Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Musings

Well hello there!  I missed hopping on later last week.  I even had Thursday Thoughts, but the days just got away from me.  I guess the busyness of summer really kicked in.  And maybe that's a good thing.  There'll be a dark, winter day where blogging will be my bright spot instead of the sunshine.

There were two additional girls here last light.  I checked my phone waking up and found a text from one of our daughters at 1:04 am saying, 'is anyone in the house?'.  Um.  Yes.  We usually try to sleep here.  It's a bit after 9 and I'm wondering if I should go wake her up and ask if she's in the house.  Heh heh.  

We've enjoyed lake time this year after spending some lots of money to repair a boat motor last year.  Thankfully it is working.

There's been trips to Sam's Club.  
The reason I took this picture of the two older ladies is that I had ample time.  You see they really loved 'Andy' that was checking them out.  They seemed to love anyone and would visit and slowly look for this and that and would smile at me behind them.  It was hard to be angry with all their cheer emanating from them.  One of them told 'Andy', 'did you know Delores is 90?'  Imagine that!  Yes, I will be 90 too if you don't get your elderly self moving through ya know.  

There has been berry picking.
yes, the camera perfectly captured the moods of all and probably the photo bomber in the background plotting his picking plan.
Usually end up with more than I need.

the MYP were most helpful but occasionally I would find the kitchen cleared out of help and would feel like the Little Red Hen telling them to come help me!
There has been some camping in the back yard.  We discovered a couple things as they camped.  1) our normally placid golden retriever is very, very serious about guard duty if they are out there.   She would not take a break hardly to eat breakfast.  2) ants like Doritos and MYP don't like ants, so the 2nd morning I saw some sleepy heads early.  
Another thing we discovered this week is that our cat has a thing for the neighbor cat.  The nice neighbor lady told us that Simba has been taking dead mice and dropping them off for their cat on their porch and they like to hang out together.  I'm just glad that's a few less dead rodents on our front stoop.  

There have been photobombing opportunities, but I am very thankful to say that I see growth in an emotional and physical way in them.  It's really interesting to see them come down the stairs and actually see they've grown in the night!
The Chairman's birthday is in two days!  It is fun to make a fuss over someone that doesn't like fusses made over them.  

And finally.  Just because it tickled my funny bone.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings

Time to Muse.  Or amuse.  I was realizing just recently that the blog has been lackluster in the humor department.  I won't force it.  Maybe my funny bone has crumbled.  I'll try to up the laughs at some point.  Not sure if it'll be today or not.

We had a super-nice weekend.  It started out by celebrating son #1 turning 14.  No, he didn't want a waffle birthday cake.  It's just that we had a wedding to attend the evening of his birthday and a graduation the next day which equated to five cakes in two days.
We then witnessed the marriage and enjoyed the reception as guests of these two.  Glad they will be living nearby!
There were many unique elements to this wedding.  The groom is a golfer.  Not your normal shank-it-to-the-trees golfer that goes out once/year.  Instead of tossing the garter, he blasted a golf ball at his single friends.  Well not really, he chipped a ping pong ball.  I'm still not sure who caught it.  The guy must have quickly stuck it in his pants pocket.  
Then the next day after we paid the lawnmower repair guy a couple large bills to fix the issues as a result of mowing over some rocks, we headed to our annual graduation picnic for our field.  I may be biased, but these four young adults are not only lights in this world, they are gems in the earth.  It has been a delight to actually remember the day they were born (two of them on the same day!) to grow into wonderful adults.
With the exception of just a couple, all of these are in our area.  I see hope of the future! 

I saw this online yesterday.  Since the names we chose for the girls are somewhat unique, I used to hear loud complaints about this:

All winter we hear about the 'feels like' temp.  People like bragging rights to the 'feels like' temp being -47 or something.  Well the other day I was out walking and it felt really, really hot even though it wasn't.  I opened up Accuweather on my phone and saw the temp was 75 but the 'feels like' was 87.  I should brag about that.
Cell phones are such a part of our lives.  Instant communication and information.  I remember not that long ago needing to stay home because I was waiting for a call to come.  I remember neighbors that couldn't play because their mom said they had to 'watch the phone'.  Sounds boring.  Yesterday, the girls were in the back seat and they were 4" apart and texting each other.  Even they enjoyed the absurdity of it all.

I think more rain is coming.  I don't need to go visit the rain forest in Brazil because I have a hankering we have the same thing going on here.  Well, minus the pythons and boas anyway.  We are seeing some scary things around here though - rodents being dropped at every door in various degrees of decapitation.  Apparently the head and shoulders taste much better than the rear and tail.  I'd post pictures, but I don't want readership to plummet.

I'll leave you with this.  I love having window boxes.  Happy week ahead!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

 I'm trying to clean up malware off the computer.  Then I got lonely for blogging so hopped on here.  Will see what develops.

I'm sure you all are wondering about Lisi.  Well she's doing splendid.  There still isn't anything super conclusive.  However our 'normal' vet called two days after our incident and she asked a strange question.  'Did you pull a tick off of her since you got home?'.  Yes.  Well there's something called 'tick paralysis' in dogs that is happening around the country.  She described the symptoms.  I told her what I had observed.  It's very possible that could have been the culprit.  Please remind me, what good are ticks anyway?  Keeping us on guard if we feel that tell-tale movement feeling crawling up our leg in bed?

Summertime!  I must admit something.  I've really enjoyed having the MYP around all the live-long day.  I won't pretend it is all peaches and cream, but it has been very nice.  They have been very helpful with chores.  They've been funny.  They've called me on the carpet on some things I've misspoken about.  And I can tell they are growing before my eyes.  Literally and figuratively.

You see a week ago I was relishing in peace and quiet all the live-long day.  This past week has been the front doorbell ringing every couple hours.  A yard full of MYP (we seem to be ground 0 for neighborhood entertainment).  Some of them wind up in the house.  I must say there are two neighbor boys - 14 and 17 that are relocating to Dubai as they will be living with their father now since 'mom is nuts'.  I had a very long conversation with them.  Nice young almost-men.  They wanted an ear to talk.  I listened.  Sad indeed.

Oh!  And not to mention in the next three weeks all the family members here are having birthdays with the exception of me.  Son #1 turns 14 tomorrow.  I've waxed on and on about him recently and don't want to say more to give him a big head.  However, he's been a gem.  We are celebrating with lots of cake and two parties!  They happen to be at a wedding tomorrow and a large graduation party for four wonderful grads in our city on Saturday.  Heh heh.

So a full weekend planned and hopefully next week if the rains ever stop I need to do a massive strawberry picking/cleaning/hulling/freezing day.  If you wonder what to do next week, come on over!

Will peek at my camera roll and see what to post.
Excuse my obnoxious smile.  This was after an early walk this morning.  I'm glad she feels better.
Celebrating Dad D's birthday and belated Father's Day

Celebrating belated Father's Day
It's been nearly a year since my mom faced cancer diagnosis #3.  She just had a checkup this week and it was 'all clear'.  We always give thanks for good news.'

I like it when I don't have to try and improve...
Happy weekend!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Musings

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime!  It's officially our break!  

I would have almost paid money (if we hadn't used it all for the vet bill) to let you peer into our life the moment school was let out of school.  There was a strong disagreement between two of the MYP on how something was handled and the first 10 minutes of summer break was met with wild accusations and tears from both parties.  After discussion and negotiation and time passing, it all resolved itself.  I remember hearing myself say in the din of noise, 'well this sure is a pleasant way to start your break!'.  I don't think anyone heard me.

I decided while at the emergency vet hospital on Saturday that in my next life I'd like to become a veterinary assistant.  Or maybe I'll go back to school next year.  Or not.  But it sure is fun to think about. 

Last night I wanted to help Lisi write her post and chased the MYP all outside to get off electronics and enjoy the summer night.  Then I sat inside on my electronics on a nice summer night.  Examples are the best way of teaching.  Apparently, I failed last night.

So we enjoyed Father's Day! 
son wasn't ready yet
here's all three!

we were going to have a couples picture but someone kept trying to get in the photo and the Chairman is telling her to move along...
I will have pictures of our two dad's but not until tonight as we didn't celebrate the day with them.  However, it happens to be a birthday of one of the dad's today, so it works out swell anyway!

(Daughter sniffing my jacket), 'This smells like dog vomit.  It smells sour.  I kinda like it because it smells good on you.'  Thanks!  Maybe I should bottle and sell it. 

Happy Monday!  I have bread and granola and a pie to make.  And birthday supper.  And a garden to weed.  Laundry to do.  A service man to greet and two camps to drive to.  Some MYP to motivate on their jobs.  Better get at it!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sick as a dog...

You've heard that saying, right?  Sick as a dog?  Well that might be just a casual way to say someone isn't feeling too good, but yesterday, that was me!

Hello!  This is your ol' pal Lisi.  I've had an exciting 36 hours so I thought I better let you know.  Especially if you want to send cards or better yet, a big juicy bone or something.

A couple nights ago I was out walking with the Big Guy.  If you remember right, the Big Guy is the nice one that takes longer walks and doesn't yell as much as the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  He's so nice that he rarely takes me on a leash.  He trusts me more than Big Lady.  But now... well I'm not so sure.  

We got separated on our walk Friday night because I found some delicious things to sniff.  I may or may not have eaten some things I found.  I went to bed feeling a bit 'off'.  Saturday morning, the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway came out of the bedroom to give me my breakfast.  I tried to get up and my legs felt funny.  My tummy felt rumbly.  I just felt really weak.  She was giving me a weird look.  After lying there and not moving for half the day, she came over and pulled on my collar to get me outside.  I think she thought I would start walking around.  She had no idea, but I didn't want to.  In fact, it was terribly painful.  So I laid there in the grass for a few more hours.  I felt terrible.  Soon the Big Lady and the Big Guy were talking and then the Big Guy came and lifted me into the van for a ride.  Uh-oh.

We got to this place and it said 'Emergency entrance'.  Big Lady used that.  She then brought out two other big ladies and they put me on a stretcher.  It was awful.  And I felt so yucky I wasn't even interested in that weird dude and his ankle biter dog in the background.  
They take me back and start to examine me.  I wouldn't walk and just shook and felt terrible.  They took my temperature and took out lots of blood to check it and then when they got done I had an accident.  Not just any old accident.  An 'accident'.  The doctor told the Big Lady that it was 'explosive diarrhea'.  I'm not sure what that means, but my tummy felt all rumbly and it was such a big, humiliating mess.  

They told the Big Lady that I needed fluids and they wanted to keep watch of me.  Then they started to talk in somber tones using words like 'coding' and if I should be 'resuscitated'.  I found out the Big Lady's true feelings about me because I saw her shake her head sadly and say 'no' to that.  But I saw a tear, so I know she does have a soft spot in her heart for me.

I was there for several hours getting fluids.  I got some pills that made me feel loopy.  I got some chin scratches and a few pats on my hind end while I laid there.  After hours and days and weeks or maybe just a few hours (we dogs are challenged by time passages), the Big Guy and the Big Lady came back!  Oh I love them so!  Even if they wouldn't save my life if my heart stopped.  I stood up shaking but it was worth it because I had a feeling I would be going home!  

Soon they lifted me up in the van and the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway sat on the floor by me and said all these super-special things that made my heart melt with love for her all over again.  
They made me special foods like eggs and chicken and rice that I get to eat right now!  It sure beats dog food!  The Big Guy and the Big Lady sat by my bed for a long time last night just making sure I was fine.  I just wanted some sleep!  They kept giving me those loopy pills you know.
Well today was a brand new day!  I felt lots better right away.  I was shaky and stiff and feeling wonky this morning, but by tonight I had a feeling I'd like to nip the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway right in her backside.  But she wouldn't like that and probably start yelling at me like she does when I misbehave.  

Oh well.  It sure feels good now to not feel 'sick as a dog'!  
Ed note:  They suspect Lisi ate something toxic on her walk on Friday night.  I took her in to the emergency pet hospital and watched three episodes of "Flipper" in the waiting room.  I also observed sad-eyed people walk in with a very ill looking dog and often times walk back out with tears streaming down and an empty collar in their hands.  It was actually a very dreadful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  It seemed even more dreadful when the bill came!  As you probably guessed, I LOVE dogs.  But I don't love the expense or the worry or the very fearful feeling of losing them.  Thankfully, it wasn't our turn yet to hold the empty collar.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thinking this Thursday

There's a quote that says:

 "Motherhood is about the days being long and the years passing by quickly". 

 Another I enjoy:

"Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change."

It seems that in the blink of an eye, we have gone from this:
Our first Sunday as a family of four
To this:
graduation from 8th grade
Tonight son #1 graduated from 8th grade.  Not a big deal really as he's not moving out of the house (or at least I've not been aware of the plans).  But to me it is a big deal.  A transition to high school.  My baby!  

It seems that it wasn't very long ago we got a call about a baby.  After some stressful and exhilarating months, we were handed this little bundle of blue.  It was unbelievably joyful.  A son was given to us.  

We watched this little boy grow and grow and grow sandwiched between two sisters.  He now looks me in the eye.  He can shove me into the corner of the kitchen so quickly that it catches me completely off-guard.  And I love it.  Raising a son.  Watching him develop change before our eyes.  

One of the reasons I have a hard time relating to depression is that I am so excited about the future.  I cannot wait to see where these MYP will go.  What will their interests be?  Where will life take them?  Opportunities await.

Yes, I got a bit misty-eyed at the graduation tonight.  But that's what moms do (especially weepy ones like me).  Tomorrow will be a normal day of delegating chores and hearing a few heavy sighs before doing the tasks.  It won't be long and the house will be void of these growing bodies.  I'm becoming more keenly aware how fast time is marching on.  I'd like to freeze moments but I cannot.  I just hope I take the time to relax and enjoy them more.  

Except when I'm sitting in the passenger seat!
This is a test.  This is only a test.  To see if she knows which pedal is which.  She did good by the way!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Musings

Listen?  Do you hear that?  Utter silence.  At least that's what I'm hearing.  Well on second thought, I do hear Lisi snoring behind me.  Here I'll prove it!
That added an extra minute to this posting.  If you squint, you might see the computer screen with this post in its infancy.  

So summer is fast approaching!  The MYP just have a couple days left.  I'm fearfully joyful!  Or joyfully fearing!  Or something like that.  The first couple days of summer are spent sleeping in too late and then wondering what to do next -  met with some sighs and slight disgust over my brilliant suggestion of doing a few jobs.  Actually, they have been troopers of late helping out with jobs around the house, cleaning out the garage, mowing every few days, etc.  So I better give credit where credit is due.  

I intend to sit down with these MYP to decide job lists, technology privileges, and ideas of fun things to do.  I also plan on each of them taking one night/week to make supper.  We did it often last year and I think they learn some life skills about planning and making and serving a meal for others.  

Here's the promised new bedroom wall color shot.  She is happy and so we are happy! 
We had special people here for a couple days over the weekend!  I didn't get a nice formal shot, but I did get this one.  You see we were supposed to all go sing around the piano in the living room.  However, a friend and I got talking a bit too long and the madrigals brought the singing to us and then demanded us to sing back to them!  It was quite entertaining.  I wish I could put into words what it means to have them come stay with us.  But most of you know what I mean, so I guess I don't have to.  
So another milestone here at the Chairman and Co.  Son #1 is graduating from 8th grade this week and heading off to the big high school on the heels of his older sister.  I marvel how children change through the years.  This guy was an almost-hyper little toddler.  I received calls in his first couple years in grade school that he needed more 'self-control'.  Then I heard at a conference in 3rd grade that he couldn't remember to turn in homework, or other necessities.  Then he decided on his own to make some changes.  Grades rose to high honors.  Comments in the report card were about being helpful and inquisitive.  And thankfully, with little meddling, he did it all on his own.  I hope he lets me take his picture graduation night.  He's definitely not liking pictures taken of himself these days...  

This weekend someone wanted milk in their coffee.  I looked in the fridge and started to list off the options:  I had skim, 1%, 2%, whole, 1/2 and 1/2, and whipping cream.  Only in Dairyland...

I just realized the season of giving is coming!  And no, it is not Christmas.  In the next month, we have the aforementioned 8th grade graduation, a wedding, four birthdays in our immediate family, and four graduates!  Meeshka. 

Time to get going on my list of jobs for the day.  Laundry.  Bake bread.  Mow the yard.  Pull some weeds.  And just maybe take a nap in the sunshine.  And tomorrow?  I intend to do a little less than nothing before the busy of summer is upon me.  Please don't call and ask me for lunch.  Unless you are buying.  heh heh.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Words this Wednesday

Yes, I'm a bi-polar blogger.  I go from not wanting to blog anymore to wanting to blog once more.  Don't call me crazy.  I know that already.

Remember my persuasive endorsement of Norwex?  Well it just keeps coming.  You see Norwex not only cleans surfaces and windows.  It saves lives!  Particularly - our cat's.  If you don't know the Chairman very well, I'll let you in on a secret.  He likes cars.  Like really likes and appreciates cars.  And he is a bit particular about his cars.  He likes them clean.

Enter one big, sweet orange cat on the scene.  Cats like to be in high places to see the world.  Cats LOVE to sit on cars even with dirty little precious paws.  And they leave not-so-precious prints on very clean cars.  Norwex to the rescue!  I can wipe down the car before the Chairman is privy to such distasteful behavior.  Now don't go telling him this or Mr. Simba Tomcat will be in a bit of trouble.

Do you love Special K or scotcheroo or whatever else you call them bars?  I've recently started to make them with the Krispy roll-up recipe in a pan instead.  Kids think they are the old recipe.  But there's only a bag of marshmallows for sweetener instead of a cup of corn syrup and a cup of sugar.  Here is the recipe.  You're welcome.

I love advertisements on Facebook.  Just in the past two days I've had ads for 'plus-sized swimwear' and 'infertility treatments at any age!'.  Thanks.  But no thanks.

I just might go into veterinary medicine next if I'm looking for challenge and reward.  Lisi has had this weird skin tag on her neck for the past year.  I wrapped a piece of dental floss (mint flavored in fact!) tight around it at the base and it is about ready to fall off.  Cost at vet for procedure:  $180.  Cost at home:  approximately $.02.  I am not sure where I intend to spend the $179.98 quite yet.

And probably many of you have heard the utter tragedy that has happened in our area just recently.  Two 12-year old girls did the unthinkable.  They were living in a fantasy world instead of reality.  This hits extremely close to home because these girls would have been daughter #2's classmates had we not moved six years ago.  It makes me just queasy thinking of their worthless future.  The victims suffering.  It all is very icky.  Once again I feel like it is not my duty to save the world.  However it is our duty and responsibility to tend our own garden.  Be available for questions.  Love without reserve. Guide them to the right source.  That's the most we can do.

Yesterday, the two moms came to help me paint!  It turned out wonderful.  Daughter is happy.  The Chairman (who tends to be kinda fussy about paint as well as cars) was happy.  And I'm happy it is done!  I'd post a picture, but I'll wait until the stuff is on the wall and the overflowing laundry basket of clean clothes is put away.

Well I broke down and bought donuts for the MYP today.  I may or may not have bought one for myself.  Hey!  Maybe Facebook is onto something!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Musings

Or can it?  I'm in a blogging slump.  I woke up this morning and felt a twinge of remorse that it was Monday.  I had Musing to do and little to muse.  One month from today it will be seven years since I began blogging.  I wasn't Musing every Monday back then like I do now.  But seriously.  Seven years?  That's a lot of typing mundane things.  

I usually get in a slump this time of year as I see summer quickly approaching.  I see a lack of quietness in the house that is conducive to typing up words worth (or sometimes not) reading.  I love the humid, summertime air and would rather be outdoors watching the flowers bloom and the sprouts shooting forth in the garden than inside a stuffy office typing something that people hardly read.  Again like every year in the past, we will see if future Mondays inspire me to keep at it...   

Yesterday, I woke up quite early so decided to take the pooch out for a little walk before the day really started.  Apparently, a shower had moved through just before as I saw a beautiful partial rainbow.  I was wondering why rainbows are so special.  We love their simple, colorful beauty.  But I think moreso, it is the one near-tangible thing that was promised that we can actually see.  Every time I see one, it feels like a faith-building experience.  I'm glad for that.

Yesterday, I was talking with the MYP and mentioned in passing that I was so glad that one of my friends has a special quality.  That quality is that she never tries to be like someone else.  She is who she is in a very unique and special way.  I thought of many people I know.  I wish I had the energy of S.  I wish I had the compassion of M.  I wish I could garden like S.  I wish had a wardrobe like S.  I wish I had the sweetness of P.  I wish I had the intelligence of R.  I wish I had the optimism of A.  I wish I could cook like E.  

But that's exactly why I like them.  They all have a special, unique quality just for them.  I'm not sure what mine is yet.  I'll keep looking and in the meantime, try not to be someone that isn't me!  

I saw this illustration on-line this week.  
I found it entertaining, because it is largely true.  But in the Chairman's case, he is our sole-breadwinner.  I can't imagine the responsibility he feels to keep the Chairman and Co. running with a few nickels in the slot.  And I never feel under-appreciated.   Just this weekend I mentally counted up about six compliments for this or that concerning food I made, the house condition, the yard, etc.  I'm so fortunate for him.

So tomorrow there is a project happening here at the Chairman and Co.  My mom and mom-in-law are coming to help me paint daughter #1's bedroom.  Why you ask?  Because they are better at it than I am.  I think it will go smoothly.  I just hope an argument doesn't break out as to who has the cutest grandchildren (heh heh).  

Well I'm Mused out.  Time to go do more mundane things.  Like washing a soccer uniform that has been on a sweaty little body for three games without a touch of Tide.  P.U.