Friday, July 30, 2010

In a hurry

"When God ripens apples, he doesn't hurry and he doesn't make a noise."

"Sometimes I wish I hadn't been in such a hurry to move forward.  There comes a point when it becomes impossible to go back."

"If you are in a hurry, you will never get there."

"Nature does not ever hurry.  Yet everything is accomplished."

"One of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time."

I'm not the most easy-going person you've met.  Just ask the Chairman or the ManyYoungPeople that live here.  I'm always in a rush.  A hurry.  Trying to get too many things done at one time.  Raising a family is daunting.  There are meals to make.  Clothes to wash.  Gardens to tend.  Houses to clean.  Dogs to walk.  Shopping to do.  Places to be.  A lot to do in any given day.

Today I told the MYP we should stop and get some of their school supplies for the upcoming year.  Experience has shown me that the prices go up as the start nears.  It seemed to be a good time to get some things since the prices are reasonable, the aisles mostly clear, and the shelves stocked.  I rushed us through the buying process.  Then we raced to buy a pile of goods at the local warehouse store.  Followed that up by tearing over to the corn stand.  Super-sweet, yummy corn.  It is the near the beginning of the season.  I ask the young guy taking my money when is the best time to freeze.  He says the next few weeks are good.  So I frantically think that Monday would be a good time to do the daunting task of husking, blanching, cutting, bagging the yummy stuff for the freezer.  Why Monday?  Because it is there and needs to be done!  I am impatient.  With life.  It can be a good thing.  And also not.  I have friends that live by the seat of their pants.  They are last-minute.  But somehow, it all gets done.  Their living.  And I secretly admire it.  So really in my haste, I'm always rushing to the next event.  The next task.  The next... whatever.  And maybe it isn't always the optimum way.  I need to stop and smell the flowers.  Hug the MYP.  Look into the Chairman's eyes.  Wrestle the dog.  Call someone I love.  And ask a friend how they are and really listen.  That's what matters in life.  Not all the unending tasks that will never get 'done'.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy as can be...

Well my mean older brother, his nice wife, and three great boys are flying through the air for their home. We had a nearly unprecedented long time together. And it was... well nice. Distance is a fickle thing. You get used to it. Then - hooray! They come to visit! And then it is time to go and the distance feels long and almost overwhelming. Pretty soon you resolve back to 'normal' and get used to the text messages and e-mails and the occasional phone call that does the trick. But goodbyes for me can be brutal. I think of a lot of "you" out there that say them more than I do... and for better reasons and all I can do is be thankful for those of you willing to say 'goodbye' so that others can have you close. I think you know who I'm talking about.

And so we have been busy. Terribly busy. In a good way. We had our annual trip to Door County. We go with good friends. Some we know so well we know the birthdates and middle names of their children. And some we know enough to just be glad for a visit with them. It was our first venture with the camper up there. It was... well pretty good. A bit of a battery issue (so we resorted to darkness and a good lantern). And rain. Dreadful rain for a day. It was back just in time to pack up. Lovely. Damp. Wet. Stinky everything. But it didn't dampen our love for going up there. Beach time. S'more time. A play in the woods in the evening surrounded by the aforementioned friends. And crawling into the bed in sheer exhaustion so we could get up and do it all over again. I had a base number of 12 to cook for each day. Had great help and a meal plan. That made it easier. But camping is a bit strange. You walk or bike to the shower. Push the button repeatedly to get the lukewarm water out of the weak faucet. Lather up. Keep pushing the button. Rinse off. Dress - all the while balancing on your flip-flops so you don't get dirty immediately. Then you wander across the way to the sink area that has electric. One morning I stood very close to a man about 31 while he shaved. Then brushed his teeth. And it seemed so... well odd. Personal. Like I was in his bathroom and he was in mine at the same time. No small talk. Just doing our morning routine with a complete stranger. It doesn't bother me. But I can see why it gives the willies to some people.

Lisi returned from her 'vacation' at the kennel with a good report card! No major hole digging. No leaving certain dogs out of her 'pack'. Just good, clean fun I guess.

Mira's stitches were removed yesterday. It was icky. They got a bit embedded into the healing skin. So after some soaking, coaxing, rubbing a leg and holding a hand, she got through it. Poor kid. But they are healing nicely. Glad that is behind us.

Today some kind friends invited us to 'play' at their lake.  It was great fun for all of us.

And tomorrow?  I need to clean up this joint.  We're not 'tinging' lately.  Maybe 'clanging' a bit.  So after some good sleeping in with the three young people here, we'll crack the proverbial whip and see what happens!
2/3 of the Burchibunch children...

My lovely niece and her nice husband
The Chairman and the Chef
Our annual Door County family photo
Ready to steal to 3rd...
The team
My mean older brother... (he looks the part here)
Favorite place... at the lake
tubing fun

Ready to head to town...  (this isn't all of us yet either!)
Suppertime one evening
Guys T likes to be with...

Monday, July 26, 2010


But life is good...

We're back.  Actually two days now.  But I have a literal mountain of laundry.  Three extra boys here.  And a need to go to a grocery store and get stitches out.  Not to mention about 967 other things to do.  So my observations and photos of our wonderful days in Door County will have to wait.  We had nearly 90 of our closest friends all there.  Wish all of you other 'closest friends' could have been there too....

Monday, July 19, 2010

She tells it better than me...

like at 4;40 i came running toy my mom i had blood gushing down my chin this is what happend i was on the rollerblades Rayna and i were making up cool tricks i was going to do one of the tricks and i fell so fast my hands were not fast enough to pull me up so i landed on my chin theres was a huge hole in my chin i was cring but not that much it just stung really bad  i ran to mom she got a wet paper towl on it we got in the car and went to Dr. i got five stiches on my chin OUCH!

(this is what Mira sent to some of our family and friends from her new personal e-mail)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thunderous Thursday

Well, because it is.  This summer we've had a lot of night storms.  I love 'em.  You can see the lightening better.  It is cleared up generally by day and then you have a hot muggy day to enjoy.  Not to mention my beans, peas, and cukes love it.  Better than dragging hoses, right?  There's a thrill to gardening.  I'm glad mine isn't bigger.  It seemed like I would hardly get anything.  And now I'm wondering what I'll ever do with a plentiful supply of cukes.  I like them a lot.  But we can't eat over six/day.  The beans are super-plentiful.  The peas are setting on nicely.  I wish I didn't get up so early.  No matter when I go to bed, I wake up right at 6.  Today I could have slept in.  The kids are away until this afternoon.  But nope!  "Click" and I'm wide awake.  By 3 a nap will sound good and we'll be in the throes of a lot of commotion.  We had some special people here last night that like to come on some of the Wednesdays.  It's amazing how the kitchen is still clean!  They don't call kids 'crumb crunchers' for nothin'.  There was a birthday party this week.  You see I'm a mean mom.  I don't do birthday parties every year.  No sirree.  But this year it was the girls' year.  So they invited five of their little friends for a sleepover party (only one bout of homesickness in the night).  They were good.  All of them.  But what is so fascinating is the divergent personalities.  One thing we've learned with kids is that you work with what you get... people are who they are.  It was evident even with all these lovely, young girls.  They are so forward thinking.  So optimistic about life.  Their future.  But as we sat and ate supper together, they were talking about serious things in life.  It was very sweet.  And touching.  And encouraging to me.  They have good parents telling them good things.  I know.  Speaking of parents.  I've enjoyed watching mothers in nature protect their young.  Lisi was rushing into one of the local ponds here and I wasn't watching.  But heard this horrific screeching and commotion.  I ran to see and a mother mallard was going bananas.  Lisi had swum right next to 9 little baby ducks.  They were too young to know what to do but quack.  But mother was crazed with fear.  Luckily Lisi is trained.  A quick 'leave it' and I told her to swim back to me which luckily she did.  And the babies went off safely with mom.  There's safety in staying close to the one that protects.  And then there are kildeers here.  I kinda like them.  But they can be very noisy.  Was walking this week and all of the sudden a kildeer is chirping and trying to distract the dog and me.  We continue walking and she/he gets closer.  Pretty soon a wing is dragging.  The tail sags.  The noise gets louder and she/he is right next to us.  Then I see it.  A tiny baby kildeer.  Peeping its little heart out.  Needing protection.  Direction.  And its parent was willing to risk life and limb to keep it safe.  The Chairman has been swamped in the office chair lately.  It's good and it's bad.  We're thankful he has work.... but it gets tiring for him to be working so much.  Speaking of which.  I need to start the day.  I see there are 4" in the rain guage from last night.  The grass is 'squishy'.   Summertime!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy summer days...

I 'googled' the term exhausted and the picture of the polar bear came up.  If you're my 'friend' on FB, you've seen it.  I think it depicts me about perfectly these days.  The second picture was taken by the other mother of these boys.  We're nearing the end of this baseball season.  Not a huge amount of wins, but a lot of fun.  Except the last game we had.  The sprinkles turned to rain.  The rain was getting us very wet.  And very cold.  And on top of that a miserable loss.  As my umbrella-mate said to me, 'this would be easier to take - being wet and cold if we weren't losing'.  Yep.  But!  You know you're in Wisconsin when you don't bat an eye to grill up 25 pounds of bratwurst for the team.  Lets just say that's a lot of clogged arteries.

We survived all the birthdays!  Almost.  Tomorrow, the house will be full of giggling girls.  Not a huge amount, but I think eight girls will make too much enough noise.  And it involves a sleepover.  Which means it will also involve my earplugs.

PU.  A skunk isn't happy nearby.  I'm glad it isn't our dog this time.  But it smells dangerously close to our yard.

Speaking of the dog.  She was in the kitchen lying on her usual spot last week when all of the sudden she scurried to the basement where she isn't normally allowed.  I was confused and went after her.  Drug her back up the stairs (you see she has no carpet privileges and it is nicely carpeted down there).  And about 2 minutes later this very weird wind shear came through.  A weird sucking noise at the front door and that was it.  It was done.  But the dog just knew!  Weird I say.  The only thing that happened is that it nearly ruined my window boxes.  And it put our A/C on the fritz.

This week is busy again... is it fall yet?  I'm exhausted.  Did I mention that either?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rayna!

Yes, you got that right... two days, two birthdays.  This poor child has to 'suffer' through waiting for her big day.  And finally it is here!  Our little baby is now 11.  Rayna is our sweet child.  Our creative one.  Our lover of "Archie's", and make-believe, and shiny things and staying up late.  I sometimes wonder if she has some raccoon in her.  She's growing into a young lady before our eyes.  And so, happy birthday to our gift from afar.  We are so glad you are leading the 'pack'.  We needed you and wanted you more than you know!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mira!

She's 8 years old. She's our Mira(cle). She's just what we needed to finish up the family. Feisty, funny, friendly, and finicky (with food!). And a joy. We never thought we'd actually get her. But there was something Bigger beyond us. And she made it. She and her sister are the best of friends. She and her brother love to go off to fish and shoot things. She's a great friend. And a wonderful daughter. And so... Happy Birthday to you Mira!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waiting (im) Patiently

It was one of those days.  You know the ones where you have about six stops to make and you want to blast through each one since you have other things you'd rather be doing.  First stop bank.  Walk into the lobby since the drive through has some cars backed up.  This branch usually is very, very quiet and that is why I like to go to it.  There's five people waiting in line.  Seems to move fast enough until Mr. Has a Lock Box needs to talk to the manager about some issue.  Lots of banter going back and forth.  I simply want to deposit a couple checks and leave.  Finally, it was my turn.  Then a run to the local library to drop off some overdue library materials.  If you know me, that in and of itself is frustrating.  Overdue means wasted money.  I don't like that one iota.  Goes quickly so I think my day will get better.  Until the Prius is in the left lane on the interstate.  Heavy sigh.  I race past the middle-aged lady.  Tear off my exit and look in the rear-view mirror at the first light.  Yep, Prius Lady looking all smug that I wasted 38 cents of gas in my acceleration and she did not.  Off to the local Farm and Fleet.  Need new dog bones you know.  Only one man in front of me.  But he complicated things with slips of paper for big items that confused "Portia".  Yes, that is her name.  I had ample time to read the tag.  After two calls to extension #333, it wasn't getting resolved.  I race to the next checkout line.  Only to be beat by two faster men (mind you!).  I again finally get out of there.  Wait time at line(s)... approximately six minutes.  Next stop at the bullseye store.  Usually I have a good experience there.  And I would have if it weren't for me.  As I left one end of the store to the other, I realize that I forgot an item on the opposite side.  Rats.  So off I go.  Wasted a few minutes doing that.  Then to another discount store.  Raced in for one of the birthday items.  Should be easy in and out right?  Wrong.  I like the elderly.  But they were testing my limits today.  An older couple was checking out.  But the button hole was tight and they couldn't get the hangar off.  So they slowly walk to the men's section.  The lady in front of me and behind them starts to put her stuff down all the while looking at Mr. and Mrs. Elderly to see if they were coming back.  "Oh I hope you don't mind if I wait for them."  Of course not.  I have more stops and one item to check out and waiting for 8 more minutes for you and Mr. and Mrs. Elderly is just right fine with me.  Again finally I get out of there.  Stop on the accelerator for the Warehouse Club.  I'm sensing impending doom.  Usually there are long lines.  Big carts.  Massive things to lift.  I crank through there in good time.  And am surveying the least of the long lines.  I spot one and move in.  Only three people in front of me. But!  But!  The guy actually checking out people knows the guy in the line.  I'm all for friendliness.  Love it in fact.  But watching them share banter over my melting items wasn't making me feel warm and fuzzy.  GET GOING YOU BIG TIME WASTER!  Eventually (about a minute later), he looks behind him and says, 'I better get going'.  That's right buster, you better.  And then the last stop was yet another discount store.  It has a reputation of being slightly messy, dirty, and slow lanes.  But you know what?  I got in and out of there in awesome time.  Found exactly what I needed besides!

So what is it?  Me?  Bad karma (isn't that an interesting word?) or what?  Why is it some days everything works out just wonderful.  And other days... each and every thing you do is a minor setback?  I take it that today isn't my day.  So maybe I will just go take a nap....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dreaded chores

So I woke up this morning thinking today was a great day to get the house into a 'ting' again.  You see the past couple weeks have been busy with fun, friends, and summertime.  Sure the house is tidy.  But it didn't 'feel' clean.  Especially when walking on bare feet in the kitchen with my toes stepping on leftover toast crumbs from yesterday. So!  I summon the Many Young People here to tell them today was the day.  It was met with collective groaning.  Two of the MYP here leave for a morning summer school.  The remaining one is sighing.  Breathing heavy.  Hrrumphing.  Not happy about given delegated duties.  So I spout off on how it could be 'fun'.  But it isn't.  For her or for me.  The other of the MYP here come home.  After a tasty and nutritious lunch I tell them that we are now going to work.  Won't it be great?  All of us together?  NO!  We want to relax mom.  Oh yeah?  So do I!  I believe in teaching life skills.  I think they are learning the fine art of negotiation.  And conflict.  And who has to do what.  But now after a couple of encouraging conversations, some threats, and a couple of good yells, the house is clean.  And they seem happier for it.

We're enjoying summertime to the nth degree.  Friends,  Fellowship.  Hot, muggy weather (especially not running the a/c), and some lake/pool time.  It sure is nice.  And exhausting.

Two more birthdays this week.  It's incredible to me each year how the birthdays are all right next to each other. We obviously didn't plan it this way.  It just happened.  But it sure would be nice to celebrate a birthday in November or something... not gonna happen.

Last night it was the 16th anniversary of Duane proposing.  He did it after fireworks in Minneapolis.  Seems a lifetime ago.  And what a wonderful life I've had since saying 'yes'.

Got my first cucumber out of the garden.  The beans are setting on.  Gardening is a LOT of work to get a bit of produce.  But yet it is so worth it.  Sorta.

Anyone play Angry Birds on their I-touch/phone?  I was introduced to it by our son.  It's addicting in a weird way.

Ok.  I've procrastinated enough.  Time to finish my chores.