Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings

Wow, these Mondays roll around quickly!

Well first I better make comment on the Chairman taking over my writing medium.  I never know when he's going to write.  And he promises me it might be a year or two before he does again.  Unless I say something really crazy (heh heh) that he has to correct in some high-falootin'-wordy way that he does.  Nonetheless, I still kinda like the guy even if I'm not his first choice of a raven-haired Cuban.

Back to business at hand.  This past weekend daughter #1 and I worked the concession stand again.  I thoroughly enjoy working at it and wonder if in my next life I should be working the nearby McDonald's counter.  I love serving.  I love commenting on the high low quality of goods we offered such as the cheese sauce.  It became a virtual science experiment in yellow food dye and coagulants once the heat was turned off.  I love chatting with the little kids holding a wrinkled dollar bill looking wide-eyed at the options. One little girl came up with some money and said she wanted a bag of Skittles but her daddy might not like it if she got them.  I said sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.  She said, 'what?'.  Big brother laughed.  She got the Skittles.  I like the old guys looking for a Snickers they can sneak before the Mrs. Old Guy catches them and tells them they are overweight or have blood-sugar issues.

And then there are bargains!  Half price at the end of the third quarter!  You should have seen the masses race down the stairs for cheap hot dogs and soft pretzels.  Humorous indeed!  Here in Dairyland we'll do anything for a bargain.

Yesterday was a picture-perfect fall day.  After the special time of the morning and a pot roast surrounded by garden vegetables, we headed out for a hike at a local state park.

and we're off! (I could describe the fracas that happened between yellow and blue just before this picture was snapped but then you'd think our family wasn't picture-perfect)

which way???
at the top of tower but Lisi apparently only has eyes for me

love the Chairman and MYP...
 So we get home last night and I check the cat's food bowl in the garage.  It seems Mr. Simba prefers his kibble over fresh mouse these days...(sorry to my NE peep that doesn't like mouse pictures)
Lots of beeping going on outside.  The lot across the street is finally going to be a house.  I'll miss that open field.  The cat will miss the hunting ground.  The Chairman will be over there each night inspecting the building process until all doors are locked...

I know many have seen all these.  But I enjoyed this one again....

Happy Monday!  Mused out.

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  1. I love keeping up with your blog; you're very inspirational and humorous. Always an encouraging start to my day. Hope you don't mind my continual "trespassing"! :)