  Do you know what I use?  Normal Wash.  Normal dry.  I'm daring like that.

Track meets are exciting boring.  Well actually they are exciting for the 13 seconds your child is whizzing past you on the track.  Otherwise, it is lots and lots and lots of waiting.  I did get a chuckle over Mr. Helicopter Parent screaming at his child as she went by... "Breathe Lauren!!!  Breathe!!!!"  Um.  Mr. Helicopter Parent.. I think she's doing that on her own thankyouverymuch.  I'm observant like that.

After school yesterday, I suggested to the MYP that we should make a pilgrimage to Costco for some provisions.  I said I wanted them to come to offer up input on items they'd like in their lunches.  Pssst.  Don't tell them.  But It was nice to have three extra pairs of hands helping unload the van.  I'm lazy like that.

Saw this on FB tonight.

It made me smile.  And I think secretly, the Chairman would think it was just the best thing ever.  But he would never admit it.  He's wise like that.

Someone mentioned (ahem Ethel) that bloggers tend to be introverted people that hide behind a screen.  I keep trying to do some introspection wondering if that is me.  I'm thinking it is.  I'm shy like that.

Ok... I'm exhausting myself.  Can't imagine how your eyeballs feel.  I'm considerate like that.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A day in the life...

of me.  In utter boredom.  Greetings from Lisi!  Since there have been nicer days lately, the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway has been spending an awful lot of time in flower beds and not tossing me a ball or taking me for leisurely walks.  She's all business - that Big Lady.  Just says on her terms when it is time for a walk.  Then yells at me when I've done something not up to her over-achieving standard.  So I lie around waiting for the next venture.  I have pictures to prove it.
Might as well nap since there's nothing to do right now.

Well I could dig a big hole.  The Big Guy saw it and didn't yell.  He's nicer than Big Lady for sure.

Or I could circle the house over and over and over creating a "cow path" while I look for something to do.

Hmmm.  Maybe I'll drag my dog bed out of the garage.

Or lie under a tree.  Waiting... ever so patiently.

Wait!  Was that a mouse that just scurried underneath?  I might try mouse-hunting for fun.

Okay.  Getting annoyed here.  Are you ready to go already?

Pleeeeease?  Doesn't my soft face move you?

Oh good grief!  She just went inside again.  Wait!!!!  She's lacing up her shoes!  Big Lady!
I love you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings

Wow.  Blogger looks very different this morning.  Hope the words come out just the same.

I was a crabby mom this morning.  Don't ask me why.  It just felt like none of the MYP woke up with a lick of sense.  Maybe they were crabby because it was Monday morning.  Or maybe son #1 was crabby because he had a dental appointment that included a shot.  Or maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Nonetheless, we sent them on the bus with a smile.  Sorta.

The weekend was very nice though!  We celebrated "Gotcha Day" (X12) by letting her pick a couple friends to sleep over.  Nice girls I tell ya.
A. also came from China and appreciates Gotcha Days very much.

Special friend S...

The brother who has a phobia of cameras of late...

We got some yard work done.  (Pics taken by one of the MYP)

one of my eager helpers

a nice shot of the neighbor's truck
At the local Barnes and Noble, I was killing time while waiting for baseball practice to get done.  A fit lady in her mid-20's smiled at me big and started to walk my direction.  Oh dear.  She's going to comment on me leaving my daughters in the children's section.  She's going to ask why my hair is so beautiful gray.  She reads Pioneer Woman's blog too and loves the cookbook I was perusing.  But no!  She asked, 'where did you get your shoes?  I've been looking all over for them.  So if you must know:   
Then we went out for a lovely Chinese meal.  Did you know the older your foreign-born children are, the less people ask questions in public?  When we had a little baby/toddler, people came up all the time.  Now we almost never get a question or comment.  I like that actually.  Because for us, this is what a normal family looks like.  

Son #1 was complaining about his sheets being dirty.  I realized I hadn't washed them in ages a little while.  Do you know what this kid did?  Took them to the washer and had me help him get it started.  Dried them.  And put them back on his bed all by himself!!!  Whoot!  Some day, his wife will thank me.

We had a very nice day with Dad and Mom R. yesterday.  Unfortunately, I didn't take one picture to prove how happy they were to be here.  :-)

On a very random note, this is my 799th post.  Hmmm.  I wonder what I've all said in the past?  

So back to the yard work and granola making and laundry folding and dog walking and shuttling kids and whatever else I think of doing in between.  This isn't real funny because I'm crabby... remember?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's thoughts...

Yes, it was awful and awfully exciting here last night.  I must admit.  I had a fleeting thought to just turn on the disposer and tell one of the MYP that Beanie was gone.  But I heard the soft little 'flops' down there and just couldn't.  I think he's thankful too as he's back to his normal self today (whatever that is!).

The kids got FREE!! tickets for the circus coming into town.  They've never been there and as long as they are on our clock, they probably won't.  There's something about clowns that gives me the willies.  They are actually spooky for some reason (to me anyway).  And the idea of African animals stuck in small cages travelling the country makes me uncomfortable.  That's why I can't even harbor a gerbil.  Restraint away from where they'd like to be seems like prison.  Now, I'll step off my soap box thankyouverymuch.

Only in Dairyland!  After travelling out of our area, I become more aware of cultural differences even within the borders of our own fine country.  Yesterday on the radio, a local furniture store advertised that they were giving away FREE!! cheese curds to the first so-many customers on Saturday.  They made them all the more alluring when they said that the milk was going to be coming from cows on Thursday.  Friday, it would be turned into cheese curds.  And Saturday, we would be able to get the squeakiest cheese curds possible if you stopped in and were lucky enough to be eligible.  Silliness!

At the local grocery store yesterday, I saw a funny saying come to life - although I'm not sure she realized what she was saying.  I was picking out some bananas.  A very elderly lady was looking them over.  And looking.  And looking.  Finally, she said, 'I just can't do it'.  (She must have been sicker than she looked.)  (You know the saying about someone old or ill... "they better not buy green bananas")  heh heh

Bittersweet.  That word has been in my heart and mind a lot lately because of an experience.  It says that bittersweet is pleasant mixed with painful.  Really, that can sum up a lot of life's experiences.  If it all was bitter, we'd be discouraged.  If it all was sweet, we wouldn't really appreciate what we have.  Joy and sorrow interwoven...  glad we can have both even through it sometimes isn't the easiest path.

And finally!  Guess who is back.  This little imp of a girl.  She's come to entertain me for some hours today.  And entertaining she has been!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Staring down death and cucumber peels

Greetings.  I'm very new at this writing thing, but have heard from Lisi that it is a good place to come and complain about the care given around here.  This is Beanie Bart Jr.  I am a Betta fish.  This family lovingly adopted me about two months ago.  Life has been swimmingly good.  The lady here makes sure my water is clean and just the right temperature.  They religiously feed me morning and night the perfect amount.  They even hold up mirrors and pictures of fish to help me get exercise so I live a long and prosperous life.  Until...

... tonight.  I was swimming around near the top looking and hoping another pebble of food would miraculously drop down from above.  It didn't.  But something else happened.  These big hands surrounded my cozy home and whisked me over to the other side of the room by the kitchen sink.  Soon I knew what was happening.  The lady put me in a small little bowl and then gave my house a good cleaning.  She does this every week.  Sucks up my dirty stuff, wipes down the walls, rearranges the furnishings like she does in her own house and then... it happened.

She picked up my little bowl of water with cute little ol' me in it and this is what I saw:
An abyss.  And I slipped right down to the bottom.  Inside that super-scary realm were unspeakable and dirty things.  Cucumber peelings, lettuce leaves, rotten tomatoes, and lots of slime.  I heard a scream from above.  I started to flop.  I think I even saw a light far in the distance.  So this is how I'm gonna die!  HELP!  HELP!  HELP!  I didn't know what to do.  I flopped and flopped and this humongous hand was scooping frantically.  She scoops out some of the goo.  She comes back for more.  I think she's looking for me, but I'm worried that huge hand is going to squish me.  She feels slowly around.  Pulls out more icky stuff.  Then finally!  Finally!!!  She scoops me up.  Ouch!  She pulled on my tail feathers.  They rip a bit.  Oh well.  So much for looking magnificent.  I might have a chance here.  She dumps me in a pail of water.  Lettuce is floating along beside me.  Then she takes me quickly back to my home and plops me in there.

I collapse at the bottom.  All is see is these huge eyes lurking through the glass.  She looks terrified.  But that lady has no clue how scary it was for me in that big abyss of yuck.  I am sooooo thankful to be home.  I finally get enough energy to swim slowly.  Then I feel a hunger pang and head for the top.  That lady looks utterly relieved and gives me a couple pebbles.  Whew!  We both lived to tell it.  Here's a picture of me after the saga.  Well, back to swimming and making bubble nests.  And feeling very thankful for living to tell it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She's meaner than you think

Well it's my turn again.  I've got some things to share that you might not know about.  Hello!!!  This is Lisi again.  It seems that the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway gives you the impression that she's all about nurturing and love and sweetness.  Um.  No.  I asked one of the smaller ones to document the abuse that goes on in this house since sometimes they fall under her wrath too.  Now I have some evidence to back up my story.

Yesterday, I just got home from being with Debbie.  I go to this place after I see the suitcases come out.  I just know it is happening.  Then one of the small ones get all my kibble in little bags and off I go.  I enjoy it there where I stay, but obviously home is better.  

Debbie worked with my ears while Big Lady was away.  You see they stink and are itchy and I heard the word 'infection' mentioned when Big Lady and Debbie were talking.  So I get home and settle into my bed.  But Big Lady keeps looking at me in a weird way and it makes me nervous.  After school I heard the word 'bath' in a sentence so I started to slink away and pretend to be invisible.  Didn't work.

She grabbed me by the collar and took me to the mud room for a brushing.  

Then as she was hauling me up to the nearest bathroom I went into the 'mercy' position so it would be impossible for her to get at me.  

Didn't work.  That Big Lady is one strong thing when she's determined.

She marches me upstairs to my doom.  Seems weird since normally I would never consider going up those stairs.

Notice how Big Lady is grabbing at my head to haul me in to the tub.  She's mean like that.

Just plain awful... and look how sadistic Big Lady is... smiling at a time of distress.

Now do you believe me?  The suffering and anguish I face here sometimes?  

I do think my ears are not as stinky.  At least Big Lady and the others around here aren't shunning me as much.  I just hope they stop itching pretty soon.  Because we all know 'itching ears' isn't something to be desired...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mopey Monday Musings

Red eye flights are not for sissies.  I got a nap on the plane and then a couple more hours in our own bed.  I'm sipping coffee as I type.  But muse I must.

You probably guessed that we have been gone.  Maybe the pictures will suffice for some words since my brain is firing only about 1/3 the pistons.

First stop was at this guy's house:

He almost was promoted to the next title of "nice older brother", but then he would regress and do silly things like this:

Psst.  Between you and me, I honestly really admire and love this guy and his wonderful family.  So much that it hurts to say goodbye.

Glad this guy put forth effort to drive south some hours from college to be with us a day and night:

We got to this place:

And had a lovely meal and visited some special friends that are now far away:

We also did this:

Celebrated this birthday:
And even saw where Snoopy's brother Spike was from!

But wait!  The fun didn't end here.  We then headed for Phoenix to spend time our niece and husband:

They took us on a hike to this place

Which gave us views like:

But all good things must end.  And so we headed on a midnight ride back to dairyland.  The laundry pile resembles the hill we climbed.  Lisi is very anxious to go sniff all the smells she missed the past six days.  And I'm thinking a quick nap would be delicious this afternoon since my sporadic three hour night isn't going to cut it.

One final note.  The Chairman and I agreed that our MYP are incredible travelers.  We love to share journeys to places with them.  Having them a part of trips like this makes everything better.  We are making wonderful memories that will stay with us through our days.  As I dropped their sleepy little selves off at school this morning, I felt a tinge of sadness.  But one of them said to me as she hopped out, 'separation can be a good thing too mom'.  Yes indeed.

Think this is enough of the Chairman and company's latest venture.  Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday (happy) Sighs

I've missed you all! But I'll be back soon. Hopefully in time to muse on Monday. I got to see my mostly nice older brother. And now we are looking at cactus. I thought of Snoopy's brother Spike today as we passed the sign for Needles, CA. (if you are under the age of 30, well never mind.)

Chat with you soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Musings

Not much time to muse this Monday.  But I can't possibly let your week go by without musing.  I'm sure some of you rely on it for your weekly dose of boredom amusement.

I find it frustrating when I want to quickly download a couple pictures and it is taking ages of time because some unnamed young people took lots of movies of themselves.

getting started

because I can't resist hydrangeas

things suddenly not going so well
Yes, the MYP colored some eggs.  Then the eggs suddenly turned into 'people' and there was a wedding and twins were born and they were carried around in blanket-lined baskets.  It all was fun and games until brother came in and ate "Alex".  Then the mayhem really started.

Speaking of babies.  Facebook gives you ample opportunity to see lots and lots of babies.  Babies of your friends.  Babies of your friends friends.  Grandchildren.  You name it.  There are some very, very cute little babies out there in Facebook world.  After we were bombarded with babies a few years back, I didn't think I'd ever want to even hold one again.  But I must admit.  A snuggle of some chubby cheeks would sure be sweet.

Any reviews out there on the smartest smart phone out there?  Is the Apple 4S worth the commotion?  Is there a better one that the Apple?  I'm soon to be eligible for something different.  Not sure what would be best.

My mostly nice older brother is going to soon be able to prove once again if he is 'mostly nice'.  Really looking forward to it...  but before that happens, there is MUCH to do.

Have a great week!  I think we will!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Words on Wednesday

Probably my favorite google search to hit this blog so far:  "Chairman of the gerbils".  Heh heh.  I wonder if that's what the MYP and I seem to be to him some days...  It came from a fancy place - City of London, England.  How cool is that?

I ran into a 60something year young lady today on the bike path.  I see her and her also-thin husband nearly daily out and about in their sneakers - sometimes miles from home.  I asked her just how far she walks each day.  "Oh.  Sometimes five miles or so.  But I feel better if I go six or seven."  Made me slouch a little bit in my Asics.  She asked how far I go.  I mumbled 45 minutes a day is my usual.  She said brightly, "well that's more than most people go!".  Thanks.  I think.

I was waiting in a parking lot today and this little car zoomed up and parked in the disabled spot right out front.  Out popped a 30something lady and she walked without a disability to the close-by door.  I started to think not-such-nice thoughts about her taking advantage of a priority parking.  Not to mention it is illegal.  About five minutes later, out she comes guiding a 80something shaky man and leads him to her car.  I stood sat corrected.  Jumping to conclusions is usually not a very good thing.

Spring break starts for the MYP tomorrow.  They are very excited.  I'm somewhat excited.  We have some great plans ahead of us.  One of the plans is to have the older two of the MYP spend a day with grandparents.  Recently, there were tears as I tucked in the smallest chin.  She was wishing she was adopted so that she'd have a 'Gotcha Day' and time alone with mom and dad feeling special.  Well, she is special - a Miracle actually.  And if she had any inkling on how many countless worried moments I had carrying her before her birth... well, she'd know.  But she doesn't.  And so we will take her out and give her alone-time and make her feel as special as her unique siblings.  Maybe life isn't all that fair sometimes, but as parents, I think the most important gift we can give our MYP is to be fair in our love, care, and interest towards them.

I think I'm weirded worded out.  Sorta.

Best Breakfast Yet!

She's such a big, reliable, lovable, gullible Big Lady.  She is onto me and my ways, yet, she's so clueless.  Yep, it's my turn to be writing again.  And pssst.  Between you and me.  I think I'm better at it than the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.

This morning Big Lady comes stumbling out of the bedroom like she always does in that hideous robe.  I'm lying on my bed like I always do.  But I don't get up.  I don't see a need to.  You see, the first one of the MYP came down very early this morning.  She kindly fed me and let me out to do my sniffing and business.  Big Lady doesn't know this.  I was lying there looking just like this:  

She stares at me a moment.  Then gets down on her knees.  Murmurs some sweetness and then asks, 'are you not feeling good?  What's the matter?'.  Well Big Lady, nothing is the matter.  I just ate some yummy food and went to the bathroom and I'm ready for my nap.  But since we dogs don't talk and she's kinda clueless, she keeps rubbing my head and then pushes kinda funny on my belly like she's feeling for something.  

I think she worries too much.  It probably is because she loves me so much.  If I show the slightest symptom of distress, she is all over it.  Even takes me for rides to see another Big Lady that gives me shots.  

Then she says, 'Lisi, don't you want your supper?'  She always calls my meals supper even at breakfast time.  She's weird like that.  Really???  You want me to eat again?  Of course I do!  I get up slowly since my belly is already satisfied and lumber to the door.  I sit properly while she digs yet another scoop of food.  I gulp it down.  And soon I'm back again on my comfy perch that oversees all activity in the kitchen.  

Big Lady smells rat.  Well not really.  But she's starting to be suspicious.  She asks the littlest of the MYP.  Did she feed me?  No!  I told you twice mom the little one says.  She asks the middle one when he comes downstairs.  He says he hasn't been out of his room yet.  Looking good... she's still clueless.  Then the older one comes down.  She ratted out on me.  The first thing she says is, 'mom, I fed Lisi already, so you don't have to'.  OH NO!  

Big Lady whirls around and glares at me.  'You ate already?  You ate twice you big galoot.  You fooled me!'  Of course I did.  You are a bit dense around the edges.  You don't know how to read signals.  And you jump to conclusions way too fast.  

She's thinking it is time for our walk.  I'm thinking I need to lie around and digest my 'supper' times two.  Hope you have a good day.  Mine started out just wonderful!  **urp!**