Monday, July 19, 2010

She tells it better than me...

like at 4;40 i came running toy my mom i had blood gushing down my chin this is what happend i was on the rollerblades Rayna and i were making up cool tricks i was going to do one of the tricks and i fell so fast my hands were not fast enough to pull me up so i landed on my chin theres was a huge hole in my chin i was cring but not that much it just stung really bad  i ran to mom she got a wet paper towl on it we got in the car and went to Dr. i got five stiches on my chin OUCH!

(this is what Mira sent to some of our family and friends from her new personal e-mail)


  1. Rayna forwarded it to me! Poor girl! I feel bad for her! Must have hurt! Hope everything goes well!!

  2. Ouch. We're sorry you took a digger on your rollerblades, Mira. Hope you can still swim in Door County!

  3. Poor kid- but really cute how she wrote it up. I like the part about the cool tricks!