Monday, June 30, 2008


Teresa calls me back. The room is dim. The music is very zen-like. The atmosphere is radiating peace. The woodwork is dark, the sheets are neutral and super-soft. And so Teresa visits with me as to where my trouble-spots are. I explain the knots I continually get in my shoulders and upper back. She ummmhmmms and writes some things down. Then she says you may get undressed now and crawl onto the bed and I'll knock and come back in. I like to be in control of my situation. I'm actually not a very private person. The youngest of three, I didn't think much of shutting the door in the bathroom (unless they were doing dishes and then I really needed to spend time in there - reading Archie's and having my brother pound on the door to stop getting out of work). I digress. Do you really want everything off? Well if it would make you feel more comfortable, you could leave your panties on, but the bra should definitely be taken off. So I undress and slip between the sheets feeling a bit vulnerable. Teresa soon walks in and asks, 'are you comfortable?'. Well actually Teresa, no I'm not. I like clothes on. Especially in public places and when near someone I know only by name. Sure, I'm good! So she proceeds to have me lie on my belly and soon she begins to work. It was painfully wonderful. I transcended into a state of I don't know what. I was almost asleep, but not. I would listen to the music and imagine the people (or computers) that make the sounds. I wondered if Teresa really hated all that smoothy-woothy stuff and really wanted to listen to Rush or maybe even Eric Clapton. She continued to work and spent most the time on my upper torso. She never did go below the waist (and so I'm very thankful I wasn't lying there in just my altogether). At times it almost hurt (so good). One time I felt her breath as she leaned close. I may not have said this before, but I HATE the feeling of breathing on me. When our children were babies, I liked it. But with adults, I find it really... icky. It started when I shared a bed with my sister as a kid. I would literally hold her face the other direction so she wouldn't breathe on me. Then when we got married, Duane liked to cozy up behind me and zowser, I just went nuts. Don't do that! What? What? Breathe! What? You don't want me to breathe? No! You can breathe, just not on me. So we have an unspoken pact... he doesn't face me (or tries not to) when we're sleeping. It does happen, but then I just give a slight poke and he flips (now after nearly 14 years... in his sleep). Anyway, Teresa did a good job and offered a nice water bottle at the end (when I had my clothes back on and felt safe and comfortable again). She then suggested I see them more often than once ever 13 years... and so maybe I will! Only if she doesn't breathe when she works.

Some more...

Summer fun. Thanks Stacy for the shaving cream idea! I kept five kids very happily occupied for two hours last week one afternoon!

Some pictures

Summer fun and birthdays!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A thought or two

* Kids were gone 24 hours. For the first time since we've had them, it didn't seem long enough for them gone! Am I a bad mom for feeling that way? Duane and I had an invitation (sans kids) last night and then we had a leisurely walk and a quiet breakfast and I even had a wonderful long time of playing the piano after breakfast!

* We went to get the kids at my folks today and Duane biked the 52 miles back home. He almost hit a turkey mid-flight and then a huge horse was in the middle of a county road with a shrieking lady trying to catch it. I think D. helped corral the beast. (I hope this is factually accurate or you'll be hearing revisions from the chairman.)

* Our dog didn't puke in the van for the first time on that long of a trip! She did just dandy. And really loved going.

* I gave the kids jobs tonight and asked if Mira could take our sheets out of the dryer and put it on our bed. She said, 'mom? Why did you change your sheets? Did you pee in your bed?

* This week my dear husband turns 40! But I did that a bit ago already..!

* No open house tomorrow! The house is still clean, but not spotless on every faucet.

* We lost a huge limb on the only big tree here today. A little wind shear went through and now the poor ash looks lopsided.

* The kids are on the summer reading program at the library and are reading like mad. Last week they got a free pizza coupon and a zoo pass! They've already finished up the next sheet. It is amazing what a little dangling carrot can do for them. I should use it more often.

* I need to read with the kids instead of blogging...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


And a big thanks to my folks for doing the Woodman's run for me when I can't find my Tazo Awake at any store locally for some reason. I'm down to two tea bags (shudders!). Then there's the flour orders. I love King Arthur flours for breads and general baking. At our local store it has hit $4 something a 5 lb. bag. Mom can get it at their Woodman's for less (but I'm not exactly sure how much less as she never lets me see receipts). Then I get these little e-mails that "I made three more batches of jam all for you today". That's worth a lot. Since I do make bread so very much, a very yummy after school treat all winter long is fresh bread with strawberry jam. And so we'll be able to have it again this coming winter! Yummers! Thanks mom and dad!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Some call them out-laws. Some call the mother-in-law the 'Battle Ax' or worse. You read about disastrous relationships. I've actually witnessed a few. But I'm one of the lucky ones. I get a call this morning early. What do you have planned today? We'd like to come help you stain your deck. We'll come over about noon and get it done if you get the stain. Really? And so they show up with brushes in hand. They trim bushes. They power wash. They sand rough edges. And they brush out stain on the thirsty boards. All the while acting like they just plain enjoy helping. And that is the picture of who my in-laws are. They aren't demanding. They aren't out for show. They aren't trying to change our lifestyle. They aren't trying to raise our children. They aren't meddling in our marriage (or anything else for that matter). They are parents. Who love, give, serve, and encourage... I'm certain in the 14 years I have been a Debelak that there have been times they almost wanted to say something. But they haven't unless we asked outright. And so, I have a good example in how I will need to be as a mother-in-law some day. I wish I took a picture of the project today, but I didn't want to stop swiping the stain on!

And if you asked Duane, I know he'd say the same about his in-laws too!

Spoiled milk?

Yesterday, we ran and got a few things at the store. Got home by 11:15. Went about our day and about 8 last night I spotted a gallon of milk that was in the back of the van. It was lukewarm, but didn't smell. Put in the fridge last night and this morning it tastes fine so I'm using it. Are we going to all fall down with sick bellies soon? Or would it be ok? I dunno.

Monday, June 23, 2008

They WON!!!

Trevor's team won tonight! I'm so sorry I missed it. I was sitting in a hot room with twelve panting dogs learning how to 'front', have the dog go down on command, and not chew (or worse, swallow) underwear on the floor (but Lisi doesn't do that as she has such limited house privileges). Anyhoo, I could have been cheering on my boy! Luckily, there is another game on Thursday that I can be at.

Wait a minute... maybe I'm bad luck and that's why they don't win with me there!!?!

Random thoughts

* I have pictures of Trevor's birthday to post, but that would require me to go downstairs and get the camera hooked up to our desktop. The kids are playing some game on that computer, so it won't happen right now.

* His birthday was nice. It spanned over three days. And nearly everything he received had to do with shooting (Nerf super-sized gun, bow&arrow (thanks gpa and gma R., sling-shot (thanks Rowland's) and new Legos (thanks gpa and gma D)... you get the point. So he's a happy kid.

* I love oatmeal cookies with choc. chips. Use any oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, but eliminate the raisins and cinnamon and add choc. chips and a bit more vanilla than the recipe calls for. yum!

* I threw out some leftover pot roast with gravy from our big freezer. It had to be over five years old. I also found a package of dried beef my mom brought here from SD when Mira was born!!! I'm slowly going through the freezer and some closets since we'll probably be packing it in here within six weeks.

* Blogging is kind of the anti-Christmas letter of how perfect people's worlds are. When you blog you tell about the crumbs on the floor, the dog with bad breath, the kids that fight, the garden has weeds, the laundry pile mounts, etc. I like this better. Real life isn't cherries.

* Which leads me to summer. I was really, really looking forward to summer vacation. And it is nice. But the kids almost need something happening. They are used to a schedule and demands with school during the school year and almost seem hapless when given an open day to just 'be'. But I get tired. Weary really of them wanting to set up the next kool-aid stand, wanting to go to the pool, wanting to have someone over. Especially between 1 and 3 for some reason. I get a heavy head, feel like all I'd like to do is go lie on my bed and relax a bit, but then the front door bell rings with another neighbor kid peering in the window, the bedroom door opens ands someone is complaining about someone doing something unkind to them. So then I'm back in mom-mode.

* Two parties showed up at the open house yesterday. One really loved it here, but has a house to sell. The other was just... nosy? I dunno.

* Trevor's baseball team is 0 and something so far. They get so very close to winning and then... don't. He muttered this morning that he didn't think they'd win at all this year. Um, don't have that attitude! You can do it! (I hope).

* I have a massage scheduled for next week! Unfortunately it is at 8 am. But I haven't had one in... 13 years I think.

* Three more birthdays upcoming yet for me. Duane turns 40 on July 2nd, Mira is 6 on the 9th and Rayna is 9 on the 10th. Bizarre how the birthdays in our family are all at the same time. We obviously planned none of them that way.

* I have to pack another supper. It is about twice/week I need to do it. Tonight is swimming at 5, baseball game starts at 6, and obedience class (for the dog, but the kids could sure use it), at 6:45.

* I love June. Anyone that says any month is better than June must have a screw loose. Everything is beautiful. Except for the mosquitos. Which are terribly fierce right now.

* I think I'll warm up some old coffee from this morning to perk up a bit.

* I do love seeing comments on the blog. Makes me think that someone is thinking of us!

* Happy Monday!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday big guy!

Happy #8 birthday to our dear son Trevor. You have brought us so much joy when you came to be. We love what you bring to our family. You are so very smart, so very athletic, so very personable, so very kind to others, and sometimes so very bothersome to your sisters! We love who you are and the hope of who you will grow up to be some day. We're proud to call you our son and love you with each inch you grow!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Two Divas

We have a very special family that lives two doors down from us. They went from being just neighbors to being friends of ours. Partly because they have two boys just the ages of our kids. And they have tirelessly been our dog sitters at the jingle of a collar. The dad is just an all-around good guy. Friendly, funny, great with kids. And just happens to be Trevor's baseball coach. The mom is very sweet, loving, and just happens to be our kids' photographer. Her website is Her work is outstanding in every way. Well, Melanie decided as an early birthday gift to take the girls to the mall and do a little shopping. I wasn't prepared for what came home. Anyone knowing anything about Libby Lu would know what I'm talking about. They came home as souped up versions of the girls I sent off. Mira had a big blonde wig on and was one of the High School Musical characters. Rayna had on a headset and was dancing around like she was... um... I don't know a popular singer off the top of my head. Make-up, nail polish, and glitter galore! I took some pictures but "unfortunately" they had swimming lessons just an hour after arriving home, so it all went to sea mighty quickly. But they made some silly memories and they'll be thrilled I posted a picture with them looking so fancy-nancy.

I took Trevor and his two buddies off to do some mini-golf, batting, bumper cars, and McDonald's lunch (urp!). And I came to realize that I take for granted having a mixture of boy/girls in our family. When it is all boys it is sports, Indiana Jones (!), and loud gassy noises coming from the back of the van. PU.

No pictures of the boy time... but tomorrow is the big day for Trevor!

Grandpa's birthday

We celebrated Gpa D's birthday this week. I almost promised I wouldn't post the one picture I took. But Mira has had a thing with Gpa that nearly every time they are together she combs his hair. And he always just happens to have a comb waiting in his front pocket. She got carried away the other night and made it stand up like a kewpee doll! It was hilarious!!!

And so, happy birthday to Dad Debelak. We appreciate the kind, gentle, meek, steady, and caring father you are to our family.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

For the men in my life. Thank you to my dear husband for being a wonderful dad to our children. Words don't suffice in how you have made utmost sacrifices for our family. You are always looking out for the best for our children. You put your own wants, needs, and desires behind what would be better for the family. You wept as you held our premature baby and we lovingly let her go after her too tiny of a body failed to work. You went to countless doctor appointments and watched helplessly as we struggled for a few years in trying to make a family. You urged me to consider adoption - which I might add brought something so rich and beautiful to our lives that I couldn't describe in words. You were as anxious as I was to get on that plane to go bring Rayna home. You waited very anxiously in the waiting room while Trevor was being born. You held him tight and gave him his first bottle. You were very scared, yet very thrilled when Mira was coming. It was more than we could ask to have her join us as well. And now we are in the trenches of parenthood and you continually give, guide, encourage, protect, love, and discipline as only a father could. I'm so very fortunate for all you are and all you mean to our family.

And to my father. Thank you for coming today. And thank you for just being you. I have always thought in my mind that I'm like my mom. But the older I get, the more I realize I am a chip off the old block. I love people like you do. I love a good laugh. I love the outdoors. I love family. I chose a similar career - you with Woolworth's and me with Target. I was glad for the guidance you gave in encouraging me to get my degree and make something of my life. You worked long, hard hours. But you always had time for us kids. You made a special effort each year to take a two week vacation to some faraway place to take in a convention, meet with our worker relatives on the west coast or Mexico, or just camp in the woods. We didn't have much extra money-wise, but you wanted mom to keep the home fires burning and you did all you could to keep our home going and the door open for others. Our lives were "rich" because of your sacrifices. And so, thank you for all that and more.

And to my father-in-law, elder, and many countless other wonderful examples of dads... thanks to you too!

Misc. pictures

Here are some pictures from the last week. A zoo field trip, baby raccoons chittering by the roadside looking for mama. I didn't get any 'last day of school' pictures for some reason. But they had it and it is done at their current school. Summer is here!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Takin' It Easy Day... not

Today is the last day of school for our kids. I had supposidly thought it would be nice to have an 'off' day where not too big of things are planned for me. Maybe a jaunt to the library, a nice little lunch out in quietness, and a big walk in the woods with Lisi. I laid in bed listening to Duane leaving very early for work today and made a mental list:

I have to get to the library to get the books back, and then I have to run to Sam's. We're out of olive oil and some other things, the pictures are back at Target and we need a new garbage can that Duane is nearly daily reminding me to get, the grass is long and I should mow. Hope it stays too wet so it isn't a consideration. The bird feeders are empty. The "ting-ing" house isn't. Not bad, but no ting after five days of good use. Father's Day is Sunday! Both sets of parents are coming. Plus, I need to go shopping... as there is a birthday in there too. And the kids want me at their school for an end-of-year thing at 2:15. The dog needs a possible vet appointment too. After swimming in the flood of 'o8, she now is harboring a rash and it is getting bumps and scabs all around her collar area. She also needs more interaction and walks. She was alone most of yesterday and got quite naughty last night. Oh and did I mention the washer is spinning?

So off I go for my relaxing day!

Follow up since all you are waiting for the results (or not): Vet says it is a bacterial infection. So some medicine goes down the hatch for the next two weeks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zoo t-shirts

Three t-shirts made me take a double on them:

1) a terribly adorable little boy about 18 months with a bright green t-shirt that said, 'I'm my daddy's Deere'.

2) a guy with a big gut that had a red t-shirt on saying 'i like ketchup on my ketchup'. Um... Mr? You like something under that ketchup too...

3) an early 20 something guy with one that read, 'When I'm right, I'm right, and when I'm wrong I'm still right'. I've known some people like that.

On a side note, we see a lot of bizarre people since we live in a metropolitan area. But this one gave me shivers. It was a "mom" who had at least 50 piercings on her face (for real, she was near me by a playground), her teeth and tongue had a lot of metal inside to the point that she couldn't enunciate properly, she had these plastic prong thingys coming out of her nostrils that were attached somewhere, she had tatoos over every inch of her body with weird devil-ish and religious symbols, and then to top it all off, her head was shaved except for right above both ears and that swooped down to her shoulders. Oh and she was wearing some goth-type waaaay too big shorts, tank that revealed way too much and some strange shoes on. She actually scared one of the litle girls in my group. And me too!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our new spot

Last week, we had the inspection at the house we've placed an offer on. I took my camera and got some pictures inside and out. Will post a couple. There is some living room furniture in the kitchen/dinette because they were doing some drywall repair in the great room per our request. Right now, the closing looks like it'll be on July 15. Our official moving date is uncertain. First, I want to clean at the new place. No wait, I don't want to clean it, but I need to. For my sanity. I like clean places. And even though the place is 'clean', I want to start fresh. Second, we need to sell this one. Remember the 'ting' entry a week ago? Well, we got ready for the open house yesterday and it was a 'ting-ting' clean. I even vacuumed the rugs in the garage by the back door! And so we scampered out of here right at noon when the broker got here. We went out to eat and drove around looking at flood damage and then returned at the appointed time. Walk in and the guys says, 'not one person came'. You've got to be kidding! I realize the market isn't all that hot. I realize that there was just a terrific storm an hour ago. But NO ONE??? Doesn't everyone see what a terrific place this it? Cozy! Comfortable! Cute! Clean as clean can be! Not one! He was almost snickering as I stood there crest-fallen. He had warned us that because of the weather, it wasn't a good day. So we'll wait and see what the next month(s) bring as far as potential buyers. Anyhoo, getting back to the moving date... we'll probably wait and look at the first part of August to actually move. Want to be settled in before school starts on Sept. 2nd for sure.

Storm of '08

Saturday late afternoon, we got an invite to go swim and have supper with good friends of ours. As we got there, the sky started to look ominous. The kids barely got their toes wet when the rumbles started. Soon after, the sirens went off. And then the storm hit. Whooo-eee did it ever! Terrific wind, lightening, and just torrential rain that wouldn't let up. In all, that brought 6" in that deluge. Then later that night it rained some more and some more and some more. And in meeting yesterday morning, the sky got weird looking and then the skies opened up again and left another couple of inches. Needless to say, there are floods. At the bottom of the hill we live on is the Fox River. It came over the road for the first time in our near 14 years of living here. Last night, the kids literally swam on the grassy field we usually walk and play catch on. Lisi is really loving it. But there are snakes, and water-logged rodents, and lots of frantic birds. I'll post some pictures I took this morning. On one of them, a red-winged blackbird is frantically upset that Lisi is close to her babies. And note the sign. If you can't read it... it says, 'thin ice'. Yeah, really thin ice. So thin it is wet!

Trek 100

Saturday, Duane, Jeff, Dave, and Austin braved high temperature, humidity, and wind to ride 100 miles for the Milwaukee Area Cancer Care fund. We met up with them around mile 40 something. They were only 2 1/2 hours into the ride and were soaked with sweat. They all completed it (although Jeff could have done it twice that day because of the shape he's in) before the huge storm came rolling in (pictures to follow on the aftermath of the storm).

Farm Field Trip

We went to the farm! My last kindergarten field trip. This one turned out to be kinda fun! And I came home without a headache. Only three kids in my group. And we got to basically pet everything except the llamas. They're mean I guess! Of course since we're in Wisconsin, we had to milk a cow. But poor 'Belle'! She stood there having to endure all these kids squeeeeezing on her one teat. Once in awhile, she'd lift her back leg like, 'wow, that didn't feel good'. Made me remember my days of nursing! Will post some pictures on our day. Mira just loved it. She inherited my innate love for animals and I could hardly get her (or me for that matter) out of the kitty barn.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bony fingers

I thought of a song we sang in school (I think it was in high school choir). "Work your fingers to the bone... whatdayaget? Bony Fingers!!!"

Yep that's me. After the 'ting' inside of the house, now I moved on. The garage can almost go 'ting' and the basement as well. Four big black plastic garbage bags full of old treasures not worthy of moving. The garbage men will be busy on Friday.

Oh and the yard! Weeding, watering, winding up hoses.

And dog training. Lisi started class last night. She tried to make friends with a very serious german shepherd. It didn't work. Which brings me to a thought sitting in class. Friendly people get friendly dogs. Unfriendly people get borderline mean dogs. The lady at the end of the leash had a look of a german shepherd. Okee-dokee lady. Will leave you alone now! But the chocolate lab puppy had the nicest people along with him! And another thing... dogs sniffing butts to get to know the other one is something I can hardly get used to. I'm glad people don't do that. Can you imagine large groups? (tee-hee)

Trevor's baseball team is 0-3 so far. But they are improving. But he grumbles as he gets into bed after a game and tells me all the reasons for the loss. Hope springs up in him and off he goes for another game. We have another on Thursday. The season is over the end of July.

I have a chiro appt. on Thursday. I'm certain I'll get my money's worth. I ache to the nth degree. I need a massage too.

But we have field trips and end of year bubble days. And lots of 'opportunities' that I need to get involved in. I feel like I should since this is the final hurrah at Prairie Elementary.

I'm tired of urging the kids to get through the bedtime routine. 'Get in the shower! Brush your teeth! Did you go to the bathroom? Hang up your towel!' You get the picture. Tonight I said I'll take away privileges for tomorrow if I have to say things twice or more. Rayna did great since she's to go to a friend's after school and didn't want to mess that up. Trevor had one warning and then he cruised through the process. Mira was warned. Once. Twice. I said, 'You lost 10 minutes of play tomorrow'. Third warning, 'You lost 10 more minutes and you'll be doing jobs for me after school.' She looks at me with a huge smile and says, 'great! Then I'll get money when you pay me for the jobs!' Wait a minute... I pay you for being naughty???

I think this is enough for the time being...