Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Me again!

I'm on a run... actually I don't run, but I'm giving you three posts in three days.

Speaking of running!  New kicks for my walking.  I believe my sixth pair of Asics.
The frugal side of me is happy because they were on sale plus 30% off plus a $20 gift card.  Why they almost just shook my hand and let me leave with them!  But not quite.  Cheaper than a membership to Weight Watchers I say...

So why three posts in three days?  I'm stuck at home.  You see a dresser is being delivered for daughter #1's bedroom.  It will be here in the delivery window from now until the new year - give or take a couple months.  So I'm stuck home waiting.

When I was a child, my dear mother sewed nearly everything I wore.  Why?  Because she was talented and quite frankly, it was much cheaper.  Yesterday I got completely out of my comfort zone and went to a fabric store (gasp!) and helped our eldest pick out fabric for her designing clothing class.  The supplies to make one pair of thin-cotton pajama pants (not to mention the weeks of effort) - $21.  I think buying things is cheaper nowadays!

I want to clarify based on yesterday's post that I am certainly not a "crazy cat lady".  I will not allow another cat into our home.  I like other cats, but not like ours.  So please relax and know I haven't gone to the other side...  well maybe not as far as cats are concerned.

Just guessing you all are sitting there at the edge of your seats in riveted anticipation of the results of my physical therapy appointment.  "Jill" wasn't mean.  She actually was a tiny little thing and most pleasant.  However, I didn't like her words.  No skiing this year if I value moving my right arm.  Work these nine exercises/day to strengthen the other four muscles that aren't torn.  Go get an MRI for the tear to see what we're dealing with.  And plan on a rotator cuff surgery on my horizon that involves six weeks of complete immobility, several months of rehab, and an arm that moves normally again.  Heavy sigh...

Middle ages.  I'm in them.  I used to think 25 was about the perfect age.  And in some ways, that's true.  However, I've grown to love my stage in life.  You are more secure in who you are.  You are settled (or should be!) in your place.  You are not afraid to reach out and meet new people.  You are not concerned about what others think about your clothes, hair, model of car, etc.  You are who you are.  That's all good and fine.  However, we also need to be flexible and willing to listen to what others are thinking and feeling too.  Just a little self-examining going on here....

So without further ado, I might as well clean the house from stem to stern since I'm waiting for the truck to come sometime in the not-so-distant future.

(Please relax.  I promise not to bother you tomorrow.)


  1. I'm so relaxed today, I don't think anyone could get a rise out of me! I'm headed out for a walk now myself...:)

  2. I'm sorry you're looking at a disruption of your normal routine with your shoulder. It doesn't sound like much fun. But the sooner it's started the sooner it's over!

  3. Do the exercises the therapist commands. I had very good results following orders that way!

  4. thanks again for all your good posts! Wish we could have visited more last week...but just glad we were both at the same place and for at least part of the family!☺

  5. I like paragraph 8 best- the one that starts with 'Middle ages. I'm in them.'- hear hear!