Monday, July 5, 2010

Dreaded chores

So I woke up this morning thinking today was a great day to get the house into a 'ting' again.  You see the past couple weeks have been busy with fun, friends, and summertime.  Sure the house is tidy.  But it didn't 'feel' clean.  Especially when walking on bare feet in the kitchen with my toes stepping on leftover toast crumbs from yesterday. So!  I summon the Many Young People here to tell them today was the day.  It was met with collective groaning.  Two of the MYP here leave for a morning summer school.  The remaining one is sighing.  Breathing heavy.  Hrrumphing.  Not happy about given delegated duties.  So I spout off on how it could be 'fun'.  But it isn't.  For her or for me.  The other of the MYP here come home.  After a tasty and nutritious lunch I tell them that we are now going to work.  Won't it be great?  All of us together?  NO!  We want to relax mom.  Oh yeah?  So do I!  I believe in teaching life skills.  I think they are learning the fine art of negotiation.  And conflict.  And who has to do what.  But now after a couple of encouraging conversations, some threats, and a couple of good yells, the house is clean.  And they seem happier for it.

We're enjoying summertime to the nth degree.  Friends,  Fellowship.  Hot, muggy weather (especially not running the a/c), and some lake/pool time.  It sure is nice.  And exhausting.

Two more birthdays this week.  It's incredible to me each year how the birthdays are all right next to each other. We obviously didn't plan it this way.  It just happened.  But it sure would be nice to celebrate a birthday in November or something... not gonna happen.

Last night it was the 16th anniversary of Duane proposing.  He did it after fireworks in Minneapolis.  Seems a lifetime ago.  And what a wonderful life I've had since saying 'yes'.

Got my first cucumber out of the garden.  The beans are setting on.  Gardening is a LOT of work to get a bit of produce.  But yet it is so worth it.  Sorta.

Anyone play Angry Birds on their I-touch/phone?  I was introduced to it by our son.  It's addicting in a weird way.

Ok.  I've procrastinated enough.  Time to finish my chores.


  1. LOL!
    I strive to teach life skills to MYP at this house too. The drill sounds very familiar!

  2. As my YP who is supposed to be doing her chores a little at a time and is reading a book about Mary Lou Retten instead, is not going to go to the library or find any other books until she gets her stuff out of this living room!!

  3. Would your MYP like to come clean my room, sort my stuff, pack the house and move? Good- I'll be waiting...
    heh heh
    Happy Bday (belatedly) to all, happy anniversary of the the proposal.