Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is not a paid endorsement...

Remember that Julie Andrews song "My Favorite Things" from the "Sound of Music"?  Sorry.  Now you'll probably have lyrics about brown paper packages tied up in strings running through your brain for the rest of this Leap Year Day.  Anyway, I was thinking today of some of my favorite things.  Things I use day-in and day-out that I really like.  I'm not into buying brand name if the generic or store brand is just as good.  I don't buy the most expensive appliance if another is just as reliable.  You get the point.  So if my opinion matters a twittle to you, I'll just jot down some of my favorite things without registered trademark thingys attached to anything.

* iPad 2.  It has worked flawlessly for a year.
* Bosch mixer
* Nutrimill Grinder
* Cuisinart Burr Grinder for coffee beans (faithfully does the daily job for five years and more...)
* Aroma Rice Cooker (with the delay start option)
* Rival Crock Pot (nearly 18 years old)
* Presto Flip Side waffle maker (as good as the super-expensive ones)
* Whirlpool Duet washer/dryer.  (it has been wonderful)
* Pedi-Egg (AS SEEN ON TV!).  Yes, it really works
* Norwex purple window/mirror cloth (I have drunk the Norwex Kool-Aid)
* Tazo Awake black tea
* Blue Agave (sweetener)
* Contadina pizza sauce.  Well any of their tomato products for that matter.
* Bionaturae pasta (found in the natural area of the store)
* Bona hardwood floor cleaner and mop
* Finish powerball tabs for dishwasher
* Nueske bacon (the Chairman insists I buy no other)
* Costco signature ultra powder laundry soap
* Izze sparkling juice
* Smartwool socks and long sleeve crews
* Asics running shoes (even though I only walk at a fast clip)
* Toyota Sienna (we are on our 3rd one)
* Penzeys spices (a hometown pride!)

This is probably enough this time.  And you?  What do YOU like that I should know about?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings

Here we go again!  I like Mondays.  I think if I worked outside the home, I'd almost dread them.  But I don't.  It is the day I can restore order in the house.  I can restock the pantry and fridge.  Get the laundry caught up.  And even sneak in a nap if I get all my chores done.  

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.  I could do a separate post on how lovely she is.  How she was the definition of a perfect mom when I was a little one.  When I was a teen.  When I left home.  And today... but I won't because she's not into promotion.  And that is what makes her so lovely.  This picture was taken on Saturday.  No, she hasn't shrunk in her old age.  The chair was huge.  It is at a German restaurant here in town where famous people go.  They sign a promotional picture to display on the wall.  There was a pictures of ZZ Top sitting exactly where my mother is sitting.  I don't think she knows who ZZ is....  My slightly older sister suggested we sign our latest family picture and send to them.  I wonder if they'd put it up next to ZZ...

butterfly area in the museum

the Chairman and bro-in-law thought the car show would be more interesting than the museum for some reason...
My other set of parents - my in-laws also joined in the festivities.  After the day was over, one of the MYP said to me at bedtime, 'mom?  I heard that Grandpa and Grandma R. were maybe going to go see Grandpa and Grandma D. without us even being there.  Isn't that special that they are friends and don't fight?'  Indeed my child.  Some of those things that we take for granted... we shouldn't.

Today I am gainfully employed outside the home!  I'm going to work the concession stand at son #1's basketball tournament.  Volunteer of course.  I'm thinking I should try to boost up business by organizing a hot dog eating contest or something.  That way our school could earn extra funds and I could see people look ill all at the same time!  I'll try to not lick my thumb if it slips into the little bright-yellow artificial cheese cups they serve with pretzels.

Speaking of food.  The other night I had a hankering for calzones.  I have a niece that is world-famous for hers.  So I googled and moogled and found a recipe which I'll share with you because I'm nice like that.  And they were dee-lish.

these weren't mine, but they looked just like it

1 1/4 cups milk or water
1 teas salt
3 cups bread flour
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons yeast
a few shakes of garlic powder and Italian seasoning

Warm water for a minute or so in microwave.  Add the salt, sugar and yeast.  Let sit a few moments.  Add the flour until it is easy to handle.  Knead a few minutes until it forms a nice ball.  Cover and let rise an hour.
(You can use a bread machine with a dough setting as well.)

Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface until it is about 16x10.  Cut into six rectangles.  Add pizza ingredients.  The MYP wanted just sausage, pepperoni, and cheese.  I put chopped spinach, ricotta, green pepper, mushrooms, hot pepper spread, sausage, pepperoni, and cheese in ours.  Seal up tightly with a touch of water if you need to.

Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until lightly browned.  Serve immediately with pizza or marinara sauce for dipping.  Yes, they were that good.

I now must brave the WI elements and walk off a bit of the last calzone.  Thanks to you dear ones for once again listening to the mundane...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's thoughts...

While I was thinking I thought.  But it wasn't much.  Lets see where we go this time.

I went to the mall today.  For some, it wouldn't be a major event.  For me, it is.  I'm not a shopper.  And I'm especially not a department store shopper at a mall.  It kind of makes my skin crawl.  I got there early to avoid the hassle of dealing with other people.  I circled about three times with my coupon in hand hoping to find just the right thing for a gift.  I think I did, but about the second circle around I started to think, 'I really, really don't like doing this'.  For the life of me, I can't imagine why anyone would actually just go to the mall and browse.  Maybe I need retail therapy whatever that is.  Or a friend that would encourage me to loosen the very strong straps on my pocketbook.  On a side note, it was utter joy to run into two different lovely ladies I know.  That made it worth my while.

To put it all in perspective, I always drive one of the daughters to piano lessons each week.  And without fail, I always take the aforementioned over-nurtured dog.  That way she gets not one walk, but two and possibly three walks that day.  Even though it was close to dark, cold, windy, and I was walking through a light industrial park, it sure beat walking in the mall.

While driving to the lessons, daughter #2 asked out of the blue, 'why did Grandpa take off his pants to go through security at the airport?'.  WHAT?  When did you hear that?  'Well when we were there, Grandma said that Grandpa is smart and just takes everything off before he goes through the scanners, that's why there aren't problems when he flies somewhere'.  HAHAHAHA!  The thought of my dad just passing by the TSA agents without anything but his skivvies... well, never mind.

Son #1 was making the scrambled eggs to go with our waffles tonight.  Out of the blue he says, 'I know why old people dress up all the time'.  Really?  Why?  'Because if they die they'll be ready to just be buried as they are.'....  (I don't plan on over-dressing for awhile.)

Speaking of waffles, I'll type up my go-to recipe.  Actually, it isn't my go-to recipe.  I just have it upstairs in my gray matter.  It might not be as good as yours, but it is the one we use and love here.  And it doesn't have a lot of melted butter in it.

Whole Grain Waffles
2 eggs beaten until foamy
1/3 cup oil (I use canola)
2 cups buttermilk
1 teaspoon vanilla
In a small bowl, combine the ingredients above.

In a large bowl, whisk the dry ingredients following:

2 cups whole wheat (I grind my own soft red wheat berries)
1 tablespoon sugar (brown or white)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

Add the mixed liquid ingredients to the dry.  Put in waffle maker for 3 minutes or until your iron beeps at you!
* The Chairman and I both love chopped pecans in ours.

And finally, I found  this funny.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I do...

nur·ture  (nûrchr)
1. Something that nourishes; sustenance.
2. The act of bringing up.
3. Biology The sum of environmental influences and conditions acting on an organism.
tr.v. nur·turednur·tur·ingnur·tures
1. To nourish; feed.
2. To educate; train.
3. To help grow or develop; cultivate: nurture a student's talent.

I was born to do this.  Nurture.  Nourish, bring up, cultivate things.  From my earliest memory, I loved to take care of animals.  Babies.  Even a baby spider plant in my bedroom.  I loved our collie/shepherd/mutt mix until the day he died.  I had a cat that slept with me many a cold winter night.  Even when I returned while in college, she was still 'my' cat. I had a couple of goldfish (named Lester and Esther by the way) that lived close to 7 years.  They swam with me through the last year of high school, all of college, and made the move with me to Minneapolis (and died the next day).  Yes, I love to nurture.

I have plants that start small and soon look like this:

We got this fish nearly a month ago.  

Well never mind, he went hiding on me when he saw the camera.  I think bettas are camera shy.  This fish started out as daughter #2's.  It became my mission to make sure he was warm and comfortable enough and so I made several trips to several stores to find just the right-sized tank and heater for him.  

Then there's this sweet thing..

I worried that she felt cold after her massive haircut a few weeks back.  Drug in her elevated dog bed from the porch and put her fleece bed on top.  And now she's spoiled comfortable!

And then there are these people...

The ones I spend most my nurturing tendencies on.  It all can be wonderful and marvelous and comforting.  But there can also be a concern of over-doing what I do.  Will the MYP be able to navigate this wide world without me wondering if they have had enough to eat?  If they got to bed in good time?  If they brushed their teeth?  If they have on clean underwear?  

Yes, nurturing is a wonderful thing.  I was nurtured from my earliest memory.  But I also had parents with the wisdom to 'let go' when it was time.  I had a few shell-shocking moments the first weeks of college away from home.  But they didn't tell me to come back.  They told me to stay committed to my original plan.  And I did.  I think that is what successful nurturing is.  To cocoon when you should.  And to let them go off and be free when they are ready.  Our job right now is to ensure that one day, they will be ready.  I will miss them to the core.  I will cry.  I will wonder why they didn't text or call (or whatever the communication will be in 7 years).  But that will be the greatest gift I can give... to let them go...      

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Musings

The kids are home celebrating President's Day.  Actually, they aren't.  I should ask them if they know that today is actually a special day unrelated to them being off of school.  But they are celebrating the lack of education.  So my Monday hasn't been mused much.

We did go on a venture this morning and son #1 came home with some very long 2x4's and serious-looking nails.  He got down to business making soccer goals.  So far, so good.  I haven't told the Chairman yet.  He'd be one-burst-blood-vessel short of a stroke.  He worries about loose nails.  He worries about saws cutting off body parts (which I might add is altogether a possibility).  He worries about large objects crashing down (which also is a very real potential).  I try to not look.  And hope for the best.  But for about $6, it's been great fun.

Time for confession.  Some out there consider me a master bread maker.  Well, I goofed.  I made sweet rolls last week.  And I completely forgot the sugar (except for the proofing part).  And you know what?  With enough caramel sauce on the bottom, no one was the wiser.  In fact, it wasn't missed at all.

I've been lying on a noodle.  No silly, not the extra-wide ones you use in stroganoff.  I'm talking about the swim noodles.  A massage therapist gave me "homework" to lie on a noodle once/day for 10 minutes to stretch parts that usually aren't stretched.  The first time the MYP saw me, they thought I had lost my noodle.  Well I didn't!  It was under my back!  Heh heh.  I think it's working though...

Because the planets aligned perfectly (or rather that happenstance made it so), the Chairman and I were alone last week for 18 hours.  It was... nice.  I'm glad that when life slows down and the MYP distractions are gone, I still enjoy being with the one that chose me... and I him.

Next up, a baking project with a couple of daughters.  It seems a bit safer than saws and heavy hammers...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday's thoughts...

Baby Blues

This comic strip got me thinking.  I love my role of a SAHM.  I know I'm extremely fortunate to have this position.  It means that there is a breadwinner that cares and provides for our family.  It means that I have children.  It means that I can do all that I love to do which is keeping things organized (note I didn't mention cleaning showers) and cooking up a storm.  However, it sometimes does mean a lack of stimulation unless I seek it out.  Sometimes I feel just a vertebrae higher than a jellyfish in enthusiasm at the end of a day.  The Chairman will ask kindly, 'what happened today?  Did you learn anything?'.  Um.  I cleaned under the fridge, took out the trash twice and folded four humongous loads of laundry.  Riveting stuff.  Most everything I do is a repeat from day to day.  The kitchen floor always has crumbs (even though I vacuum daily).  The laundry continues to pile up.  The sheets need changing.  The dust settles.  The bellies need to be fed.  The kitchen restocked with goods.  And so we do it again and again and again and again.

I sometimes marvel at the fact that I can even blog something worth reading.  Because life consists of ordinary days.  Very, very ordinary.  But it is what you make it.  And hopefully, I make the most of it.  Some days.  With a touch of sarcasm.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A loving day...

Love is in the air here at the Chairman's Chalet.  It isn't due to me.  I'm not a big romantic if you have a memory (like about one-day long).  The MYP are enthused about holidays such as this one.  Daughter #1 decorated the place with hearts and sayings and all things pink.  She insisted that they write down a thought about Valentine's Day and why they like it.  

Mira:  I love Valentine's Day because everyone is together and in
a good mood and we all can encour(a)ge each other!

Trevor:  I LIKE Valentine's Day because of pink frosting and cupcakes
(at least he's honest!) He wrote it in pencil so it was impossible to photograph.

Rayna:  I LOVE Valentine's Day because that is when
everyone loves each other and everyone is thoughtful.
Hmmm... not sure what it all means.  :-)

Why Lisi?  Because she has on a pink collar and I thought she was cute sleeping on her bed.
The Chairman did not disappoint.  Last night he arrived with flowers and a gift card in hand.  Warm thoughts on his heart.  I'd tell you what he said, but it might make you all embarrassed, so I won't.  

This is what it looks like close up.

This is reality.  I'm in the process of making granola, chili and cornbread for supper, and  42 meatballs to use later this week for some people I love.
So back to cooking on all four burners.  For me, that is the language of love.  Feeding those I care for.  Filling their bellies and their hearts with warmness.  That's the best I can do.  

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.  Please don't take this day or 
those you love for granted...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings

See that family above?  Yes, it is my family.  It was taken a month and a half ago at a wedding.  I'm posting it mainly because I love that bunch of people.  My parents are there with us and not on a trip somewhere (!), my slightly older sister actually looks almost younger than I do, and my mostly nice older brother was mostly nice.  My nieces, nephews, and the mates my family has chosen... well happy sigh.  You read about blessings in life and I count those next to me on that picture exactly that.  

I had a couple interesting hits again by people searching Google.  Quezon City, Philippines was looking for "thinking bulb" and for some reason the search led them here.  I'm thinking more on the lines of "dim bulb", but who am I to argue with Google?  The other was from Bangalore, India.  The search was "who chairman daily bread".  It is possible they found their answer here.  Or not. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  Hooray for love and chocolate and flowers and all things pink and red and rosy.  We have been married for over 17 years.  I would consider it (and I think the Chairman would agree) a healthy marriage.  Sure, we have our disagreements, but nothing major.  We are in a comfortable spot.  So... what is expected of us on these holidays?  In all honesty, the Chairman is much more romantic than I am.  I feel a surge of affection when someone helps me out without being solicited.  I feel warmth swell in my heart for small gestures like turning on my seat heater.  I feel loved when I know that I can trust him completely with guiding our family.  The roses and the cards are ok, but the other stuff is better.  See?  I'm not a romantic I guess.  

We went ice skating at a nearby rink on Saturday.  It was my first time on skates for many years.  I'm no Nancy Kerrigan, but I can still slice the ice with ease.  As I floated along, I was very busy people watching.  And I came to realize this was just awesome.  It was like watching people in a shopping mall or public event on steroids!  You not only could watch who was with who, who was wearing what, but the added bonus of someone looking very nervous, or better yet!!!  Falling on their hinder right before you and then swallow a big bite of their pride as they got up again.  Yes, awesome indeed.  The other observation was that good-looking people does not = good skaters.  One tall, dark, handsome fellow came out looking quite smug with his designer puffy jacket and expensive jeans.  I noticed him several times and then WHOOPS!  Down he goes! I'm all for good slap-stick humor.  Nothing better.

I awoke this morning at 4:52 am.  Why you ask?  Because I did.  I wish sometimes I wasn't a morning person.  Unfortunately, daughter #2's apple didn't fall far from the tree.  Her bus comes at 7:40.  Her feet hit the ground running at 5:59 this morning.  I ask why she is up so early.  "I'm done sleeping."

In light of some changes that have happened to some dear people this week that care for our souls, I'm thankful that we can trust that things will remain the same in spite of change.  We will miss him and his kind ways.  But no matter what, the prospects are fair ahead.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's thoughts...

I bet you thought that was me, didn't you?  Well, I wasn't sitting on our bed.  I don't have that dark of hair.  And I wasn't smiling.  But I was sitting in my pajamas until 11:55 this morning at the desktop computer sorting, filing, and downloading pictures.  I've gotten 2008-2010 done!  Only one year to go!  But since I have about 1,300 pictures soon on their way to my mailbox, I'm going to wait to do 2011.  I sorted judiciously.  But apparently, I take too many pictures.  Or we have too many friends.  Or our trips are wildly fun.  Or something.

On a side note, I take way too many pictures of Lisi.  She's doesn't have bad hair days and always has that sappy sweet look on her face and so I click away.  I remembered this morning an old neighbor who had just lost her dog was lamenting that they didn't have one picture of him during his life.  Fascinating.

The insurance company won again.  You see I had a mammogram in January.  I went three weeks sooner than my original date because my doctor felt it was necessary based on symptoms.  Well now insurance company says that because I had 'symptoms', it wasn't considered routine and now we are out north of $500 because of that.  I tried a couple loop holes.  Mrs. Insurance Lady wasn't impressed with my effort.  (insert heavy sigh).  On a positive note, cysts aren't serious.

Bernie Bart Jr. is still alive.  He's the betta.  But I have yet to see him eat one pebble of food.  He spends his days (and presumably nights) under the little castle.  His gills continue to move.  If I lift the castle, he darts back under it.  Based on non-scientific research, the water might be cold - hence causing him to bury himself. We could spend $40 for a heated tank for our $3.99 fish.  It would be cheaper to buy him a jacket.  Or better still, flush him.

Two interesting articles in the paper today.  You can now inhale caffeine!  The devices look like asthma inhalers.  No thanks.  I'll stick to my cup of joe in the morning.  The other mentioned a 15.5 lb. baby born in China.  Yes, that's huge.  But my sister-in-laws claim to fame in all this is a baby that was over 11 lbs. when he was born.  And he wasn't c-section like the little porker in China.  So I think sis-in-law gets more credit.

Think my brain is now completely void of another thought.... (keep your snickers to yourself please)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Salads and such

I've been wanting to do "food" posts for some time, and think I'll get started.  But maybe I should back up and talk about grocery shopping.  Some love it.  Some tolerate it.  Some despise it.  I think I'm somewhere in the middle.  Since I  don't work am a homemaker, I have the time to go during the week when the aisles are less full of people gawking at a shelf.  I'm thankful for that privilege and don't take it for granted.

Where do I shop?  Well I'm a big warehouse club fan.  We recently had a Costco open just five minutes from our home.  And so I go there on a weekly basis.  Besides the fact their milk cartons are somewhat non-compliant with MYP pouring out of them, they have good deals.  You do have to watch the prices though.  And if you get a box of 96 of something and the MYP decide they really don't like it for their lunches, you have 93 of something and then it becomes a wa$te of money.  I like Aldi a LOT.  Some think Aldi is for the trailer trash crowd.  I disagree.  They are owned by the same family that owns Trader Joe's and I've seen some overlap in the aisles.  We have a new one that opened last fall that is also five minutes away.  The selection very limited, but the prices are much better.  I bought at pound of butter today for $1.82.  At the regular store it is close to $3.  Their grapefruit are among the best.  The peppers come in multi-colored packs.  The low-fat turkey for lunches is tasty.  I personally wouldn't buy much meat from them as it is gassed to make it bright pink.  That seems wrong.

Anyway, I usually have a large stockpile here at the Chairman's Chalet.  I like full freezers and stocked pantries. That way when a whim hits me, I'm ready to roll.

Menu planning is the pits.  I notice that some do weekly menus and roll with that.  Seems nice, but I like to solicit input and run with it.  Sometimes I have the other four people in the family give me two choices to put on a list.  I try to vary up the selection - fish, chicken, pork, beef (has anyone seen the prices lately?  Wowsers), and even salad as a main dish.  The Chairman is not a meat/potatoes man.  He likes salads and black beans and healthy fare.  We even like breakfast on a cold evening.

I'm more of a 'Betty' than a 'Julia' cook.  Maybe it has to do with my mom.  (tee hee).  But if you want basic instructions on how to make something, Betty Crocker cookbooks are great. and some other sites are wonderful.  I rarely use convenience foods.  (But don't look in my pantry as I do have a weakness for a box of brownies at times.)  I save money that way.  I know what we are eating.  And again, I have the time to make things from scratch.

Well when is she going to talk about salads?  I will.  I was raised with good homemade food.  Salads were usually included in most meals.  But they were topped with Dorothy Lynch or thousand island.  When I married into the family I did, they make 'salad' topped with an oil/vinegar mixture.  We eat it at least three times/week.  Here goes:

Green or red leaf, romaine lettuce, or even spinach if you have some
Cucumber (about 1/4 or so), red pepper sliced thin (enough to taste), onion (red, green, or sweet to taste), maybe some shredded carrot, and avocado.   Put everything in but avocado.  Right before serving, put small chunks of avocado in.  Sprinkle some dill weed (maybe 1/2 teaspoon) and salt (to taste).  Add olive oil and vinegar mixture to it.  I like extra-light olive oil and I use Mrs. Braggs which is usually found in the healthy section of the store.  How much?  Enough to coat the amount of salad you made.  I kinda go buy the rule of thumb 2/3 of it being oil and 1/3 vinegar.  But do what you like!  Here's a picture of the vinegar bottle for you shopping-challenged friends.  I never mix this up before pouring on the salad.  You can just do the vinegar and then oil right into the salad bowl!
Another simple salad I like to make often is a spinach/fruit salad.  It is baby spinach leaves, a little bit of cucumber or celery for variety, onion to taste, sweet-roasted walnuts, pecans, or almonds, (I do a bunch on the stove and keep in the freezer waiting for the next time), a little feta, and fruit of some sort (fresh strawberries or clementines) or if you are in a pinch, canned mandarins.

1/2 cup olive oil
1/3 cup rice vinegar
2 T sugar
2 T grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teas salt
1/2 teas dried basil
a couple shakes of hot sauce.  
Mix up in a jar and pour over salad.

Well there's a couple recipes for you if you're interested.  And remember this recipe thing goes both ways!  I'm all ears for new ideas!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings

I still haven't cleaned the aforementioned light fixture.  Kinda scared of it if you must know.  I feel like if I get touch it, something bad will happen and we'll have to call in repair people again.  Maybe I'll ask one of the MYP to do it.  If spraying a solution is involved, the youngest is more than willing.

We ate out on Saturday night.  Is it noteworthy?  Probably not.  We went to a burger joint that has the color red and a bird involved.  Our first time there.  I think I ate about 4,547 calories.  Went good going down.  Then *urp*.  Wow.  I can't do that anymore.  But what startles me is feeding a family of five at a restaurant.  We got by with two kids' meals.  Water if it wasn't included with the meal.  And it still added up to $47.  We could have had prime rib or lobster at home for that kind of moolah.  And that, my friends, is why we don't go out to eat that much.

Speaking of meals.  Both the Chairman and I grew up with the terms, 'breakfast, lunch, and supper'.  Nowadays it is common to hear 'breakfast, lunch, and dinner'.  No one must eat supper anymore.  We still do.  But I hear one of the MYP once in awhile ask, 'what's for dinner?'.  I want to respond, 'it isn't Sunday'.  So what's the proper terminology?

And speaking of food. Here is the popover recipe I use.  I double it since we are five people.  More recipes coming this week (I hope).

It was immanent.  Two fish have entered the septic system.  One looks like it wants to join them.  I hope he dies quickly.

I'm half-way through 2009 now!  No, I'm not living in the past.  Well in a way, I am.  I'm going through the pictures.  Followed the great suggestions given and will be having prints delivered to my doorstep this week!  Think it'll be a fun project for the MYP and me to get them stuffed into books.  What I can say from observation is that we live a wonderful life.  The kids (and we) have wonderful friends.  We've gone on wonderful trips.  And yes, life is wonderful.  Usually.  If you look at it through smiling pictures of the past.

Saturday, the MYP and I went to the hospital to visit an elderly man we care about.  I share this with you not to toot my horn or try to look good.  I share this with you because I was touched by a few things that happened.  In the presence of a sickly person in a hospital setting, the MYP were a help to the visit and I told them as much.  The dear man thanked us many times for coming.  He said to me as we were leaving, 'I want to give you something'.  Why?  'Because I do.  I want to give you something.'  His eyes got wide and looked around frantically and he saw a little can of V-8.  'Here, can I give you this?  It is all I have, but I want to give it.'  I nearly cried.  What a Spirit. In his illness.  Wanting to share.  And what is so marvelous about extending yourself to visit someone in need is that yes, you are trying to encourage the one you are visiting.  However, I think the person that goes to do the visit gets more out of it.  Really.  If you know of someone ill or sad or lonely or something.  Just get out of your comfort zone and go.  It is so very worth it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday's thoughts...

Last night we had birthday salmon supper with dad and mom D.  Mom-in-law celebrated another year and we are thankful for her once again.  Here is the obligatory shot of the MYP with grandma.  I like it.

Lots of people I know that I really like are all in a very warm place soaking up sunshine, feeling sand between their toes, and eating abundantly.  Since I did not board a jet with my beloved and am not sitting on a beach, I think I'll stir up a slushie, add some extra wood to the fire, and pretend I'm there.  Sorta.  Or not.

The light fixture saga is over.  The Chairman was beyond patient with me when I told him I basically broke the light fixture.  Mr. Friendly Electrician came this morning.  He did his thing for approximately 7 minutes.  Showed me how to remove the glass in the future without creating havoc.  And left with a couple of my $$ in his wallet.  He was very fair and so I'm glad of that.  Let that be a lesson to all you over-achieving homemakers out there.  Just don't clean the light fixtures.  Ha!

I'm in love with popovers.  They are incredibly easy to make as long as you have this kind of pan.  Since there is essentially no oil in the recipe, it gives you free rein to slather on some good Wisconsin butter and let it get all melty in the crevices and mmmm.  I ate three in a row the other night.  It was worth the belly ache.
Sometimes I think about posting recipes that have been wild successes here at the Chairman's place.  But then I think we all have different taste buds and the same worldwide web of recipes, so maybe not.  Will have to see on that.

I need to go waddle off a few extra popovers.  Plus the dog sighs heavily behind me waiting very impatiently.  So away we go!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A bright idea!

Lying in bed, it seemed like such a great idea.  Yes, I think of the strangest things upon awakening.  I was thinking how nice it would be to have some light fixtures all gleaming and clean today.  I got down to business just a bit ago.  And this (success):

led to this (failure):

Now the glass is dangling by two wires.  It refuses to be screwed back where it should.  
And to add insult to injury (to the fixture that is), I never cleaned the glass yet!  
The lamp protested at one point by giving me a mild shock.  

So a call has been made.  To the proper authorities.  To see if they can help a 
damsel in distress....with not such a bright idea.