Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy as can be...

Well my mean older brother, his nice wife, and three great boys are flying through the air for their home. We had a nearly unprecedented long time together. And it was... well nice. Distance is a fickle thing. You get used to it. Then - hooray! They come to visit! And then it is time to go and the distance feels long and almost overwhelming. Pretty soon you resolve back to 'normal' and get used to the text messages and e-mails and the occasional phone call that does the trick. But goodbyes for me can be brutal. I think of a lot of "you" out there that say them more than I do... and for better reasons and all I can do is be thankful for those of you willing to say 'goodbye' so that others can have you close. I think you know who I'm talking about.

And so we have been busy. Terribly busy. In a good way. We had our annual trip to Door County. We go with good friends. Some we know so well we know the birthdates and middle names of their children. And some we know enough to just be glad for a visit with them. It was our first venture with the camper up there. It was... well pretty good. A bit of a battery issue (so we resorted to darkness and a good lantern). And rain. Dreadful rain for a day. It was back just in time to pack up. Lovely. Damp. Wet. Stinky everything. But it didn't dampen our love for going up there. Beach time. S'more time. A play in the woods in the evening surrounded by the aforementioned friends. And crawling into the bed in sheer exhaustion so we could get up and do it all over again. I had a base number of 12 to cook for each day. Had great help and a meal plan. That made it easier. But camping is a bit strange. You walk or bike to the shower. Push the button repeatedly to get the lukewarm water out of the weak faucet. Lather up. Keep pushing the button. Rinse off. Dress - all the while balancing on your flip-flops so you don't get dirty immediately. Then you wander across the way to the sink area that has electric. One morning I stood very close to a man about 31 while he shaved. Then brushed his teeth. And it seemed so... well odd. Personal. Like I was in his bathroom and he was in mine at the same time. No small talk. Just doing our morning routine with a complete stranger. It doesn't bother me. But I can see why it gives the willies to some people.

Lisi returned from her 'vacation' at the kennel with a good report card! No major hole digging. No leaving certain dogs out of her 'pack'. Just good, clean fun I guess.

Mira's stitches were removed yesterday. It was icky. They got a bit embedded into the healing skin. So after some soaking, coaxing, rubbing a leg and holding a hand, she got through it. Poor kid. But they are healing nicely. Glad that is behind us.

Today some kind friends invited us to 'play' at their lake.  It was great fun for all of us.

And tomorrow?  I need to clean up this joint.  We're not 'tinging' lately.  Maybe 'clanging' a bit.  So after some good sleeping in with the three young people here, we'll crack the proverbial whip and see what happens!
2/3 of the Burchibunch children...

My lovely niece and her nice husband
The Chairman and the Chef
Our annual Door County family photo
Ready to steal to 3rd...
The team
My mean older brother... (he looks the part here)
Favorite place... at the lake
tubing fun

Ready to head to town...  (this isn't all of us yet either!)
Suppertime one evening
Guys T likes to be with...


  1. Looks like you had fun! I haven't seen Sarah for ages!! No kidding!

  2. It all stretches your heart and makes it bigger so's it can hold more! ;)

  3. Hi from San Antonio. We knew your mean older brother after they moved to where they are now before we moved to where we are now. They even came to our home on first Sundays for awhile. We never saw that side of him ;-)
    I know what you mean about the long distance thing and getting used to missing family all over again. We haven't lived close to my family since we got married 43 years ago.
    I like your humourous honesty and have enjoyed your blog since stumbling across it awhile back, so that's me who visits from San Antonio every so often. Who knows, maybe we'll even get to meet in person someday. Take care.

  4. Thanks a million from the burchibunch for letting us come on such short notice for a visit! Looks like door county was a good time! One of these years I would like to go to!

  5. Don't tell anyone, but he's really a great big teddy-bear inside! He just wants to appear mean!