Thursday, September 26, 2013


Wow.  This blog is increasingly difficult to log into.  Just navigating through the security system is wearying.  The password has changed.  Looks like another blog name as well.  I hope I post this to the correct blog.

My intent for this post was to agree with the previous post.  However, that post was Sunday night.  There have been two subsequent posts.  Obviously the blogging here is continuing at a frenetic pace.

After hearing a verbal summary from the Publisher regarding her thoughts on “love at first sight” I thought it might be appropriate for me to send a brief note of support.  Rather than just highlighting occasional differences, it may be wise to also make clear that we agree on certain issues.  After all, our relationship is based on more than just strategic tension.

In response to the Publisher’s 9/22/13 invitation, my (brief) story follows:

First, I am happy to say I agree with the Publisher on her “love at first sight” analysis.  I appreciate her unsolicited recorded statements regarding my intelligence.  I regret that my appearance is incongruent with her vision of the ideal man.  Nonetheless, I can sympathize somewhat. 

Back in the day, when I was single, I figured that there was a good chance I would remain single, with only modest potential for marriage.  I did, however, have a vision of the ideal woman. 

She was to be a raven-haired Cuban spy that was partially disillusioned with a system she once fully supported.  I would likely meet her in South Beach or Nassau.  Through the passage of time, she would continue to gradually change to see things from my point of view. 

Even then, I realized that there was a low probability that this plan would come to fruition.  So I formulated a back-up plan. 

Plan B entailed a blonde East German spy that I would meet in Zurich.  This plan was dashed with the dissolution of the Stasi and the re-unification of Germany. 

More importantly, Plan A and Plan B vanished when I observed the Publisher combing her hair by the edge of the river on the third day of the raft trip.  While it may not have been “love at first sight” I can say at that point there was a real live female on the radar screen.  In retrospect, I admit that this real life situation with a home grown defender of the status quo proceeded to a more stable long-term relationship than would my hypothetical unfulfilled plans with fictitious women. 

Approximately 6,900 days removed from Stillwater, MN (marriage location) or 7,400 days removed from Venezuela (Publisher’s reported date of emotional connection) or 7,050 days removed from Forest City, IA (Chairman’s date of permanent emotional connection excluding that 24-hour period one day before our engagement), we can conclude that, for our family anyway, lasting love occurs after several repeated sightings.

Finally, the foreign espionage agents would not likely have been willing to stack firewood the other day or prepare a meal with fresh organic produce.  Thanks Publisher!


  1. based on more than strategic tension. i flat out simply adore that statement. and am going to have my hubby read this post. and i need to catch up on previous posts so i know what in the world is being heretofore referred to..must have been a doozy. i'm so glad you ended up with a clear thinking non mean looking German blonde. I mean..what were you thinking? hee heeeeeee ( thanks for posting this to fb so I could run over and read you'll just have to join facebook , Mr. Chairman , so you really know what is being said about you)

  2. oops missed a word.."based on more than JUST strategic tension.."

  3. oops...or are you Norwegian, dear Chairman's wife??

  4. General agreement is a beautiful thing, always nice to hear from the Chairman himself at times!

  5. LOL and enjoying every minute of reading this. You are too funny, both of you!! So glad you are both in my friendship chain. :D

  6. What a great read! Smiling through it all, and glad you found each other!