Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday times

* So Mira went to new student assessment this morning. She is super funny and outgoing with us. She gets into a new environment and clams up and barely can breathe out her name. On our way there she wondered if they would just write 'stupid' across the sheet that they were using to assess her. I found it hilarious. Then she asked if they'd go out to recess so she could show them how good she does on the monkey bars.

* Our dog which isn't the brightest of the litter things finds sneezing alarming. Every time I do it, she comes running over with an alarmed look on her face and then looks out the window with a slight cough-bark warning others of the sneeze.

* I can't wait for tomorrow. A trip to IA with great days anticipated. But I have a lot of clothes to iron before we go. And Trevor is very concerned that the right shirt/pants will be worn on the right day. So I said I'd label them with a tape or something so he and daddy know what to do when. And I can't decide how much or how little to take for the meeting times. The kids are older and don't need to be so terribly entertained.

* It is bone dry here still. After a hurricane-like spring.

* I'm feeling quite at home here now. And I'm even used to the boxes lying around. When school starts next week, I can start getting us more settled.

* I think Trevor has asthma. He's getting worse as he gets older. I have an appt. scheduled for him in September. But his constant coughing and wheezing are a pretty good indication. He's no complainer though...

* Last night I made wh. wheat pancakes and farm fresh eggs (thanks Sarah), and fruit for supper. The kids always grumble when breakfast is supper. But I raced in the house at 5:45 with three starving kids. And they ate it well. So...

* The trampoline is up and running and used very much. It is great exercise for old moms too.

* The walking around this new place is awesome. We're basically in the country and hear all the farm animals. Plus I was entertained by two bluebirds this morning! Beautiful.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lisi's latest

Hi to all of my fans out there. I've had just a super day again. I heard a rumor that the lady that yells at me but loves me anyway was saying some nasty things about not wanting me around. I know she's full of tough talk. Sure I frustrate her to the nth degree, but hey! I'm a puppy! I look like a dog. I smell like a dog. But I'm a puppy! And I deserve to act like one.

Today was boring. We didn't go anywhere in the van. I love to go places. When you are a dog you never know where you're going. You just jump in and surprise! Here we are! Some place I've been before or somewhere I've never been either. Smells. Fun. People. I love going. But today? Nothing.

Well I was outside with my buddy Trevor. He was busy rollerblading on the front sidewalk and taking these huge leaps off of a ramp. He was busy. I saw an escape to find something to do. And there it was!

A car stopped over across the street. It looked like a friendly guy inside. The car had lights on top. And special bars between the seats. And serious looking tires. I ran to take a sniff. Then I decided it would be fun to follow this guy in a brown outfit to the house. There's little kids there. Don't they like dogs like me? Well Mr. Brown Outfit knocks on the door and it opens and what in the world am I supposed to do? I run in! A new house! Boys! Toys! It smells like supper is on the stove. I grab a toy and head outside with it. The lady grabs me by my collar and tries to pry it out of my mouth. She didn't say 'give', so I didn't. The lady looked frustrated. I should add that I never met this lady before and I don't think the lady here that yells and loves me anyway has met her either. Then I hear my name. Oh no. The lady back at home is looking frantic. She's marching down the street with my leash. I'm done for. Mr. Brown Outfit is walking back to his car and I see my lady coming with purpose. She grabs me by the collar and puts on my leash and sends me home with Trevor. Then I hear her saying all these schmaltzy apologies to a lady she had never met. Isn't that great? I brought neighbors together! Aren't we supposed to love our neighbor? I'm trying my best to do what is good. So there I was stuck on my rope at home watching my lady talking with the other lady. It went on a long time and by the time she was leaving, the ladies were laughing together. So I must have done my job. They like each other. It all seemed successful until my lady walked up to me and said some stern words. I wish people knew us dogs better. It sounded like this... 'blah, blah, blah, Lisi, blah, blah, blah'. Her tone was stern, but as she got done with it all, she did give me a quick pat on the head. I think I did something not quite right, but I'm not sure what.

From the lady that lives here: Imagine my horror looking out the front window and seeing two neighbor ladies (one holding onto my dog) and a sheriff talking in a neighboring yard. I thought we were definitely on a hit list and would be paying a fine for a dog at large. Well, he was there for a different, benign reason, but my dog was wandering without supervision. Back to training we go...

Double whammy

So E. the new neighbor girl is getting comfortable here. Very very comfortable. To the point she says what she's thinking.

I'm in the living room putting together a new nightstand for one of the girls (see... two nightstands are needing to be built if you do the math).

E: What are you doing?
me: Putting together a nightstand.
E: It is taking you a really long time.
me: Yes, I've never done one like this before.
E: You're really slow.
me: I'm doing the best I can.
E: I think it is because you are a girl. A boy would do it faster.
me: Really?
E: How old are you?
me: 43
E: You are that old? My dad is younger and he still could build it a lot faster than you.
me: Well that's nice (what else could I say?)

On a side note: After putting together nightstand #1 in about 2 hours, I got nightstand #2 done in under an hour. Great learning curve, eh?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cookie Crumbs

Just did up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to feed the masses. Feel like making bullets of my thoughts again. No promises of even a snicker or even a 'hmmm' from them. But it makes me feel better!

* Two of our former neighbor boys are here. Almost feels 'normal' to hear the din and commotion two added to the mix bring.

* Especially in light of the fact we had Rayna gone over the weekend, and T&M gone Sun. night-this morning. So the fighting was less. The noise not as noisy. And the grandparents R. will enjoy a nap later today I reckon.

* I was worried about the range/oven that was built in here when we bought the house. It is a gas set-up. If you know me at all, you would know a good therapy afternoon for me is baking bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, or stirring up another pot of pasta. And so it was extremely important for me to have something I like. Well I LIKE it. A lot. I grew up on gas. No, that sounded wrong. I grew up on love, food, and fresh SD air. But my mom always had a gas stove and so it feels like I've come full circle.

* I'm so happy our water doesn't stink. And now the house smells more familiar. We must have a family odor? I'm not saying we're not clean. I think we are... maybe really are. But yet, now it has a familiar smell again. Maybe it is the bread that rises now. The garlic in the pasta sauces. And the same shampoo on the shelf.

* I told D. last Saturday I was about ready to sell Lisi. I think it is because I'm busier than normal. But I'm tired of the work of an overgrown puppy. And she's figuring out where she belongs in the scheme of life. She's completely adorable. Mostly smart. But very frustrating when the next hole is dug, the next neighbor yard is found, and the next hair is shed. We'll probably keep her. But. Oh boy.

* We begin with a new meeting for Wed. starting tomorrow! I'm sad and happy at the same time. I know it'll be good. But we'll miss our old bunch too. Lucky for us, Sundays are still the same.

* We need rain.

* We look forward to a great conv. in IA next week! I think we'll bunk it.

* The kids just LOVE rollerblading, riding scooters in our unfinished basement. We want to build it out, but now I'm wondering maybe we should wait and let them just be wild down there this winter?

* The trampoline came! It is partially set up already. Should be finished by tomorrow.

* I've froze 30 meals of corn! I'm so happy to have that much done.

* Tonight's menu is grilled bbq chicken, pasta, corn on the cob, cukes w/cream, sliced tomatoes, fruit salad, and dinner rolls. We have a family coming over. The man of the family is Duane's friend from all his growing up years. Haven't seen them in a long time.

* Duane asked last night for mosquito spray. I ran downstairs and went right to the box and there it was! See??? All that looking for libary books paid off. Literally.

* I hope my niece that just moved to KY doesn't forget to come home once in awhile. We'll miss her a lot.

Enough crumbs. Now on to ironing...

Friday, August 15, 2008


He called. You know I've been thinking... I think I have the missing stuff! Really? Yes! In the trunk of my car. But I looked in there and all that was there was Murray's books and two shirts in a bag. No! In the box with Murray's books. I remember tucking them in there to keep them safe with the books. Really? Really truly? I'm sorry I didn't think of it sooner because I've been so busy trying to get this job done. Now that the job is done and I'm thinking, I realized I must have them! How much time did you spend looking? Oh... roughly five or so hours. Plus calls to our moving helpers and goodwill. Not to mention the stop at the library. But hey! They're found!!!!!! Happy Happy Day!

And! Scott came in his timely manner and completed the work in a good time and then charged me over $100 less than his original quote. What a guy! And my dryer is working. And so the washer spins and life is grand.

Did I mention Happy Happy Day?

Remember it is the little things that bring joy....!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday thoughts

It started to bug me the other day, 'where are they?'. The books from the library. Lots of chapter books. Five DVD's the kids had checked out. They aren't here. They aren't there. I frantically search far and wide. I delve through nearly every box in the basement and garage. And then out of desperation (and very high on the yuck factor I must add), I went through the garbage. All of it. Eeeeeuuuu. PU. No books. Just some old coffee grounds, leftovers, kleenex. You can get the picture. I call our 'helpers' on moving day. No, they all say. Never saw them. It's in a bag - a plastic grocery-type bag with no print on it. Are you sure? Ok, fine. So I finally get the nerve and happened to be back on the ol' 40 that we just left and went to the library. I started by saying in a meek voice, 'I think I have a big problem'. So he checks out my list. Adds it all up and says, 'that'll be about $205 for those items'. I choke on the dryness of my mouth. Oh boy. So I get reeeally motivated and wander from room to room in the old place. It is empty. Really empty. No places for books to hide. We come back to the new pad. I again go through all the boxes thinking for some reason this time they'll pop out. Nothing again. Goodwill donations? Timing isn't right. Not there. Heavy sigh. So that has been the ponderings of my heart. Lost books. And they still are lost. And we'll be forking over money to the kind city of Waukesha before long...

Side notes:

* I've been the handyman around here the past five days. Got lots of things hung on walls, hooks installed, toilet paper holders, shower curtains, unclogging a drain, building things we need. It takes time. But it is very rewarding. And I get nice comments from hubby when he comes home.

* Today was spent entertaining people coming to do stuff. A water guy that installed an iron curtain. What you dare ask? Well, our water here has incredible high levels of minerals and so when you turn on the shower it comes out smelling like you boiled a dozen eggs in it first. Mira, who has a super-sensitive nose, keeps yelling really loud, 'IT STINKS MOM!!! YUCK! PU!' Just be quiet and get done quickly. Beyond that, if you water the yard and it hits the house too much, you get a red house instead of white. So, I'm glad that is done.

* Remember Jim? The Sears guy? The one I didn't want to see again for my washer? Well, I got 'Al' today. Al showed up with a huge mop of graying hair. Very greasy hands, gnarly knuckles, and a mouth full of crooked teeth. I was expecting him to smell smoky, but he was clean. Anyway, Al came to give our riding lawnmower some help. A fuel leak was part of the problem and then he did a tune-up. Maybe I'm giving myself more credit than is due, but with happy chattering, he lowered his price and gave me over $50 in discounts and threw in some extras for me lurking over his shoulder. I liked Al. Waved him goodbye and wished him luck in his next venture. He thought he should run for president. tee-hee.

* And the electrician came. Scott is his name. Nicest guy you could meet. Apologized for his quote because of the cost of copper wiring. Scott comes tomorrow. He doesn't shave more than before Sunday church, but he has no pretence and tells it to you straight on. I like that. And the real reason I like him is that he's going to give me a jack so my dryer can finally work. Think - family of five with no laundry done in nearly 10 days. I'm a desperate woman. I do laundry daily. I detest dirty clothes lying around. And now I have them literally lying around as I have no place to put them.

* The neighbors around here are nice that we've met so far. But I feel out of my league. This house is one of the simpler ones in the subdivision. The others are a little fancy-schmancy. Super-nice landscaping. Great cars in the driveway. And I feel like we're the country bumpkins that are a bit out of our league. Lisi went to meet some new neighbors. Trevor said she was tied up. Nope. Sarah calls. "Hi, we've never met, but I think I have your dog". Yep, that would be me. Sorry about that.

* Our old house feels empty. It isn't home. What we loved was within. It is stuff - but mainly, it is the people. The emotions. And yes, we have our memories. Luckily, we most likely will have many great years ahead with our little flock and will make great memories here too.

* I froze corn today too!!!! I almost forgot to mention that. Only five meals, but hey! Five meals! I hope to do a lot more in the next week or so, but I've been a bit busy these days.

I think this is enough. Boring post tonight. Sorry. Like watching paint dry. (CP!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where is it?

That will be the familiar cry heard from within the walls of this house. We have the garage stacked, the basement stacked, and mostly labeled. But on Sat. morning right before the movers arrived, I did a last minute scramble and stuffed some stuff here and there to have it ready and now I have NO idea where it is.

Our dryer can't be hooked up until the electrician comes. They had a gas dryer apparently and we need the fancy prong thingy for our electric dryer.

The agitator knob on our washer was busted in the move. So whatever speed we were agitating last when doing laundry is the speed we'll have to be at present. I filed a claim this morning.

Our phone is STILL not connected. I almost read the riot act to the representative this morning. She promises service by noon tomorrow. Thank goodness for cells.

Our water stinks. Literally. Lucky for us we have a former neighbor that is in the water business. He said we need an 'iron curtain'. Will take the stink out and also prevent the red in the water to stain the house when watering.

We had a bittersweet going away party at our old neighborhood last night. After 14 years and raising our babies together, it is hard to leave them. Lucky for us, we didn't move to Texas. All I can say though... is we couldn't have picked a better bunch.

Speaking of neighbors: why are so many guys named "Mike" or "Steve"? We had two each at the last subdivision. The closest neighbors came over last week to say hi and he said his name was 'Mike'. Of course it is! (p.s. - Mike S., he'll never replace you).

It was almost scary watching the movers move the piano. I bought it for $100 when working in Minneapolis. It ended up being a gem in the rough. Is an old upright with dings and stuff (looks almost cool), but the sound. My goodness the sound is awesome. And so I can't get rid of it. So it took basically four guys (and three hernia surgeries later) to get that out of one house and into the next. But as I sat down and played yesterday before meeting... I'm so glad it is here.

I need to buy school supplies. The list for three kids is gigantic. I think I might try to attack some of it today while the kids are occupied.

Tile is cold. We had wood floors or vinyl in our old place. Now we have tile in all the bathrooms. Brrrrr. I need rugs I think. Lucky that the rest is wood.

We hear roosters! A farmette is just across the field and ol Foghorn Leghorn lets 'er loose every so often. Kinda neat really! Lisi still does a soft growl when he cockle-doodle-doos. She's a city dog yet.

So off I go in the mad search for things I don't know where they are at....

Will try to post a picture or two sometime.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Greetings from the new pad! Finally have the computer(s) set up after two lackey guys came yesterday and said we were up and running. Well no sirs, we aren't! So I had to have them come out again and luckily a different guy and he did his magic and voila! Service!

Tomorrow is the big M-day. We've got a ton of our stuff here already at the new place. Now just furniture and about 20 boxes left.

I'm exhausted beyond belief. It'll be a relief to be finally in here...

But... our neighbors aren't making it easy for us to leave. (sniff)

More later...!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm sick of packing...

1) Name something you have in common with all of your siblings. round noses and great parents
2) Do you fold your underwear? yes
3) Do you like to drink the juice out of freeze pops? yes
4) Who is the last person you wrote a letter to on paper? Martha (Ethel)
5) What was your first job? McDonald's (lasted less than 2 weeks)
6) Aside from Driver's Ed, who really taught you how to drive? My Dad
7) What's the one thing you love/miss about your Grandma's cooking? her pies
8) What color is your favorite hoodie? WI Badger red!
9) Who was like your second Mom or second Dad? no one
10) Name a sound that disturbs you? squeaky balloons
11) What's your typical ice cream order at Dairy Queen? don't go
12) What comes to mind when I say cabbage? slaw
13) What did you do today? dropped off R. at school, unloaded, lunch, bank, Target, Kohl's, walked dog, checked the news on the computer, and I'm just getting started....
14.) What did you do last night? Took a walk, signed papers for the offer, chased the kids to bed, and collapsed myself around 11
15) Do you have a cell-phone? of course
16) Are you emotional? depends. I guess yes, but I don't like to admit it
18) Name a song that makes you happy? Castle On a Cloud
19) Do you use chap stick? In the winter for sure
20) If you were in an emergency situation and you had to deliver a baby, could you? I think so
21) What was the most recent thing you bought? shirts for the kids' school pictures tomorrow
22) What is on your refrigerator door? pictures of the kids as babies, a wonderful comic from my friend Shannon about adoption I've never taken down, and a family photo
23) Name something you have to do tomorrow? packing of course!
24) What was the last movie you watched? Um... does a Looney Tune count?
25) Do any of your friends have children? Yes - most of them
26) Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? white
27.) When was the last time you went to starbucks? Few months ago
28) Can you whistle? Yes - esp. when trying to get the dog home
29) Do you have a trampoline at your house? Yes and it has been nothing but fun (safety enclosure of course for all you safety people)
30) What movie do you know every line to? I don't nor want to
32) Do you know how to do a cart-wheel? No - I'm as coordinated as a cow
33) Do you maintain any friendships originating from elementary school? nope
34) What are you wearing? long shorts and a t-shirt
35) What was the last thing you ate? Wendy's grilled chicken
36) Do you take pills of any sort? vitamins only
37) When was the last time you did the dishes? 2 hours ago
38) How much sleep did you get last night? almost 8 hours
39) Do you own any band t-shirts? No
40) Last song you sang out loud? some hymn in the shower
41) When was the last time you slept on the floor? Sat. - a nap in the new living room without furniture
42) Would you chew gum that's already been chewed? I have... from my kids (is that gross or what) And... I pasted this and see that #43 is missing!
44) Who have you talked to today? Duane, Bob, Laura, Melanie, Sarah, the neighbor kids, and my three
45) What comes to your mind when I say pumpkins? Mira's big one in our garden she planted from a kindergarten seed
46) Friend that lives closest to you? Melanie
47) Color of your shirt? teal
48) How old are you? 43
49) What is your background on your computer? the Microsoft one I think
50) Do you wish? No
51) Good advice if you ever go camping? don't leave out food for the coons

Now back to work I go!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


That is very acceptable!

A family with triplet babies! How cool is that?

So now I can box up our stuff and memories with ease.

Happy Day!

Clean and Show!

Moving stuff...


Open House...

Keeping the house looking like we're living here even though we're moving out...

Trying to keep my sanity...

Unloading LOTS of boxes...


Cleaning to the 'ting' again...

Invaluable parents help...

Wanting a nap...