Monday, September 30, 2013

Chuck E Cheese at Aldi

If you're a faithful reader, you would know that upon returning my cart to the corral last Thursday at Aldi, a Chuck E Cheese token popped out where a quarter should be.  I felt taken.  I lost a quarter!!!  Or did I?

Today I headed back to my local Aldi store for a few more provisions with my little gold token in hand.  I put it in the slot and out popped the cart for my use.  I did my shopping and then felt a bit of nervousness as I headed to the check lane.  "Craig" checked me out in record-splitting fast time dumping my purchases in a different cart. I paid my dues and went to start bagging.  I looked back.  There she was.  Mrs. Sixtysomething.  Completely unaware that she will soon be losing her quarter because she now will have my cart with the token in the slot.

I walk out to the van and put my things in.  Out comes Mrs. Sixtysomething.  She heads to her vehicle.  I return my cart.  I get back to the van and decide to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.  Lucky for me I'm close to the front of the store.

Mrs.  Sixtysomething heads back to the cart corral.  She pushes her cart in and puts the little thingy in to pop out her coin.  Out comes Chuck E Cheese.  (I'm wishing I had binoculars right now to see each and every emotion on her face.)  She looks startled.  Upon closer inspection, a big smile comes across her face.  And after about .23 seconds, a slightly disturbed look appears.  I can tell what she's thinking because I felt it too.  "I LOST MY QUARTER!"  She looks at it in her hand for another second or two and then do you know what she does?  She marches back into the store looking all business-like.  She wants her money back and now!  I can see it in her gait.

I didn't wait any further.  I'm just glad the token is out of commission.  I'm glad Mrs. Sixtysomething had courage to march in where I just meekly went back to my van, came home, and blogged about my shortcoming (notice I didn't say shortcomings).

I have to admit.  I snickered quietly while watching it unfold.  I'm nice like that.

Monday Musings

Wow, these Mondays roll around quickly!

Well first I better make comment on the Chairman taking over my writing medium.  I never know when he's going to write.  And he promises me it might be a year or two before he does again.  Unless I say something really crazy (heh heh) that he has to correct in some high-falootin'-wordy way that he does.  Nonetheless, I still kinda like the guy even if I'm not his first choice of a raven-haired Cuban.

Back to business at hand.  This past weekend daughter #1 and I worked the concession stand again.  I thoroughly enjoy working at it and wonder if in my next life I should be working the nearby McDonald's counter.  I love serving.  I love commenting on the high low quality of goods we offered such as the cheese sauce.  It became a virtual science experiment in yellow food dye and coagulants once the heat was turned off.  I love chatting with the little kids holding a wrinkled dollar bill looking wide-eyed at the options. One little girl came up with some money and said she wanted a bag of Skittles but her daddy might not like it if she got them.  I said sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.  She said, 'what?'.  Big brother laughed.  She got the Skittles.  I like the old guys looking for a Snickers they can sneak before the Mrs. Old Guy catches them and tells them they are overweight or have blood-sugar issues.

And then there are bargains!  Half price at the end of the third quarter!  You should have seen the masses race down the stairs for cheap hot dogs and soft pretzels.  Humorous indeed!  Here in Dairyland we'll do anything for a bargain.

Yesterday was a picture-perfect fall day.  After the special time of the morning and a pot roast surrounded by garden vegetables, we headed out for a hike at a local state park.

and we're off! (I could describe the fracas that happened between yellow and blue just before this picture was snapped but then you'd think our family wasn't picture-perfect)

which way???
at the top of tower but Lisi apparently only has eyes for me

love the Chairman and MYP...
 So we get home last night and I check the cat's food bowl in the garage.  It seems Mr. Simba prefers his kibble over fresh mouse these days...(sorry to my NE peep that doesn't like mouse pictures)
Lots of beeping going on outside.  The lot across the street is finally going to be a house.  I'll miss that open field.  The cat will miss the hunting ground.  The Chairman will be over there each night inspecting the building process until all doors are locked...

I know many have seen all these.  But I enjoyed this one again....

Happy Monday!  Mused out.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Wow.  This blog is increasingly difficult to log into.  Just navigating through the security system is wearying.  The password has changed.  Looks like another blog name as well.  I hope I post this to the correct blog.

My intent for this post was to agree with the previous post.  However, that post was Sunday night.  There have been two subsequent posts.  Obviously the blogging here is continuing at a frenetic pace.

After hearing a verbal summary from the Publisher regarding her thoughts on “love at first sight” I thought it might be appropriate for me to send a brief note of support.  Rather than just highlighting occasional differences, it may be wise to also make clear that we agree on certain issues.  After all, our relationship is based on more than just strategic tension.

In response to the Publisher’s 9/22/13 invitation, my (brief) story follows:

First, I am happy to say I agree with the Publisher on her “love at first sight” analysis.  I appreciate her unsolicited recorded statements regarding my intelligence.  I regret that my appearance is incongruent with her vision of the ideal man.  Nonetheless, I can sympathize somewhat. 

Back in the day, when I was single, I figured that there was a good chance I would remain single, with only modest potential for marriage.  I did, however, have a vision of the ideal woman. 

She was to be a raven-haired Cuban spy that was partially disillusioned with a system she once fully supported.  I would likely meet her in South Beach or Nassau.  Through the passage of time, she would continue to gradually change to see things from my point of view. 

Even then, I realized that there was a low probability that this plan would come to fruition.  So I formulated a back-up plan. 

Plan B entailed a blonde East German spy that I would meet in Zurich.  This plan was dashed with the dissolution of the Stasi and the re-unification of Germany. 

More importantly, Plan A and Plan B vanished when I observed the Publisher combing her hair by the edge of the river on the third day of the raft trip.  While it may not have been “love at first sight” I can say at that point there was a real live female on the radar screen.  In retrospect, I admit that this real life situation with a home grown defender of the status quo proceeded to a more stable long-term relationship than would my hypothetical unfulfilled plans with fictitious women. 

Approximately 6,900 days removed from Stillwater, MN (marriage location) or 7,400 days removed from Venezuela (Publisher’s reported date of emotional connection) or 7,050 days removed from Forest City, IA (Chairman’s date of permanent emotional connection excluding that 24-hour period one day before our engagement), we can conclude that, for our family anyway, lasting love occurs after several repeated sightings.

Finally, the foreign espionage agents would not likely have been willing to stack firewood the other day or prepare a meal with fresh organic produce.  Thanks Publisher!

Thursday's Thoughts

Lets see what's rattling around in my head today.

Well first off I might mention this.  I've was ripped off at Aldi this week.  Can you believe it?  It had nothing to do with the pricing or the food or what-not.  When I returned my cart to the corral and popped in the thingy to pop out the quarter (Aldi shoppers understand what I'm saying here), out comes a gold coin!  Or so I thought.  Upon closer inspection I see that instead of a quarter I have a token for Chuck E Cheese that's been filed down a bit.  So now I'm faced with a moral dilemma.  Do I use it next time and another frugal  Aldi shopper is also ripped off?  Do I send a letter to Germany to complain to the headquarters?  Maybe go to Chuck E Cheese and see if the mouse is in the house!

Parenting isn't for sissies.  I love our MYP and mention only certain things at certain times regarding their lives because they are not little kids anymore.  They have feelings and boundaries and I need to respect that and not jeopardize their trust.  Ever.  But this one thing I want to say.  When you have babies and toddlers, you know the drill.  You know when they are hungry.  You know when they are tired.  You know when they are screaming that something hurts or they are scared or whatnot.  With teenagers?  You just.  Don't.  Know.  Sometimes you hear that teenagers think their parents don't know anything.  Well actually they are accurate!  We don't!  We don't know why they are suddenly sad.  Suddenly in a good mood.  Suddenly quiet.  Suddenly squealing with joy.  We don't know why sometimes the siblings get along like they've been best friends since birth or sometimes they can hardly breathe the same air without a cross look or an insult hurled.  We don't always know how to make hurts go away.  How to answer the algebra problem.  But there are things we can do.  We can be parents.  We can be there for them.  Feed them.  Set reasonable boundaries.  Take alone-time with each one.  We can make a home where they feel safe and understood.  We can encourage them to do things that help their own souls.  Yes, this journey of parenting.  The young person hasn't lived this day before.  And the parent haven't either.  But together we can do it!

I upgraded my iPhone to the newest download iOS 7.0.  Are you proud of me?  I almost didn't and was pretending I was going to and then wouldn't hit "agree" until one of the MYP pushed it for me and there it went!  The transition hasn't been as overwhelming as I thought it would be.  Remember I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree so sometimes new and different can challenge my pea-brain.

Here's some pics on my phone from the last couple days:
a little work ahead of me
finished in three hours!

was hard to get up and start my day with him on my lap
trying out the new panorama feature.  And yes a typical morning of toast eating and lunch-making.

fresh garden goodness that the Chairman thought was a home run

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings

Now it's time to get down to the business of musing.  Once again, I'm not sure what my brain and fingers will produce.

You know that incredibly refreshing feeling of getting rid of old stuff?  I enjoyed that emotion again a couple days ago.  It started out that I was going to just reorganize my side of the closet.  Two industrial-strength black garbage bags later, I was done.
I had the hardest time putting my 20-year old LL Bean ragg wool sweater in the pile.  But one thing I couldn't part with.  It was the shirt I was wearing in China when our daughter was handed to us.  I realize it is nearly 14 years old and I have no intention of wearing it again.  I just cannot part with it.  I hope I'm not too abnormal.

There was a wedding in our neighborhood on Saturday.  Actually, the wedding was somewhere else, but the bride and all the bridal party was there getting ready and then this huge bus came and took all 7 bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids, and 3 cute little flower girls to the festivities.  We didn't want to miss out on the action.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Two parents.  Two of the MYP.  Two games at the same time in opposite directions.  A frantic call that there is a missing piece of equipment discovered after a 40-minute drive to the location.  We both drive like banshees and meet half-way.  Both of the MYP late for the prearranged practice before the game.  Big heavy sigh.  And a waste of gas money.  Or maybe it is just us.

I'm trying to do my shoulder exercises.  I'm not as diligent as I should be, but I almost want to believe they are working a bit.  They hurt if nothing else.  I'd just sure like to avoid surgery if I can.  Since I'm nearly a control freak, I can't fathom not combing my own hair, not making bread, not doing the shopping, not hauling laundry, not wrestling with the MYP.  I just cannot imagine.  So I continue to lift my soup can over my head and side to side.

Tomorrow the wood is being delivered!  A full and another face cord for a good measure.  Three racks that need to be filled with some good heavy oak.  The promises of cozy-warm this winter.  A good workout for a bum shoulder.  Some perfect time to quietly think while doing the mundane.  No, I don't work, but tomorrow I will be for sure.

We heard of another young life sadly being taken too soon.  It makes one give pause and realize that life is a gift we've been loaned.  And even the longest life is but a moment really.  I don't want to forget this.

I think this is enough.  Here's a few things I saw this past week that made me smile.

Calvin and Hobbes.  I always loved the polls.

And this... just because they were my reading companions today:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love at first sight...

This was a thought-provoking question posed to me by one of our MYP yesterday in the car.  "Mom?  When you met dad for the first time, was it love at first sight?"  I think she wanted me to say "Yes!  I knew the moment I met your father that we would be a team until one of us breathed our last breath!"  But I had to say in reality, "No".

The setting:  Under a tree
The location:  Green River, UT
The date:  June (something) 1992

We politely shook hands - my mostly nice older brother initiated the conversation.  We talked about our trip to the west - us from Minnesota and he and my 2nd cousin from Wisconsin.  We were to embark on a five-plus white-water rafting trip through the Cataract Canyon in SE Utah.

I was just 27.  Very content with my living situation by this time - had great roommates, lots of friends, a traveling job, and a little spending money in my pocket with no one to tell me how to part with it.  Life was simply good and I was happy.

The Chairman?  He was very content in his place as well.  Landed a great job after grad school.  Was soon to be looking for a place to live.  He had friends and family close to him.  Life was good and he was happy.

I wish I could have found the photo of what we looked like.  Just think early 90's in shades of teal, royal blue and hot pink with younger looking faces and dark hair with the Chairman sporting a full-professor-looking beard. If I were at all thinking of that 'someone', he would be tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and the life of a party in his joking ways and affable laugh.  You get the picture, he wasn't what I thought I was looking for (not that I was looking... or was I?)

But for some reason, I was drawn to this mysterious man.  He was extraordinarily smart.  So smart I found him slightly odd.  The beard?  I figured it was because we were in the outdoors.  He was quiet.  He was a stranger, yet I felt like I understood him for some reason.  I could almost tell what he was feeling in a weird way.  Was it love?  Not yet.

Fast forward one year.  I was lying on a lumpy mattress in the middle of Venezuela in July of '93.  I was visiting there for two weeks.  One Saturday night after being in that country for a week, I wanted to talk to the the Chairman.  I wanted to talk to him very badly.  I missed him.  A very lot.  I felt a tear roll down the side of my eye to the pillow.  It was then I knew.  I loved him.  One full year after meeting him.  It was yet another year before he asked me to be the Mrs.  Chairman.  But I'm thankful we had that time to do the 'background checks'.  We needed it and it felt right to have some of life's experiences under the belt before we said our "I do's".

When we received our babies - two through adoption and one by birth, I must say with all three, the love came by day two.  At first I would look at them with wonder and awe and joy.  And then after 24 hours it hit me with waves of deep emotion.... love for this new little person and soul we were entrusted with.

 So love.  Is it at first sight?  No.  It is experiences in life that are utterly joyful and utterly sad.  It is gestures.  It is consideration.  It is disagreements handled with dignity.  It is romance.  And it is... something you really cannot explain.

What's your story?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Me again!

I'm on a run... actually I don't run, but I'm giving you three posts in three days.

Speaking of running!  New kicks for my walking.  I believe my sixth pair of Asics.
The frugal side of me is happy because they were on sale plus 30% off plus a $20 gift card.  Why they almost just shook my hand and let me leave with them!  But not quite.  Cheaper than a membership to Weight Watchers I say...

So why three posts in three days?  I'm stuck at home.  You see a dresser is being delivered for daughter #1's bedroom.  It will be here in the delivery window from now until the new year - give or take a couple months.  So I'm stuck home waiting.

When I was a child, my dear mother sewed nearly everything I wore.  Why?  Because she was talented and quite frankly, it was much cheaper.  Yesterday I got completely out of my comfort zone and went to a fabric store (gasp!) and helped our eldest pick out fabric for her designing clothing class.  The supplies to make one pair of thin-cotton pajama pants (not to mention the weeks of effort) - $21.  I think buying things is cheaper nowadays!

I want to clarify based on yesterday's post that I am certainly not a "crazy cat lady".  I will not allow another cat into our home.  I like other cats, but not like ours.  So please relax and know I haven't gone to the other side...  well maybe not as far as cats are concerned.

Just guessing you all are sitting there at the edge of your seats in riveted anticipation of the results of my physical therapy appointment.  "Jill" wasn't mean.  She actually was a tiny little thing and most pleasant.  However, I didn't like her words.  No skiing this year if I value moving my right arm.  Work these nine exercises/day to strengthen the other four muscles that aren't torn.  Go get an MRI for the tear to see what we're dealing with.  And plan on a rotator cuff surgery on my horizon that involves six weeks of complete immobility, several months of rehab, and an arm that moves normally again.  Heavy sigh...

Middle ages.  I'm in them.  I used to think 25 was about the perfect age.  And in some ways, that's true.  However, I've grown to love my stage in life.  You are more secure in who you are.  You are settled (or should be!) in your place.  You are not afraid to reach out and meet new people.  You are not concerned about what others think about your clothes, hair, model of car, etc.  You are who you are.  That's all good and fine.  However, we also need to be flexible and willing to listen to what others are thinking and feeling too.  Just a little self-examining going on here....

So without further ado, I might as well clean the house from stem to stern since I'm waiting for the truck to come sometime in the not-so-distant future.

(Please relax.  I promise not to bother you tomorrow.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cats - love 'em or hate 'em

If you don't like cats, please stop reading and move along with your web-surfing right now.  If you do like cats, sit back, relax, and enjoy the prose.  

As most all of you know, we brought home a teeny-weeny kitten a year and some months ago.  I tried my best to be distant since I know my weakness for animals.  I tried to make him the MYP's cat.  I tried to think about him strictly as a rodent killer.  I tried to not look at his beautiful fur and his spunky kitten-like ways. 

But then he crawled up on my lap about day 2.  He snuggled in - all 3 lbs of him and settled down for a purr-roaring nap.  Be still the puddle of my heart.  I was completely and thoroughly smitten with the kitten.  And I wasn't ashamed to admit it.  

Fast forward now one year and some months.  Our little tiger tom has grown to a near 12 lbs.  He's learned the house rules of only one chair for him and absolutely never-ever get on counters or tables.  He's still a rodent (and bird) killer.  He still loves the night air and a good hunt.  But each and every morning he appears at our patio door and is ready to come in.  He immediately hops up on my lap.  Purrs til he can purr no more.  Sits down to clean his entire fur coat at least twice.  Then settles down for a nap.  

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Or in this case.  Hunt.  Love.  Sleep.  

I took a few pictures of the morning routine today:
wishing he could get the dog bed...
well ok, maybe this will do...

very very sleepy
good night... or in his case day.
And so why am I writing about our silly cat?  I love to read Pioneer Woman.  I love the witty way she uses words.  And I love that she's not ashamed to write about Charlie or Walter or her two beloved kitties.  She wrote the following about cats and I enjoyed it immensely.  If you haven't liked cats before, maybe you haven't been around a good cat.  

Did you know there’s nothing on earth that’s better than a good cat?
If you think you dislike cats, let me ask you something. Have you ever had a cat crawl on your lap and gently knead his paws on your legs?
Have you ever seen a cat lie down in your path and roll over onto his back with his eyes partially closed as if to say, “I really like you and I’d like you to acknowledge me.”
Have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of a cat purring, only to wake up 30 minutes later with a sofa mark on your face?
Anyone who hates cats hasn’t been around a good cat.
A good cat is good for the health.
A good cat is good for the soul.
A good cat, interestingly, gives you hope in humanity.
This has been a public service announcement.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musings

Well hello there!  Long time no write!  I should be doing this:
(not actually our dirty clothes as I don't think it is appropriate to air out our dirty laundry)
but I'd rather write a bit.  Yes, four plus glorious days away from the realities of life.  I'd say approximately 98% of you know what I'm talking about.

There's nothing like your 'home conbenchion'.  You know the majority of the people there.  Most all of the people you know and love are all in one place enjoying the same things you do.  Some friends are there you see very often.  Some friends are there that you see only about once/year - yet it is like not one day has passed since the last time you saw them.  I like that.

There were many, many, many young people, not just our own MYP.  As I age, that becomes more wonderful.  Looking at the future.

I had my same job.  There's lots of business to attend.  And I chose those words with reason.  Seventeen toilets.  Six showers.  Umpteen sinks.  I had a very willing partner.  And also our youngest and her little friend.  Did you know the cleaner you keep a place, the more people try to keep it clean?  With about 400+ females plus some little boys using the facility, it is challenging to keep it clean and smelling like a wildflower garden, but we almost did!

Our MYP bailed on us for most the nights and so the Chairman and I would retreat to our camper utterly alone.  Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  It was a bit strange actually.  But since I still like my Chairman an awful lot, it was nice to visit without distraction.

I met a few blog readers that I hadn't known before.  Hello to you!  I honestly feel so silly when someone comes up to say that they read the "Chairman and company".  My first response is usually, 'why?'.

We came home to a broken toilet.  This morning, our high schooler missed the bus.  The next one forgot his picture form that was due today.  The last one was in a complete melt-down because one math assignment wasn't completed and she was going to 'get yelled at'.  There's a missing cell phone.  Ahhh yes.  The realities of life slapping you in the face as you walk in the door.

But I'm glad I love home too.  We can bring those quiet, restful places back to our own nest.  I think in the busy-ness of life it is so important to have an oasis for the family.

Each and every time I sit down long enough to form a lap, I see this:
I think he missed us.

So off to my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder that has given me fits for seven months now.  I hope she isn't too mean to me.

Happy Monday!  Mused out for now....

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Musings

Photo: Happy Monday ladies!!!  wink- wink

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Yes, Monday gets a bad rap.  I still like them.  But I don't 'work'.

Grand Avenue

Since my mornings begin an hour earlier than they have in the past due in part to a high school schedule, it seems like a very long time til lunch.  I should be accomplishing an hour's worth more than I have been.

Happy Grandparent's Day yesterday!  I hope the grandparents of our MYP don't feel slighted as it went by without notice.  Until I saw on FB someone making a fuss over the day.  We are so fortunate to have all four grandparents.  They all bring something unique to our children's lives and we're glad of that.

One of the goals of my life is to not have any part in bragging.  Would it be considered bragging if I said that son #1's football team had a 44-7 score by the half?  It does?  Well never mind then.  I cheer wildly until it seems like things are too lopsided.  Then I say quietly, 'yay!' and leave it at that.

Yesterday we were driving along to someones home for dinner and some time together.  On our way home five hours later we came upon a dreadful scene of an accident.  We saw the  cars involved on flatbeds heading to the boneyard.  It looked very very bad.  The news now says two were killed.  Three injured.  And the accident happened just 20 minutes before we drove through.  It is one of the moments where you think, 'that could have been us'.

And then this week!  The first couple days promise to be very, very busy preparing.  The rest of the week promises to be restful in heart, mind, and body.  Next week when I muse I'll be completely unable to recap what the days meant to me.  But that's ok because you can't even begin to share how your heart feels.

Aren't they cute?  I think so.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hardly worth the time...

Not much to offer up on this Thursday.  I've had a few glorious days here in solitude.  I feel super-busy keeping life going here at the Chalet.  Someone asked what I do when the MYP are back in school.  Well... I still bake bread and cookies.  I still cook the family a healthy, well-balanced meal each night.  I still have to have the pantry stocked.  The garden weeded.  The bills paid.  The dog walked.  The beds changed.  The laundry done... you know.  Speaking of laundry.  I saw this this week... and a few others.

School is going well for all the MYP.  Our new high schooler has learned the ropes and got on the right bus out of 22.  She did mention in passing that the science teacher has a room full of snakes and he lets the python out once in awhile because 'she's friendly'.  A friendly python.  Of course.

I have learned that torn rotator cuffs don't just go away.  They keep rearing their ugly heads and make life miserable.  Hence, I'm heading to see a PT in two weeks.  I hope she doesn't make me cry.  But I need to get full mobility back in time for ski season so I can fall again and tear it once more be a ski bunny on the hill once again.

I'm wishing we would have a hard freeze.  I'm sick of watering my flower pots.

As I was about to turn out the light last night, one of the MYP that had been gone last week burst into the bedroom door.  Yes?  I asked?  "I just wanted to say that I'm just so happy to be home again."  That was a heart-warming way to end the day.

Well come on up and make yourself comfortable!  Our fierce tomcat is actually a big baby that loves to snuggle and just made himself at home while I'm trying to blog.  (Excuse the fancy t-shirt.  I'm classy like that.)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday Musings on Tuesday

Because well frankly, I was very very busy yesterday.  It felt like Saturday and Sunday all wrapped up in one.  Holidays are weird like that.

Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  (echo if you didn't get it).  Today is the first day of school here in dairyland.  We now have a high schooler, an 8th and 6th grader.  I may or may not have set my alarm incorrectly and our baby-high schooler may or may not have had to wake me up today.

I've often heard angst about teenagers in the past.  "Just wait!  Your days are coming!"  Or something like that.  Our days are here and quite honestly, these are blessed, glorious days right now.  A sweet spot.  Our MYP are now people we really enjoy spending time with.  That's why the back-to-school thing is very bittersweet.  They'll do well, but it always feels like we are throwing them out in the middle of a rushing river again.

I said yesterday as we were having our before-bed chat that I almost regret not having done this or that this summer.  One of them piped in, 'we had a great summer!  Why would you say that?'.  Well thanks for saying that.  And indeed, we did.

We were without one of our MYP for five days last week.  She was at a wonderful place and came home glowing with thoughts and talk of new friends.  It was sweet to overhear the chatter on the phone between one child and the one far away.  It was kinda funny to hear one of the MYP left behind eating supper alone with mom and dad say, 'I'm like an only child now except I need to get everything I want.'  Oh really?

We have a son that is suddenly interested in cooking and baking.  He was researching how to make ganache.  And was explaining to me how to properly pronounce foie gras.  But don't worry, he still plays football.

Yesterday, we had our 2nd annual the-day-before-school-starts outing with another family.  It was chilly and fun all wrapped up in one.

So it's time to get the raising bread dough in the oven.  Take a shower.  Go pick a huge lot of tomatoes again.  Run to the store to restock the shelves.  Scratch the cat's chin and walk the dog.  And simmer in some silence... 

Happy Monday!  Oh wait!  It's Tuesday...