Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday Musings on Tuesday

Because well frankly, I was very very busy yesterday.  It felt like Saturday and Sunday all wrapped up in one.  Holidays are weird like that.

Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  (echo if you didn't get it).  Today is the first day of school here in dairyland.  We now have a high schooler, an 8th and 6th grader.  I may or may not have set my alarm incorrectly and our baby-high schooler may or may not have had to wake me up today.

I've often heard angst about teenagers in the past.  "Just wait!  Your days are coming!"  Or something like that.  Our days are here and quite honestly, these are blessed, glorious days right now.  A sweet spot.  Our MYP are now people we really enjoy spending time with.  That's why the back-to-school thing is very bittersweet.  They'll do well, but it always feels like we are throwing them out in the middle of a rushing river again.

I said yesterday as we were having our before-bed chat that I almost regret not having done this or that this summer.  One of them piped in, 'we had a great summer!  Why would you say that?'.  Well thanks for saying that.  And indeed, we did.

We were without one of our MYP for five days last week.  She was at a wonderful place and came home glowing with thoughts and talk of new friends.  It was sweet to overhear the chatter on the phone between one child and the one far away.  It was kinda funny to hear one of the MYP left behind eating supper alone with mom and dad say, 'I'm like an only child now except I need to get everything I want.'  Oh really?

We have a son that is suddenly interested in cooking and baking.  He was researching how to make ganache.  And was explaining to me how to properly pronounce foie gras.  But don't worry, he still plays football.

Yesterday, we had our 2nd annual the-day-before-school-starts outing with another family.  It was chilly and fun all wrapped up in one.

So it's time to get the raising bread dough in the oven.  Take a shower.  Go pick a huge lot of tomatoes again.  Run to the store to restock the shelves.  Scratch the cat's chin and walk the dog.  And simmer in some silence... 

Happy Monday!  Oh wait!  It's Tuesday...


  1. Oh I miss those days...miss those ages. I love hearing about your young people, it brings back sweet memories!

  2. It depends on the teen. The more time you invest in your kids, the less trouble there will be. (I think) I have a counter full of tomatoes and limited strength, and a BIG week going on. I think they will go in the freezer to be dealt with later.

  3. You have such sweet MYP! Hard to believe one is in high school already!