Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy summer days...

I 'googled' the term exhausted and the picture of the polar bear came up.  If you're my 'friend' on FB, you've seen it.  I think it depicts me about perfectly these days.  The second picture was taken by the other mother of these boys.  We're nearing the end of this baseball season.  Not a huge amount of wins, but a lot of fun.  Except the last game we had.  The sprinkles turned to rain.  The rain was getting us very wet.  And very cold.  And on top of that a miserable loss.  As my umbrella-mate said to me, 'this would be easier to take - being wet and cold if we weren't losing'.  Yep.  But!  You know you're in Wisconsin when you don't bat an eye to grill up 25 pounds of bratwurst for the team.  Lets just say that's a lot of clogged arteries.

We survived all the birthdays!  Almost.  Tomorrow, the house will be full of giggling girls.  Not a huge amount, but I think eight girls will make too much enough noise.  And it involves a sleepover.  Which means it will also involve my earplugs.

PU.  A skunk isn't happy nearby.  I'm glad it isn't our dog this time.  But it smells dangerously close to our yard.

Speaking of the dog.  She was in the kitchen lying on her usual spot last week when all of the sudden she scurried to the basement where she isn't normally allowed.  I was confused and went after her.  Drug her back up the stairs (you see she has no carpet privileges and it is nicely carpeted down there).  And about 2 minutes later this very weird wind shear came through.  A weird sucking noise at the front door and that was it.  It was done.  But the dog just knew!  Weird I say.  The only thing that happened is that it nearly ruined my window boxes.  And it put our A/C on the fritz.

This week is busy again... is it fall yet?  I'm exhausted.  Did I mention that either?


  1. I completely understand you and the polar bear!! Whatever happened to those lazy days of summer? I am thinking about bring them back. Sounds like your son had a season like mine...nothing wrong with the lesson of learning how to lose, but a win is nice now and again too. :-)

  2. Good for no skunks, we had one visiting our garage last fall, so we had to make other cat feeding arrangements and the thing hasn't been back since.

  3. The polar bear picture is hilarious! Been there done that!
    Right now I am having some "lazy days of summer"--but it's really rather ab-normal since the kids are gone it dosen't feel quite right even if it isn't as exhausting.