Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waiting (im) Patiently

It was one of those days.  You know the ones where you have about six stops to make and you want to blast through each one since you have other things you'd rather be doing.  First stop bank.  Walk into the lobby since the drive through has some cars backed up.  This branch usually is very, very quiet and that is why I like to go to it.  There's five people waiting in line.  Seems to move fast enough until Mr. Has a Lock Box needs to talk to the manager about some issue.  Lots of banter going back and forth.  I simply want to deposit a couple checks and leave.  Finally, it was my turn.  Then a run to the local library to drop off some overdue library materials.  If you know me, that in and of itself is frustrating.  Overdue means wasted money.  I don't like that one iota.  Goes quickly so I think my day will get better.  Until the Prius is in the left lane on the interstate.  Heavy sigh.  I race past the middle-aged lady.  Tear off my exit and look in the rear-view mirror at the first light.  Yep, Prius Lady looking all smug that I wasted 38 cents of gas in my acceleration and she did not.  Off to the local Farm and Fleet.  Need new dog bones you know.  Only one man in front of me.  But he complicated things with slips of paper for big items that confused "Portia".  Yes, that is her name.  I had ample time to read the tag.  After two calls to extension #333, it wasn't getting resolved.  I race to the next checkout line.  Only to be beat by two faster men (mind you!).  I again finally get out of there.  Wait time at line(s)... approximately six minutes.  Next stop at the bullseye store.  Usually I have a good experience there.  And I would have if it weren't for me.  As I left one end of the store to the other, I realize that I forgot an item on the opposite side.  Rats.  So off I go.  Wasted a few minutes doing that.  Then to another discount store.  Raced in for one of the birthday items.  Should be easy in and out right?  Wrong.  I like the elderly.  But they were testing my limits today.  An older couple was checking out.  But the button hole was tight and they couldn't get the hangar off.  So they slowly walk to the men's section.  The lady in front of me and behind them starts to put her stuff down all the while looking at Mr. and Mrs. Elderly to see if they were coming back.  "Oh I hope you don't mind if I wait for them."  Of course not.  I have more stops and one item to check out and waiting for 8 more minutes for you and Mr. and Mrs. Elderly is just right fine with me.  Again finally I get out of there.  Stop on the accelerator for the Warehouse Club.  I'm sensing impending doom.  Usually there are long lines.  Big carts.  Massive things to lift.  I crank through there in good time.  And am surveying the least of the long lines.  I spot one and move in.  Only three people in front of me. But!  But!  The guy actually checking out people knows the guy in the line.  I'm all for friendliness.  Love it in fact.  But watching them share banter over my melting items wasn't making me feel warm and fuzzy.  GET GOING YOU BIG TIME WASTER!  Eventually (about a minute later), he looks behind him and says, 'I better get going'.  That's right buster, you better.  And then the last stop was yet another discount store.  It has a reputation of being slightly messy, dirty, and slow lanes.  But you know what?  I got in and out of there in awesome time.  Found exactly what I needed besides!

So what is it?  Me?  Bad karma (isn't that an interesting word?) or what?  Why is it some days everything works out just wonderful.  And other days... each and every thing you do is a minor setback?  I take it that today isn't my day.  So maybe I will just go take a nap....


  1. Sounds like you came to a good conclusion for your day's activities. Enjoyed the read. You didn't tell about getting a cart with a limping wheel, which I usually do. Bye, Roanne

  2. No day is so bad that it can't be fixed with a nap.

  3. Urrg! Sounds like the very reasons I dislike shopping and basically errands of any type.
    Hope you took a nap--or SOMETHING ...("starbucks") :) to make up for it.

  4. I like to think all the money I spend in fines is buying neat new books.

    And I don't like errand days very much either.

  5. Roxy spoke Sunday that Dave told her she was the most impatient person he had ever met. Dave melted down into his seat. It was funny.

    Breathe, girl. It pro'lly made it worse that you had mtg at your house right???!!!

  6. I had a super-delicious nap yesterday. Amazing. Really good for the crabbies and what-have-you. ;)